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  1. Coaching, Systems, Players

    I wonder the excuse Todd Graham will use tonight if PITT loses another home game.

    I don’t expect a win since USF is the faster team, better players, and they produce points. PITT will need to put it all together to win this one.

  2. Not a good start on the injury front. Lucas Nix goes down, not sure if knee or ankle

  3. unreal, PITT drives down field and then poor handling of ball by Patton loses it to USF.

  4. Todd Thomas struggles to locate ball on defense, he might want to switch back to WR

  5. Gonna say rthis before anything happens. On the timeout, Pitt brought only 3. You have to bring more than that if for no other reason to contain Daniels. Gotta spy him with at least one guy.

  6. Just like that.

  7. @Milo – I’m not impressed by Todd Graham’s game management, he’s no better than Wannestedt and Harris. Twice, 3rd & 4 and NO ONE had an eye on the QB. Unreal

  8. @Eric

    And make no mistake, for all the talk about high octane offense, that’s HIS defense. He makes all the calls on the sidelines. You can’t keep a guy like Daniels in the pocket with a 3 man rush.

  9. @Milo – Agreed, that’s his defense.

    Check down Tino

  10. nice response by PITT offense, TD run by Sunseri

  11. Nice roughing the passer call. Too bad they missed the one on the play before.

  12. very nice work by ref and umpire to change that penalty

  13. terrible wobbly throw for 1st down by Sunseri to Street

  14. Repeat after me:


    Your name

    Do pledge allegiance

    To Lindsey Lamar

  15. The radar is looking pretty ugly. Might want to have the lead when that mess gets here.

  16. quite possibly the best drive of season by PITT’s Tino Sunseri

  17. It looks like this offense finally added a little octane.

  18. Heisman Watch.

  19. 34-17, never saw this coming after the first four games of the season.

  20. We’ve been down this road before. Two weeks ago, as a matter of fact.

  21. yeah, need to stop USF on 4th down

  22. Why are you calling a WR flee flicker??????????????

  23. Credit to the coaching staff, most notably the head ball coach, for keeping the heat on defensively. Looks much different than Iowa.

  24. USF may have lost the will to live.

  25. like I said, run the ball.

    TD Graham

  26. Dare I say it – High Octane.

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