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Wakeup Call: Chancellor can’t just duck, delegate

Some sporting thoughts before sunrise …


>> Screen grab up there says it all, huh?

Congratulations, Arizona State, on an inspired hire.

>> It’s not one of my column days — those are Monday, Wednesday and Friday — and colleague Joe Starkey takes on the Steve Pederson issue this morning. But I feel compelled to reiterate here, as I wrote yesterday, my own view that Pitt needs a new athletic director.

Being an AD at a major university is a complex job, but evaluating that AD is simple as can be: He either hires good football coaches, or he doesn’t.

Pederson is terrible at it. In fact, he’s become embarrassing at it.

Trust has evaporated for Pederson to make a good coaching hire, and trust is the essential ingredient of any relationship. That relationship has been frayed between Pitt, its students, its alumni, its donor and casual fans in our city. It’s time for chancellor Mark Nordenberg to take the action he should have taken in January after the Mike Haywood fiasco: Fire Pederson.

And do it soon. The program deserves better than to lose a potential top-20 recruiting class, and the new AD deserves a chance to do a far better job of finding the right coach.

>> I could go on and on about Todd Graham. Suffice it to say, after listening to his Arizona State news conference last night, he turns my stomach even more than he did at his introductory news conference for Pitt. And that’s saying something.

Some people are all about themselves. He smelled of that from Day 1 here, and he’ll stink of it forever now.

>> Where was Nordenberg, anyway?

He issued a statement supporting Pederson — a mistake, I’m betting, by the time this plays out — then sent Pederson out to face the media and had vice chancellor Jerry Cochran quoted in the press release.

This isn’t the time for delegating or ducking. It’s time for leadership.

>> I suggested two  names here yesterday, Dave Wannstedt for AD and Russ Grimm for coach. Most seemed to like those, but some complained that Wannstedt has no AD experience and that Grimm doesn’t have his degree from Pitt.

Neither should be a factor. If you can run an NFL franchise, as Wannstedt did in the major markets of Chicago and Miami, you can handle working out the swimming and softball schedules. ADs have tons of people working for them, handling administrator stuff. And Grimm could offer to take a course or two in his side time at the university. Wild idea, I know, but imagine the example he’d be setting on a lot of levels. Either that, or the university could dismiss that as totally irrelevant, which it is.

>> If you haven’t seen this yet, you’re welcome …


>> Our weekly chat is today at noon. Everyone except Penni Graham is welcome to participate. Entries can be submitted as early as 6 a.m.


  1. Drew71 says:

    I understand your point, Dejan, about Nordenberg showing leadership, but I don’t see this as ducking. Sending Pederson out struck me in the same fashion as when Nutting sent Littlefield out to explain the Dominican Republic trip. To face the fire of his own making.

    I thought his absence spoke volumes.

    Stay tuned …

    DK: That’s an interesting take, Drew, and a great comparison. I can remember Littlefield seething all through that interview that day. It was remarkable.

  2. Nate says:

    My Dad’s birthday was Wednesday. I don’t think he could have been happier with the present – a long departed, never missed, Todd Graham.

    What a joke. The guy couldn’t coach, couldn’t adjust in or out of the game, and couldn’t take any responsibility for himself. He didn’t even speak to his players. The exact opposite of a what a man, and role model, should be.

    All this anger and general pissed-off-ness from Pitt fans, and decent human beings in general, is because nobody liked the guy in the first place. We didn’t want him here and we’re glad he’s gone.

    And I hope Graham stops talking about “God”, the guy gives religion a bad name.

  3. Keith says:

    What about Sal Sunseri coming back to take the HC job? He has interviewed before. He was nominated for the Outstanding Assistant Coach of Year this year. He has been with a winner at Bama for the last three years. Plus he is a Pitt guy. I do like the idea of Grimm and Wannstedt but will DW come back after the poor handling of his firing last year?

    I live in Houston and can tell you how pissed off people were when Graham pulled his first “one and done” at Rice. I can’t believe Pitt hired the guy. Here’s to hoping they get it right this time.

