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Wakeup Call: Readers speak on autographs

Some sporting thoughts before sunrise …

>> Heard from many, many readers, including in the comments right here about my Wednesday column on autographs. Appreciated all of them, but two really jumped out at me.

This one came from the actual manager of that Monroeville Thrift Drug store that I described from more than 20 years ago …


In your article, you talked about meeting Mario Lemieux at the Thrift Drug in  Monroeville. I was the Pharmacist/Manager of the store at the time. And to this day, I think about meeting Mario when he was just a young kid, barely speaking any english,and cherishing a photo with him. He was exactly as you said–polite,smiling, just plain “down to earth.”

Also in your article, you mention Dan Bylsma thanking the fans, this is a common thread within the Penguins organization that just exudes class and respect. Last year, my family and I attended an open practice at Southpointe, and I bumped into Ray Shero.  I said hi, shook his hand and thanked him for all he and his staff has done to create such a competitive team. He in turn thanked me for my support and appreciated the kind words.


And then there was the note from the guys at the Get To Our Game blog, who somehow dug up footage of the Lemieux goal I described from 1985 …


Awesome. Still breathtaking. Thanks again to everyone.

>> Will there be a sadder sight in all of Pittsburgh sports this year than Ray Graham in tears as he was helped off the field last night?

Pitt won the game, of course, but the loss was far larger. It seemed all the more painful that Graham was hurt right after a beautiful double-cutback run, the sort of thing that has people holding out high hopes for him beyond college.

>> Sounds like James Harrison’s eye injury nearly was much worse than it turned out. Either way, he’s still going to be out for quite a while.

That means it’s time for Jason Worilds to get onto the field and get Lawrence Timmons back to the inside. I haven’t said much about this because of the injury circumstances, but it’s not fair to Timmons or any player to bounce inside and outside in the Steelers’ scheme. As LaMarr Woodley told me the other day, there’s only one other person in all of football who plays the system I do, and that’s James.” He’s probably right. It’s a hybrid outside linebacker scheme that involves a lot more pass coverage than most seem to realize.

Timmons can handle it. But the Steelers are best with him on the inside.

>> We will chat today at noon, as always. You can submit entries as early as 6 a.m.


  1. JAL says:

    JAL’s Bring It On Home to Me Morning Links


    1- MLB Transactions

    2-MLB Trade Rumors-Pirates

    3- 2011-12 Pirates Prospects Off-Season Calendar

    4 Pirate Offseason Stats

  2. JAL says:


    5—Pirates Prospects

    Winter Leagues 10/26 — Thompson’s Debut

    AFL Recap 10/26: Cole Gets His Second Win

    6 McEffect

    Trade Andrew McCutchen?

    7 Why Gavs

    Winter League updates: 10/26


    Pirates Gerrit Cole Strong Again, Allows No Hits in AFL Action

  3. JAL says:


    11 Bleacher Report

    2012 MLB Offseason: Pittsburgh Pirates Fielding Breakdown

    12 Yahoo Sports

    Why Baseball Matters: A Fan’s View

  4. JAL says:

    Steelers Blogs

    -Behind the Steel Curtain

    Contributions from these Four Key Steelers Players Could Help Put New England’s Recent Dominance Over Pittsburgh to Sleep Come Sunday.

    Take It Away, Steelers! Part 2

    -Steelers Depot

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    -Steelers Gab

    Steelers Gab Week Eight NFL Preview – New England at Pittsburgh–-new-england-at-pittsburgh/

  5. JAL says:

    Pitt Blogs

    Pitt Blather

    Big 12 Crazy Overshadows

    Cardiac Hill

    Pitt Vs. UConn: Winning Ugly; Panthers Lose Ray Graham To Injury

    WVU Blogs

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    Manchin, Rockefeller, Capito Issue Statements on WVU to Big 12 Situation

  6. Bill says:

    I’d like to check out the get to our game blog. Unfortunately the background makes it darn near impossible to read…

  7. JAL says:

    Great video, passed to himself–one player making it a 2 on 1

  8. Milo Hamilton says:

    I see that West Virginia senator Joe Manchin is claiming politicians are meddling & interfering in the business of college football, regarding the Mountaineers possible move to the Big 12.

    How would he know anything about that ?

    Pot – kettle – black.

  9. JAL says:


    Did you read the stories in the links (7th post).. More than Manchin involved

  10. Milo Hamilton says:


    I did read the story. (Thanks again for your work.)

    My point is that while he was Governor, he ran the WVU athletic department, along with his henchman – college roommate Ed Pastilong. He hired Bill Stewart after the big bowl win.

    The funniest thing is that he’s blaming Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell for orchestrating this whole bait & switch. While probably true, I’m not sure McConnell can wind his own watch.

  11. JAL says:


    That he did, he also was the force getting WVU to play Marshall.

  12. Milo Hamilton says:


    Thank goodness for guys like him, he sure keeps things entertaining. You don’t know him, do you ? I was looking for a fake college degree.

  13. JAL says:


    No, never met him. I know some people in the sports information office at WVU but not the politicians.

  14. Artistry says:

    Bill, (like other blogs using the Blogger platform) has some compatibility issues with Internet Explorer. Any other browser – Safari, Mozilla, Chrome -will work.

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