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  1. Interesting tidbit:

    On DK’s previous thread “Great Day for Hockey”

    18 Pirates
    7 devoted totally or primarily to Sid’s return

    Which fanbase is more devoted/demented/devalued?

    Should we re-title Dejan’s Wakeup: Great Day for Clint Barmes in Pittsburgh!?

    DK: Any subject matter that arouses anger always will spark more comments. Sid’s return isn’t exactly controversial.

  2. Sids return is log awaited so brings relief, not controversy

  3. Welcome back Sid!…Looking forward to once again watching you do what you do better than anyone today.

    Lets drop the puck!

  4. OK. Time for the Dancing With The Stars finale. Who ya got ? Anyone ?

  5. Is anyone surprised ?

  6. Wow! Amazing goal by Sid!

    On a side note – a little irritated Root Sports missed the opening faceoff…

  7. The plan was for Sid to play 12 minutes. He’s already played 7:10.

  8. Oooh, a Lacey sighting. ROOT is pulling out all the stops. Maybe Bob Nutting could hold an auction during the 3rd period.

  9. this is going to be one of those nights that we will talk about for a long time. a special, special night at consol!! go pens!

  10. WOW.

    I went to the game tonight and one of the top sporting moments in my fan cheering life.

    Crosby 2 goals, 2 assists with a number of other chances plus he initiated and received a good bit of physical contact early in the game. This is why he’s the best hockey player in the NHL today and since Lemieux/Gretzky.

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