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Final: Pirates 3, Rays 3


Looking ahead to first pitch …

Game: Pirates (8-17) vs. Tampa Bay Rays, Grapefruit League

Time: 1:05 p.m.

Site: McKechnie Field, Bradenton, Fla.

Radio: 93.7 The Fan,

Here is the live box score. Rob Biertempfel is on the scene.

And here is the Pirates’ lineup …

  1. Jose Tabata, RF
  2. Yamaico Navarro, LF
  3. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  4. Casey McGehee, 3B
  5. Rod Barajas, DH
  6. Neil Walker, 2B
  7. Matt Hague, 1B
  8. Clint Barmes, SS
  9. Michael McKenry, C

Tony Watson and a slew of relievers will pitch.


  1. I know these line-ups really don’t mean much . . . . . . . but it makes me nervous when they start batting Rod Barajas 5th, even ahead of Neil Walker.

    Put him in the 7-hole and quit messing around!

    I’m ready for the real season to start!!!

  2. It makes me nervous every time Barajas gets a hit, then tries to go gor the extra base and doesn’t make it.

  3. Pirates pr dept. threw a better curve than the pitching staff. Watson was the starter.

  4. No score after one.

  5. Saw Matt Moore pitch down here in Low A just about 3 years ago. He came through the Rays system quickly. You could tell then he would probably be something special. Last season proved that.

  6. No score after two.

  7. I understand the Rays system is still full of more talent.

  8. Grilley pitching in the third.

  9. #FreeMattHague


  10. Despite hague’s leadoff double, no score after three.

  11. Rays went down in order first three innings.

  12. Free the Hague!

  13. You tell ‘em JoeBucco and Lucky!

  14. Rays get their first hit, and a walk, but no score mid fourth.

  15. Pedro batting against an ambidextrous pitcher vs. Yankees minor leaguers. He’s so confused he just asked to talk to Oprah.

  16. In bottom of fourth, McGehee home run 1-0.

  17. Resop pitching in the fifth.

  18. Rays did not score in the fifth.

  19. Taken away for some phone calls, in bottom of sixth, score remains 1-0.

  20. Lincoln pitching his second inning.

  21. radio, I hate it when work gets in the way ;)

  22. Yikes, two on base none out for TB

  23. With two out in top of 7th, Rays have bases loaded against Lincoln. He walked two, gave up a hit and the second out was almost a homer. Molina clears the bases with a 3 run double.

  24. Inning ends with a strikeout.

  25. Pitchers duel!!!!

    A whole RP day………maybe they should incorporate this strategy every 5th day

  26. The Pirates have traded Ryota Igarashi to Toronto for a player to be named or cash. Igarashi was “shocked”.

  27. Igarashi – next AL Cy Young winner…

  28. Matt hague hits his fifth homer of st off someone named Burke Badenhop, game tied at three.

  29. You’ll never guess who’s pitching the eighth for Bucs.
    Alderson, remember him?

  30. Today vs. Yankees minor leaguers:

    Garrett Jones 0-5
    Pedro 0-4, walk

    That was productive.

  31. Jennings leads off with a solid single.

  32. Wonder where he’s gonna start the season?

  33. Luke Scott pops out to short.

  34. @Biz

    Rookie ball ? He keeps going backwards.

  35. Jose Lobaton, a catcher, bounces out 4-2, runner advances to second.

  36. Zobrist lines out to right, inning over. Score tied at three. Not bad Alderson.

  37. Correction, the second out was second to first, sorry.

  38. Against a lefty pitcher McGee, Harrison leads off eighth with a walk, followed by a bloop single by Tabata.

  39. @Milo

    I think I read he was getting some velocity back, now peaking at 88 or 89 mph.

    Lefty’s can get away with that, not sure if right handers can…

  40. Swinging strikeout by Navarro, 2 on, one out.

  41. Amac hits into inning ending double play third, to second, to first. Still tied at three.

  42. Alderson pitching ninth. First batter out Alderson to first.

  43. Joyce second out pop out to short.

  44. Single by Sean rodriguez

  45. Third out grounder to short, missed the name of the hitter.

  46. Rays pitcher in ninth named Sanchez, can’t find him on the roster.

  47. McGehee strikes out looking. Nevrett said it was a foot outside.i

  48. Barajas with an opposite field single.

  49. Francisco Aponte #99 running for Barajas.

  50. Grounder to rodriguez behind the mound, he flips to ss at second who drops the ball, runners are safe.

  51. Walker reached on previous play.

  52. Hague flies out to the warning track, runners do not advance.

  53. Barmas strikes out swinging, inning over. And they call the game, ends in a tie.

  54. Pirates broke their losing streak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Thanks for the PBP, radio

  56. The Bucs complain they have no power.

    Ladies and gentleman, The Hague.

  57. No, Matt Hague has no power. This is true because many ‘baseball experts’ have been saying it all year. All five of his homeruns, and the other couple he hit in ‘b’ games that were not counted in the spring statistics have been nothing but mere illusions.

    These same experts would likely have told us how another Pirates minor leaguer with a similar body-build from back in the mid 80′s, who also hit very few homers in the minors, will never have any power either. That guys name would have been Bobby Bonilla.

    Fact is, many players develop their power only after getting to the majors, or only after mastering being able to hit .300 consistently. It’s much easier to work on hitting homeruns once the player is confident about getting base hits consistently already.

    It’s quite obvious that many of these so-called experts are pretty new at evaluating minor league baseball players. They really need to study the history of the game better, because it would keep them from looking so foolish.

  58. according to “Pirates prospects,” Alderson has gotten his velocity back up to 91-93. he’s supposed to have a great curveball and a deceptive delivery so if he can maintain at least 88-90 mph for multiple innings then he has a chance at some level of success.

  59. I know Igarashi had a terrible spring and the Pirates had no choice but to get rid of him, but it always gives me concern about such decisions when someone as brilliant as Alex Anthopoulos wants him.

  60. Good one, Piglegs.

  61. Piglegs:

    You always have to factor in PEDS when referencing players from late 80′s & 90′s. Not accusing him specifically, but that shadow is always there.

    I guess you want Pete at 3rd with Jones/McGehee at 1st.

    As for Tabata, my prediction is that he makes a run at the AS game, but I am aware that many consider him overrated.

    Enjoy your posts.

  62. @John-Making an early prediction for Tabby to be an All-Star? I like it. He has potential.

    Let’s not get overly excited about Matt Hague’s spring. He’s done a great job and probably deserves a chance on the big team. But, I would rather him play everyday at AAA than ride the pine in the big leagues. Until Pedro and/or Garrett Jones experiement derails ( I hope it doesn’t) then Hague should go down. It sucks and deserves the call, but not to sit the bench.

    Could this guy be the 1B of the future? I see Garrett Jones getting traded in the next couple of months.

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