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  1. Stuck at work. Won’t be able to watch this tilt.

  2. Players on the bubble IMO

    - Charlie Batch
    - Dennis Dixon

    - Arnaz Battle
    - Tyler Grisham

    - John Gilmore
    - Weslye Saunders
    - Jamie McCoy

    - Chris Scott
    - Keith Williams

    - Keenan Lewis
    - Crezdon Butler
    - Donovan Warren

    - Daniel Sepulveda
    - Jeremy Kapinos

  3. @Dave
    I have to think Battle wins the job since he can play on special teams, Grisham does not. One part of me wants to keep Dixon as third QB for 1-2 plays per game in the wild cat since the QB rules have changed. Then the other part of me thinks if Ben goes down and then something happens to Leftwich, I’d rather have Batch managing a few games than Dixon.

  4. Nice picture.

    I was there last game, beautiful setting for an evening kickoff in the late summer.

    I agree, Eric. Battle is primarily a special teamer but he made a few key catches last week to put some distance between himself and Grisham. Tough also for Grisham to show himself on special teams when there are no kick coverage situations. All touchbacks.

    I think they’ll trade Dixon. I don’t see it as a huge negative for either party. Dixon is young and believes he can be a starter, maybe he can, but it won’t be in Pittsburgh. Doesn’t make him a bad guy for wanting to make it big in the league while he’s in his prime. Steelers are fine with Ben, Leftwich and Batch.

  5. Ok I’m not watching.

    What the heck?

    Two opening drive passes to David Johnson for 34 yards?

    DK: Two-TE set. Get used to it. You’ll be seeing more.

  6. I like the 2-TE set as long as they utilize the TE in the passing game and it can’t just be Heath Miller. If Johnson can get some early looks and production, it will put more pressure on the defenses to have both schemed for coverage, which ultimately opens up the deep ball to Wallace and Brown.

  7. Ugh. Can’t settle for a FG there in the preseason. Wasted opportunity to work on a play. These coaches just can’t ignore the “by the book” mentality.

  8. Yep, Steelers don’t have a problem with corners covering WR, ugly series. Ryan blew that one.

  9. Both Taylor and McFadden are out, right?

    Tough task against their receivers even with those two.

  10. @Dave
    Yes, both guys are out. Not worried about Ike but McFadden was horrible last season and still can’t stay healthy. This team would be something else on defense (yes, I know they are good), if they had good cornerbacks.

  11. The defense will be fresh for the start of the season. Not much concern there. They’ll be flying all over the field in the opener and doing a lot more disguising and blitzing when it’s the real thing.

    Plus, any time Aaron Smith is healthy the defense is better.

    I don’t know if the Steelers need for their starters to go too long even for this third game, not like other teams.

  12. One legit corner opposite Ike and they would probably have an epic defense, one of the best you could assemble.

  13. Listening online cause not on TV. Any word on how bad Pouncey got hurt? The radio guys aren’t saying.

  14. He’s getting it iced, ankle sprain likely, they might as well hold him out until Ravens game on 9/11.

  15. The defense might be fresh for the start of the season and flying all over the place, but I am not without concern. The fact is Mcfadden will probably be on one side unless one of these rookies step up. And it sounds (listening online) like the Steelers are still giving up big plays on special teams,and didn’t get a stop on third down the last drive. Steelers should have a good defense again, but I don’t think it fits epic, even if McFadden is replaced.

  16. Eric, agree. Sit him – you know what you get with him. And just heard the TD pass to Brown. Hopefully NFL Network will show the replay. Taunting won’t sit well with Tomlin.

  17. Eric, one other reason to sit Pouncey. I think the last preseason game is next Thursday. Even if it’s a mild sprain. Sit him…..

  18. Third and 12 and again can’t get off the field.

  19. “Steelers should have a good defense again, but I don’t think it fits epic, even if McFadden is replaced.”

    Yeah, I agree. I didn’t mean it like that.

    They don’t have anyone else on the roster who would make it complete. Doesn’t matter if it’s McFadden or Gay or Lewis or Butler or whoever, that will be a weak area.

    But hypothetically I think that’s all they’re missing from going from a great defense to truly dominant.

  20. Doesn’t look like much chat. Take care – look forward to talking to you during hockey season, Eric.

  21. With Brown and Wallace, the other team better have some speed in the secondary. Lots of it.

  22. Poz – Yeah, can’t wait for a good season of hockey.

  23. Antonio Brown, holy crikey!

  24. 3rd down defense, still an issue I see…

  25. Ben 11 for 16, 214 yards, 2 TDs and 0 INTs

    QB rating of 151.0

  26. Just have Antonio Brown and Roddy White compete in a decathlon in the second half. :D

  27. Leftwich broke his arm. Guess Batch makes the team.

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