  4. Dan1283 says:

    Pederson has to take the fall, but wasn’t he left out of the decision to hire Graham?

  5. Drew71 says:

    I don’t usually beat the bushes for espn (since they do a bit too much of that for themselves). But wow. Read this…

    Just wow.

  6. Dan1283 says:


    I doubt that Sal Sunseri would excite anyone. Pitt needs to hit a home run this time.

    Speaking of, I wish Clint Hurdle could coach college football, that’s exactly the kind of man and personality I want representing the Pitt program.

  7. Keith says:

    Is Johnny Majors still alive? How about Jackie Sherrill? :-)

  8. PgherinLev says:

    In retrospect, I guess we have to respect Toad Graham for his honesty in the video :-)

  9. DarkAudit says:

    Do we have any further insight to why Graham said he *had* to leave?

  10. Jesse says:


    let me say this…the Chancellor can’t help but duck. He will not fire Pederson…what all of you are failing to realize is there are two investigations currently being conducted by State and Federal Agencies for wrongdoings committed against former coaches and student athletes in the Pitt Athletic Dept. The targets of these investigations are employees. The targets have been untruthful from the beginning attempting to hide their wrongdoings. With all that is going on at PSU and SU, do you think for one minute they would fire this guy with all that he knows!!! Do you think Nordenberg and Cochran are aware of these investigations, I WOULD THINK SO!! This is how the PSU and SU investigations started off with complaints of wrongdoings everyone turned their heads and lied about to save themselves and/or the university and then later on the truth comes out and then the real embarassment begins. Pederson is the final decision maker, he has the last word on all decisions or at least he is the figure head to announce decisions jointly made by Nordenberg, the board..etc. I can assure you, Graham had knowledge of these investigations and may have had to answer questions regarding some recent decisions he made regarding treatment of student athletes. His assistant’s departure were probably aware of the investigations. Maybe Graham got tired of deceiving recruits about the future of Pitt Athletics when he knew the leadership above him is less than credible and he saw the writing on the wall for the future. I am one that truly and really care about who Pitt hires next, I am sympathetic only because of the mental trauma this is having on the student athlete. They are the real victims in this mess. With that being said, I have only one problem with how Graham handled his departure; it is how he informed the student athletes…notice I said “the student athletes,” because they were really not his student athletes, I don’t think he recruited any of them. For that matter they have always been Pitt’s Student Athletes. After Wannstedt departed, the student athletes became more of Pitt’s Student Athletes because they were temporarily without a leader. Pitt took them under their wing so to speak until they could find another leader which is what a great university is suppose to do. Pederson and [the other people he placed the blame on] in his press conference were charged with the duty of hiring the best leader to come in and take care of Pitt’s Student Athletes. The facilities, academics, environment, reputation and atmosphere is what sells Pitt to student the students committs to the University of Pittsburgh more so than commitment to a head coach. They visualize themselves in a Pitt uniform on Heinz Field, on the court in the Pete as well as the other great facilities at Pitt. So, it’s understandable the effect is has on a student athlete when a head coach, their leader, departs. it makes them question, why is our leader leaving? What’s wrong with Pitt? What is going on we don’t know about? So, again .they sit, wait and rely on the administration (Pederson and crew) to make a sound decision again on who to bring in to take care of them and keep the tradition going that brought them to Pitt in the first place. Steve Pederson has failed in doing that!!! So, now the university will try to make Graham out to be the bad guy. Graham probably knows the bad stuff or found out about the bad stuff and got him and his family the heck out of Oakland before the boo-boo hits the fan and spread everywhere. He didn’t want his name smelling like crap when he had nothing to do with the crap to begin with. I read a comment earlier about Graham may have violated terms of his contract..I beleive the comment was made by Cochran. Not sure if Graham violated anything, but what I am sure of is the Athletic Department is under investigation, under Pederson’s watch, and if Pederson and/or the university failed to inform Graham about any investigations being conducted before he signed the contract which could have very well escalated doing his watch, then who is wrong here?

