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Final: Penguins 6, Flyers 4


Looking ahead to faceoff …

Game: Penguins (32-20-5) vs. Philadelphia Flyers (32-18-7)

Time: 1:08 p.m.

Site: Wells Fargo Center

TV, radio: Root Sports, NHL Network, 105.9 The X

Here is the official live summary.

Updates are on our Penguins page. Chris Harlan drove past many 24-hour Starbucks on the Turnpike.


  1. scapper says:

    Perfect day to zip up I-95 to see the Pens whip up on the Flyers, followed, of course, by a Tony Luke’s “whiz wit” cheesesteak. Go Pens!!!

  2. Leefoo says:

    Milo… answer to your PSU question of yesterday. Yes, John Shaffer was the great QB at the helm of our 86 team.



  3. JohninOshkoah says:

    Very happy that NHL network is carrying the game so that we in the hinterlands too cheap to pay for the package can see a Pens game. (I don’t patronize those immoral links available online like some people I know)

  4. Dan1283 says:

    Paul Martin and Steve Sullivan. Did somebody say…..PACKAGE DEAL?!!!!!

  5. CWalton_67 says:

    God, I hate Philthadelphia. Go Pens. #getyourhateon

  6. Milo Hamilton says:

    Thanks Foo. Appreciate it.

  7. Poz says:

    OK – time for Pens to get a signature win. Been threading water since the break.

  8. Poz says:

    Two minutes in and I haven’t cringed as Martin touches the puck!

  9. Milo Hamilton says:

    Peter Laviolette must own North America’s largest assortment of orange neckties.

  10. Poz says:

    His tie conflicted with the f-bomb he dropped after the goal.

  11. Poz says:

    Wow – Pens get a break on the goalie interference.

  12. Milo Hamilton says:

    That call on Simmonds was one of the worst calls I’ve ever see. Look for a make-up call.

  13. Poz says:

    Rare bad play by Letang.

  14. Poz says:

    There’s your make-up.

  15. Milo Hamilton says:

    Where are all the people who didn’t want to give too much money to Jagr because we couldn’t afford to lose Tyler Kennedy ?

  16. Poz says:

    @Milo – they are in treatment for amnesia.

  17. Milo Hamilton says:


    He still looks spry for 40.

  18. Poz says:

    He certainly did during that period. I got into this argument often with other Pens’ fans about needing more scoring without Crosby. I was told the team “is fine” and has enough to win the Cup. I don’t see it. But I’ve had plenty people tell me I’m wrong – I hope they are right.

  19. Poz says:

    What a bunch of undisciplined penalties. I’m holding my nose and agreeing with the flyers announcers.

  20. Jandy says:

    Nice goal by Jeffrey

  21. Jandy says:

    I expect Staal to get a suspension for that boarding on Coburn.

    DK: It’s possible.

  22. Jandy says:

    #30 for Neal

  23. Jandy says:

    Great come back win :)

  24. Poz says:

    Hate giving up late goals…..however, might get their intention for tomorrow. No let up. Even a novice like me knows points tomorrow are critical. Nice win by the boys.

  25. SeanE says:

    At most Staal gets one game. He has no history and clearly knew immediately he did something wrong.

    DK: Was just fined $2,500. Check our site.

  26. Arriba Wilver says:

    Any day the Pens beat the Flyers is a good day.

  27. scapper says:

    What a game! Big Pens win AND got to see Jagr score two Jagr-style goals. Of course, he was a floating non-factor the rest of the game…trust me, I was there and kept my eye on him every shift. He’ll always be one of my all-time favorites, but I’m still glad the Pens didn’t sign him.

  28. Jandy says:

    Glad to see all Staal got was a fine. With Shamahan you never know!

  29. John Lease says:

    Game over, time for PIRATES coverage…

  30. Tim says:

    Man do the Pens need a front of the net presence. Too easy to set up shop in front of Fleury.

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