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Wakeup Call: The definition of an idiot


Brief and to the Point …

>> I’m not one for name-calling, as longtime readers can attest. Never have been. So please understand I apply this term here only in the direct spirit of its official Webster definition: Mike Milbury is an idiot.

The definition is “showing foolishness or stupidity.” Decide for yourself …

He’s an idiot if that’s really him giving this interview to Philadelphia’s WIP Radio.

He’s an idiot if he thinks he can be viewed as a serious national analyst on NHL broadcasts after he assails one specific team for the benefit of momentary yucks from the other side.

He’s an idiot if he thinks he can accuse Dan Bylsma of wearing “a skirt” for not engaging Peter Laviolette between the benches Sunday, when Milbury’s most recent violent engagement in public involved being charged with assaulting a 12-year-old boy. Those charges were dropped for insufficient evidence, but employers have fired for less.

And he’s really an idiot if he thinks concussions are funny, as much of an idiot as the Philadelphia radio guys falling over themselves laughing when Milbury derisively described Sidney Crosby as coming back from his “35th concussion.” Those radio guys probably also thought it was a riot when Chris Pronger, the one-time MVP defenseman probably done because of a severe concussion, recently received an emotional standing ovation from the fans in Philly. Or maybe they all get a hoot out of hearing of the symptoms still suffered by Eric Lindros, Keith Primeau and so many other concussed athletes and ordinary people.

He’s an idiot, if you really want to go way back, for ever having insulted ‘Badger’ Bob Johnson, a man loved all through the hockey world. There’s gamesmanship, and then there’s just low class.

If all these conditions are true, it goes well past the point of opinion that Milbury’s an idiot.

Just look it up.

>> Milbury earns the brunt of the blame here, obviously, but how about the NHL for allowing this guy to be one of the most visible faces of the league?

Yes, NBC does the hiring, but every league has a very loud say in such things.

Imagine the NBA not protesting if Jim Gray had ever called Michael Jordan a “punk.” Or Fox not protesting if Cris Collinsworth had made fun of Peyton Manning’s neck injury over the past year.

The NHL wonders year after year what it must do to grow the game on television, but they do so very little to address it where it counts most.

>> The Penguins need to speak up about this. As I wrote back in the much-discussed #C column in January, they need to have their captain’s back in all circumstances.

>> How in the world can NBC have this guy be part of its broadcast team weekend?

>> I have a bunch of other stuff related to Steelers and Pirates, but I’ll save that for tomorrow.


  1. Matty_Ice7 says:

    Agree with all this on Milbury. Really makes the NHL have a bad reputation. I also couldn’t believe the radio hosts reactions, it made me sick to my stomach. NBC needs some new faces that are respected by all fans and not just going for ratings. Part of the problem is a lot of those respected players have jobs with teams though.

  2. Louis from Michigan says:

    It’s rare when my Michigan-based hockey fans and I can actually agree on something but, as biased as they can be, my Red Wings-obsessed contemporaries and I laugh at Mike Milbury as a serious commentator.
    When ESPN, not the perfect by any means, can hire experts as Barry Melrose and Ray Ferraro for hockey, John Kruk, Buster Olney and Tim Kurkjian for baseball and countless valid football voices, it is truly hysterical that NBC and its cable affiliate rely on Jeremy Roenick and Milbury for serious analysis. Any reputable company would have seen Milbury’s arrest for an altercation with a 12 year old and realized they could do better. Sorry sad sacks….

  3. Jerez says:

    Would love to hear Mario’s take on this. Would much prefer having the NHL/NBC bigwigs hearing his position.

  4. Leah Backus says:

    The NHL needs to take serious action on this. They have been courting women as an emerging fan base. Allowing misogynistic comments like Milbury’s is definitely not going to help that effort. Let the trend continue of tolerating sexist comments like Milbury’s and women are going to start tuning out. Being a woman does not equal being weak, I can assure you (I’d like to see Milbury take on the Canadian women’s team). If analysts, players, coaches or fans want to call someone weak, they should just call them weak. Hell, they can call them f-ing weak if they want to add emphasis.

    Last year, the first women were inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. The sport they represent should honor their contributions further by refusing to continue tolerating this kind of behavior.

    DK: Are you referring to the “skirt” comment, Leah?

    Yeah, I’d imagine there’s a whole lot of fans in the very large female hockey contingent that wouldn’t be all that tickled with a 1965-esque insult.

  5. PetroSteel says:

    DK, Nobody could have said it better! Great article and He’s definitly an idiot!!!

    I think it might be time for predictions…The Bucs finally break the streak for a couple reasons: 1) they are better than last year and 2) the division is not as strong.

    The Pirates win 84 games and lose 78 games this year. They dont make the playoffs but the fans are excited about 2013.

    Dont worry about your Pens. They will be just fine against Philly. They are learning a valuable lession right now as to where they are coming up short.

  6. Clint says:


    Whats sad is the NBC crew as a whole put over the Flyers play.. Pierre Regis McGuire said its chippy play… and Crosby should expect it.. Edzo totally overlooked all the clutching and grabbing going on all over the ice.. Doc Emrick is saddled with lousy partners when a true class act like Bill Clement is available to do TV with him.. a total sham for the fans and sport.

    DK: I really see that as a separate issue from Milbury’s interview with WIP. People will disagree with what commentators — or columnists — have to say all the time. This was on another scale.

  7. Deesh138 says:

    I’m still very confused by the whole captaincy meeting. Team leaders, Brooks Orpik included, recently laughed off the idea that anybody but Sidney Crosby could be the captain in that locker room.

    Doesn’t sound like a guy lying about not having a meeting.

    DK: Dude, old news. Been over this a million times, and you’re free to look back in this very blog back to January to see all the stuff laid out at the time.

    My column advocated that no one else should be captain but Crosby and that everyone needed to support him through his most difficult time. The meeting, which was about a temporary captaincy and never got anywhere, was one sentence in the 14th paragraph.

    Again, go look it up.

  8. Leah Backus says:

    It also occurs to me that Milbury and his sidekick Roenick give the kind of stir-the-pot, shallow analysis that casual fans (aka the majority of those who watch NBC) can get behind. No offense to those fans, but if they just tune in once in a while to watch their city’s team on NBC, nuanced analysis would be wasted on them. Milbury and Roenick are the Rush Limbaugh and Bill Maher of hockey (see what I did there? I was bi-partisan!). They’re professional agitators.

    It’s similar all over the Internet. I lurk on other blogs, but I only post here because I can trust the commentary to be as civil and well thought out as the original blog posts.

  9. Jerez says:

    Dejan, can’t believe anyone is still giving you crap for that captaincy column. It was obvious you had credible sources that something was said, and the Pens got together (finally!) to lay it to rest and put the blame on you. If your column brought up the dissent and forced them to address it and put it behind them, then more power to you. Salut!

    Now, can you do something about the horrendous 5 forward PP….

    DK: They had to address it publicly. No choice. The stuff that’s been said out of public earshot was, in many cases, very, very different than what was said publicly.

    I’ve lost sleep over some things I’ve reported in my career, instances where I wasn’t 100 percent certain or had even the tiniest of doubts. That column wasn’t one of them.

  10. Tracy Dendy Brummett says:

    I have a large extended family and as such, numerous strokes, birth injury, MVAs causing brain damage do this is a subject near and dear to my heart. For ANYONE, especially a “professional” to mock a head/brain injury, this is not only unacceptable but disgusting. My mother taught me as a child not to make fun of a disabled person because you never know, myn

  11. Clint says:

    Milbury is part of the Old Boys network who think head shots are OK.. his generation was better, and how you need to goon it up. He will praise you to your face one moment on camera, and then talk smack about you away from it. For a class guy like Mike Modano to take a shot at Milbury on Twitter shows the idiocy you spoke of.

    DK: Great point. For those who didn’t see it, this was Modano’s tweet: “If Milbury had Crosby on his team he might still be in hockey.. Nah probably not..”

  12. butch says:

    you made it clear you think the penguins SHOULD speak up about this but what do you think actually will happen/ will we have an idea how they handle it?

    DK: I’m sure it will come up this morning in Boston among the players. It already did with Bylsma and, true to form, he reacted very little.

  13. Tracy Dendy Brummett says:

    My own child could one day be disabled. Did Milburys mother not teach him this lesson? God forbid HIS child have a concussion. Loved your comment about the Penguins backing their captain up on this, totally agree. Keep up the great work Dejan, as always.

  14. Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) says:

    NHL is obviously disfunctional. Players and coaches should be fined and possibly suspended for these antics. They the NHL executives might be the reason why the NHL isn’t looked on as strongly as the other 3 major sports.

    I think I’ll send my resume’ to them, they need a little drill sergeant action.

  15. Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) says:

    This is the equivalent of Deion Sanders of the NFL Network saying that a DB needs to “man up” and knock someone’s helmet off or him saying that a illegal hit is OK. As you point out DK, damn sure better believe that the NFL would speak up. BTW, I use Deion because he’s the only DB that I can think of on the Network, I know he never hit anybody not named Andre Rison.

  16. Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) says:

    Is Dan Bylsma the Penguins equivalent to John Russell? Other than being successful. What if John Russell had the baseball’s version of Sid and Geno?

    My point, he seems rather dull and makes some bonehead calls at times…just sayin’

  17. Leah Backus says:

    DK, yes, I was referring to the “skirt” comment. I loved Dan Bylsma’s classy reaction to it, but I’d have loved it more if he’d called out Milbury and told him that mocking women like that isn’t acceptable. From my travels around the Internet, I’ve met a whole bunch of women hockey fans who are every bit as passionate and knowledgeable as the men are. It would be nice to get some respect for that, instead of having our gender constantly used as a metaphor for weakness and cowardice.

    DK: If Tony Granato takes Peter Laviolette, I’ll take Cammi Granato vs. Milbury.