    Robi Rossi did an excellent time line: the link is below

    But Rossi missed one important date that begin prior December 7, 2010. You will not find this date printed in any of Pittsburgh’s famous newspapers. i will tell you, Pederson was dealing with a lot more than forcing Wannstedt out prior to December 7. The time line should have started prior to December 7. Because what happen prior to the 7th will come back to harm Pitt in a way where they will not be able to recover without a clean slate similar to what Penn State has done. There is too much at stake and to much too hide to come to a decision of terminating Pederson. They will never make him angry by terminating him. He knows too much!!!

    Ask yourself: Why the support for him after the Haywood termination? Why the support now after the Graham’s departure? All the support seems to really culminate after November of 2010 doesn’t it?

    There is one thing that never stops, and that one thing is TIME. There is one thing that you can count on and depend on to always tell, yep you guessed it, TIME!!! Just ask Penn State and Syracuse University. Save yourself Pitt before time tells and destroys a great university and tradition.

    As Graham’s final texted message words to Pitt’s student athletes, “God Bless.” Because he knows that is what Pitt will need-a blessing and forgiveness from God.

  11. Thundercrack says:

    “Being an AD at a major university is a complex job,”

    but yet….

    “If you can run an NFL franchise, as Wannstedt did in the major markets of Chicago and Miami, you can handle working out the swimming and softball schedules. ADs have tons of people working for them, handling administrator stuff.”

    I liked Dave Wannstedt as a head coach. And just because he coached in the NFL doesn’t mean he has the skills to be and AD. Heck, why not offer the job to Mike Ditka.

  12. Jesse says:

    I apologze, my last comments were actually directed to Dejan.

  13. Curt says:

    Read that ESPN article Drew. Thanks for sharing!
    That Brandon Lindsay quote cracked me up.
    You either are a man of class or you’re a classless man. I think we all know where
    Mr. “High Octane” stands!

  14. NuttingHostage says:

    A week or two ago you took some cheap shots at Dave Wannstedt for stating the obvious truth….Looks like he knew exactly what he was talking about after all.

    Maybe Wannstedts comments weren’t so classless after all?

    Maybe your cheapshots at Wannstedt were?

  15. leefoo says:

    I bet Pederson keeps his job. Just a hunch.



  16. Milo Hamilton says:

    I did this last year so it’s time for an update. With this impending hire, Pitt will have had 6 head coaches(including interim coaches) in the last 11 months. Wannstedt, Bennett, Haywood, Graham, Patterson & the new guy.

    Their landlords on the South Side have had 6 coaches since 1957. Tomlin, Cowher, Noll, Austin, Nixon & Parker.

    That’s 54 years boys & girls.

  17. SeanE says:

    I think Graham is developing quite the reputation nationally as a carpet bagger. Just read the ticker on any ESPN channel and they talk about this being his 4th head coaching job and and that he left two jobs (Rice and Pitt) after just a single season. At some point this is going to develop into a serious problem for him in terms of recruitng. ASU is not exactly a top notch job. You can be sure he is looking already for the BBD…Bigger, Better Deal.

  18. sjb says:

    What I don’t understand is Arizona State’s role in this. Graham was denied permission to talk to them and yet he obviously talked anyway, at least enough to know they wanted to hire him and get himself the job before ever quitting Pitt. Did ASU violate rules by talking to Graham without Pitt’s permission? Is it common place now for other schools to pick the bones of anyone they want without their permission. Why did Graham quit to take a another job if Arizona State wasn’t even permitted to talk to him about it yet? He shouldn’t have even been offered the job without Pitt’s permission but obviously he was. I know you can’t do this in the NFL and I think ASU should be sanctioned somehow, or at the very least investigated on their questionable hiring process.

    Awesome, another gutless “so-called” man having his career and life decisions made for him by his prissy wife. “I want to go to Arizona…I don’t like Pittsburgh, it’s cold here, wahhh!” I hope the whole reason Penni really wanted to go back to Arizona wasn’t “family” but to hook up with an old boyfriend there. That would be priceless.

