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Wakeup Call: It’s a hockey morning

Some sporting thoughts before sunrise …

>> My Wednesday column is about Sidney Crosby’s indefensible silence. I’ll let the piece speak for itself, other than to say I’ll be diving into the comments, as usual, if anyone wants to discuss.

>> I have other coverage from the Penguins’ 1991 reunion yesterday, a wonderful event of a truly special group of athletes. One line that didn’t make the cut in my report came from Mario Lemieux when asked who is the player who cracks everyone else up.

“Oh, Artie, no question,” 66 replied.

That, of course, is Kevin Stevens. Proof that some things never changed.

Artie, upon spotting me, walks up and barks in his Bah-ston accent, “Hey, what happened to our Pirates? They really fell a-paht, huh?”

Stevens was one of 10 players there yesterday who still call Pittsburgh their home: Lemieux, Jay Caufield, Bob Errey, Phil Bourque, Bryan Trottier, Dave Hannan, Pierre Larouche, Peter Taglianetti, Troy Loney and Randy Hillier. That’s half of the 20 there. Amazing.

>> Not to be missed this morning is Rob Rossi’s exclusive interview with Matt Cooke, a pouring-out-the-heart for the first time for this controversial figure.

>> Yeah, in our print edition, that’s four full pages of hockey in mid-August. I can assure we’re not apologizing. We love the pucks.

>> I would have an awful lot to share on Lawrence Timmons’ highly deserved extension from the Steelers, except that I pretty did that with a Timmons-is-great column two weeks ago. I also would have much to say about why Troy Polamalu should get one, too, except that I did that a month ago.

>> Just so I have this straight: The Pirates crush the Brewers, and an earthquake strikes. The earth returns to its axis, and the Brewers crush the Pirates.


  1. Bill says:

    DK how much of a factor do you think Steve Sullivan will be for the pens this year and how much ice time might we expect to see from him per game?

    DK: I’ve always liked Sullivan, Bill. Very high skill level, good power-play guy, better finisher than most probably think. Reminds me of Stu Barnes, maybe a little quicker.

    How much he plays will depend — as will a lot — on 87. Sullivan could very easily slot into a top-six spot. First-team PP, too.

  2. John Pritchard - Burns Harbor, IN says:

    Sid doesn`t need to report until training camp. Until then, there is no need to report on his status. Anyone who thinks differently is doing so for selfish reasons (I gotta know now!). Perhaps Sid hasn`t spoken to team/teammates so they do not have to answer questions on his behalf which could lead to further misinformation making the light of day. It`s a shame the media took the spotlight away from the reunion because of some silly unsubstantiated rumor. Let Sid train, rest and communicate at his own pace and be patient. We`ll all know soon enough.

    DK: John, my larger point wasn’t about Crosby talking to the media. It was about talking to the Penguins, to his GM, his coach, even his teammates. That’s not happening to anyone’s satisfaction right now.

  3. CDBrewer says:

    Okay, full disclosure, NOT a Pens fan…read the Crosby piece…here is my take:
    Sure, Sid should be in touch with the Pens, but why aren’t the Pens medical people involved with identifying what is going on with him? Contractually, I don’t know the ins and outs of medical decisions, but he is a HUGE investment for the Pens. Just seems like some of these decisions should be made BY the Pens people.

    Other than that, he is 24, and the biggest thing in Canada since…well, Gretzky. He even won a gold medal. I can imagine he would be guarded. He also is going through something that is career and lifestyle threatening. I don’t want to make light of Pat Summit’s situation, but the NFL is showing all sorts of links between concussions and permanent brain dysfunction. Sid might be really scared and freaked out by LIFE questions. He really might not have answers for the Pens because he doesn’t have answers for his closest loved ones.
    He lived with Mario for a while, didn’t he. Sid might need Mario to go up and talk to him about NOT hockey to get hockey answers.
    I guess I find it the Pens responsibility to see where his head is.

    Now, the complete other side of this is that he feels fine and is being a stupid 24 year old kid. That is entirely possible, although it doesn’t seem to fit with his track record.

    Just hard to say without EVER having met the young man, so I am going with “he is freaked out by his head injury.”