  18. Jerez says:

    This incident reminds me of the difference between a professional journalist (such as yourself) and a talking head (like Milbury). It reminds me of the need to educate people between believing everything they read on the internet and looking for reputable sources. As I replied to a tweet of yours earlier, anyone who considers Milbury a “professional” needs to rethink their idea of professional. Professional ego, professional idiot, professional donkeybutt, yes. Professional journalist or professional commentator, no way in h-e-double hockey sticks. Ah, but I think it might pay…

  19. Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) says:

    Here’s another one for you Leah.

  20. Leah Backus says:

    Ryan…for the love of pete. I don’t even know what to say to that. When Pierre McGuire is the one making sense, you know things are off-kilter.

    Jerez…YES! That’s the first thing I teach my journalism students. They all come in thinking that they can write articles using nothing but Wikipedia and quotes they find on the Internet. It makes me crazy. And hehe…you said “donkeybutt” (I may be a college instructor, but my inner 8-year-old thought that was hilarious).

  21. deb says:

    A few thoughts:
    1) DK, as usual, you have nailed the commentary. Great summation of Milbury as an idiot.
    2) Leah, I agree with you. As proactive as the NHL has been about fines/punishment for slurs, to stay silent while Milbury degrades women with his “skirt” comment is unacceptable. You make a good point about the growth of women’s hockey, as well as women who are knowledgeable hockey fans. One assumes the NHL is interested in both as points of growth for the sport.
    3) The NHL had been to great efforts to demonstate understanding and priority in treating concussions as the serious medical condition that they are. Milbury belittles not just Crosby, but the NHL, and all hockey players, when he makes light of concussions. Very offensive.

  22. Black n Gold (not yellow) says:

    First of all, exaggerating is not uncommon for any person. I really don’t see how Milbury saying something about Crosby’s “35th concussion” is a big deal. The Philadelphia guys laughing is a much different story, however.

    Secondly and unrelated to DK’s points, Crosby is lucky that mediocre check in the back is all he received. I’ve been a Pens fan since I was a child, but I also understand the nature of hockey. Crosby took 3 or 4 separate baseball swings at Flyers’ players during the course of the game and was never called for a penalty. He even broke his stick over one player’s thigh, at center ice, in front of the official. I don’t see a problem with the check. The Flyers’ players had enough respect that they didn’t go after his head.

    Thirdly, Milbury’s ‘skirt’ comment has no defense. I completely agree that he’s an idiot on this count. It’s 2012 and we should be above this nonsense. Of course, how many of us actually believed that a 17 years old kid would get chased down, shot for being african american in a gated community, and his assailant would still be free?

    Lastly, the Penguins should have a lot BIGGER concerns than Mike Milbury and Philadelphia radio jockeys. For example, the Penguins can’t beat the Flyers at home and rarely beat them in Philadelphia. If the last two seasons are any indication, then the Penguins are going one-and-done in the playoffs. So much for being a Stanley Cup Contender.

  23. JT says:

    One thing i find funny is the Bylsma comments. If you look at the replay, Bylsma is yelling back at Lavi visibly screaming at him. What was he to do ask Tony G to move over so he could get on top of the boards beside him? This just proves how ludicrous the criticism for HCDB really is. what did they expect him to do?

  24. Cajun Thunder says:

    Mike Milbury seems to think that he’s the American version of Don Cherry. He feels like he can say something (OK, a lot of things) controversial and get away with it. The only problem being that Don Cherry stopped being interesting a long time ago.

  25. Matthew says:

    I actually like Eddie Olczyk, but I still wish he would learn how to pronounce Pascal Dupuis’ name. It’s not “Pasqual.” It’s “Pascal.”


  26. Keith (ONT) says:

    who cares……DK clam down…..No one cares what you think…you have one artical every 2 weeks? go back to the Peg ……. why dont we suspend everyone in the leauge 4 ever? including you DK

  27. pghboyinca says:

    How about the pathetic fawning over Schenn’s cheap shot on Crosby as a “character play?” I believe Milbury traded Zdeno Chara and the draft pick that became Jason Spezza for Alexei Yashin, seriously look it up. That alone should preclude him from ever having a forum. He is horrific but all the Canadian goons are neanderthals as well. Go right down the list, Cherry , Melrose, Engblom, etc. etc. etc. Mullet hairdos with suits that look they are hand me downs from a Rodeo clown. Hockey will never rise above a curiosity among major sports leagues until that mindset goes away.

  28. DutchPensFan says:

    For those of you who want to tell NBC what you think of Milbury’s comments, here you go:

  29. John Fielder says:

    Hi Dejan,

    I follow the hockey from Australia and I do not always agree with your columns ( which is ok ) but on this occasion you are spot on. If a commentator was to make comment like this about our Aussie Rules football he would just about be hanged in public by not only the fans but also the games overseers. It is nothing short of provocation on his behalf. Also the NBC coverage was extremely one sided in a bad way. I know the “Root” sport coverage is always one sided but they at least give an honest comment when needed about both teams.Pierre Maguire should be ashamed of himself on this occasion.
    Anyway that’s my rant about the subject…John From Australia.

  30. Dave G in Liberty Township, OH says:


    Your ‘articals’ are obviously out of Keith’s ‘leauge.’

  31. Rick says:

    Keith, does anyone care what you think? I certainly don’t. DK fills his role nicely.

  32. scapper says:

    Yeah! What “Keith (ONT)” said! Right on, buddy! Whooooo!

    If people cared what you said, DK, you’d have column…oh wait…

    I bet the Flyers are just thrilled with Milbury for possibly stoking Sid to a new level of intensity, if that’s possible. Not saying Sid cares about what that knucklehead bleats about on a Philly radio show, but now he’ll be asked about incessantly and know the spotlight will be on him even more. And we all know how Sid responds in those circumstances. Could be fun.

    So, Mr. Mike…thanks in advance, Idiot.

  33. Kip Marchetti says:

    If the NHL would insist NBC remove Milbury he could always find work in the WWE.

  34. Ya Jagoff says:

    Well…calling names may not always be appropriate but, really, in this case it is. Milbury is just trying to boost his name. In the meantime, he is killing whatever credibility he had. Your article was professional, ours, well, we took a little GRAPHIC spin to it:

  35. Bill Y says:

    It is too bad Milbury used the tact that he did, because I think he does have somewhat of a point. Crosby does get his shots in (still remember that video of him punching the goalie in the groin repeatedly), and maybe he shouldn’t be tempting fate with his medical history. If you are the face of the league’s concussion problems (whether he wants to be or not), maybe you don’t go antagonize.

    However Milbury and other’s rhetoric is just more evidence that Hockey on an institutional level doesn’t get it, and will remain a garage league. The NFL takes a lot of heat for protecting its QB’s, but you know what, they recognize they need their best and most marketable players on the field. Hockey is content with paying lip service to this idea, while on the ice and in the booth they are stuck with a game that is heading back to pre-lockout boringness.

  36. Ryan says:

    As a hockey broadcaster for my college, showing bias is a major no can do. I get frustrated at Root Sports enough for being extremely bias towards the Penguins. Even at a local level the commentary should be mostly unbias. At a national level, it is a no brainer that the broadcast SHOULD be unbias, however, constantly NBC is one of the most bias broadcasts in hockey.

    Milbury should be forced to make a public apology, if not fired, for his unprofessionalism, and I understand that he has deep ties with the Flyer organization, but that is still no excuse for insulting another team. Stepping into reality though… Milbury with neither be forced to make an apology or be fire because…

    NBC Sports Network is own by Comcast. Now, let us take a look at who owns the Flyers… Oh, will you look at that, Comcast owns the Flyers. Milbury is probably getting a raise to say this stuff.

  37. PensGal says:

    Right on the money with this call.
    Too bad the refs & linesmen aren’t as accurate but Milbury has always been a loud, caustic, uhm- jerk. I turn the sound off when he’s on.

  38. PJ says:

    I get to see Mr Mlibury almost every saturday on Hockey night in Canada as he sits on a weekly in between period show called The Hotstove and he regularly has heated rants about fighting , what is over the line and not when concerning illegal hits or physicality associated with hockey and how there is to much given concussion talk and safety and it is quite obvious to me that even his own colleagues are annoyed and at times disgusted with his unprofessionalism and how some things that he says crosses the line of common sense ,all that is needed to know about Mr. Milbury is summed up when during one of his son’s games this winter he left the stands,went on the ice and grabbed and confronted a 12 y/o who was on the other team because of a on ice incident ,there is no place in hockey for this kind of person , he is trying his best to ruin the integrity of this great game of hockey

  39. Ryan says:

    My bad, I was thinking of Roenick, when I said deep ties with the Flyers organization, but at the same time, it kinda is the Flyers paying for Milbury’s paycheck when he works under NBCSN.

  40. JAL says:

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  43. Ottawa Dave says:

    The other inane comment from last Sunday’s game was from Pierre McGuire, the between the benches analyst for NBC talking about what a “character guy” Braydon Schen was for cross checking Sid in the back well after the whistle. He said it several times. How much character does it take to go up to a star like Sid, whack him in the back while turned? I am a Burgher living in Ottawa and I listen to Pierre on a local radio station about every am. He is usually right on with his comments but that one about Schen was way out to lunch!

  44. JAL says:

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  46. Arthur says:

    Thank you for this article.

    I live in New England, so you can imagine there isn’t a shortage of Bruins fans around here. NESN (the sports network that carries all the Boston teams) used to house Milbury before I guess he got a big contract with NBC. While his days at NESN was the worst I’ve seen of him. Last year he called Bylsma the worse coach in the league, but yet last year he won the coach of the year award. This just starts a long list of stupidity on Milbury’s part. As the Bruins fans around here are much like Milbury, stupid, and misinformed. Following any Boston announcer’s lead.. I can go on from how he wanted Matt Cooke out of the league and how he went on about Cooke isn’t a hockey player, to even picking shots at Fleury. I’m sure you can find some of his days at NESN if you do a youtube search for NESN Milbury.

    Since he got to NBC, his mouth has been shut more, and amazingly of this year, hes actually giving penguins credit, most likely because they have been winning. I guess not last game though. I guess the real Milbury had to come out of the closet some time or another..

