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  1. Winners: Iowa, WVU, PSU.



  2. I don’t know if Sunseri is a good fit for this style of offense.

    He seems to work too slow.

  3. You need an athlete and a guy that’s go go, always looking to catch the defense sleeping and Sunseri doesn’t bring that to the offense.

  4. Sunseri will not be the QB to end the game for PITT today, he’s already off to a bad start.

  5. That’ll work.

    7-0 Pitt

    66-yard TD for Street


  6. Early impression.

    Iowa looks very beatable if Pitt doesn’t kill themselves.

  7. Price was right on that sack


    he shot in there like a rocket

  8. There’s Pitt killing themselves

    had Iowa 2nd and 27 and got a late hit penalty

  9. 10-3 Pitt

    8:57 2nd

    All things considered, good job holding them to the FG.

  10. I’m a iowa fan.
    Iowa radio saying hawks confused with blocking assignments
    Also saying pitt running plays every 12 seconds

  11. horrible throw by Sunseri

  12. Yeah.

    Hate to second guess but I don’t know about taking a shot downfield there.

    They were moving the ball fine with the short stuff.

  13. Either give to Graham somehow or rollout and throw a short pass like they’ve been doing.

    If they just stick with that they’ll win this game by two touchdowns.

  14. @Dave – They need to be able to take some shots over 15 yards but they don’t have a QB capable of doing it. That throw had no chance, poor footwork

  15. Sunseri underneath to Graham
    Sunseri underneath to Shanahan
    Sunseri underneath to Street

    Sunseri is terrible and it is frustrating to watch.

  16. 20 yard punt

    gives Iowa the ball at midfield

  17. Both teams making mistakes

  18. I agree, he’s not the answer.

    I’m just thinking try and win this game, get out of here and figure out the big picture later.

    This is a winnable game.

    Iowa is keying on Graham so much, even when they run play action or a rollout it throws the defense off on the short passes.

  19. Pivotal sequence here.

    For Pitt to hold to 10-6.

    For Iowa to try and tie it 10-10.

    Advantage Iowa if they go in tied after this first half.

  20. @Dave – I agree, it is the only option PITT has with TIno at QB.

  21. missed FG

    10-3 Pitt


  22. Ugly half for iowa

  23. punt!

  24. I was gonna say

    10-3 game

    play field position

    don’t give them the short field right away

  25. 3rd down play-calling isn’t very good.

  26. Neither team has a kicking game today

  27. This has been more of a QB struggle than a defensive struggle.

  28. Game over nice play

  29. Not over yet but Iowa needs to mount a drive.

    Nice throw by Jones for the TD.

  30. That Price dude is legit.

  31. 24-3 Pitt

    that might be the ballgame

    3:11 left in the 3rd

  32. It’s over, iowa line and receivers can’t figure it out.
    Now it’s over

  33. Coach Graham pulled a hamstring running down to call a timeout.

  34. Previous pitt staff could’nt have done this!

  35. Lucky for iowa dumb pitt

  36. Boy was i wrong

  37. I had to go to work.

    I’m missing all of this. Good!

  38. I’ll take it, choke pitt

  39. Blahahahaha….

  40. I wonder if Tino’s dad had been picked as the head coach if he’d have had the stones to bench him. It appears nobody else does.

  41. Did the Pirates play Iowa today???

  42. They did, Biz, and blew a save, apparently.

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