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  1. TheSaltyRogue says:


    Didn’t have time to get this question in earlier so hopefully you or someone else will see it here. I’m 95% sure I read from you a ways back – or it could have been one of the other 264 Pirates beat writers I’ve read over the last 6 months – that a player could not be traded until 1 year after their signing… is that correct?

    Perhaps it’s one year after they’re drafted – perhaps I’m completely off base and am dead nuts wrong about this haha.

    The way I’m thinking, Taillon, Allie and Heredia can’t be traded because it hasn’t been a year since they signed… am I off base about this? Thank You.

    GO BUCS.

  2. Dejan Kovacevic says:

    @Salty: I don’t know the exact answer to that. But it’s well beyond a year since the draft of last June. Not sure if the signing date comes into it.

    Maybe one of our baseball-rules guys on this forum can help.

  3. Bizrow says:

    I’m pretty sure Taillon and Allie cannot be traded until August 15 or 16th, whatever date they signed. As Heredia was not drafted, I’m pretty sure he could be moved any time.

    If fact just for this once I’m real sure.


  4. Fat Jimmy says:

    Salty, one thing I read is that people will use the PTBNL option for players in Taillon’s situation? So if the Bucs were to want to use him as a chip, they could trade for, say, Hunter Pence and include a PTBNL, which ends up being Taillon.

  5. CDBrewer says:

    How about Ty Wiggington for a minor acquisition?
    He has 13 HR’s in 266 AB’s, plays 1B, 3B, and OF
    K/BB is 52/20
    He has been benched since Stewart got recalled.

    I know he is a righty and has a Coors bump to his numbers AND had the bad Pirate history, but he would be cheap pop.

    THAT is a platoon type who shouldn’t cost much or disrupt too much.

  6. Fat Jimmy says:

    Of all the former Pirates thirdbasemen we could re-acquire, Ty Wiggington is at least near last on that list.

    I think I’d rather exhume the corpse of Pie Traynor and hope that he can still turn on a fastball than give Ty Wiggington another shot.

  7. Fat Jimmy says:

    I’d rather give Vera Clemente a glove and a map to third base than give Ty Wiggington another shot.

  8. Fat Jimmy says:

    I’d rather buy a boat and a compass, set sail on the ocean, find a near-50-year-old Derek Bell and try to convince him to learn a new position at 3B than give Ty Wiggington another shot.

  9. Fat Jimmy says:

    I’d rather sign Perry Hill than give Ty Wiggington another shot.

  10. Fat Jimmy says:

    I’d rather teach a Somalian Pirate how to play 3B than give Ty Wiggington another shot.

  11. Fat Jimmy says:

    I’d rather give Pedro Ciraco a Ty Wiggington mask and jersey than give Ty Wiggington another shot.

  12. Fat Jimmy says:

    I’d rather wait 50 years, invent a time machine, and bring back a 75-year-old Pedro Alvarez to play 3B than give Ty Wiggington another shot.

  13. Fat Jimmy says:

    I’d rather make a paper-mache doll in the image of Bill Madlock and have it play 3B than give Ty Wiggington another shot.

  14. JMB says:

    The more I read, the more I can talk myself out of practically every player on the market.

    $6m for Pena for 2 months — they should have signed him as a FA in the offseason for $10m; it’s too late now.

    Pence — too many big buyers in. Making ATL overpay by bidding hurts us in the long run unless Houston moves to AL.

    Kemp — I was looking at his numbers and, offensively (OPS+), he has been mostly like JBay in his prime until this year. Even like Bay’s poor 2007, Kemp’s less impressive 2010 should weigh on his trade value. (If he was even made available)

    Chris Davis –Quad-A

    Koji for a Marte type prospect and $4m salary for next year? NO

    As I play armchair GM, these options stink!

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in love with any of our prospects except Jamo (& maybe Heredia), but there just isnt much out there that wont be ridiculously overpriced or not worth the trouble.

    All that said, if the Dodgers want to give us Kemp for Tony Sanchez, Allie, and a return of Lambo & Morris. COOL! ;-)

  15. Keith says:

    Hope tomorrow’s lineup looks like this:

    Presley, LF
    Cedeno, SS
    Walker, 2B
    McCutchen, CF
    Pearce, 3B
    Overbay/Jones (take your pick of awfulness), 1B
    d’Arnaud, 3B
    McKenry, C

  16. Fat Jimmy says:

    (from Keith’s post)

    I would rather have two guys play 3B and no one in RF than give Ty Wiggington another shot.

  17. Arriba Wilver says:

    Jimmy–I thought no one could hate the idea of bringing Ty Wiggington back more than me. But you may have me there, buddy.

  18. Bizrow says:


    Not sure about the PTBNL, but you may be right

    You don’t like Wiggington??

