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Wakeup Call: Friday vacation thread

I’m on vacation until Monday, but I’ll have this one last post here for Joe to place his links and for any commenting on stuff. There also will be game threads over the weekend for Pitt basketball and NHL All-Stars.

When I come back, I’ll be writing about God.


  1. Dave G in Mason, OH says:

    A special thanks to Dejan for posting the daily threads while he is on vacation.

    I’ll be moving this weekend but remaining in the Cincinnati area, 6 miles west of my previous address.

    I have a solid job and I can’t let this opportunity pass me by, so as of Monday, it’s
    Dave G in Liberty Township, OH. for at least a few years.

    Then it’s back to the Burgh forever…

  2. JAL says:

    JAL’s I’m Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin’ Song)Morning Links


    1- MLB Transactions

    2-MLB Trade Rumors-Pirates

    3- 2011-12 Pirates Prospects Off-Season Calendar

    4 Pirate Offseason Stats

    5 Yahoo Free Agent Tracker;_ylt=AvN8KLXkNW0TcRjzSCagLIMBbgM6?slug=jp-passan_ultimate_free_agent_tracker_baseball_110211

    6 Pirates Prospects Offseason Tracker

  3. JAL says:

    7 Pittsburgh Pirates 2012 Spring Training Tracker


    8—Pirates Prospects

    Early Look At the Pittsburgh Pirates 2013 Payroll

    Winter League Playoffs 1/26 — Moss And Cortes Homer

    BA Ranks Pirates’ Farm System 13th

  4. JAL says:

    9 Bucs Dugout

    Are Pirates In The Market For … Anyone?

    10 Rumbunter

    Can Nick Evans Help The Pittsburgh Pirates?

    11 McEffect

    Who Should The Pirates Opening Day Starter Be?

  5. JAL says:


    12 St. Louis Post Dispatch

    NL Central has changed markedly this offseason

    13 Philadelphia Inquirer

    Baseball Notes: Fielder is glad to be a Tiger

    14 Washington Post

    Indians manager Manny Acta says baseball fixing false identity problem in Dominican Republic

    15 Wall Street Journal

    Will Cholesterol Kill Baseball?

  6. JAL says:


    16 Fangraphs

    Prince Fielder, His Estranged Father, and $200 Million

    17 Seedlings to Stars

    Adalberto Santos Flying Under the Radar

    18 PBC Site]]

    Inbox: Why did Bucs tab Bedard, not Maholm?

  7. JAL says:

    Steelers Blogs

    19 Behind the Steel Curtain

    Steelers FS Ryan Clark Headed to First Pro Bowl, Replaces Ed Reed

    Memorable Games from 25 Steelers Legends: No. 17 — L.C. Greenwood

    20 Steelers Depot

    The Coordinators They Are A Changin

    21 Steelers Gab

    What’s the Real Turth About Arians? Rooney Doesn’t Seem to Want to Say

  8. JAL says:

    Pitt Blogs

    22 Pitt Blather

    Providence, the Cure for What Ails You

    23 Cardiac Hill

    With Schiano to the NFL, Can Pitt Make A Move?

    Big 12 And Big East Expansion … Louisville Targeted, When Will It End?

  9. JAL says:

    WVU Blogs

    24 Metro News

    Mountaineers On Morris’ List

    25 WV Illustrated

    Road Woes Continue for Inconsistent Mountaineers

    WVU Shares Trophy, Looks Ahead to 2012 Goals


    26 Pensburgh

    Chris Kunitz is the most underrated Pittsburgh Penguin

  10. Jandy says:

    @ Dave G ~ good luck with moving, and hope you make it to the Burgh sooner than you plan! =)

  11. JohninOshkosh says:

    Nice job everyone this week. Yesterday’s baseball talk was excellent. And I always rely on JAL’s links to start the day. What to do this weekend? No meaningful football. No meaningful hockey. No baseball yet. Maybe some college buckets. Do I really have to spend time with my wife and kids? :)

    Actually, the whole family is going to Madison to watch my nephew in a curling tournament. Probably, have some Leinies with my brother. Can’t get your Wisconsin on anymore than that. But at least I don’t have to move. Ugh. Good Luck, Dave.

  12. NMR says:

    @Oshkosh – loved Madison in my only visit. Enjoy!

    I’m afraid DK has gone off the deep end.

    Oh Groooaaatt, where areee yooouuuuu???

  13. January 27

    22 days until Pirate Spring Training

    Sticks and balls and taped up gloves thrown on the ground . . . . . 3 weeks!!

  14. Milo Hamilton says:

    I was just thinking, I kinda hope Moneyball wins the Oscar. It’s probably the only thing it will ever win.

  15. Or in Oshkosh B’gosh’s case:

    Brooms and rocks and gloves thrown on the ice

  16. Milo Hamilton says:

    If it does win, they should let Tim Hudson, Mark Mulder & Barry Zito accept the award.

  17. NMR,
    Enjoyed your venting yesterday——not only here but at Bob’s House across the river.

    Anyone who thinks baseball is not an emotional sport doesn’t really understand baseball . . . .

  18. JoeBucco says:

    So as some of you remember, I started a Pirates based blog last year, and wrote a couple of articles for it. But family and work kinda took a lot of my time away from it and it was utterly neglected. but with spring training right around the corner, I’m dedicated to making it happen this year.

    As the ceremonial first pitch to re-launch things over there, I was able to get none other than the Fort himself, Michael McKenry, for an interview. That guy is just a tremendous person, and I’m very appreciative of that.

    Now, for this site to be a truly fan’s site, I would like many of the questions that I ask him to be from fellow Pirates fans. And I thought that I would start with all of my friends in the asylum.

    My goal for this site is to keep it fun, and totally from a baseball / Pirates fan perspective, so questions will be geared toward that. I hope that I am successful in getting many more players to help participate in the future, but I wanted to start with one of my personal favorite players, and people, on the Pirates.

    So if you have something you would like to ask Michael, either shoot me an email or fill out the Contact form at I’m only opening it up to those on this blog, so there is a very good chance your question will be asked.

    Thanks everyone…

  19. Jandy says:

    NMR, I think you’re right. I just REALLY noticed…DK says he’s writing about God when he returns from his (forced) vacation!
    The deep end, indeed!

  20. NMR says:

    @Groat – Updates like clockwork. Will you be taking requests on the next countdown? I don’t want to hear any of this “forced” vacation BS (wink, wink). The conversation has been mutually appreciated!

    @Jandy – Check to see if any comets are approaching earth in the near future. if DK returns talking about the end of days, I’m heading for the hills.

    @JAL – Thanks as always.

  21. NMR says:

    Too funny!

    **puts on tin foil helmet**

  22. JAL says:

    Pirates signed Daniel Cabrera to a minor league deal

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