    As I always told Bruins fans around here, Milbury is a prime example why I don’t like the Bruins, and their fans because they think JUST like him. As you guys will be watching the game tonight on ROOT sports, the game will be blacked out on, and I will be forced to watch NESN. Yeah Milbury is gone, but the residue of poor announcing is still there.

    Another thing I like to tell people about Milbury is this..

    “Milbury sucked as a player, as coach, and he definitely sucks as an announcer”

  47. JAL says:


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  48. JAL says:

    Title Song, C.C. Rider also known as See See Rider Blues. In the 1920 and this is song that was a big hit in 1924 by Ma Rainey. Recorded by over 100 artists this is the 1966 hit by The Animals which most listeners at the time probably had no idea the song was over 40 years old.

  49. Michael Z. says:

    If I were a Penguin, and baldy Pierre McQuire stuck a microphone in my face before the game, and asked one of those “brilliant” questions like, “How important is it to win the game?”, I think I’d just shrug my shoulders and say, “Sorry, Pierre, I didn’t hear the question.”

    Maybe NBC can have some of their crack writers come up with a better way to ask a question than, “How important is it to…” or “Talk about how important it is to win tonight.”
    – or – “Have fun and thanks for doing this” after EVERY interview. Weak, Pierre, weak.

    I hope Penguins fans give baldy an earful when he’s between the benches. Let them know what Penguins fans think of them.

  50. RPH says:

    Who owns NBC? Who owns Comcast? Who owns the Flyers? Who does Milbury work for? Ed Snider must be loving this!

  51. Mario Lives says:

    Never underestimate the M.F.O.M. = Media Friends Of Mario. Milbury will be taken to task and embarrassed in the coming days.

  52. sjb says:

    Ok, so now that the “idiot” who posts as JAL has finished hijacking this blog…back to the topic at hand.

    Comcast owns the Flyers and NBC and Comcast are one in the same and Milbury knows it. There should really be no surprise to any of this happening especially in the manner and place it did. Milbury is using this opportunity as a springboard to bigger and better things (whatever that may be in his small brain) within the confines of the NBC/Comcast/NHL corridors.

    That said, he is and always has been an idiot and makes the elitist ramblings of Don Cherry look the like spiritual offerings of the Dalai Lama. The NHL will always be a lower tier joke in professional sports because of things like this being allowed to take place without repercussion, combined with things like the comical, WWF quality of its officiating, so I don’t even get that offended anymore, I just stop watching because I’m better than Milbury and the majority of everyone employed by the NHL or NBC, so why should I lower myself to that standard by spending my time watching it. Stupid is as stupid does.

  53. eric says:

    who cares about mike milbury anyway. he’s about as relevant to hockey today as the chili goal. And makin fun of a guys injury??? I seem to remember him doing a LOT of crying & complaining when ulf knocked his boy cam neely out of the playoffs in ’91. He didn’t find that injury too funny

  54. Gail says:


    I agree whole heartedly with your comments. I am a true Pen’s fan who rarely misses a game. However now that NBC has taken an interest in the winning Pens it has made my viewing drop off. I cannot stand the NBC announcers. It is so obvious that they do not like the Pens, and do not miss an opportunity to bad mouth them when calling the games. So much for non-biased reporting. NBC needs to wake up, and bring in announcers who are true journalists, and who are notex-goons who now feel the need to call the kettle black!

  55. Frank says:

    Hockey on NBC is absolutely horrible for a number of reasons. It pains me to say it, but hockey on ESPN was a million times better. The ESPN of today is a joke, but their hockey crew was much better than NBC’s current group of clowns. I really don’t mind McGuire and Jones. I can even stomach Roenick in very short servings. I don’t always agree with their opinions, but that’s life. I don’t always agree with Bourque, Errey, Steigerwald or Lange either. Listening to Steigerwald in particular is very hard for me. His current love-fest for Tyler Kennedy is killing me.

    Still, it would be a very boring existence if we agreed on every issue.

    With that being said, Edzo is a completely different story. I honestly believe that guy has a serious sour grapes issue and it’s hard to take him serious when he’s doing a Pens game. I have no hard proof to back it up, but I don’t believe Edzo and the front office parted on the greatest of terms and it comes out on television. Are examples really necessary? It’s fairly clear to me when watching a game on NBC. He needs to get over it and move on. It can’t be healthy for the poor guy and he comes off as a pathetic and sad human being.

    What’s there to say about Milbury that hasn’t already been said in this blog? I couldn’t have said it any better myself. He has proven time and time again that he’s mentally unstable. We are talking about a guy who climbed over the glass and beat a fan over the head with his own shoe. Why anyone would be shocked by his moronic comments is beyond me. NBC continually signing his checks does surprise me and it does look bad for the station and for the game of hockey in general.

  56. twentytwo22 says:

    You guys can spare me the Peter Laviolette routine in regards to not liking what Milbury said. Stop saying that he shouldn’t be allowed to speak and think freely. Have you stopped to consider that you are wrong? Or is a person only allowed to think one thing on a topic? Is a person only allowed to have one personality in conveying his thoughts? You’re a bunch of thugs.

    Calling for a man’s job because you don’t like what he has to say is pathetic. Especially when you engage in the same style as the person you are condeming.

    I share his personality. Mark Madden shares his personality. We exaggerate to express a serious opinion. We do it in a joking manner. A sarcastic manner.

    Dejan, you are my favorite Pittsburgh writer because when you speak you say something You’re not a person who talks a lot without saying anything (Psycho Killer). I don’t agree with everything you say or every opinion or take that you have.

    I heard the interview. I heard his tone of voice. He is no different. I want him to speak as he would. Let me translate for the ‘too serious’-ly impaired.
    From recollection because I am not going to listen to it again

    Bylsma take off the skirt
    You are the coach and you are being accosted by the coach of the other team. Stick up for yourself and your team.

    Don’t necessarily agree with this because Granato was closest to Laviolette and took up the fight for him. No different than Trottier/Schoenfeld.

    Crosby has some punk in him. He is no angel..
    He acts in a way that brings stuff on himself. He’s not an innocent bystander.

    I don’t necessarily agree or disagree with it. I think he takes as much or more than he gives. He does have a tendancy to instigate stuff when the Penguins are losing as opposed to Malkin who usually retaliates. But the double standard is if anybody takes a shot at Crosby he should be dealt with harshly by the team. And I am OK with the double standard because I am a Penguins fan first and our s* doesn’t stink.

    Coming back from his 35th concussion
    Why is a guy who has a hard time coming back from a concussion engaging in extra-curricular activities

    I agree.

    Milbury is such a menace I don’t know why he has a job. *Sarcasm*

    Some I agree with totally. Some I disagree with. But I would never call for his job. And I have no problem with the personality used to express his opinion. Milbury is not milktoast and I like it that way. If I wanted to be bored to death I’d listen to NPR. I want hockey to remain an NPR hostile sport. I think it’s great that hockey has a Charles Barkley.

    I really have a problem with how anytime hockey shows a personality guys like you condemn it. I don’t get it at all. It’s not a nice guy sport. It has a definite edge to it that spice things up and add emotion to the game. They are woven into the fabric of the sport and help make it great. 15 years from now people are going to have a beer and laugh about the time that Laviolette broke a stick over the glass and shouted at the Penguins coach. Like former football players talking about getting punched below the belt at the bottom of a fumble pile. These are great things. Blue things at times, to be sure but great things. I appreciate them. I hope it continues. I don’t ever want to see it go away.

    And finally, I guess in a morbid way I have to admit that the outrage of you people (you people) is a part of what makes it great as well.

    God I love hockey.

  57. TJA says:

    no question…the concussion comments were really the lowest blows of all. very disturbing. as our mike lange would say…”shame on you (milbury) for 6 weeks” … minimum i might add!

  58. twentytwo22 says:

    Most conversations in hockey don’t end in ‘Cheerio.’ They end in f-bombs. That makes me very happy.

    That is all.

  59. Jimmyo says:

    It seems to me more writers, ESPN broadcasters (PTI), etc. want to banish hockey fights more then the true fans of the game.
    When some players take liberties on star players like Crosby, the players have to “police the game themselves” when no penalities are called. I doubt anyone on the Flyers will cross check Crosby again in the near future.
    If I hit Crosby , I would rather sit in the penalty box for 2 minutes then have to fight England or Aaron Ashan (spelled it wrong ?) and face the consciensce.
    As a “Sports Illustrated” survey showed 99% of the hockey players want fighting in the game.
    In regard to Millbury, he has his rights to express his opinion as I do. I think also and can’t believe the idiot comment he made on Sidney Crosby in regard to his concussions.
    Hockey is still my favorite sport and always will be.

  60. Marky says:

    I completely agree with this article… and then some. I can’t stand this idiot. And calling him an idiot is being nice compared to the shtuff i’ve blurted out at the television. I’m glad I don’t have children because they would not be allowed to watch intermission reports when this idiot speaks. Just the game.

  61. Milo Hamilton says:

    The thing that people are missing here is that these aren’t just the ramblings of an idiot. I dare say that this opinion of Sidney Crosby is shared by many across the league. I think most players were predisposed to leave him alone when he 1st came back for many reasons. Face of the league, Olympic hero, and just general professional courtesy. Until he elbowed Nick Foligno in the head.

    Look, I love Sid. But he has to cut this extra curricular stuff out. Dare I say Don Cherry was right on this. I fear Pandora’s Box is open now and it’s open season on Sid. And it’s so unecessary because since his return, he’s brought so much of it upon himself. Maybe a heart to heart with a guy like Wayne Gretzky would help (I would say Mario, but he played like this too). If it’s not too late already.

  62. David says:

    Hate to be critical DK but for once I don’t think that was necessarily brief and to the point. You got to the point quickly but it was definately longer than most of your brief statements.

    Sorry just had to say something I remembered seeing something a couple days ago where there was a comment about always being brief and to the point. As for the content completely agree with you, the NBC team needs some work to say the least.