  4. John says:

    A well written piece about Crosby, Dejan. A little bit of honest disclosure — whether good or bad — would go a long way here. The franchise, the city, and fans around world have invested their hearts in the team (and Crosby, specifically), and it would be nice to hear something from the source. Filtered is fine, but silence is not. No matter how bad, who does the truth hurt here? It’s not like withholding bad news is going to get him on the ice any faster.

    Over the past 25 years, many people have called the Penguins blessed because we’ve had stars like Lemieux and Crosby play here; however, some would argue that with that blessing came a cruel curse. We’ve already had arguably the best player (of his generation, if not ever) play here, only to fall short of another great talent in history’s eyes because of a career alterning set of injuries. We should all hope that history isn’t repeating itself.

  5. OneTimer says:

    Really don’t like your Crosby article DK. Are you GUESSING that the Pens are unhappy or have they told you? Last season both Dan and Shero were always specific about saying they didn’t ask Sid about how he was feeling or know what Sid’s workout schedule was etc, that the doctors prescribed his training etc. Go back an watch last seasons Q/A session on Pens TV. Every question, Bylsma or Shero would say “they didn’t ask Sid about his health” etc. Sid also didn’t give updates to the press very often back during the season either.

    I really see the responses Bylsma and Shero are giving to the press the past few weeks as more of the same style from last season. The difference is the Pens are not mentioning the MD’s role as loudly, although Shero did say he had talked to the doctors for an update prior to speaking with the media last week. (suggesting the Pens doctors are still active in the management of Sid’s care)

    I think the Pen’s organization has misjudged the management of this story, as there seems to be a media expectation that the GM and Coach would know and share more about Sid’s workout schedule and specifics about his health.

    Can’t help but think if the Pens, Mario, Shero etc asked Sid come to Pittsburgh he would come. Also can’t help but think if Bylsma ASKED Sid if he was skating, Sid would have told him. Perhaps like Bylsma and Shero, Crosby is also following last seasons Pen’s PR script, and his reluctance to hold a press conference means he has nothing to report. That was his criteria last season..he spoke to the media only when there was a change in his condition.

    Again, I think this is a Pens PR failure.

    DK: I’m not in the business of guessing.

    As for whether the behavior of the participants represents a PR failure on either the Penguins’ or Crosby’s end, honestly, I couldn’t care less. That’s not the focus of this piece. Rather, it’s Crosby’s communication with the Penguins.

  6. Soundingoff says:

    Just a thought, but I wonder why the Pittsburgh media is so willing to call out a star player such as Sid for not being responsive to requests for interviews, but gives a pass to Shero, Bylsma and the Pens organization for failing to sit 87 out of the game after he was addled by the hit from Steckel during the Winter Classic?

    HBO 24/7 played footage of Crosby trying to tell Coach Bylma that he didn’t remember/know who hit him…and clearly looked in need of medical attention.The fact that he played, and wasn’t even checked for a concussion, and played in the Tampa game is what created this mess.

    It was seem less self serving if the Trib reporters were focusing on the Pen’s Organizational failures rather than whining about Crosby not responding to interview requests.

    DK: I’ll answer any question you have of me or my work, but I’m not “the Pittsburgh media.” I’d need a much bigger house if I was. I’m just me.

    I can’t begin to fathom the “free pass” you’re describing regarding the Penguins’ bungled handling of Crosby’s initial concussions. I’ve written about it and spoken to it on TV and radio. Also, my colleague, Joe Starkey, raised it again for this newspaper just last week.

  7. Dennis says:

    “Diving” into the comments….(hardy har har)

    Sid can take his time, just be good by early 2012 and no one will notice/care.

  8. Jack the Ripper says:

    Just my two cents, but I’m thinking that Crosby’s days are done. Even if he does come back, I’m thinking that one good hit and his season’s over again.
    Shame, the kid was phenomenal.
    Now that I’ve said that, prove me wrong, Sid. No really, I’m begging you. Come back and dominate the league and make me look like an idiot.

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  12. JMB says:

    I read on bucs dugout that Cutch will not achieve Super 2 status.

    I wonder if that will get him to sign a deal to get some $ and give the team some cost certainty for the next couple/three years.

    I doubt he will sign away any of his FA years with Crawford’s contract #’s dancing in his head.

