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  1. This team and overpaid coach are pathetic. He is a bad football coach and baloney about Tulsa. He throws a game away at a bad Iowa team, blown out by an inferior Rutgers team, never knows how many guys are on the field, wastes timeouts.
    This is NO BETTER THAN WANNY!!!!

  2. What I see is a horrible collection of talent at PITT, which was the result of bad scouting by Wannestedt and his coaching staff. There’s nothing I see from Tino Sunseri that leads me to believe he would have done anything in a Pro-style offense.

    It is unfortunate this team didn’t have Thomas and Nix healthy to have a better offensive line

  3. another STUPID timeout by Todd Graham on 3rd & 17 with HIS defense.

  4. 3rd & 2, why yes, that’s a great time to give the ball to anyone not named Ray Graham.

  5. Ray who ?

  6. @Milo – This is as frustrating of a season watching PITT as I can remember as the talent just isn’t there at QB. Bill Stull, wherever you are, I’m sorry.

  7. Lot of square pegs. Lot of round holes.

  8. Trickeration. I could have handed it to Ray for that.

  9. I suggest an “Occupy High Octane” rally. Anyone with me ?

  10. This is some of the worst coaching I’ve seen at the collegiate level in a while. Not giving the ball to Ray Graham just defies belief.

  11. @DK

    Amen, brother.

  12. @Dejan
    Serious questions about Graham’s agenda, is he trying to win or force HIS philosophy onto players who are not equipped to play HIS system.

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