    Fire Pederson, or at the very least don’t let him make coaching hires anymore and if Nordenberg doesn’t like it, he can leave too.

  19. @suckmeter says:

    Todd Graham sucks. Penni Graham sucks. Arizona State sucks. Steve Pederson Sucks. The Arizona State media sucks. Cleveland sucks (never can say that last one enough).

  20. RightSaidTed says:

    DK – I hold your opinion in high regard, but Wannstedt IMO is a terrible choice for athletic director. Putting aside his lack of college athletic administrative experience, which I think you undersell, his greatest shortfallings as a coach were that he played not to lose, was to conservative and coached like it was still the 1980’s. If this is at all the same philopophy he would bring to running an athletic department — and I would be willing to bet that it is — then I will take a pass.

  21. Drew71 says:

    Foo – My gut goes the other way. Had Nordenberg been there for the presser, sitting beside (as it would appear) “his guy” Pederson offering support, I would agree with you. But since Pederson was put out there to face it himself, I think that’s a signal of a human sacrifice.

    SJB – It is an interesting academic question about ASU interviewing and offering a job to a guy who did not have permission to interview. That said, to some degree I think that is their problem, and maybe they are meant for each other. And more to the point, no disrespect intended to you for posing the Q, but this crisis is about Pitt, and the recovery is only about Pitt. Today and for awhile, at least on this issue, I only care about Pitt, the students, the players, the University’s followers, and the City.

  22. Karen22 says:

    Hey, suckmeter, leave my hometown out of that line of suckiness (except when the Steelers play the Browns)! :>)

  23. Naje says:

    Pitt football means precious little outside of western PA and the Panthers’ alums scattered throughout the country/world. It’s the same exasperating gasp at the ineptitude wielded by head coaches (just say no to Wanny), Pederson and Nordenberg.

    I don’t give a flying fig how much Wanny loves Pitt, he’s just not fit to be a head coach. Not with the Bears. Not with the Phins. Not with the Panthers. And my gosh, his next outstanding quarterback will be his first as he has no clue how to evaluate qb talent and even less of a clue how to make that talent work.

    A blog writer from the other paper (a former long-time columnist) mentioned that a degree is criteria for a head coaching job at Pitt… not sure if that is fact, but if Grimm didn’t get his degree, yeah, it might be nice to set the example to get it while he’s head coach. But there’s something fishy about why Grimm hasn’t yet become a head coach in the NFL. Would love to know what that is…

    While we love the ’70’s and early ’80’s Pitt players, those teams were filled with great talent. I don’t want to see anyone from that era coaching. Why? Well, what has anyone from those teams done to distinguish themselves as a coach?

    Teryl Austin… He’s gone away from Pitt and Pitt guys and made a name for himself as a coach. Someone like him would bring me a little hope. Wanny? Nope. Grimm? Less than nope.

  24. Drew71 says:

    Hey Meter Man – Karen is right. Cleveland doesn’t Suck. “Suck” sort of implies evil intent. As if it is actively trying to do something that Sucks.

    No Sir. They don’t Suck in Cleveland. No evil intent about it.

    “Pathetic” is a better word. Yes, that’s it. Just pathetic.

  25. Eric says:

    I’m sure there would be no tension with Grimm sharing space with the Steelers.

  26. Bizrow says:

    One thing for sure, pleeeezzzz don’t hire Graham’s “best friend” that is now the acting head coach at Pitt. If you heard him speak yesterday, eeewwwww, what did we just step in???

  27. 21sthebest says:

    I don’t think you can hire Grimm based on this quote of his:

    “That’s all I wanted to be (a football player). A lot of guys go to college for a degree. I went to college to play football. I went to college because I had to go to college to get to the pros. To me, football is what I do best. I’m not the type of guy to sit behind a desk.”

    I don’t get the feeling he’s interested in taking any courses. There is no way I would send my kid to play a college sport on a team whose coach doesn’t have a degree. Doesn’t set a good example, IMO.

  28. 21sthebest says:

    @ Nuttinghostage

    “A week or two ago you took some cheap shots at Dave Wannstedt for stating the obvious truth….Looks like he knew exactly what he was talking about after all.”

