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  1. What an embarrassing first quarter for PITT to be down 21-0 to SMU.

  2. Ok, so…

    Pitt football getting slaughtered
    Pitt basketball stinks
    Penguins slumping…Crosby and now Staal hurt

    Steeler injuries:

    Ben hobbling
    Woodley 50 percent
    Pouncey out
    Clark out
    Mendenhall out
    Kirby Wilson seriously burned in fire (not trying to make joke of this…serious matter)

    Point is, I don’t like how the tide is going right now.

    Steelers are also on the road facing the second coming of Jesus.

  3. @Dave – Yeah, looks like everyone wants to join the ranks with the Pirates as the worst at their respective leagues. Being facetious of course but I don’t like this

  4. Switched from Pitt to Chisum

    Top 10 John Wayne movie
    Two NFL playoff games
    Some Penguins action

    Decent lineup

  5. Pitt football is a disgrace and an embarrassment to the entire city. Cannot believe Steve Pederson still has a job. He has utterly and completely destroyed Pitt football.

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