  63. tk says:

    Milbury is a boob. He’s obviously still bitter toward the Pens after losing to them in the conference finals 20 years ago. Yes Milbury says and does idiotic things but I think he made those comments on that Philthadelphia radio station mostly because he was trying to ham up the dj’s. I didn’t hear him say 1 thing on the matter Sunday night or last night on NBC’s NHL live.

  64. C.hollister says:

    I agree with both sides on this. Stupid things to say, probably not quite as bad as we think. But I will say this: I can’t take an article (not saying specifically this one or Dejan) or positing that complains about the dirty flyers or how Crosby was wronged in the cross check. Crosby deserved to be cross checked, first he through a cheap shot 3 seconds earlier, then gets up with a poor me look in his face, not including his other slashes. What about Malkins puches to a defenseless Giroux? What about Vialte injuring 2 flyers?

    I don’t care in general but stop acting like the Pens are this tortured teams and the flyers are such bad guys. The pens are just as dirty as any team in the league. Deal with it before attacking other teams or players.

    There has just been too much one sidedness since the last minute of the flyers games and it makes everyone look stupid.

  65. JohninOshkosh says:

    Ahhh, all is right with the world with JAL’s links returning. Glad you had safe travels.

    BTW, 47 links by 7:14 (central). I think folks have an opinion about this.

  66. SeanE says:

    DK-this is one of those times I would like to see Mario speak up. He is the owner of one of the premier frachises in the league. Comments like the ones made by the idiot directly affect the bottom line of owners in that they continue to make the NHL look like a “garage league”. This does nothing to widen the appeal of the league and thus hits owners in the pocket book. Why not call out the league and NBC for employing this idiot. These type of comments while making headlines in the short term are not the image the league should want to project.

    Mario is like EF Hutton. When he talks people listen. Time to speak up Mario.

  67. LuckyNKentucky says:

    Talk about pot stirring. DK lit the fire. And it wasn’t a couch he burned. Four posts for Leah. She must not have slept a wink. I agree with our resident journalism professor and AHL member. Why tie ladies to weakness and cowardice? I admit, I had to look up “misogynistic”. They didn’t have that word way back when I was in school. It means “reflecting or exhibiting dislike, mistrust or hatred of women.” Great word. Besides, don’t those Irish rugby players wear skirts? (kilts) Or we can ask John in Australia (#29 above) if their guys wear them.

    Where are Foo Dog and Jandy? They need to weigh in on this one.


    You need to go somewhere with Milbury when he’s back doing high school sports in his home town.

  68. Jandy says:

    First~ welcome back to JAL, missed the links, Man.

    Second, Twentytwo22 ~ in no way is what Mike Milbury “personality”. I have personality, you have it, DK has it, we all have some form of it. To make fun of concussions on PUBLIC television, where young people watch and ingest it, then think it’s acceptable is irresponsible.
    The concussion thing is something the entire league is trying to work on, to address, to make the situation better. Having such an immature attitude about it is not proactive to correcting the problem. To make fun of women using the term “skirt” is unacceptable. This is 2011, not 1970.
    After the incident with the 12 year old boy, if I were NBC, I’d seriously reconsider keeping this “idiot” in my employ.

    @Milo ~ Philly is a team that always employs the “agitator” clutching, spearing, sneaky little detrimental plays that the officials have been overlooking for some time. The Penguins should reply, but not in kind. They need to do it “legally” and not get a penalized for it. Sending Engelland, Asham, Vitale, etc on the ice to take care of these problems would be a much better solution. But then, the Pens would be called GOONS for not using sneaky little p**** tricks in retaliation. The officials bring about this kind of play and situations when penalties are not called properly. You do have a point about Sid, and Geno, but if the issues are taken care of properly when they occur, the retaliation doesn’t occur.

    DK, good job on this column.

    Leah and Deb, great points all around.

  69. Harry says:

    This kind of stuff just gives credence to the fact that the NHL is still, and probably always will be a garage league. When you allow trash like this to be the radio and television face of the game, you show how much of a joke you really are. C’mon bettman, let’s step up and clean up here….

  70. NMR says:

    “Stop saying that he shouldn’t be allowed to speak and think freely. Have you stopped to consider that you are wrong?”

    ^Reading comprehension fail of the year, ladies and gentlemen.

    Please point out one place where DK even came close to insinuating Milbury shouldn’t be allowed to speak his mind.

    What people like you don’t understand is that you are judged for what you say and what you do. Freedom of speech doesn’t shield one from all consequences.

    Mike Milbury has been judged as an idiot, in the most literal definition.

    Not surprisingly, you took his side.

  71. Jandy says:

    Lucky, darn, of all days for me to be late to the blog….work gets in the way sometimes!

  72. Jandy says:

    @DutchPensFan, thanks, I took advantage of that link!

  73. LuckyNKentucky says:


    Same problem here, first of the month, but you did your job as AHL commissioner.


    Great post.

  74. Jandy says:

    There’s a great write up on this subject over at the FaceOffFactor blog:

    Good points there as well.

  75. Jandy says:

    NMR, GREAT post. That’s why I like discussing things with you =)

  76. Jandy says:

    Pssst scapper ~ Lightning beat the Caps last night! Yahooooo!

  77. Dejan Kovacevic says:

    Apologies to all who had delays in their first posts going. Only happens with your very first, and we’ve got quite a few of those this morning.

  78. Jandy says:

    Quotes from Dan Bylsma:
    Despite being called “gutless” a day earlier, Bylsma remained uninterested in exchanging insults with Laviolette or anyone else.

    “Antics and theatrics on the bench by their coach are just that,” Bylsma said. “We don’t play the game.”

    But Bylsma had a new critic when NBC analyst Mike Milbury said in a Philadelphia radio interview Monday that he “thought Dan Bylsma should have took off his skirt and gone over there,” according to the radio station’s website.

    Said Bylsma in deadpan delivery: “I wasn’t wearing a skirt. It was a blue suit.”

    Class.something Milbury doesn’t have.

  79. First of all, I found Millbury’s comments foolish and ill-mannered.

    However, it’s interesting that a plurality here are taking those comments personally. Did you mamma or daddy never teach you, “Sticks & stones . . . ”

    If you are going to call out Millbury on his skirt comment, then you equally have to call out Sid on his frequent pu*** calling to other players. Look it up on YouTube. You can’t ignore the guy you like, who does it more frequently, and castigate the guy you detest.

    Folks, hockey is not a co-ed league. Neither is baseball or football.

    Ah-h-h, this is not even worth talking about . . .

  80. JohninOshkosh says:

    It is kind of interesting that yesterday, in a rare display of bi-partisanship, Wisconsin enacted a law that does not allow concussed student athletes to return to play until cleared by a health professional. (32 state to pass such a law). The measure had the full support and backing of the NFL and the Packers (an entity with great pull in this state).

    Mike Milbury ought to leave the attempted yuck yucks to the professionals. Concussions aren’t that funny.

  81. Nancy52 says:

    Wow!!! I’m a little late in tuning in and the posts have gone wild. You said it DK,
    what an idiot!!! I started to wonder where JAL’s posts were.

  82. twentytwo22 says:

    Dejan, here is an idea for a column.

    Analyze whether you and people like you are trying to civilize a sport that at its very best is uncivil. Why you seem to be consumed by it. Why people are steadfastly opposed to your agenda and which side is most righteous.

    My view.
    I’ve done research. The highest scoring era for hockey was the 1980s. The 1980s were also the most penalized era for hockey.

    Emotion = goals, penalties, fights, crowd excitement, viewer excitement, adrenaline surges and pace of play speed-up, mistakes and breakdowns, hate, animosity, villains, rivalry, and injuries.

    No Emotion = more structured and orderly play, sounder minds and decision making, fewer goals, fewer penalties, no fights, less crowd excitement, less viewer excitement, no hate, no animosity, no villains, no rivalry, fewer injuries.

    Emotion means exciting hockey. No emotion means boring hockey. So-called cavemen like Brian Burke, Don Cherry, and Mike Milbury know this and will oppose you forever. Whether the majority has the courage to stand unified I don’t know but I’m hopeful.

    I pray everyday that we see a return to 1980s hockey even while knowing guys like Sid would have a hard time staying healthy playing it.

  83. RonDanning says:

    Lets also not forget that NBC is owned by Comcast which also owns the flyers.
    Milbury was just making sure his bosses where happy.

    Lets just hope the flyers don’t also own the ref’s. No doubt the flyers have a lot of pull with the NHL considering they basically own the broadcasting market.

  84. NMR says:

    Since DK brought out the dictionary today, how ’bout we look up two words:

    1. Emotion
    2. Maturity

    For class tomorrow, analyze the meaning and apply it to Mike Milbury and twentytwo22.

    This will be a pass/fail quiz, as it should be a very basic display of the English language.

  85. Jandy says:

    Groat, how can you compare Sid’s comments to other players to Milbury’s being a total boor on national televison? We all know MOST of the NHL players talk sh*t to each other to stir things up and to try to draw a penalty. Heck, Hartnell is a pro at it. But I don’t think you’re comparing apples to oranges here.

  86. Jandy says:

    NMR ~ twentytwo will skip class ;)

  87. Jandy says:

    C Hollister ~ Vitale did not INJURE two Flyers. he checked them…legally.

  88. Frank says:

    A “grown man” making fun of a 24-year-old for having concussion problems is pretty low. It’s not as pathetic as physically assaulting a 12-year-old, but it’s low. This may come as breaking news for those who are always quick to point out “free speech” in these type of situations, but it goes both ways…

    Does Milbury have the right to say what he wants? Absolutely.

    Do viewers have the right to judge him a massive tool for his low-class remarks and actions? Absolutely.

    Do the people who sign his checks have the right to fire him if they feel his pure idiocy is hurting their product? Absolutely.

    See how that works? Welcome to America.

  89. Pat says:

    Badger Bob was telling everyone to look at the source when referring to Milbury’s idiotic comments. 21 years later we still have to deal with the same nonsense??

