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On location: Steelers 23, Colts 20

INDIANAPOLIS – Looking ahead to kickoff …

Game: Steelers (1-1) vs. Indianapolis Colts (0-2)

Time: 8:20 p.m.

Site: Lucas Oil Stadium

TV, radio: NBC, WDVE-FM, ESPN Radio 970

Weather: 58 degrees, rain, but there’s a very large roof

Here is the official live summary, and here are news updates on our Steelers page. Feel free, as always, to use this as a discussion forum. I will chime in from the stadium.


  1. Seems like a good year to bust streaks: Peyton Manning consecutive starts, Ravens beat Big Ben, Lions over Vikings, Bills over Patriots, Bucs over Falcons

  2. Disappointing start for Atlanta (1-2) as it doesn’t look they are running the ball very well, which puts all the pressure on Matt Ryan to pass the ball around the field. I don’t think he’s a guy like Brees, Rodgers, Brady and Manning.

    Wondering how Rex Ryan feels about that ‘great’ defense of his that just got shredded by Oakland for 234 yards on the ground. As Lee Flowers once said, Jets are paper champs.

    Some bad second half football today, which shouldn’t come as a surprise for fans in Minnesota as the Vikings blew their third half-time lead for the season after they had a 20-3 lead evaporate and turn into a 26-23 OT loss.

    My favorite was New England blowing it, much like the Red Sox are doing in Boston, by having a 21-0 lead end in a 34-31 thrilling victory for the Buffalo Bills.

    And finally, as much as the Houston Texans concern me with their offense, they continue to lose games in which they should win or have it on the table to take. Today’s loss against the Saints was another example of finding ways to lose.

  3. Steelers move down field throwing the ball and have to settle for a FG after Sanders drops a perfect throw by Ben that would have setup goal-to-go.

    Colts only chance to win tonight is creating turnovers and Steelers leaving points on the field. So far, that’s 4 points Steelers left.

  4. If the Colts watched film, they’ll attack Farrior with Clark.

  5. Sent three on that play and still put pressure on Collins. That is a recipe for success.

  6. How many more years will it be before there is a commercial between every play in an NFL game? Especially the ones that are nationally televised.

  7. Nice to see the Steelers D be able to get off the field on that third and long.

  8. Why is it that the Steelers can not run against the Colts, yet just about every other team in the NFL shreds them?

  9. Steelers looking very one-dimensional. We’ve got to find a way to fun the ball. Fullback anyone?

  10. Wouldn’t mind seeing more draw plays or screen passes early to slow down those rush ends.

  11. Looks like the Colts are getting plenty of help tonight.

  12. This is the ‘only’ way the Colts had a chance tonight and Steelers were playing (game plan) right into it with the long pass plays and little rushing. You can’t turn it over 3 times and expect to win a game, lucky for the Steelers, these Colts are not very good and still a full half to go.

  13. Redman is still on the team, right?

  14. I was wondering myself whether Ike Redman was hurt or not…..seems like time for a change of pace at running back.

  15. Get that prancing queen on the bench and put Redman in the game for a spell… tired of watching tippy toes and terrible blocking and Ben’s requisite 3 turnovers… disgusting.

    Nice to see guys watching a fumble and stopping themselves from tackling Mathis… just like Baltimore last year…

    Sanders: have a seat… embarrassing to not down the guy who intercepted the pass.

  16. What else can I say but wow.

    Too many mistakes by Steelers (coaches/players) and you can’t do that in the NFL while playing on the road.

  17. Could the Steelers be doing any more to give this game away? The really scary part is that this looks more like the team that played the Ravens in the opener than the Seahawks last week. If that team continues to show up, that old rule about the Super Bowl loser hangover will come true and the Steelers will not make the playoffs.

  18. Methinks we will be seeing a kicking tryout this Tuesday…..

  19. I agree that they need to explore other options at kicker. I think last year was a fluke and that Suisham is reverting back to the kicker he was.

    This has been a brutal performance by the offense thus far, but they still can win the game. I don’t care if it’s by a point………..a win is a win.