  13. T.J. says:

    An excellent read, DK, regarding Sidney. Thank you. I generally am not too much of a hockey fan (baseball is my first love sports wise), but let me just throw out…I work across from the Consol Center and have seens lots of good things from the Pens over the past few years. If you will, they are “good neighbors”. They really are a class organization and I agree, it’s baffling that they know nothing about Sid’s wherabouts. Someone in Sid’s “camp” owes someone in Pittsburgh a call. I agree, this is scary stuff (brain injuries), really, really scary stuff, but…a call from someone is in order.

  14. Jandy says:

    DK, I totally enjoy your columns. You tell it like it is. i usually lurk and don’t post. This one, however, strikes chords with everyone. We’re all wondering what is up with Sid. The Penguins organization SHOULDN’T be wondering. Shame on them for not pushing the issue with Sid for more information. But…on the other hand…look at things from Sid’s perspective….just put yourself in his shoes for a few minutes. The guy has bent over backwards to take the time to talk to the media for years now. He shrugs off the whiner and CIndy comments. Hockey goes on. Then *BAM* he’s hit with a decidedly vicious hit…after a stop in play…and NOTHING IS DONE ABOUT IT. He plays on. He plays the next game. Steckel gets off scott free. Now, I know, Sid’s not a child, but you know, darn if I’m going to accommodate anyone on my condition updates when nothing was done to the uhhh..player…who did it to me. And the team that more or less didn’t take care of checking me out properly before letting me play again. Childish? Maybe. Justified? You bet.

  15. JMB says:

    Re: the Fangraphs article on Tabata

    The comments in there are feisty!

    NH’s quote, “we have reason to doubt his reported age.”

    If JT is 25, the dreams about developing power are probably not going to come to fruition.

  16. Arriba Wilver says:

    I’m not going to get too bent out of shape about Sid not calling, until I start seeing some quotes from the Pens that he is not returning phone calls, etc. Are they afraid to ask?

  17. jeff tindall says:

    Stop writing the nonsense about Sid. Concussion are tough enough to deal with. 87 brings his heart and soul for us every night. He doesn’t need to speak to you or the media. He just needs to be patient and heal up. There are more important things to worry about, like will he be able to lead a normal life. He owes us nothing, just love how the media things he should say something.

  18. diane says:

    Dejan, you are taking that leap of faith that the penguins are being 100% open and honest in their comments to you. I am not.

    This isn’t just about Stanley cups, it is about a young man who must be frustrated, and even scared, about his long-term health.

  19. Geoff says:

    Crosby wasnt seen by the UPMC concussion doctors until after the TB game. Team doctors cleared him to play against TB although I have heard from reliable sources that he was having tremendous neck pain (similar to whiplash) after the winter classic and from that alone, he should have been held out of the next game even if no concussion symptoms were present. Story continues that Crosby pushed to play vs TB and team doctors signed off. Then the Hegman hit..

    With the best concussion doctors here in Pgh, why continue the summer regimen in Nova Scotia? Wouldnt it be better for him to be monitored from here?

  20. CWalton_67 says:

    I didn’t glean from your article that the Pens organization was unhappy with lack of communication from Sid. As quoted, it seemed to me that they were attempting to give the impression that no one was worried about the situation. Perhaps just poor reading comprehension on my part, but that just didn’t come through to me.

    At any rate–it’s time for Sid to step up and give a first hand account of his health. If not personally with the media, at least with his landlord.

    Thanks again for taking on the issue, DK. Hoping you will stay with this as I believe it is the most important issue in PIttsburgh sports.

    DK: You gleaned incorrectly.

  21. MattM says:


    I agree with CWalton_67. The Pens don’t seem troubled. I also don’t believe his status overshadowed the golf outing. That story has received more attention in the media than the golf outing, but in no means did that story actually put a damper on the event. Even Trottier and Murphy said they weren’t troubled by Sid not talking.

    Also, I thought Crosby talked to Bylsma and Mario last week and gave them an update?

    If Sid comes back, could you see Staal on his wing? If not, Staal on Geno’s wing?

  22. pghboyinca says:

    I am not sure why people can’t read between the lines. D.K. was on the Pens beat in a prior life and now in his new role has access again. No one connected with the Pens is going to publicly criticize Sid and there is no reason to but I am sure the organization is frustrated that he hasn’t cehcked in more often. Reporters get things “off the record” and they pass them along to you to give you a flavor of a teams or a players mindset.