  19. Bizrow says:

    I don’t think the PBC will do much of anything except a timid toe into the pool

  20. CDBrewer says:


    That is where I have been.
    I don’t like the options. The disruption and cost just isn’t worth it.
    I can get behind overpaying for Pence or Davis if they become part of the long term plan – then it is more than overpaying and disrupting for 2 months when we are WAY overachieving.

    That is why I even mention Wiggington. He should be virtually free – he isn’t even playing…but I don’t think Jimmy liked that idea (I am not sure which of his references was my favorite). Still, I would take Wiggington, at his price, than Mark Reynolds at his.

    Yep. NH is screwed. He is being driven to get a bat, with a lot of mediocre options.

    It is possible we could find an undervalued RP I think – older and all (I keep thinking Dotel), but the bat is going to be hard.

  21. Bizrow says:

    If I may say, please NH do not do something just because its expected/be able to say you did something/sell tickets next year

    This dam division is up for grabs

    Go for the darn thing

    This might be our highwater mark for a bit

    Take a chance, who knows

    Why not the Bucs? Its wide open right now

    The system is “flooded with talent”, isn’t it?

    Do something that could mean something

    I’m just sayin

  22. CDBrewer says:


    Off to an early dinner out here in Seattle, but we got this far with who and what they are. Sometimes I wonder about the “if it ain’t broke…” adage.

    Say what you will about the offense, they are playing d well enough and running well enough to start with 4 of 6 on the homestand.

    I would hate to acquire something that ruins the mojo.

    I get they are really flawed, but I think they’ve learned to win with what they are.

  23. Better Days Coming says:

    I get he sense that NH may be trying to acquire additional pieces elsewhere (bullpen arms and maybe another SP) so he can package for a bat. I don’t think it’ll be a big name but something second tier. At least that’s why I think he’s looking to do.

    I also like the plan.

  24. Bizrow says:


    I agree with your thoughts, but (oops) go for the dam ring

    Its not part of the calculations, plans, and so on

    Its in your sights, take a chance

    Hurdle talks about steps, this is one test for the club and the FO, one step and a big one, talk the talk, vs walk the talk spending wise

    Hope you have a good dinner and its not raining in Seattle

    Hot as hades in the burgh


  25. Bizrow says:

    106 locations represented in the blog
    7/21/2011 8:00 PM

  26. pattonbb says:

    Every year towards the deadline, people become available that wern’t available a few days earlier. I’m not saying NH is going to pull off some blockbuster, not at all. Just pointing out that there’s always some surprises at deadline time.

    Maybe there’s a scenario out there we don’t see yet (hard as that might be to believe).

  27. Dave G in Mason, OH says:

    Think I’ll exercise a little patience and watch the trade deadline activity unfold. No reason to get all antsy because nothing is happening on the Pirate front.

    Huntington has managed to craft (thru Ray Searage) a formidable pitching staff. The defense is vastly improved. Huntington said himself that any moves that are made must be with an eye toward the future. Based on this year’s improvements, I see no reason to doubt him. Nor any reason to act hastily or irrationally. Some offensive help is on its way back up from rehab. Should anything happen, injury-wise, we have the comfort of knowing there are a bunch of kids who can keep the fires burning.

    I certainly do not disagree that another bat will help. But not at near-term expense, nor if it taxes the farm system.

    The last thing the Pirates need to do is mortgage the future for short term gain. We would be back to 1997 all over again. I wouldn’t want to have to accept that.

    So it’s patience, and support, for me….

  28. JAL says:

    Thought the K-Rod trade might open the gates but it didn’t.. Thinking teams are waiting until near the time limit this season

  29. CDBrewer says:

    Hey, I just have to echo the sentiment on here tonight…

    I am having the BEST time with this Pirate season. It is so out of nowhere. They are OUR kids. WE have earned watching a team that plays entertaining, clean baseball.

    Not to bore you all, but I had a nothing soccer team of sophomore’s with 1 wonderfully gifted and spirited senior Argentinian. When we qualified for the playoffs, I said to him, “you know this is the worst team to ever make the playoffs.” He roared and agreed.
    They were the only ones who didn’t believe they weren’t good enough.

    (And Biz, good dinner and then jog. Thank you.)

    Feels a little like that, but from afar. I hope they are loving every minute of this ride.

  30. Mark says:

    Fat Jimmy-the 2 3b reference sent me to bed with a big smile.
    A long term piece of the puzzle – e.g. power bat like Pence would send me to bed with smile too…even if it cost us Tabata/Owens/Morris/Marte type prospects.
    A bat for cash would send me to bed w/ a big smile-Beltran for $$$ fringe prospect like Dejan says.
    But REYES would really make me smile…even if as free agent after the year.

    Pghhomer -Omaha, NE

  31. JoeBucco says:

    So what you’re saying Jimmy is that you’d do anything to see Wiggington in Black and Gold, huh?

    Ahhh, good to be back in first place. Thanks Snakes.

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