  20. Counting Super Bowl, Steelers have now gone 3.5 games without forcing a turnover.

    From article, only 12 teams have gone four games without a turnover since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970. No team has gone more than four straight games without a turnover in that time frame.

  21. Nevermind…read that article wrong. ESPN article was games without committing a turnover

  22. great stat hsages……the Steelers certainly have no problem being forced into turnovers.

  23. Dancing Queen = Rashard Mendenhall

    Bad enough this offensive line can’t block but a RB who isn’t hitting the hole hard spells disaster and we’re seeing that first hand tonight.

  24. 10 turnovers between the baltimore and indy games…


    10, Ben… several on you…

    Watch Curtis Painter make several big plays running by our d-line… they’ll march down the field and score.

  25. Is there any phase of the game that we can honestly say that the Steelers are winning right now?

    Special Teams – missed field goals, kicking punts into the end zone
    Offense – maybe a wash because we can’t run the ball and can’t protect Ben
    Defense – No forced turnovers compared to 3 for Indy

    Take away Mike Wallace and we may be being shut out

  26. What a freaking terrible, terrible display of football… unprepared and unprofessional showings all over the field.

    So sick and tired of watching this absolutely dreadful, losing football…

  27. This is like watching the Pirates after game 100

  28. Thank God for Curtis Painter!!

  29. HSAGES–
    The defense wasn’t on the field for 10 of Indy’s 13 points (essentially)… they’ve allowed three points and not very many yards…

    And now you’ve gotten your wish…

    It’s this God-forsaken, terrible offensive line, running back and QB play that is killing this team. Roethlisberger has got to do a better job against the heavy pass rushing teams like Indy and Baltimore. Some of that’s on Arians, some of that’s on the offensive line, too… but they’ve got to have a better plan to attack quick pass rushers off the edge on the carpet…

  30. Finally got that turnover. First one since 2nd QTR of AFC Title Game when Ike Taylor sacked Mark Sanchez and William Gay ran it in for a TD

  31. About time Steelers get a turnover and key one at that with sack/fumble by Harrison, TD for Troy.

  32. Strip sack of Roethlisberger coming up…

    Or a pick-6 in overtime…

  33. I would never have thought this defense would let this pitiful offense, led by a 3rd string QB drive the field and score a touchdown.

  34. What happened to the vaunted run defense?

  35. Just sad, the offense has left way too many points on the field, and the D, once again, can not stop the other team when the game is on the line in the fourth quarter. I’ve seen this movie before and I do not enjoy the ending.

  36. Very telling when the game is on the line, Mendenhall is on the bench.

  37. They dodged a huge bullet tonight.

    It sure doesn’t look good going into Houston next week.

  38. Mario Williams must salivating

  39. Good to get the win, but we looked pretty awful. Couldn’t run the ball, couldn’t protect Ben, couldn’t stop the run. It’s going to be a real good test for this team next week in Houston. That game should be a good indicator of where the Steelers really are. I can accept the Ravens game as an anomaly, and we’ve have 2 wins against non-playoff teams so the Texans should give us an idea how we measure up against a playoff team.

  40. Mendenhall ( Spindarella) and that offensive line are horrible. Tomlin and the front office have turned their heads to the offensive line and this year, it will catch up. Mendenhall has got to be benched–he dances on every run, hits the hole with his back turned and will never run anyone over.
    Farrior and Aaron Smith are done and Ziggy is another questionable choice like Mendenhall and Worilds. Just think, Sean Lee was available and we took All Worilds.

  41. Do you bench the Prancing Queen next week? I do… tired of watching the weak, go nowhere, pitter-patter, take-four-seconds-to-get-to-the-line-of-scrimmage running back. The guy misses holes nearly every carry… vision is awful, ball protection even worse (especially when he’s trying to make a play). Start Redmon next week and bring Moore as change of pace and 3rd down guy… Mendy needs to sit and watch.

    Aaron Smith is doing very, very little right now… just no production.

  42. @DK – no way you’re heading to Milwauke this week for the season wrapup trip on the Buccos by chance, are you? Weekday games = I’ll be at all three. Still not sure why.

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