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Wakeup Call: Pitt’s third choice?

Some sporting thoughts before sunrise …

>> It appears that Pitt’s next football coach will be Paul Chryst, offensive coordinator at Wisconsin, as our Rob Rossi and Jerry DiPaola report.

I’ll reserve judgment on that, but here are three questions worth asking:

1. Why should anyone trust a Steve Pederson hire?

2. If it wasn’t a Pederson hire, will we find out whose choice it was? There always has to be accountability with these sorts of things, so I don’t want to hear about some ambiguous committee.

3. If Paul Rhoads and Mario Cristobal were Pitt’s two top choices — and reports strongly suggest they were — why should anyone feel good about anyone’s third choice, much less Pederson’s third choice?

>> Doesn’t look like Chryst will wow anybody with his speech …


Not sure anymore if that’s good or bad. Mike Haywood wss a cadaver, and Todd Graham … you know.

>> Ben Roethlisberger isn’t playing for the rest of the regular season, according to an report.

But wait! Roethlisberger shows up in the Steelers’ locker room without a boot, with no real swelling, and reports no additional damage after playing Monday night. Moreover, he says “it’s news to me” that he isn’t playing. Some of his teammates, including Charlie Batch, echo that.

A cynic would suggest something is amiss here. I have my own theories here, but I’m interested in hearing yours first. Then I’ll share more down in the comments.

>> James Harrison will never learn. He’s apparently so determined to make himself out to be the victim, to create this battle between himself and the NFL with the mythical honor of the game going to the winner, that he’ll risk shortening his own career to do it.

Think that’s hyperbole?

This is someone who retired for a day last year because of a fine. Imagine how he’ll react to the next suspension he gets, which could be several games.

>> Jim ‘Handshake’ Harbaugh of the 49ers said the Seahawks have a better defense than the Steelers.

Are there any non-annoying Harbaughs out there?

>> Colleague Joe Starkey piles onto ESPN’s coverage Monday night in San Francisco.

Really, we live in a very large, very capitalist country. Is there no one anywhere who can mount serious competition for something as obvious as an all-sports network?

>> We will chat today at noon, as always. But don’t mind me if I’m distracted while packing my bag and bundling up for Christmas Eve in Winnipeg!

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