    What obvious truth? He said he’d pull Tino out of Pitt and transfer him. That’s called an opinion. Maybe it’s a good idea but it’s just an opinion. And it was classless to hang one of your colleagues out to dry, IMO.

    Wannstedt went on to criticize Graham. I agree with the criticism even though it was all opinion.

  29. Dan1283 says:


    A week ago you took some cheap shots at Gerrit Cole. Where’s YOUR apology?

    Don’t throw stones in glass houses. You jumped on an unverified Twitter account with 16 tweets that was following no one and hadn’t posted a thing in two months. All because you so hate the Pirates that you salivate at the thought of spreading rumors to try and trash the name of a 21-year old kid you don’t even know.

  30. JohnS says:

    No way Pitt can hire Grimm. It just isn’t done in college athletics. If you are going to coach in college you must have a degree. That is just the way it is done.

  31. Milo Hamilton says:

    I’m not sure Todd Graham knows football. I really mean that. The team was obviously poorly coached this year & according to the players he never made any adjustments. He just kept spouting the same talking points & catch phrases. You never heard any x’s and o’s from this guy. It’s amazing, but he’s gotten to this point on BS and BS alone. And attaching himself to men who do know football, like Gus Malzahn. I think we’ve all run across people like this.

    I thought this way about one other coach. From years of observation, I’m not sure he knew football either – Jerry Glanville. Pure BS. Entertaining BS, but BS nonetheless.

    By the way – Bob Junko should coach the bowl game.

  32. Arriba Wilver says:

    I don’t see Pederson surviving as AD (maybe sticking around in some other capacity). The so-called letter of support from Nordenberg was pretty much just the facts of what Pederson had done at Pitt. And the last sentence said “He remains an important member of Pitt’s senior leadership team.” Sounds to me more of a response to calls for his immediate firing, not a prediction of what will happen in the near future. Starkey for one was all in an uproar on the Fan that Pederson would do the news conference at 5:30.

  33. CWalton_67 says:

    There is simply no way that Pederson can be allowed to take part in the next coaching search…is there? I would hope and expect that something would break today regarding his dismissal.

    His other major failure besides the coaching disasters is moving Pitt to Heinz. I know all the great reasons for moving there–but it was simply a mistake. Busing students to games? No wonder the seats are empty. Another Pederson decision gone wrong.

    Dejan, Jeff Skinner and Claude Giroux out with concussions. Could they have been prevented by better helmet technology?

  34. dcpinpgh says:

    @ Bizrow – i liked Patterson’s speach. The guy is a terrible liar unlike the ASU coach. I think everything he said was the truth, except for when he knew that Graham was done at Pitt…His vocal pattern and tone changed through that answer.

  35. Jandy says:

    CWalton, it was just a couple weeks ago that Gary Bettman was telling us that concussions were down. huh? Everything I’ve been seeing and reading is telling me they are skyrocketing. Something must be done to create mandatory equipment to protect these players’ heads, as they are unwilling to do it themselves. Skinner and Giroux are just the latest victims to concussions. Will Sid ever be able to play at his accustomed high level? This is downright scary.

  36. Bizrow says:

    @dcpinpgh – I guess the thing that made me cringe was his, IMO anyways, kinda campaigning for the job. The timing after the Graham fiasco just didn’t sit well.

    I guess it was his chance to make a mark if he’s really interested, but maybe the timing wasn’t quite right. A short statement on preparation for the bowl game, maybe some info on the current recruiting class, and thats it.

    Its just the way it struck me, maybe its just me

  37. Bizrow says:

    OOPS, sorry about the last post, was trying to post, its interesting that Grimm is not worthy to be a coach as he has no degree, but a scumbag like Graham is?

