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Wakeup Call: Wednesday vacation thread

I’m on vacation until Monday, but I have this post here for Joe to place his links and for any commenting on stuff. I’ll put one of these up all week.


  1. Pens win 7th in a row…even if they almost let it slip away. A win is a win!

  2. 7 Pittsburgh Pirates 2012 Spring Training Tracker


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    Is This the 2002-2003 Off-Season All Over Again?

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    —26 Pensburgh

    Fleury shines as Penguins win seventh straight, beat Blues 3-2 (SO)

  5. Nice to see Leah get her money’s worth. Great, great game.

    Fleury was absolutely amazing.

  6. Leah ~ I envy you. Great game!

    Dave G, Fleury stole the game for the Pens :)

  7. January 25

    24 days until Pirate Spring Training

    Cap’n Nutting & his “Two Li’l Buddies” say “This is the team.” Look out for shipwreck . . . .

  8. Groat2maz:
    Love the daily countdown, thanks.

    An observation I made at last years MLB All Star break may apply to this weekend as well.

    I said the Pirates who were hot at the time didn’t want the break because it could end their momentum.
    I would imagine the Pens feel about the same way right now.

  9. Both the AP & ESPN reported yesterday that Tony LaRussa will join John McGraw as the only 2 men to manage the All Star Game the year after they retired.

    Danny Murtaugh managed the 1972 All Star Game after retiring following the 1971 World Series.

  10. Milo

    MLB does not consider Murtaugh retired because he returned to manage the Pirates in 1973.

  11. Neal an all-star according to the other paper in town.

  12. Lucky, yes he is, and he sure will be more fun to watch than Ovie!

  13. And the Trib. Sorry. Too busy to look at both all the time.

  14. Interesting fact I discovered recently:
    —St. Louis led the Major Leagues in least strikeouts batting
    —Texas led the American League in least strikeouts batting

    I thought you had to strike out a lot to have power.

    ‘course I know a team for which the converse was true: led league in K’s/NO power!

    May the Pirates’ problem with hitting is not their hitting but their missing!!!

    Put your stat gurus on that, Neal.

  15. @ Groat–

    Bad and inexperienced hitters are a bad combination. The PBC had a lot of both of those last year.

    Good, very good/great hitters who have a decent amount of experience or who are in a lineup with Pujols, Holliday, or Josh Hamilton–which the Cards and Rangers have in abundance–tend to, you know, hit the ball or take a walk.

    Hurdle mentioned this problem over and over last year in press conferences. On another site, you could listen to his pre-game and post-game pressers every day and he talked about this problem all the time. Comes with the territory of playing A LOT of youngsters due to a LOT of injuries.

    No exclamations needed for that. It (the lineup), stunk last year except for a couple of months when it was right around average.

  16. (with a nod to Milo)

    Today the Pirates did nothing.

  17. Thanks John. Saved me the trouble.

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