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  1. Pitt really needs a win today. I hope they find a way to get it done!

    Hail To Pitt!!

  2. Yesterday it was announced guard Chris Jacobsen injured his knee and will need season-ending surgery. The Pitt offensive line was already having problems protecting Tino Sunseri and opening running lanes for Ray Graham, now the offense really needs to start with the spread offense and quick throws.

    I really don’t like Notre Dame but I’m guessing they’ll have too much offense for Pitt’s defense to handle.

  3. I’m thinking, not to be obvious, but this is a critical game for Pitt’s season, lose this one, or get blown out and down the toidy we go

  4. NFL and CFB refs really need to do a better job of seeing punter dives

  5. wow, PITT’s punting is so bad, they have moved third string QB Mark Myers to punter

  6. This whole thing is bad. What terrible football.

  7. too many penalties by PITT offensive line

  8. High octane keeps writing the story as PITT offense can’t even reach low octane levels.

  9. I’ve found it interesting that Graham has been quick to criticize his DB’s for falling back into old habits while offenses have moved the ball at will against his defense. I guess the players called the defenses at the end of the 1st half that had Pitt rushing only 3 men on most plays ?

  10. another penalty by o-line

  11. stupid play on 3rd and 18

  12. Love the new “aggressive” defense. the inside backers dropped 20 yards into coverage on the last play of the 3rd quarter.

  13. I think Penn State clinches the MAC if they hold on today.

  14. just really stupid play-call with a WR vs LB… dumb dumb dumb.

  15. Where’s the aggressive defense by PITT?

  16. Hey PITT, #80 is killing you.

  17. the dumb decision to go for 2-pts is now coming back to haunt PITT down by 3.

  18. What was Sunseri doing there, just standing there like a statue???????

  19. Sunseri can’t throw the ball 25-yds on 4th and 25.

    Time for new QB at PITT

  20. ND 15 PITT 12…. sad performance by both teams

  21. High Octane Football has now been replace with High School Football

  22. The good news is that around 1968 if it had been 15-12 Irish @ end of 1Q, and 45-12 final, some fans might have greeted it as a moral victory. Which is immoral.

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