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On location: A talk with Gerrit Cole

BRADENTON, Fla. — Spent the morning and early afternoon at Pirate City with the team’s prospects, more of which you can find in tomorrow’s column.

In the interim, here’s my video interview No. 1 overall pick Gerrit Cole


Again, there will be more in the column.


  1. Good ‘taste’ to prepare us for tomorrow, DK.

    I know you like your new

  2. [why did only half of my comment appear?]

    I know you like your new gig doing

  3. Thanks for the interview. Sounds like he observes things well.

  4. Groat

    Never ask why about web stuff, no one really knows. :)

  5. my comment TWICE mentioned that is is nice for many of us to have you back at Pirate City

    but this stupid system keeps dropping the nice things I tried to say.

    I guess ‘nice’ doesn’t compute

  6. Hey JAL,

    I viewed a terrific video today on James Neal produced by NBC Sports Network, part of their

  7. Cole does realize that Edwin Jackson is NOT on our team, right? :-)

    Nice interview and video DK. You are the perfect combo of reporter and tripod.

    DK: In Cole’s context, I’ll have to assume he was referring to the offer for Jackson. We were discussing prioritizing starting pitching, so it makes sense.

  8. Looking forward to tomorrows article. Glad I get to see it earlier than those sleeping on the east coast.

  9. TC

    I think he does, think he was referring to them going after him.

  10. :-) = joking, kidding, not so serious…..

    DK: My fault, TC. Just making sure the kid wasn’t misinterpreted. Really, really bright young man.

  11. You’ll have to forgive them, Thunder. That face looks surprisingly like you, so the point of it may have been misinterpreted.

  12. What was it about the video? Oh yeah, love that superb iphone video resolution!

  13. There goes Drew again LOL!

    Wow, Groat, this system sure doesn’t like you on this thread!

  14. I really like the fact that Cole referenced the Pirates attempt to get Jackson – I know he’s still a (relatively) new prospect to the system, and may have been a harmless slip on his part to mention Jackson – but was refreshing to hear him reference the Bucs’ attempt to add starting pitching that way and the significance that holds.

    When I heard you were making the trip to Bradenton DK, I was almost excited as you were (are)! Ok, maybe not, but your writing and the ol’ PBC blog was what got me started on being a born-again Bucs fan, so I always enjoy your Pirates pieces.


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