  38. CWalton_67 says:

    @Jandy– It is scary, especially when you wonder how many players have had undiagnosed brain injuries over the years. How many will suffer long term effects? I posted a link in here the other day about Messier’s helmet project and he was quoted as saying that players don’t do enough to protect themselves, which I think is probably true. With bigger and better protective equipment, it’s much easier to play physically. That said, there is absolutely zero reason not to wear the best possible head protection on the ice. I’m positive that many players (including Sid) don’t wear Messier’s helmet due to contractual obligations. Which is absolutely mind-boggling.

    Granted, concussions cannot be completely prevented. Very large men moving at high speeds and colliding with each other are going to cause brain injuries. But not doing everything possible to minimize or prevent damage is like living on a flat earth. And that includes increasing the size of ice surfaces. Players are bigger than ever, give them some more space in which to operate.

    What I can’t figure out is why no one will take the NHL to task on the helmet issue? Don’t we want to keep our star players on the ice?

    I keep badgering Dejan to ask the question about the Messier Project helmet–hoping I can wear him down….

  39. Naje says:

    Biz… it’s standard practice at colleges and universities… got to have a degree, scumbag or not. I could write a word or two about Grimm here, but I’ll leave that for another time.

  40. CWalton_67 says:

    Also, I forget to mention that i just read Jerry Dipaola’s column and am astonished to know that Beano Cook is still breathing, let alone still spouting off moronic opinions.

  41. Jandy says:

    CWalton, contractual obligations, you mean like…they have contracts to promote a certain brand name/style…so can’t wear a protective helmet to save their brain? That’s just stupid. As much as I hate that word (stupid), it IS stupid. If necessary, have the manufacturer they have the contracts with MAKE the safety helmet with their logo on it. sheesh!

    There is no good excuse not to protect yourself playing this game. It’s too fast and too physical to ignore the fundamentals of safety. If it means wearing a different helmet, then so be it. Perhaps the league has to step up and make it mandatory. I mean, the players getting concussions is ridiculous. At what point will it be clear to everyone that the helmets being worn now don’t do the job they need to? Something definitely must be done.

    Heck, even Jeremy Roenick admits to short term memory loss and having to search for the proper word on the air.

  42. Milo Hamilton says:

    There is nothing moronic about Beano Cook. Nothing.

  43. jandy says:

    Milo ~ except maybe Don Cherry

  44. Milo Hamilton says:


    Good one. I enjoy Don Cherry’s BS.

  45. Bizrow says:

    @Naje – you are right, but it makes me laugh nonetheless. You can get on line college degrees that, well, are comical. I used to do some teaching at work and I had two or three people asking for lesson plans and the like so they could get credit for a college course. The classes were four hour one time sessions talking about something that is most probably only applicable to a nuke plant. I’m just ssyin…

  46. re: NHL and Concussions

    I read an article today from the AP that brought up a good point: it’s not that concussions are necessarily increasing in number, but the league is getting better at diagnosing them. Due to the increased awareness around the league, players like Crosby are making more intelligent decisions when dealing with concussions as opposed to the traditional hockey bravado of “just tough it up and play.” I can only hope that such decisions lead to longer careers of those who have been concussed.

    As for the Messier helmets, I haven’t looked at the research enough to know just how much of a difference these helmets actually make. If these helmets had the ability to reduce concussions (or the severity) by 1/2 or even 1/3, I am sure there would be players lined up to use them. In reality though, I don’t think it’s going to come down to one piece of equipment that is going to really make a difference on it’s own: education and awareness have to be there, as well. The league is getting there…

  47. Arriba Wilver says:

    Jesse–what the heck are you talking about? At the very least, what do you think, specifically, they are being investigated for? What “wrongdoings?” Treatment of former employees and players doesn’t, without more, amount to criminal or even wrongful behavior. What state and federal agencies are investigating? Are you a Penn State alum? I mean, it would certainly be very interesting and relevant if there is some meat to it, but in all those words you typed there’s no meat, just vague, veiled, yes almost paranoid sounding allegations about unnamed “bad stuff.” Did you do your post for a fictional creative writing class or is there something there that in all those words you neglected to mention?

  48. CWalton_67 says:

    @Relentless–agree regarding league getting better at diagnosis, and Sid leading the way in players making responsible informed decisions.