    That being said I think this whole Sid travesty underscores what a bunch of buffoons the NHL front office are. They have had numerous chances to crack down and or eliminate hits to the head and they always turn a blind eye. Even after Sid’s concussion last year they still refused to act. I love hockey but I think the leagues front office with their Canadian bred, mullet haired neanderthals have ruined the game.

    DK: He is a smart one, this boy from Cali.

  23. Dave G in Mason, OH says:

    While Sid seems to be elusive at the moment—even if he was to report that he was experiencing further setbacks, is there really anything the Penguins could do or prepare for before camp gets started? It appears to be a waiting game at this point.

    If Sid says ‘yes, I’m still having headaches,’ and can’t start the season, what happens? The Pens juggle their lines. What else can they do? Life goes on.

    Malkin will be returning in better shape than ever and they are still very competitive.

    I’m certainly hoping for good news as the pre-season approaches next month… but it just seems a tad bit early—and I really don’t understand the necessity—to cultivate such alarm. The Penguins (and all of us) will welcome Sid back when he’s 100% ready.

  24. Eric says:

    Sidney Crosby has always behaved as someone much, much more mature than his age suggests he should. What if this lack of communication is nothing more than him not acting wise beyond his years? It’s very easy to forget he’s only 24.

    I know I didn’t have everything figured out at 24 (I still don’t now at 37 either!), and I’m pretty sure if I had to go through something as serious as what he’s dealing with, it would have changed my behavior a bit as well.

    Given the way he’s handled himself to this point, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt in this instance.

    DK: Those are excellent points, Eric. Sid set his maturity bar very high.


    The article of DK’s piece says it all: silence is deafening. At this point, some three weeks before camp, Sidney Crosby’s intentions on whether he plans to attend camp have a significant bearing on whether he will be available to start the season. For any player, camp is important. For a player who hasn’t seen action since January, even more so. Sid needs every moment he can take advantage of before the season starts to acclimate himself back to the game. I have no doubts that Sid realizes the importance of being there, on so many levels.

    My personal speculation involving his silence is that Sid is concerned whether he will be given the clearance to attend camp. Being the competitor Sid is, he is most likely taking every last minute of time before camp begins to progress enough so he can be cleared to take part. Any announcement prior to camp would be premature at best.

    One thing I can take with relative certainty, Sidney Crosby is not able to put this behind him yet. Far from it.

  26. Mike says:

    DK…..My concerns about Sid are that we know more about the medical issues and timelines regarding Craig Adams than we do about Sid. Shero let everyone know about Adams and nothing against Craig, he is a good role player for the Pens, Sid is the main attraction in the NHL, the “Face of the League” and we know less about him.

    DK: Again, Mike, I don’t care what “we” know. I don’t care what the media knows or what the fans know. The focus here was on communication between the team and its captain.

  27. CDBrewer says:


    Do you think Sid feels like the Pens doctors put him in harms way?
    Maybe more accurately, the team didn’t identify readily enough to remove him from harms way?

    If he has any resentment, given the severity of head injuries, this silence makes a ton of sense. I can’t say I’d blame him, even if there really is no foundation to the blame, and there seems to be a little foundation.

    DK: It was a combination of those watching Crosby on the ice and in the locker room that did that, but overall, it was handled poorly.

  28. JL says:

    I know when I suffered 2 (well, at least 2) concussions from hockey in high school, it actually changed my mood and personality for awhile, around a year and a half (probably not coincidentally around the time I stopped getting frequent migraines.) I didn’t want to be around people, was always in a terrible mood, and struggled with depression. Of course, this was a couple of years ago when getting a concussion only meant you didn’t practice during the week but were okay to play in the next game. I’m not saying that’s whats going on with Sid, as every concussion and symptoms are different, just figured I’d share a bit of my personal experience with them.

  29. Jonathan says:

    Hey Dejan, very forward article, and I definitely admire that because its a stance no one is taking and maybe should. But I have to ask the question whether the Pens front office is being protective over Sid, not answering too many questions about his health or giving away information due to the large volume of bogus reports going on out there. Could it be they are playing dumb and keeping their answers generalized? Thanks!