  90. Kevin says:

    Milbury is a clown, always has been. He is our answer to Don Cherry, just shout from the pulpit with no accountability regardless of how rediculous your comments are. He thinks he’s a tough guy and has proven it with children. What adult gets himself in a situation like that. And then, he calls out the wrong Coach. Laviolette wasn’t fined $10K for no reason, that guy made a fool of himself on 24-7 and he did it Sunday. Just a stupid ex jock who still thinks he’s a tough guy and unfortunately has the forum to ram it down our throats.

  91. LuckyNKentucky says:


    There are more important things to pray for than a return to 1980′s hockey. (How about 1970′s gas prices?)

    DK may hit 200 by noon today.


    There are some smart people in Wisconsin. Hats off to them.

  92. Tina McMillen says:


    I cannot stand any of the guys that do the NBC broadcasts. They never have any nice things to say about the Penguins especially Milbury, McGuire and Eddie O (who is still upset about being fired). These guys need to grow up. None of them were any good as players or coaches and they are most certainly lously broadcasters. Barry Melrose and Don Cherry are just as bad.

  93. NMR says:

    Milbury’s comments regarding Sid being no choir boy reek of imature jealousy.

    “But, but, but, he did it too! Why did IIIIII get in trouble?” Sound familiar, parents of the blog?

    I thought so.

    Sidney Crosby never asked to be portrayed as a choir boy. He never claimed to be benevolent. Anyone who has watched his career has known he’s always been a chippy player.

    If Milbury doesn’t like the perception of Sid, he should take it up with his employer. You know, the one in charge of crafting his public image.

  94. JayH says:

    Comcast now owns NBC. A Philly company that has serious ties to the Flyers. Nothing will be done to Milbury and he will be there at the telecast on Saturday. As a Pittsburgh fan living in Philly, I can tell you that they are having a field day with this stuff today. They don’t seem to get that the most upsetting aspect of the entire interview was making jokes about concussions. Meanwhile, Pronger is permanently disabled from the same type of injury. It’s typical Philly bravado and it gives them something to talk about rather than Championship trophies.

  95. Jandy says:

    NMR ~ LOL! Love that viewpoint. I get upset by people calling Sid out, but not other hockey players as well. We know he isn’t a saint (except maybe he is when he does interview after interview), but what do people expect? I mean, come on, he’s targeted more than most players because he’s a scoring threat. He’s hacked, slashed, pulled, pushed, his stick is grabbed, he’s tripped, and 90% of the time, the referee looks the other way. WTH would most people do? It’s human nature to dish it back. I may be “Mother Teresa” but believe me, I dish it back too!

  96. JohninOshkosh says:


    One or two smart ones here, present company excluded. Sorry about your Buckeyes. Rarely have I seen a quality team like them give up a victory in a matter of two minutes. At least Ashley Judd is happy. I mean why just be limited by looks and brains-might as well be happy too!

  97. LuckyNKentucky says:


    You’re a credit to Mother T. Don’t back down and don’t be intimidated! Pompeani tried to get an interview with Milbury on KDKA, but Milbury deferred to NBC. I’d like to see Milbury in a forum with you, Leah, Deb and the plethora of other Articulate Hockey Ladies that cropped up today on the blog. He might be the one wearing a kilt at the end of that.

    Free the AHL and Free the Hague!

  98. NMR says:

    @Jandy – you brought up a good point that Milbury touched on in his comments.

    It’s as if he would accept Crosby’s on-ice antics more IF he was a brash, crude, arrogant player off the ice.

    Since when is Crosby’s interview demeanor a negative?

    Milbury clearly prefers hockey players act like real men:

  99. LuckyNKentucky says:


    Now I have to live with the “you’re from KY where they burn things like Vancouver” stigma. I agree with you about Ashley being happy. Plus, everyone in our office here but one Tennessee fan are happy and everyone in town is happy, so I’ll concede the Buckeye choke job for a little calm in KY. Plus, it’s spring break down here and temps in the high 80′s so you’d think it was heaven. They’ll come back to earth when football season starts.

  100. Jandy says:

    NMR, I guess that depends on the CORRECT definition of “real men”. lol
    If being a “Mike Milbury” is a real man, I’ll take the p***y anytime!

  101. Jandy says:

    Lucky ~ God help us if Milbury DID do a forum with the AHL members here. He’d probably try to hack us with a stick … or something ;)

  102. pensfan says:

    This article is fantastic, and the comments are right on also. However unless someone who has connections can direct a representative of nbc or the nhl to read this, then nothing will be done.

  103. CWalton_67 says:

    Josh Yohe tweeted yesterday that the Pens should contact NBC sports and let them know that no Pens employee with speak with any NBC media personnel until Milbury is fired. He’s absolutely right.

    Milbury is trying to be the American version of Don Cherry and doing a good job of it. Guessing that NBC sports executives are secretly pleased by all the controversy created. Until there is vehement protest, it will continue.

    Will be very interested to see if there is any official comment from Pens any time soon.

    In the meantime–yes, the Pens need some fixes, but I’m confident that Shero and Bylsma will right the ship. Will they win the Cup? No idea, but this is a good team, from top to bottom and it’s been a fun season to watch. And based on the way the organization is built, we have many more fun seasons to watch in the near future. At the end of the day, #66, the classiest and best athlete to ever grace this city, is running this team. He’s never let us down.


  104. Jandy says:

    CWalton, looks like Josh Yohe was feeling spunky on his birthday….but yes, I think it’s a great idea. #boycottNBCSports and #boycottMikeMilbury

  105. jeff says:

    Yeah people forget that Crosby was also slashed had his stick ripped from his hands and helmet ripped off no call and he kept playing kudos for Crosby who takes alot of crap from other team yet people say hes the face of the league but I guess the saying is true people would rather see someone fall for a good storyline

  106. N. Young says:

    That’s why NBC keeps this guy around – to stir the pot, get them ratings, and keep people talking, The best is to move on and not give Milbury have any more attention he deserves (which is none at all). I am more bothered by the ever so sexist skirt comment Milbury made more than anything.

  107. Evilpens says:

    DK why do you & a lot of Pens fans get your Panties in a knot about a MORON Like Milbury ? everyone who loves & knows hockey knows that Milbury is a incompetent buffoon

  108. LuckyNKentucky says:


    Milbury would need more than a stick if he got in a forum with the AHL. Maybe he’d do well on Last Comic Standing, but I wouldn’t pick him in anything else. Modano said it best in the few words of a Twitter Tweet.

  109. sjb says:


    The majority? Do some more “research” and look at this post along with other posts like it all over the internet. You’ll find you are far and away in the minority along with “cavemen” like Cherry, Milbury and Burke who also are holding onto an era that has long past and that’s why the guys who think like that are usually talking head AARP members and cherish the “good ‘ole days” when helmets were options and they used wooden sticks as well.

    The 80′s NHL was a time when there were enough skilled players to count on your hands and toes and the rest were glorified scrubs and goons. No parity within the ranks and that’s why you had defenses that were torched for goals by the good players and the high number of penalties from the lesser talent that had no answer for it…until…they learned to simply clutch and grab and snuff the scoring right out of the game. It was the hockey equivalent of T-Ball and making “everyone a winner”. There’s simply too much talent on both side of the puck anymore to have that kind of open yet “uncivilized” game you crave and players are making too much $$ for owners to tolerate having them out of commission for long periods of time so that the fans can get their rocks off on seeing players hurt, especially in the salary cap era where they can be replaced.

    Oh, and just to change the topic…how was it Gretzky stayed so healthy in the 80′s but Sid wouldn’t? So they wouldn’t treat Sid like the untouchable Prince and Savior of the NHL like they did Wayne? Gotta have that if you’re gonna do it right and go retro. Would we have to worry about him leaving for a bigger, newer market like maybe even London to further promote and grow the sport?

    Hey, I pray we return to 1970′s football too but guess what? Things change and the things that don’t die, That’s a fact and if you don’t believe me just ask the automobile industry. So, if you really want the old NHL, there’s lots of video out there to watch because it ain’t happening.

    In my opinion; we have plenty of scoring, exciting talent and parity in the game right now to make it more enjoyable than it ever has been and there’s no need for the 3rd grade BS and sideshow thuggism that keeps it from evolving into the better sport it can be. I think Olympic hockey is far and away better than NHL hockey of any era and there is none of the simple minded idiocy that clowns like Milbury and the nostalgic dreamers seem to enjoy.

  110. JohninOshkosh says:

    We want 200! We want 200! We want 200!

  111. Jandy says:

    Lucky, on behalf of all us AHLers, thank you :)

  112. Jandy says:

    sjb, well said!

    200! 200! 200! 200! 200!

  113. Hank says:

    What? The NHL actively pursue a good image? It’ll never happen.
    The NHL know’s it’s a regional niche sport so they’re all too happy to allow Mike to insult the face of the game to appease a regional audience that loathes Sid.

    Calling MIlbury an idiot is an insult to idiots across the world. I’m positive if Mike had to redo Grade 1 all over, he’d fail. He’s a moron devoid of any semblance of intelligence or class.

    P.S. The author forgot to mention how Milbury recently attacked Pat Lafontaine over his resignation from the Islanders a few years back.
    He called him gutless and a coward too.
    It seems Mike loves to pick on overweight journalists, 12-year-old children and players with concussion issues.
    Keep it class Mike! You never know when you might have to beat someone with their own shoe!

  114. LuckyNKentucky says:

    N. Young,

    Couldn’t agree with you more.


    I’m your biggest fan.


    200 by noon. (We’re on Central time here, so noon for Ryan in CA will do, too)


    Good post!

  115. jackdeloplane says:

    The Pens have almost everything, talent, skill, toughness, and now the “Us against the world” syndrome.

    Revenge is a dish best served cold, ice cold. Beat the Flyers, beat Boston, Beat the Rangers and NBC will be extolling the Pens with or without Milbury.

    I predict a brawl next Flyers game. Forget Milbury, fix the PP and stay out of the chippiness in the playoffs. Win the fights on Saturday, win the games in the playoffs

  116. CWalton_67 says:

    @Jandy–got your twitter account yet? :)

  117. Hank says:

    sjb, excellent post!
    Olympic hockey is 20x better than NHL hockey and it doesn’t have all that sideshow garbage.

