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On location: A talk with Gerrit Cole

BRADENTON, Fla. — Spent the morning and early afternoon at Pirate City with the team’s prospects, more of which you can find in tomorrow’s column.

In the interim, here’s my video interview No. 1 overall pick Gerrit Cole


Again, there will be more in the column.


  1. Good ‘taste’ to prepare us for tomorrow, DK.

    I know you like your new

  2. [why did only half of my comment appear?]

    I know you like your new gig doing

  3. JAL says:

    Thanks for the interview. Sounds like he observes things well.

  4. JAL says:


    Never ask why about web stuff, no one really knows. :)

  5. my comment TWICE mentioned that is is nice for many of us to have you back at Pirate City

    but this stupid system keeps dropping the nice things I tried to say.

    I guess ‘nice’ doesn’t compute

  6. Hey JAL,

    I viewed a terrific video today on James Neal produced by NBC Sports Network, part of their

  7. Thundercrack says:

    Cole does realize that Edwin Jackson is NOT on our team, right? :-)

    Nice interview and video DK. You are the perfect combo of reporter and tripod.

    DK: In Cole’s context, I’ll have to assume he was referring to the offer for Jackson. We were discussing prioritizing starting pitching, so it makes sense.

  8. Ryan(Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) says:

    Looking forward to tomorrows article. Glad I get to see it earlier than those sleeping on the east coast.

  9. JAL says:


    I think he does, think he was referring to them going after him.

  10. Thundercrack says:

    :-) = joking, kidding, not so serious…..

    DK: My fault, TC. Just making sure the kid wasn’t misinterpreted. Really, really bright young man.

  11. Drew71 says:

    You’ll have to forgive them, Thunder. That face looks surprisingly like you, so the point of it may have been misinterpreted.

  12. JohninOshkosh says:

    What was it about the video? Oh yeah, love that superb iphone video resolution!

  13. Jandy says:

    There goes Drew again LOL!

    Wow, Groat, this system sure doesn’t like you on this thread!

  14. Matty G says:

    I really like the fact that Cole referenced the Pirates attempt to get Jackson – I know he’s still a (relatively) new prospect to the system, and may have been a harmless slip on his part to mention Jackson – but was refreshing to hear him reference the Bucs’ attempt to add starting pitching that way and the significance that holds.

    When I heard you were making the trip to Bradenton DK, I was almost excited as you were (are)! Ok, maybe not, but your writing and the ol’ PBC blog was what got me started on being a born-again Bucs fan, so I always enjoy your Pirates pieces.


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