    DK: I wrote in the column that I’m not there, Jon. I’m just not.

  30. CDBrewer says:

    Just one more thing on this from me because it is as potentially sad for all parties as anything…and I don’t have enough info.

    Sid might be completely frustrated by feeling fine for 3 days and then not, or now being so conscious of how he feels, that he doesn’t really know if he is over thinking it.
    He really might not want to say anything for THAT reason – like he feels like he will be saying one thing today, then Saturday going back on it, then Tuesday saying a 3rd thing.

    Given the partial blame on the organization, the fact the kid is facing life issues at 24, and head injuries are sooo inconsistent (not to mention dangerous), I gotta give the kid the benefit of the doubt on this…

    I am surprised Mario hasn’t mediated this more, and I think that might be the solution. Superstar to superstar, but on a person to person level. Mario does seem to be that good at everything (coming from a Rangers fan too).

  31. J.Smith says:

    Knowing how competitive Sidney Crosby is, there seems to be a concerted effort from the team not to pressure him by making his absence sound so dire. Also, from the recent comments made by Ray Shero, Dan Bylsma, Mario Lemieux, the impression made is that they are adopting a wait-and-see attitude and making no demands of Sidney Crosby.
    Your article, in my opinion, was unnecessarily harsh, without having conclusive proof that Sidney Crosby is not communicating appropriately/sufficiently with the team. As long as his physicians are in control of his recovery, I’m not sure what it matters that the team doesn’t know the nitty gritty of each and every symptom he has suffered in the off season. It is irrelevant. After all, how will knowing more detail change anything? Until he is ready to return, what’s the point?

    DK: Just to make sure I understand you, then, you don’t think it’s important for the Penguins to know the details of his symptoms this offseason?

    Regarding proof, as I replied to a reader earlier on this thread, I’m not in the business of guessing when it comes to things like this.

  32. Sandip Jain says:

    Great article, I agree it is baffling why head coach does not know more. My question would be do you think Crosby may be upset with management’s handling of his concussions symptoms? Maybe how they handled him between concussion 1 and 2, or maybe how they handled his possible return last spring?

    DK: I appreciate the compliment, but there’s obviously no way I’d have of being able to answer your question. That’s total speculation.

  33. Happy G says:

    DK, Great article about Sid. This is my question. Sidney Crosby is a MAJOR investment by the Pittsburgh Penguins. Is there any language in a general NHL contract that requires medical oversight by Penguins Doctors for injuries in the off-season? It seems to me that the Penguins should be taking a much more proactive position concerning Sid’s health because they have a lot to lose if he suffers a major setback that affects the length of his career.

    DK: The offseason is the offseason, in the NHL and all sports. That’s the athlete’s time.

  34. SD says:

    DK – do you know if the team has ever apologized to Sid for the way they handled the concussion? Maybe he let it go thinking he’d get back to form this summer only to suffer more symptoms, which has to be a blow to anyone. So maybe there is some lingering resentment. Or maybe he’s just a scared 24 year old who realizes he may not get back to doing the thing he loves. Heck, I’d be just a bit depressed if it was me.

    Also, why doesn’t Bylsma, Shero or any other member of the Pens get on a plane and visit him and find out what’s going on if they are so concerned? A face to face meeting might clear everything up. It’s not like they’d have to fly all the way to Russia (oh wait, they already did that this summer didn’t they?)

    DK: Any such “apology” would have been monster news, so no, I haven’t heard anything to that effect.

    Again, the offseason is the domain of the athlete. It’s in the labor agreement. I’d be stunned if the Penguins wouldn’t eagerly, enthusiastically meet up with their team captain anywhere, any time.

  35. Happy G says:

    DK, do you know if the Penguins gave Sid a list of recommendations before the offseason began? For example, monthly updates to the Penguins’ Doctors from Sid’s personal Doctors concerning his status/progress. If I were the Penguins I would want to know about and have some control over his medical program during the offseason.

    DK: I’m not aware of any list like that. Again, the offseason is the domain of the athlete. It’s in every labor agreement.

