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  1. Bunch of fair weather fans... says:

    DK, I’m with ya on the Arians. I admit that I’m a fan of old school smashmouth, but results are all that should really matter.

    Of course, it’s the same thing I’ve been saying about the Pirates improvement. You may not like everything but someone must be doing something right.

  2. Happy G says:

    I’m one of the critics of Bruce Arians. The thing that drives me crazy is his 5 wide set with no one in the backfield to protect Ben. Or the 4 wide set with one RB in the backfield that runs a route instead of blocking. I’ve seen it way too many times to understand why we still call those sets. For example, Ben’s interception in the Super Bowl was that 4 wide set with Mendenhall running flat left and he was getting hit as he released the ball. If Bruce would just toss out that set and keep the RB to block I would probably criticize him 80% less. Well, maybe 50% less.

  3. Happy G says:

    One more point, it drives me crazy only having five blockers because eventually Big Ben is going to get hurt. Perhaps another concussion? I would hate to see that. Our line is good enough to depend on just the five of them to block long enough for deep routes. Throw those plays away Bruce!!!

  4. Happy G says:

    Oops, our line is NOT good enough. Emphasis on the NOT, which I left out above.

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