    The only disagreement I have for your awesome post is that the NHL does need more scoring.
    Or more specifically, I’d like to see an increase in the quality of goals. Right now a large majority of goals are of the rebound, deflection, scramble, screen variety.
    I’d like to see more clean goals.
    But when you consider that players are twice as big and fast, but still playing on the same sized ice surface, and shooting on the same sized nets, quality goals are bound to go down.

  118. Mike says:

    Yes- Milbury is an idiot.

    Yes- Crosby has a bit of punk in him, and gets away with it.
    or how bout this one
    and finally

    Thats 2 from behind and 1 attack on a guy who didn’t get a chance to drop them and square off (despite Sids version of things).So Sid should expect to get nailed every once in a while. Nothing worse than a guy who plays the game that way and then whines about it when it happens to him. That is being a punk.

  119. LuckyNKentucky says:


    Which movie is that “revenge” line from? I know the line, forgot the movie. Good point whatever movie it’s from.

  120. SterlingCooperDraperPrice says:

    I agree with everything you said DK, I only disagree with one point; giving this guy any ink at all is pointless.

    Let him fade into obscurity. NBC Sports hasn’t had the chance to get “their” guys in place, and believe me, they will. Millbury, and a few others, will be back doing hockey for a local station where this kind of behavior is celebrated.

  121. Jandy says:

    Lucky, shhh! Don’t tell your Lucky Lady ;X

    CWalton, no Twitter here, I don’t Tweet. lol

    jack….ahhhhh for as hot as it is where you live, yes, ice cold revenge is the best…play disciplined hockey and let the Flyers beat themselves. Let Vitale, Asham, Engelland, and whoever else wants to jump in take care care of the brawls. Let Sid and Geno do what they do best..>SCORE!

  122. Paula says:

    I’ve lived in the Toronto area all of my life which means having Don Cherry inflicted on me all my life. He’s gone farther than “idiot” in discussing Sidney Crosby’s concussion – to the extent where Crosby was ‘asking for it.’ While I agree with all of the comments about needing to take these kind of hateful, damaging comments out of NHL commentating, I don’t think it will ever happen. Don Cherry is beloved and hated in equal amounts, has said things even worse than Milbury and will be on the air as long as he wants. Unfortunately, ratings often trump idiocy.

  123. Jandy says:

    Lucky, ya know, I decided, put me and Leah and Deb on a rink with Milbury, we’ll grab our shoes and hit him with them ;)

  124. LuckyNKentucky says:


    You don’t have to Tweet. Just get an account and follow DK and anyone else you care to listen to. I don’t Tweet either, but I have an account to follow. Quick and easy, plus they haven’t figured out a way to charge for it yet. You’ll never have to Tweet. DK leads the league in that.

  125. LuckyNKentucky says:

    LOL, #122. My wife wears ladies’ size 8. She can throw in with you.

  126. Well done Dejan….as an Habs/SENS fan and when those 2 teams are out of the playoffs I cheers for the Penguins,I realized a long time ago that Milbury was an idiot….all the mistakes he did as a GM with the Islanders were unbelievable…if your team needed a good player just phone Milbury and make a trade,you just can’t lose….
    With the last comments he did and you so made us aware of them,there is only one final statement…….Mikie is truly the village IDIOT.
    Thank you.

  127. C.hollister says:

    I know vitales hits were legal. Never said they were not. He did in fact injur two players. My point is if the flyers knocked our number 2 center and our 3,4 , or even fifth dmen we would all be screaming foul. Clean or dirty.

    Us Pens fans want it both ways. Crosby can cheap shot you, but don’t touch him, Malkin can punch Giroux ipwhile he lies defenseless but they pushed after the whistle.

    Give me a break.

  128. Martin says:

    It is about time that somebody from outside Montreal said that. I agree, Mike Milbury is an idiot. He was idiot as a player, very idiot as an general manager. What do you expect from him behind a microphone. Worst thing: it is my taxes who paid his salary on Hockey night in Canada…

  129. BenderHeel says:

    He was arrested for assaulting A TWELVE YEAR OLD BOY, yet kept his job.

    I don’t think you could find an uglier indictment of the garbage NBC Sports Network than that.

    And, as DK rightly says, the NHL further fuels its reputation by not demanding that, after that arrest, Milbury be fired. If they take no action this time, then Mario’s “garbage league” refrain rings true yet again.

  130. jackdeloplane says:


    I don’t remember. but i’ve heard it numerous in various movies. I would say, “Just Win Baby’ but i could never stand Al Davis so…

    Winning solves everything. Like I said, win the fight next game, then win the games in the playoffs

  131. TC says:

    Who owns a majority stake in NBC ? Comcast.

    Who is the chairman of Comcast ? Ed Snider.

    Who owns the Flyers ? Ed Snider.

    Enough said.

  132. tmp444 says:

    If the blog had the thumbs up, I think sjb #112 would have about a +50 rating right now. Just spot on.

    And yes, Crosby does engage in his own, clandestine form of thuggery from time to time. But the old-Matt Cooke he is not, and the suggestions of Milbury to the contrary are just ridiculous.

    IMO, the idiocy of Milbury’s statements really come from the concussion comments. I would love to see him go on NESN in Boston and comment about Savard, or back onto WIP to talk about Lindros and company. But because Crosby has turned into a “love him or hate him” player, it’s OK to take the “hate him” stance on national TV. I would love to be inside Bettman’s head in Toronto right now to see what he thought of all this. Oh, wait……..

  133. I did forget to say this… the Pens are built with awesome talent,grit and good useful muscles….hold on….whoa….am I describing the Flyers?? so please Flyers fans,suck it up when you taste your own medecine….

  134. LuckyNKentucky says:


    Had to call my son and bother him at work, but it’s in several movies, one of the Star Treks, Unforgiven and something else. Good line and good point. I wouldn’t quote the late Al Davis for anything either. Good call.

  135. NMR says:

    @Paula – Toronto is a wonderful city. Great, great people.

    Canadians tolerate Cherry because he is an icon. HNIC is a tradition and Cherry is part of that. He’s an Ontario boy through and through. It’s your thing and there’s nothing wrong with it.

    No offense, but you’d be lucky to find more than a handful of Americans that would turn on a TV to watch that guy as anything more than a freak show.

    Milbury is the poor mans Cherry. His act is old and stale, just like Don’s.

    Americans certainly aren’t above watching garbage for entertainment (i.e. anything on MTV), but unfortunately for NBC, Milbury doesn’t even provide that.

  136. LuckyNKentucky says:

    Ditto NMR on MTV, Duck Dynasty, Cheaters and anything to do with “wrestling”.

  137. theZEEK says:

    I can say that Dill-burry wears a skirt. He almost got into an on the air fight with Roenick. Almost meaning he was wearing a skirt that day too apparently. They both suck. I like Kevin Weakes and Ray Ferraro. If the NHL was smart they would put those 2 on all the time. I would have said Bob Errey but I want him and his giant hands to stay put in Pittsburgh.

  138. Milo Hamilton says:

    I love Don Cherry. Coach’s Corner is appointment viewing for me every Saturday. All the “outrage” today is pretty entertaining.

  139. Jandy says:

    Chollister, you surely don’t watch the same game as I do. Sure, I saw Geno get Giroux in the head a few pokes and Sid do some slashing. But I also saw numerous Flyers grabbing their sticks, grabbing, and numerous other antics which the refs chose to ignore. After a couple periods of that, I think I’d get my digs in where I could too.

  140. Van Man says:

    Love Milbury. ‘Bout time the NHL has a guy who speaks his mind on the air. If little, bitty ‘Burgh can’t take it, then tough hockey pucks.

  141. Jandy says:

    Hey, about time you chimed in Milo. Now, why doesn’t your Cherry infatuation surprise me? ;)

  142. NYCrosbyfan says:

    I realize this is a column, but did the Tribune reach out to NHL Commissioner Bettman to ask him what he thinks of Milbury’s commentary? Did you call NBC? Maybe as Pens fans we should ask the Commissioner goes on his next XM radio call-in show or complain to NBC. If the league does have any influence, Milbury has got to go. I’d rather listen to ANYONE but him. We need rational, professional guys in the booth calling the game and commenting on it. When is it going to be enough with Milbury? Now here I am getting fired up but I’ve had enough of this pompous blowhard who beats kids.

  143. neil erdelac says:

    i WAS a fan in mike milbury……now i cant stomach this moron. this is coming from the guy who tries to beat up little kids and showed his real hockey smarts while managing the islanders. good job mike you idiot you lost one of your 5 fans by running your mouth trying to suck up to a bunch of philly broadcasters. glad bob and staggy show their class the way they do they may be homers with the penguins but they were also hired by the pens so it goes hand in hand. but never have i seen someone take swings behind someones back aswell as behind a microphone the way milbury did. he ruined a good rough game that everyone enjoyed (except us pens fans we would have liked the W) but i think something needs to be done because MIKE MILBURY IS A TOOL!!!

  144. NMR says:

    @Milo – I never missed Coaches Corner while I was living north of the border. Truly a unique tradition in sports that obviously wouldn’t be the same without Cherry.

    Which is exactly my point. Cherry can get away with it because he’s Don Cherry.

    Milbury has no more credibility than you or I getting on TV and running our mouths like we’re Tommy Toughnuts.

  145. NMR says:

    So who is tweeting DK’s blog around the country? Lots of new names in here today.

  146. DaveIn84 says:

    Where would the NBC commentators be seated for a broadcast from Consol?

  147. Jandy says:

    NMR ~ Tommy Toughnuts, I have to remember that one, I’m going to “borrow” it!

    Lots of new faces. Hopefully, the texture of this forum remains the same.

  148. LuckyNKentucky says:


    DK is the tweeting and retweeting champ. Plus he bought a match and a refinery of gasoline with the Wakeup Call this AM. Kudos to Mr. K.