  36. Jandy says:

    CDBrewer,you basically said what I said, but in a nicer way. Rangers fan? Wow, you’re brave =)
    DK didn’t comment on my post, so I feel it’s safe to say he disagrees that perhaps Sid is upset with the Pens Organization and the entire league for mishandling the whole thing.
    However, one thing is certain…there should be SOME communication on a more consistent basis between Sid and the team. There isn’t. The fault lies with the Pens Organization.

    DK: I’m pretty sure you didn’t ask anything, right? I don’t want to jump all over everyone’s comments, so I’m really just trying to reply to direct questions. Everyone is free to have their say.

  37. Joe says:

    DK. So we’re waiting until about 1 week before camp starts to see if Sid’s ready. It sounds like he couldn’t get clearance for contact today. I don’t think things are going to change in 3 weeks when camp opens. If he isn’t symptom free by now (7-8 months) do you thinks he’s going to be ready for the opening of camp in 3 weeks?

    DK: No one knows.

  38. Chris says:

    I’m seeing lots of people claiming Sid conclusively had two concussions. Has this been confirmed or is it all just speculation?

    DK: Never confirmed.

  39. Happy G says:

    Ahhhh, now I get it. It’s in the labor agreement. The Penguins don’t really have any legal control over Sid’s offseason. In that case, thank you DK for pointing out that Sid is long overdue to provide the Penguins an update on his health.

  40. Allie874 says:

    Hi Dejan.
    I’m a fan of your stuff. However, I have some mixed feelings about your article. I would love for Sid to be more vocal and I think he does deserve some of the blame, but I think the majority blame here lies on the Pens organization. Shero said it himself: he won’t ask Crosby about how he’s feeling (he also seemed to imply that that’s the doc’s work). If the Pens wanted the info as badly as you infer that they do, then I’m sure they would’ve asked. I don’t know if you remember, but the Pens were vague on Crosby’s status even when he was seeing their doc in house every day during the season (Bylsma didn’t know whether or not Crosby had skated half the time). Not much has changed since April with regards to Penguin updates. With concussions, things can change from hour to hour. The Pens and Crosby know that, so that may be why the updates aren’t as informative as we all would like.

    Unless of course, Crosby actually is upset with the way things were handled (I wouldn’t blame him, he’s worked his whole life for the NHL) and isn’t talking much even if the Pens are asking for updates. If that’s the case then, to be honest, the lack of medical updates are the least of my worries. Tension between the Pens and their franchise player could lead to things that, as a fan, I don’t want to think about; especially with contract negotiations set to start next summer.

  41. Allie874 says:


    The double concussion has not been confirmed by the Penguins, but that’s to be expected. If they admitted that publicly, it would make their medical staff look awful.
    However, Crosby’s agent said in a radio interview with Joe Starkey that he’s 100% certain that Crosby suffered a concussion from the Steckel hit in the WC. I don’t know if that’s what Crosby believes as well, but I’m willing to bet that it was Crosby who told his agent he suffered a concussion in the WC.
    This is the reason why there’s rumors of some tension between the Pens and Crosby. That worries me more than the concussion does, to be honest.

  42. Communication, it seems to me, is a two way street.
    The scenario you appear to be describing in your article seems more like a junior high relationship: “You call me first.” “No, you call me first.” “Well, I’m not calling you until you call me.” “If you don’t call me, I’m not calling you.” Then, of course, when a call does occur: “You hang up first.” “No, you hang up first.”

    It sounds like Sid is not communicating as frequently as he has in past years. That implies something has changed. Concussion? Privacy? Maturity? Immaturity? Who knows?

    Yet you cannot tell me that the Penguins do not have Sid’s cell and home number. Why don’t they just call Sid once a week if he doesn’t call them to check in on him? And if he has turned his cell off, you cannot tell me that his agent doesn’t know how to get ahold of him at all times. A weekly call to the agent, asking/instructing him to have Sid call each week/each bi-week, would accomplish the task.
    Are we discussing who makes the weekly information call, or should we infer from your article that Sid and/or his agent are outright refusing to communicate despite frequent overtures from club officials.

    I can’t imagine the high powered businessmen who run the Pens being completely ignorant of Crosby’s status.
    That leads me to believe that Shero and company are withholding ominous information. They know.

