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Source: Pirates aren’t trading McCutchen

The Pirates have not entertained any trade offers for All-Star center fielder Andrew McCutchen, a high-ranking team source said tonight, and have no intention of doing so.

An ESPN report earlier today said the team would listen to offers for McCutchen this offseason. The team source emphatically denied that and further added that McCutchen will remain in Pittsburgh for the foreseeable future.

McCutchen, 25, is coming off his finest season with a .259 average and career-high 23 home runs. The Pirates and McCutchen tried over several months to work out a long-term contract extension, but that fizzled by late summer. Still, the team controls McCutchen’s rights for four more seasons, and he cannot become a free agent until after the 2015 season.

Let me skip past the newspaper-ese and spell this out a different way: If you just had the conversation I just had, you wouldn’t give another second of thought to McCutchen being traded.


  1. JAL says:

    Well, wonder where the ESPN report came from? By “have not entertained” does that mean no one offered or that someone offered but they rejected it without any thought of going further?

    DK: There’s nothing to dissect, no hidden meaning. Not going anywhere.

  2. Milo Hamilton says:

    He’s not going anywhere, yet.

  3. JAL says:

    Makes sense to me.

  4. Milo Hamilton says:

    Don’t you think that McCutchen not having signed an extension is a complete non-story ?
    Nothing was going to happen until they knew when he would be eligible for arbitration. Even if they do buy up his arbitration years, that does nothing but give the Pirates cost certainty. The only “story” would be if they can buy out a free agent year or two. And I support the Pirates if they make that a condition of an extension.

  5. SeanE says:

    DK. Was it your sense that the reporter who broke this “story” via Twitter not as familiar with the terminology the PBC uses as you would be? Sounds that way to me. As you have said the PBC has always said they will listen to offers. To those of us that follow you over the years you have said this many times.

    DK: Not my concern, Sean.

  6. PetroSteel says:

    I agree that he is not going anywhere. I agree that the Pirates only do a contract if they can get 1 or 2 years of his free agent years. He really has no choice to do that kind of deal becouse he is way under paid compared to other players with similar numbers and all around ability.

    If they ever do trade Cutch, this is definitly not the right time becouse he is only going to get better.

    I think the Bucs are finally on the right track but the plan is still going to take 2 or 3 more years before thier draft picks are ready to dominate. They need Cutch when they are finally ready and he will be here.

    They also desperatly need Pedro who was expected to be better than any of them. it would be nice to hear about what he has been up to this off season.

  7. Dave says:

    Wouldn’t surprise me to see them trade Cutch since he’s going to want a lot of money to resign. Until the Pirates owners are willing to make a splash and spend competitively on their payroll this 20 year rebuild is going to continue on and on and on like the Energizer Bunny.

    Even with their 10 million in the draft last year and 5 or so million from the International they’re still short of the 80 or so million Milwaukee paid out on their active roster alone. It’s time for ownership to pony up and put their money where their mouth is. The fans supported to team when they won this year. Pony up for the fans.

    DK: They already have him for four more years, Dave.

  8. Drew71 says:

    So Dejan. What you’re saying is the chances of his being traded are, what, 50-50?

  9. Drew71 says:

    I can’t WAIT until this hits the blogosphere.

    “Dejan Kovacevic says chances of Cutch trade 50-50″

    You watch. ESPN will pick it up.

    But it’s ESPN. So they won’t credit it.

    DK: Have you taken your meds, Andrew?

  10. Drew71 says:

    I drank them.

    DK: Nicely done! One of these days, I’ll give that a shot.

  11. TS says:

    Wow Drew, you really pissed DK off. I’ve never seen him snap at anyone like that.

  12. Officer Mancuso says:

    ” I think the Bucs are finally on the right trackbut the plan is still going to take 2 or 3 more years”. The Pope is considering allowing this to be added to a regional variant of thee Nicene Creed for use in Western PA.

  13. Jandy says:

    Drew, whatever meds you’re “drinking” I want some!

  14. SidFarcus says:

    DK, any thought that the Bucs are waiting until they move Andrew over to LF once Startling Marte is called up? Would he be valued less in LF than he would in CF?

  15. NuttingHostage says:

    “Let me skip past the newspaper-ese and spell this out a different way: If you just had the conversation I just had, you wouldn’t give another second of thought to McCutchen being traded.”

    Was this one of the high level sources that mis-lead you about secret contract extensions for over 6 months?

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