    DK: Sadly, those RTs are necessary. The attention span on Twitter is amazingly small.

  149. Sheila says:

    Folks…I think Milbury thought he was complimenting Sid when he said he was a “punk.” I listened to some of the tape. Remember, Milbury thinks about as often as we have a solar eclipse. So, looking at who Milbury holds in esteemm, a ‘punk tendency’ = beloved player.

    Regarding the case for Milbury as an idiot: I say Dejan has proven his case with overwhelming evidence.

    Regarding Sid and ‘sandpaper’ on the ice: for every other player, that is considered to be a good thing. Except when it’s Sid…????? Kid can’t win. If he takes up for himself by slashing back, he’s a poor sport; if Bylsma sends out the tough guys to see to business, he has to be ‘taken care of.’

    Geno detractors say he tries to ‘take care of too much’ so he takes bad penalities and opponents use this against him (rewatch 24/7 Boudour briefing). Players can’t win in the public opinion arena.

    Regarding Sid with concussion issues, remember, Malkin has had serious concussions in his history as well. Read back over his info from Russia, it describes how he was in the hospital in Russia for a while with a severe concussion and long recovery. Toews has had at least two concussions, this last one fairly severe. Don’t know why folks focus on Sid as if he’s on life support regarding concussions.

    Every player on the ice is just one concussion away from ending their career. EVERY PLAYER.

    Regarding the body of Milbury’s idiotic comments, I defer to the great orator, Winstin Churchill who said, (paraphrase) “to get into a battle of wits with Milbury is to fight an unarmed opponent.”

  150. Dave says:

    I hope this will finally be enough for everyone in Pittsburgh to Boo him out of town. Never have liked the guy.

  151. Jandy says:

    Sheila, I like the Churchill quote, but we CAN hit him with our shoes, can’t we? ;)

  152. Don says:

    Dan proved himself the bigger man by not stooping to Peters’ level

  153. 1BUCCOFAN says:

    1st round elimination at the hands of the dreaded Philadelphia Flyers. It’s coming more and more into focus everyday! Get ready! It could happen!

  154. Jandy says:

    Good news: from the Pens’ website:

    The Pens are working on the power play at both ends of the ice. Letang is working with the top PP unit, while Sullivan is with the second unit.


  155. LuckyNKentucky says:


    Fortunate this is a blog. You’d be getting hit with a flurry of shoes at this very moment.

  156. JohninOshkosh says:

    I drive to Chicago a lot for business. Often listen to a local sports talk radio station along the way. Their on air personalities are always getting slammed for not talking enough hockey. But, as proven today, nothing seems to stir debate like a good old hockey related discussion. Pittsburgh is definitely a great sports/hockey town.

    I enjoy all the new voices. Very entertaining stuff today. Hope some of you stick around during the Bucco season.

  157. Jandy says:

    Lucky LOLOL!

    OshKoshb’Gosh, you tryin to get rid of me? ;)

  158. [...] de Kovacevic (avec lien vers l’entrevue de Milbury) ici : Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. [...]

  159. Michael Koller says:

    DK- Milbury was a disgrace to the NHL as a coach and GM and still is as an analyst. He shouldn’t be taking shots at Danny B just because he has accomplished more in less time. And the brawl at the end of the game was a total overreaction form the flyers because of a clean hit. Bylsma just tried to send a clear message that Saturday and round 1 will be completely different . Oh, Tony G over Laviolette in 3 rounds max.

  160. JohninOshkosh says:

    Never in a million years,Jandy!

  161. mike says:

    very thin-skinned, hyper-sensitive pens fans.

    brilliant PR by milbury.

    don’t you get it?

    this old-school old fool is loving every minute of this as suckers like dejan go into an apoplectic tizzy over his opinion. do you all honestly care what milbury thinks?

    DK: Haven’t even had first coffee to come close to apoplectic. But I can assure you — and your reading awareness would confirm this — is that my primary issue is with this individual being part of the NHL’s national scene. It’s right up there in black and white.

  162. LuckyNKentucky says:


    DK is fearless. Not a sucker. Consider a large mass of shoes coming your way with pointed heals.

  163. Jandy says:

    mike…thin skinned? nah….maybe it’s more about being the brightest crayon in the box :p

    BTW, Mike Milbury and “thinks” don’t belong in the same sentence. Just sayin…

    OshKoshB’Gosh ~just messing with you! ;)

  164. Jandy says:

    ROFL Lucky! be warned, I wear size 9 wide!

  165. NMR says:


    DK’s Rt’s are for his followers. This article is getting play from a lot of other sources.

    It’s a compliment for a couple paragraphs in the guys side project blog to be getting that much attention…especially without pulling a Milbury.

    It has also been shocking(insert sarcasm) to see the new names are primarily supporting Milbury.

    As they say, you are the company you keep. See you guys back here tomorrow morning after the neandrethals crawl back into their cave.

  166. mike says:

    You don’t have to worry. He won’t be on NBC too much longer. He’ll take over Cherry’s job at Coaches Corner soon enough. Then, idiot is just the theme of the show.

  167. HilaryR says:

    I was hugely offended by Milbury’s comment for Bylsma to “take off his skirt” and get into it with Laviolette!! The female gender is not inferior and comments insinuating so should not be taken lightly. I’d gladly take on Milbury any day, WHILE wearing a skirt, and I most defintely will be writing to NBC about this. I’m a huge hockey fan, raised playing and respecting the sport, and comments like that belittle my interest and importance. Idiot indeed,

  168. Jandy says:

    NMR, I knew I liked you for some reason ;)

  169. Ron Buchner says:

    I’ve stopped taking comments from this lame-brained clown seriously long,long ago.

    How this dim-witted blowhard manages to keep his job is completely unfanthimable.

    Just add this series of “commentary” to an extensive list of moronic diatribes that will surely ensure his place at the top of the list of laughing stock broadcasters.

  170. LuckyNKentucky says:


    Ditto Jandy.

  171. Chip's O'Houy says:

    NBC should take a page from the Golf Channel. A few years ago the GC suspended Kelly Tilghman, 2 weeks, for her remarks about then World #1 golfer Tiger Woods. Kelly also made a public apology to the fans, Tiger and the Golf Channel.

  172. Mathieu says:

    Bien dit! Je suis tout a fait d’accord avec vous au sujet que Mike Milbury est un idiot! Ici à Montréal (Canada) nous endurons sur les ondes de la CBC depuis trop longtemps un autre idiot du même genre: Don Cherry! Donc je félicite votre courage pour dire tout haut ce que tout le monde pense!

    En passant la mise en échec de Joe Vitale sur Daniel Briere était parfaitement légale. Je ne comprend pas pourquoi les Flyers et Peter Laviolette étaient frustrés!

    Bonne journée!

    DK: Merci!

  173. Larry says:

    You do realize this is the same Mike Milbury who traded Roberto Luongo & Olli Jokinen for Mark Parrish & Oleg Kvasha, as well as Jason Spezza & Zdeno Chara for Alexei Yashin. Is it any wonder he’s an idiot?

  174. Jandy says:

    Chips, I agree, but don’t hold your breath, you might turn blue!

  175. CWalton_67 says:

    So apparently Milbury has apologized to Dave Morehouse? But not to HCDB or Sid? It speaks quite poorly of NBC that they employ this guy. But this is not really a suprise considering others in their employ…

  176. LuckyNKentucky says:


    Welcome to the AHL!

  177. Dejan Kovacevic says:

    Just want to let you all know there’s a new thread about Milbury’s apology. Might also provide a welcome opportunity to start with a clean sheet of comments.

  178. Jandy says:

    Mathieu, English please?

    Hilary, indeed, welcome =)

    CWalton, do you have a link for this information, please? =)

    Larry, yes we do! that’s why we’re going to throw shoes at him! ;)

  179. Jandy says:

    DK, not until we hit 200!

  180. Jandy says:

    Well, that “apology” reeks. A 2-line “statement” that isn’t really a statement. C’mon, Mike, you gotta do better than that!

  181. JohninOshkosh says:

    I agree with you Mathieu. I think Pedro Alvarez should start in Indy too.

    DK: I liked the part about abolishing property taxes.

  182. pensfan says:

    Hey, read this…. Crosby responded to ‘the idiot’.

    We need to get the word out to the NHL and NBC to get rid of ‘the idiot’.

  183. Jandy says:

    John, I don’t understand French, but I don’t see “Pedro ALvarez” in there.
    I am gathering some about idiots and woman and the hit by Vitale on Briere being legal.
    I have some latin background, but that’s it!

  184. Jandy says:

    pensfan, thanks for the link! Crosby really should have remained silent, but he did very well with what he said.

  185. RedLine says:

    I don’t agree with Milbury’s comments but I defend his right to say it. However opinions are very seldom backed up by facts. But just to point out how old-fashioned Milbury’s comments are about skirts, how many girls/women today do wear skirts?

  186. Jandy says:

    CWalton, thanks! it’s obvious Ray Shero had something to say about Milbury’s comments being in appropriate, as the article mentions it. Good for Shero!

  187. Canadian says:

    Sometimes as a Canadian Hockey (NHL) (Pens) fan, I have no choice but to watch some games on NBC .. yuk!! I do my best when Mike” The Idiot” comes on to change the channel before I puke. NBC has the worst coverage and The worst Anal-yst when it comes to Mike the Idiot, must be a lot of fun living under the same roof as this guy. Mike for a dad that stepped on the ice at his sons game, so his son did not get caught up in a fight must so embarrassing for your son. He will be pick on for the rest of his life because of you. Mike who ever told you that people thought Crosby was sweet? He plays the game with grit and determination, slashing and trashing happens every game. And Crosby does not need to be a gentleman on the ice. When it comes to his public appearance and the respect he shows to the darn media, others around him, it shows he is sweet(the term you used)and a professional. Crosby because of all the jealousy since he showed some skill at an early age has been plagued by the hate. He can handle it and I say he pays no attention to it. Is Hartnell a punk after his fight with Kunitz a few weeks ago, when he cried to the ref that his hair was pulled?? All the trash happens every game and we do not see half of what goes on, it’s hockey. NBC do the right thing and kick Mike to the curb, no other sport would put up with this. Whether he is at his job at NBC or out in public doing interviews, I would think you would want your employees to represent you in a good way.

