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  1. Happy Bowl Eligibility Day. One of these teams gets to back into a bowl with an ugly win against another bad team.

    If Pitt wins today, betcha can’t wait to go to Detroit or somewhere on December 17th or so to watch em lose to Eastern Southern Wichita State.

  2. I’ll still be rooting for the Panthers despite the poor season. Also a good b-ball game later today. Hail to Pitt!

  3. Do we have to wait until next March for the time on this blog to be correct?

    As Gene Collier says, “Not to be critical . . “

  4. Maybe Dejan knew Pitt would hold kickoff for 5 min. due to the massive crowds that will be still trying to make it into the stadium for this epic battle for bowl eligibility!

    Dejan will you be flying to Dallas for the MLB winter meetings?

    DK: I will not. I have an assignment elsewhere.

  5. Still can’t wrap my head around a 6-6 team going to a bowl.

    Just doesn’t seem right.

    Prefer to watch Southern Miss and Houston at noon IF I watch anything at all. Texas & Baylor might be fun to watch also. Being that I am old, those 8:00 games are out. Can’t stay up after halftime.

    Btw, if LSU and Ala play in the BCS final and Alabama wins, willl there be a best out of 3 game?

    Foo Bowl


  6. Don’t let it come down to a replay situation, Panthers… Syracuse has a way about it when it comes to that.


  7. Saltster – Congrats to the Toledo Rockets for a nice comeback season in more ways than one. Finished 8-4, winning 7 of final 8 after starting 1-3. (But those initial 3 losses: Boise State, Ohio State and Syracuse, the last two by a combined 8 points.)

    And Oh Nellie, what an offense! Scored 507 points over 12 games for a 42 point AVERAGE. Last five games: 264 points for a 53 point average.

    And think about this: in one two-game stretch, Toledo scored 126 points, 66 in a win against Western Michigan and 60 in LOSS to eventual MAC champ Northern Illinois. And NO overtime in either game.


  8. Tino takes shot after shot & keeps getting up. He’s annoyingly durable.

  9. Almost 10 minutes gone in the game.

    #24 USM vs #6 Houston. 0-0.

    Yep. Two defensive juggernauts.

  10. @Drew

    Isn’t Case Keenum 30 years old by now ?

  11. So Syracuse’s offensive coordinator is Paul Hackett’s son. That explains a lot. Expect no halftime adjustments. Never send a Hackett to do a man’s job.

  12. Speaking of lack of in game adjustments.

    Coming into today’s game – Pitt outscored opponents 94-19 in the 1st quarter. And have been outscored 230-182 in the final 3 quarters.


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