  43. Jandy says:

    @Groat , man, you just ruined my whole day. I didn’t think of that scenario. Seriously tho, the Pens COULD and SHOULD call Sid directly and ask for information. Do they? Who knows? One thing is certain, tho, I’m not losing sleep over it. What will be, will be.

    @DK, sorry man, didn’t know I had to ask a direct question. it’s all good. From your response to CDBrewer, you feel the Pens handled Sid’s situation poorly. Do you think Sid could possibly feel resentful about that and is keeping to himself? Since it is the offseason, he can reasonably do just that.

    DK: Already answered that. Have no way of knowing. Wouldn’t speculate.

  44. Jandy says:

    @Allie874: You are thinking along the lines I am thinking (that Sid mihgt be upset with the say things were handled.) And you’re right….it could cause a LOT of tension in the locker room which would be terrible.
    But hey, no use wondering what might happen. We will know soon enough come training camp what is going on.

  45. CWalton_67 says:

    DK–you’re right, I did in fact glean incorrectly. For whatever reason, I had read and was thinking of Starkey’s recent column and hadn’t even read your piece of today. Guess if I am going to comment, I should at least get my columns straight. Totally on my ass. Sincere apologies, especially since you were, as usual, completely on target.

    DK: No problem. It’s amazing to me, though, how many people have expressed really strong feelings about my column today, then acknowledge never having read it.

  46. Eric Bowser says:

    Looks like Dejan’s column woke up the bear as Pens will be providing update on Crosby’s status

  47. Eric Bowser says:

    Here’s what I take from the update: Pat Brisson, Sid’s agent, wasn’t too happy to hear about DK’s column intimidating some in the Pens organization were less than happy with the information and lack of contact with Crosby. I think there’s going to be a real problem between Bylsma and Crosby, if the source of the frustration is squarely on him as this update seems to hint that Shero’s known his status the whole time.

  48. Aaron says:

    I wrote to you on Twitter and you pointed me in this direction, so I decided I might as well post here.

    I’ll preface this by stating you (along with Ed Bouchette) are my favorite local writers, so I do not mean to be insulting). However, I did not enjoy your article. It came across as wild speculation to me. The Penguins stated they do not have an update on Sidney Crosby, so you went on a rant (in my opinion) that he is not keeping them informed. I believe that it is much more likely that the Penguins did not want to release anything at that moment. Do you really think if anything changed Mario / DB would not know? I find that hard to believe. In another part, I believe you mentioned that Crosby texted Mario 2 weeks ago. Talking to them once every 2 weeks is not that, as you said he does not have to call them every day.

    I just found it to be mostly speculation and void of facts. I could be wrong and you may know things “off the record” that I do not, but that was my opinion. The only reason I commented on it on Twitter was because this is so unlike you.

    Anyways, keep up the great work (I normally enjoy your articles)

    DK: First off, apologies to Aaron and any other first-timers today. The first post by anyone has to go through moderation. Everything after that goes straight up.

    As for your point there, as I mentioned to a couple other posters above, I’m not in the business of guessing. You’re obviously free to believe who and what you wish, as are all of us. Longtime readers know I don’t engage in rumors or speculation. More often than not, in fact, you’ll find me ranting against it. This piece was nothing of the kind.

  49. Aaron says:

    I know you are not in the business of guessing, which is why I was surprised by this piece. It had that “tone,” in my opinion. However, I do give credit that you stated why you came to your conclusion, responses from the golf tournament / individuals stating they did not know anything. The readers can then draw from these their own opinions, this is MUCH better than what many (unnamed) writers would put, just a story of their “inside sources” stating Crosby is frustrating Pens front-office with lack of communication.

    I guess I just have a different conclusion than you on the situation, but I still do appreciate you clearly stating the information you have.

    DK: You’re entitled to that, and I respect it. Welcome to the blog, Aaron.

  50. James Thompson says:

    All things considered, unfortunately, the biggest challenge facing sports in the future will be how to maintain the essential toughness of hockey, football, and soccer while trying to cut down on the violence and brutality in the interests of safety. After all, back in the recent past, athletes were admired for their playing hurt and for shrugging off injuries, and the more violent the sport in many if not all circles, the better, though such is not necessarily the case anymore. Now hopefully, sports won’t feel that they have to go too far in trying to make things safer though the recent deaths and lawsuits are indeed worrisome.

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