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Final: West Virginia 21, Pitt 20

Looking ahead to kickoff …

Game: Pitt (5-5, 3-2 Big East) vs. West Virginia (7-3, 3-2)

Time: 7:10 p.m.

Site: Milan Puskar Stadium, Morgantown, W.Va.

TV, radio: ESPN, 93.7 The Fan

Weather: 55 degrees, mostly clear

Here is the official live summary, and here are news updates on our Pitt page. Jerry DiPaola and John Grupp are covering the game.


  1. I’m a Pittsburgher, hence, I’m a life long Pitt fan

    That being said, I don’t want to see Pitt win the Big East, that would be a most embarrasing development

  2. Louisville winning almost as embarrassing and that is real possibility

  3. Really any team that wins the big east is gonna be embarrassing.. Why not Pitt?

  4. Sunseri is HORRIBLE!!!!!! And, Todd Graham is a close second to Sunseri.

  5. hard to play as poorly as WVU did and still win.

  6. Dear Dana Holgorsen,

    You’re Welcome.

    Tino Sunseri

  7. Wow, what an utterly pathetic end. Sunseri’s decision-making was terrible, the pass protection was beyond terrible, the replay official was terrible, just everything. Wow.

  8. Pitt football is almost equal to the morons at Federal Street

  9. OMG, seriously, Tino… I know some HS football players who would of done a better job than you. And please, that last drive was NOT the offensive lines fault. It was all on Tino…he sucks… even if we would of gotten that call along the sidelines, Tino doesn’t do anything right, and would of went backwards from there anyways. How did he ever become the QB anyways? What a horrible QB.

  10. Strangest thing about Tino is that there have been times when he’s looked genuinely in control of this offense. Stays still, hits the right guy quickly, lines up and does it again. But man, when he falls apart, it’s total combustion.

  11. This is what $2m/year gets you? I know Graham inherited Tino, but seriously, having him rollout and do the run/pass threat? The cheerleaders can bring him down from behind. You need to put your players in position to succeed and Graham has continually not done that. WVU was pinning their ears back rushing the QB, how about some screens… maybe an end around? People are worried about RichRod stealing some of the staff away? Seriously? The only thing that is going to fix PITT football is for them to get really lucky with some recruits that actually pan out, not just one or two. Let’s hope they’re hot on the trail of a Juco QB for a quick fix, if that is even possible.

  12. Gene Collier had the comment of the college football year on Subway Sports Call:

    approx: “The main thing this college football season has proven is that neither of these two men (Graham and Holgorsen) are major college head coaches.”

    Heere, here!

  13. Todd Graham and his systems lose football games, just another sad performance to remind folks that Tom Bradley was the man for this job. The QB play is abysmal, this team probably has the least amount of passing plays over 15 yards in the nation.

  14. I have no problem with Todd Graham. After 10 years of never winning any big games here we need to give him a chance. I think he will succeed here. I have no problem with the defense either, they gave a great effort tonight. It comes down to two things with this team – injuries and the quarterback.

    He’s as bad a QB as I’ve ever seen at Pitt.

  15. @ aglebagel

    “the replay official was terrible”…

    I didn’t watch the game (Toledo fan here) so I’m not familiar with the play/s in question, but I can assure you the Big East replay officials are the worst in the business. (see Toledo at Syracuse)

  16. You cannot tell me that Mark Myers wouldn’t do a better job.
    Just look at these highlights – he looks better than Sunseri… back in 2009!

  17. After today’s action Big East BCS spot down to 3 teams. If WVU loses and Cincinnati wins next game, Cincinnati goes. If Cincinnati loses Louisville goes regardless of what WVU does. If WVU wins and Cincinnati wins WVU probably goes because they will most likely have the highest BCS ranking (they were 26th this week).

  18. Anybody here see Walker play QB in H.S.? Brewers announcers were impressed that he was so good especially “in that part of the country.”

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