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On location: Broncos 29, Steelers 23, OT

DENVER – Looking ahead to kickoff …

Game: Steelers (12-4) vs. Denver Broncos (8-8)

Time: 4:30 p.m.

Site: Sports Authority Fiel

TV, radio: CBS (Jim Nantz, Phil Simms), WDVE-FM, ESPN Radio 970

Weather: 35 degrees, snow ending in the morning

Here is the official live summary, and here are previews and news updates on our Steelers page.

Also, I have a couple pieces in the paper this morning: The first is a collection of weird stuff that’s happened to the Steelers in Denver over the years. The other is on the disrespect that trails the Broncos.


  1. I’m not nearly as convinced as all the national analysts seem to be that this is an easy win for the Steelers. The case keeps being made, correctly, that Tebow will be dominated by the Steelers’ D, but are the Steelers ever gonna find the endzone themselves? The last few games have done nothing to inspire any confidence in our offense, especially with a 50% Big Ben. Steelers win in a nailbiter.

  2. If the Steelers lose, it’ll be due to turnovers.

  3. For the Steelers to win, they’ve got to do these things

    1. No turnovers
    2. No special team failures (kick/punt returns)
    3. Use Redman and Clay to control the ball to setup play-action to Wallace & Brown

  4. I hate to be “that guy,” but for what it’s worth, that 1977 Steelers-Broncos game was a first-rounder, not the AFC Championship game. That would be the following week, when the Orange Crush thwarted the Raiders’ dream of repeating. The Steelers had lost to Oakland the year before the AFC Championship game when Bleier and Harris were both out with injuries.

    Hey, what can I say……I had no life as a kid.

  5. Brady Quinn on third downs?? Wow.

  6. Strange things happen in the playoffs. First points in Giants Falcons game come on safety for int. grounding by Eli from the end zone.

  7. So far so good! Shofar!

  8. That was a catch/fumble. I dont understand the rules anymore.

  9. Any QB down to high school can complete a long pass if he has that much time. Steelers totally dominated 1st quarter but couldn’t put it in the end zone.

  10. time to start drinkin’.

  11. Hmm. That call on the Wallace catch @ 13:14 2Q is, pardon my English, balogna.

  12. Apparently God has decreed that Tebow will be redeemed. Nevertheless, my money’s on the Rooney squad .

  13. Ike picked a bad day to stink.

  14. It is not too late to let Charlie Batch win this one. I doubt that Tomlin is that imaginative. We shall see.

  15. Steeler D making Tebow look like the 2′nd coming. Lebeau outcoached in 1′st half.

  16. Steeler D looked that were surprised Tebow could hit some receivers. Heads weren’t in the game.

    Ben is tough I get that, but he just can’t do his strengths.

  17. Huge fumble by Denver!

  18. 31 defense in the league my @#$@^! Nice coverage by the secondary ALL day – Taylor. We can now look forward to the off season. We didn’t really deserve to make it this far the way this team played most of the season. Talk about being Tebowed – look up the Steelers. Come on Spring Training!

  19. Meant to have that read “#1 defense” instead of “31 defense.”

  20. Horrible performance today. Plenty of blame to go around, but you have to put the bulk of it on the #1 rated defense. Letting Tim Tebow and the Broncos put up 447 yards and 29 points on them. I know about the injuries, but that in no way can justify this pathetic performance.

  21. Poor performance by Pittsburgh? Yes. Injuries? Yes. Did Pittsburgh get the off week that may have helped? No. Sometimes you just have to give the other side a bit of credit. Denver did what they had to do and they move on. Say what you will, but it’s a unfolding story in Denver and one that a lot of people who love the underdog like.

  22. After all of the injuries, this team probably couldn’t have gone into NE and won next week anyway. The team that beat the Pats is mostly hurt now.

    At least the Steelers gave us one last exciting game, and they fought until the end.

    The sad thing is that this was the end for a decent percentage of players: Aaron Smith, Hines, Farrior?, Keisel & Hampton both got hurt. The team will need to make some considerable additions on defense and on the O-line this off-season to stay an elite team.

    Pouncey needs to figure out a way to stay healthy, or he could end up being like Kendrell Bell.

  23. Just have to think it was an overconfident defense. The DBs were very poor most of the game.

  24. Basically the defense did everything they could to dare Tebow to beat them with his arm…and he did. Totally underestimated him.

  25. I think Denver used the aggressiveness and flexibility of Troy against us. Against a “normal” defense, that play doesn’t go. But against one that has Troy, which uses him in many ways especially near the line, Denver suckered the defense in perfectly, had the perfect call, and that was all she wrote. Look at one of the other big plays where Troy came up on the crossing route only to have the tight end turn up field. It’s like Denver knew exactly how to sucker the “D” in, and quite often the “D” happily obliged. And Tebow played much better than I thought he had in him.

    Sometimes, you have to give the other team the credit. And unfortunately, I believe this is one of those times.

  26. Mundy was the safety who overcommitted to the line of scrimmage and didn’t give inside help to Taylor on the final play. Troy was on the other side, but did get caught on an earlier deep pass play.
    With all the mistakes they made, how much is attributed to coaching? We’ll see how a Belichek coached team fares next week using a much lower rated defense.

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