    Unfortunately, I have to respectfully disagree regarding players lining up for the better helmet. They are either contractually obligated to wear an inferior helmet for sponsorship purposes, or the “tough guy” culture of the NHL prevents them from doing so. Anyone who has ever played a contact sport understands the machismo culture involved. As an example, shields clearly prevent eye injuries, but not every player wears one.

    I don’t know that the Messier helmet IS any better than others, just that it proclaims to be. What I can’t figure out is why there is no push by the NHL to prove or disprove it’s contention. Nor can I figure out why no one will simply ask the question and press for a legitimate answer. Clearly, better helmet technology is in the best interests of every player. With one of it’s games greatest stars promoting a helmet which purports to absorb more impact and make concussions less likely, why isn’t the NHL pushing players to wear it? Or at least studying it?

    I am betting that the answer is money.

  49. buckeyehba says:

    I wonder if he gave the same “high Octane” speech to the 3 women he hs 6 kids with?

  50. Jandy says:

    Relentless~ I see your points, but Bettman still stated that concussions were DOWN. I say BS! Awareness or not, he is wrong.
    Also, I was gonna say what CWalton said about face sheilds. They are another simple piece of equipment the guys SHOULD be wearing, but don’t. Habit. Macho. Contracts/sposors, whatever the case is, these guys CHOOSE NOT to wear them.
    The rise in concussions is alarming to say the least. Something must be done. If it takes league action, so be it.

  51. JAL says:

    I am back home, had hard time getting connections so couldn’t do the morning links past two days. They will be back tomorrow.

  52. Jandy says:

    JAL ~ you were missed…I was wondering what happened to you :)

  53. JAL,
    Welcome back!! Don’t ever go away again!!!

    By the way, I noticed on MLB Rumors today that the Dodgers have signed Jose Ascanio, Luis Cruz, and Wil Ledezma. 1st Place or bankruptcy——you make the call!

    It looks as if the Dodgers might now have the Best Management Team In Baseball . . . if not all of sports! Wait until they get a load of Cruz’ range at short?!

  54. JAL says:

    Jandy and Groat, thanks,

  55. JoeBucco says:

    It’s funny, but when I wsant to evaluate whether or not someone should be truly welcomed in their new home, I always browse the newspapers or message boards of the places those people left. So when people here were less than enthusiastic of Casey McGehee coming to Pittsburgh, I looked at how ticked off the Brewers faithful was to be losing him. People feel he is a really good guy, does a TON in the community and is a great story with his son’s medical condition and all the things that Casey does to raise awareness and more for that. I was already happy that McGehee was coming to the Burgh, but the feedback from the people he left was far more telling.

    I just wonder if the folks in the desert are reading the Trib blog today and realizing what they’ve got in their new coach.

  56. Brian says:

    There is no “TG” in Pitt Panthers…

  57. Dan1283 says:

    Still waiting for NuttingHostage to explain how he isn’t a hypocrite for throwing cheap shots at Gerrit Cole for unsubstantiated tweets as he criticizes DK for…..well, what the heck IS he criticizing DK for????

  58. Hey JAL!
    Smizik’s Blog has a great article from Fangraphs, with Clint Hurdle analyzing the hitting of McCutch, Neil Walker, Jose Tabata, and Pedro.

    It would be good to list it in tomorrow’s Wash!

  59. Craig says:

    I just finished perusing the Phoenix area papers. If you think Pederson is getting slammed that babe they have as a AD is getting ripped. She won’t talk about the process because everything ASU and Graham did was underhanded. That speaks volumes about the (lack of) integrity in Tempe.

    At this point you have to feel good for the Pitt men, anything they get is better than Graham and feel sorry for the young Sun Devils, they’re just screwed.

  60. JAL says:


    Have on the tomorrow’s links

  61. TS says:

    Another amazing signing for those battlin’ Bucs!

    Kris Johnson. LHP with abysmal numbers.

  62. JD says:

    Hey dan1283, to quote the great Suckmeter, nuttinghostage sucks. (do does Cleveland)

    Dalton from Roadhouse doesn’t suck.

