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Wakeup Call: Your tired, your injured masses

WINNIPEG, Manitoba — Some sporting thoughts before sunrise …

>> My game coverage of the Penguins’ 2-1 loss here last night emphasizes the really tough schedule they have in the early going. And yeah, I know it’s early, but look at the numbers I have in there.

Never mind that. Just look at the team. If they couldn’t skate with these slow-footed Jets — and man, the Jets had one line out there that looked like it was skating on asphalt — that should tell you something’s amiss.

That said, let’s not lose sight of all the effort it takes for the Penguins to score without their stars. The moment Winnipeg was up, 2-0, the first thought I had was that it would take these Penguins about 42 shots to score the three goals needed to win.

>> On an accompanying page in today’s Trib is my feature on Winnipeg’s NHL return.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed my day here. This is a neat place with some good people. I asked one gentleman directions to a Starbucks, and we walked with me — apparently out of his way — two blocks until he could point to it.

>> Todd Graham is no longer making sense.

Seriously, what did that mean?

>> The Steelers were as lousy in the second half as they were good in the first half Sunday. So, other than the fact that the second half happened more recently, why have I detected an overwhelming sentiment to declare that half the real one?

The other team ranked 10th in defense. The other team adjusted.

There are two teams out there.

>> Have to be up in about five hours to fly to Minnesota, so I’ll depart now and leave you with what the late, great NHL coach Pat Burns once said in discussing Winnipeg’s flatness: “It’s the only city where you can watch your dog run away for three days.”

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