  63. JAL says:

    Basically replaces Aaron Thompson who the Twins signed. Just another no risk minor league signing.

  64. Eric Bowser says:

    Another late day working, another day’s worth of embarrassment.

    This time, twitter rumors point towards highly recruited center and freshmen Khem Birch is transferring to Kentucky because of his unhappiness with playing time among other self-centered reasons.

    If you can’t play in a team environment, you can’t play for PITT’s Jamie Dixon and by the comments on twitter, it appears this kid fits the John Calipari mold in more ways than just his on-court demeanor.

    The kid has made some distasteful comments about people and you can’t do that as an athlete, fair or not.

  65. Milo Hamilton says:

    I understand Birch is on a private jet with Penni Graham bound for Lexington, Kentucky even as we speak. He’s even dyed the streak in his hair blue.

  66. Sarcastic Sword says:

    So can anyone provide any more info on the investigations that Jesse spoke about in very general terms?

    Sounds like an interesting sub-plot if its accurate.

    And if true, why hasnt been any media coverage about it? I cant imagine this isnt a secret among the media?

  67. Jesse says:

    Arriba Wilver
    December 15th, 2011 – 1:22 pm
    Jesse–what the heck are you talking about? At the very least, what do you think, specifically, they are being investigated for? What “wrongdoings?” Treatment of former employees and players doesn’t, without more, amount to criminal or even wrongful behavior. What state and federal agencies are investigating? Are you a Penn State alum? I mean, it would certainly be very interesting and relevant if there is some meat to it, but in all those words you typed there’s no meat, just vague, veiled, yes almost paranoid sounding allegations about unnamed “bad stuff.” Did you do your post for a fictional creative writing class or is there something there that in all those words you neglected to mention?


    I am sorry you feel the need to attack me and my post to Devan’s article/blog. Nevertheless, to answer one of your many questions; what I am talking about in my post is exactly what you read, nothing more. I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but I respect you for having the courage to respond to my post. But the attack on the manner in which I presented my post is very immature on your part, which is surprising because judging from reading your post, you seem to be a fairly intelligent and mature individual. With that being said, I want you to know, I respect your assessment/opinion in your post regarding Pederson not surviving as AD and Nordenberg’s letter of support for Pederson. Even if I disagreed or failed to identify any proof, supporting facts or “meat” in your post, I would not label your post as vague, veiled and has a sense of paranoia.

    I know my post is pretty darn compeling without any “meat”. I have no intentions of providing “meat” just as you have no intentions of provding “meat” in any of your post. It is not what I think they are being investigated for, it is what I KNOW they are being investigated for.

    Why do you ask if I am a Penn State Alum? Oh, I’m sorry, dummy and paranoid me, I know why you asked . You asked because you think I am attempting to muddy Pitt’s name, because Penn State’s name is mud. I have no ill feelings toward the University of Pittsburgh. . My ill feeling is directed toward Pitt’s athletic department and certain members of that department and higher-up administration at Pitt. The student athletes at Pitt are suffering right now, that should be everyones concern. There are good people at Pitt and Penn State, then there are the scum of the campus that sit up high and feel they are untouchable and can trample over good people to save themselves.

    Who are you Arriba? Are you a Pitt Alum, student, faculty member, Pederson or Nordenberg in disquise?

    I would love to post more details of the investigations, but that wouldn’t be very smart now would it? I agree with you, treatment of employees and/or players does not amount to wrongdoing without more, so obviuously there is more.

    Arriba, let me tell you this, the government does not initiate investigations on other government agencies if there is nothing there to investigate to begin with!!

    No Arriba, I did not do my post for a fictional creative writing class, but if I had and you were the instructor, I guess I would get high marks in your class for creativity on the paper and very low marks for failing to list true facts in a fictional paper. Now that’s funny. Furtherore, I did not neglect to mention anything in “all those words” I posted, I purposely did not mention certain documented true facts in “all those words” I posted.

    Nevertheless, I appreciate your humorous attack. You are funny,

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