  188. HilaryR says:

    Thanks Jandy and LuckyNKentucky for the welcome :) I’m proud to join the ranks of intelligent women Penguins and hockey fans who voices can be heard and respected.

    And thankyou DutchPensFan for the link! I’ll make sure to write them.

    DK: Welcome, Hilary. No skirts necessary.

  189. Jay Walker says:

    The charges against Milbury were dropped because of insufficient evidence, but hey, why let ethical reporting get in the way of a controversial story?

    DK: Please. Mentioned that time and again yesterday. If it makes you feel better, I’ll stick a link up there again in the main piece.

    If you put yourself in a position to get charged with something like that, it’s enough to be fired from most places. Not talking about the law here. Talking about private entities.

  190. NMR says:

    Jandy – I beleive Mathieu says that he agrees Millbury is an idiot and that the CBC(Canadian Broadcasting Corp) has one of their own(guess who).

    He also thinks the Vitale hit was perfectly legal and doesn’t know why the Flyers and their coach are upset.

    He also stated that Pittsburgh is a far better city than Montreal with prettier women and better hockey fans.

    Ok, maybe I fudged that last line a bit…

  191. Jandy says:

    NMR thanks!
    LOL I like your fudge ;)

  192. Jandy says:

    Hilary, please make it a habit to come back. This place is the best! DK’s lunatics are awesome :)

    Redline, you may defend Milbury’s right to say what he thinks, but the media is not the place to say inflammatory remarks if you want to keep your job. You try it and you’d be fired so quick, you’d be dizzier than Danny Briere! (Go ahead, tell me that was classless)

  193. Jenna D. says:

    I always love articles like this. I love someone saying how idiotic Milbury ’cause there couldn’t be a truer statement in hockey broadcasting.

  194. Rayni_9 says:

    I’d like to take off my skirt and kick Milbury’s ***…..oh wait….since I am a woman that would cause a WHOLE other kind of commotion. ANYWAY…..he is an idiot. I have been watching hockey since my Mom put my baby seat in front of the TV and my kids have been raised the same way. My 8 year old daughter tried to start a “fight” with a Flyers Fan (who was in his early 20′s) last season….hmm….I guess she has some “punk” in her… never occured to her that the kid was over twice her age and size. She just saw his jersey and wanted to tell him what she thought of his team. I was so proud…*sniff* She told him that the Flyers suck (I told her that wasn’t really nice as she was only 8, but I guess she could have said worse…lol) and that Hartnell was a goon – that’s my girl. Luckily the kid thought she was funny.

    We come from a long line of female hockey/Pens fans and don’t need to be insulted by an idiot. I bet my now 9 year old could take him…..AND she LOVES to wear shoes with heels ;-)

  195. Jandy says:

    Rayni, let us know what town/city you hail from, so Biz can add you to the list of DK’s lunatics :)

    Sounds like your daughter is a real s-punky girl!

  196. Rayni_9 says:


    We are from Pittsburgh. I am tempting fate by taking s-punky to the Pens/Flyers game on Saturday. Hoping she doesn’t get us in any trouble….lol! Let me tell you, she is a real piece of work! When we were watching James Neal’s NHL36 episode there was the one part where the announcer said “Now the time has come for James Neal to do what he does best” She looked at me and said “Do his hair?” The first few minutes of the show focused on his hair…made sense to her :)

  197. Jandy says:

    Rayni LOL! S-punky must take after her Momma ;)

  198. Jandy says:

    Bizrow, another one for ya friend :)

  199. Justin says:

    NBC has made many hiring fails lately when it comes to sports broadcasting. Those that watch golf may know Johnny Miller quite well, probably “love” him, and can probably count on one hand the number of positive comments he makes during a weekend of coverage. I guess at least he won something during his career, but still a struggle to watch. Mike Milbury, Pierre McGuire, and just about everyone on NBC’s NHL broadcasts (minus Doc…God bless him for being able to still love the Buccos) are like nails on a chalkboard. Basically just washed up hockey people that have been rejected by other regional networks and hockey organizations for one reason or another. Steigy and Bob are like Bob Prince and Myron Cope compared to these jokers.

  200. Frank says:

    Now comes the expected apology when people like Milbury say something stupid…

    “I reached out to David Morehouse and the Penguins about the comments I made yesterday on Philadelphia radio. In hindsight, I realize what I said was inappropriate and wrong, and I want to apologize to the Penguins organization and their fans.”

    If Milbury is starting to hand out apologies, I think he should start with the Islanders fan base….all six of them.

  201. Not that Crazy says:

    All of the things that Mr. Milbury said are actually what he believes. OK, it is his opinion and he is entitled to it. He apologized this afternoon. Is that a true apology? HECK NO! Is he truly sorry? HECK NO! Do I have to accept the apology? HECK NO! He was taking some heat from the top offices and wanted to keep is job.

    Mr. Milbury needs to apply for a job at the Flyer’s front office. I’m sure he will be a glove fit for the Flyer “Broad Street Bullies” philosophy and temperament of the entire organization.

    As for the Flyers, they are still living the “Broad Street Bully” mentality. Bullies never take responsibility for their actions and are appalled when the tables turn on them.

    Each time Pittsburgh goes to Philadelphia the fans chant “Crosby Sucks” and other such nonsense. I certainly hope Pittsburgh doesn’t stoop to that level. Please don’t throw things on the ice but sit back relax and enjoy the game. However, a white towel that said PHILADELPHIA CRIERS in orange and black letters would bring a smile to my face.

  202. Jared says:

    I think we can pretty much all agree that calling Milbury an idiot is an offense to idiots everywhere. I mean, seriously…in 2003, he gave up Brad Isbister and Raffi Torres for Janne Niinimaa…that same year, he gave Chris Osgood and a 3rd round pick to St. louis for Justin Papineau and a 2nd rounder (he used ti to pick Jeremy Colliton)…in 1998, he gave up J.P. Dumont and a 5th round pick for some guy named Dmitri Nabokov (he only ended up playing 30 games, and scored 13 points)…in 2000, he drafted Rick DiPietro (in front of guys named Heatley and Gaborik)…he gave up Bryan McCabe, Todd Bertuzzi and a 3rd rounder for an aging Trevor Linden…he gave up Zdeno Chara, Bill Muckalt, and a 1st rounder (who turned out to be Jason Spezza) up for Alexei Yashin…then compounded his stupidity by signing Yashin to a contract that ran through the end of time…he gave up Olli Jokinen AND Roberto Luongo for Mark Parrish and Oleg Kvasha. Let’s face it, a very strong case can be made that Mike Milbury is singlehandedly responsible for the mess that the Islanders are just now starting to dig themselves out of.

    But to the larger point…I find myself wondering if the NHL is consciously trying to pattern itself after professional wrestling. Obviously, that wouldn’t be good for the game…but it might be good for the bottom line. And when you think about it…there’s a lot of “us vs. them” characterization…bordering on “good guys vs. bad guys.” Referees who comedically are looking the wroong way or are otherwise distracted when the “bad guys” do something underhanded…or who ignore it when they do see it…all in an effort to create an emotional response among the fans who are watching. Over the top commentators who fan the flames of angst by being, well, goofy and inflammatory. Individual personalities within the game that boder on caricatures and create overblown sideshows of their own…guys like, say, Scott Hartnell.

  203. Frank says:

    And Flyer fans call Crosby a “whiner” and “crybaby”, meet Danny Briere…

    “Everybody knows the intent. He was obviously trying to hurt me.”

    Again, it was a clean hit. Vitale couldn’t throw a more text book hit. If a guy like Schenn dished out that type of hit to Crosby, there would be absolutely no problem in my book. The blatant cross-check from behind and well away from the play is a completely different story. For those who are unable to see the difference between the two hits, I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe watching a little more hockey would help?

    I’m sure Hartnell was even rolling his eyes after hearing Briere’s comments. People hate Hartnell, but I would absolutely love to have the guy on my team. I would gladly take his physical play, 36 goals, 30 assists and +21 over Tyler Kennedy’s monotonous toe-drag and shoot from 30-feet out and hitting shins and logos.

  204. Jack says:

    I’m not going to be an apologist for Milbury, but I think it’s more a case of stupidly talking smack and (unbelievably) not realizing that his comments would instantly make headlines than anything else.

    Milbury has a clownish personality and I think that the worst of that burst to the forefront in this discussion. It’s worth noting that it was Milbury who was beside himself between periods after Letang was concussed by Nystrom, practically demanding at least a 5 game suspension for a hit in which Nystrom never even tried to play the puck.

    It was good ‘ol Edzo who didn’t even think that the play was worthy of a penalty.

    And Milbury was pretty quick with an apology. No such luck with Edzo.

    I didn’t like any of Milbury’s recent comments – at all. But I’ve seen him present a completely different point of view regarding Crosby and the Pens repeatedly during games that NBC has recently televised. I have more of a problem with Edzo overall than Milbury.

  205. scapper says:

    Mathieu also congratulates DK on having the courage to say what everyone thinks anyway about Milbury.

    Should have seen me in Paris last summer…sometimes they even understood what I was trying to say.

  206. FightingtheChristianTaliban says:

    Well Dejan you have some valid points.
    But when you brought the scurrilous 12 yr old boy bit you lost every ounce of credibility.
    Try again. This time do not sink lower than the person you are going after.

    DK: How do you see it that way? Why would that topic be off-limits?

  207. Leah Backus says:

    Mathieu…Bienvenue! Je suis d’accord qui a frappé Vitale sur Brière était tout à fait légal. Blessures Brière? Une ecchymose. S’il est que délicate, peut-être qu’il ne devrait pas être en jouant au hockey, pas vrai? (S’il vous plaît pardon si j’ai fait des erreurs. Mon français est rouillé.)

    Lucky…I’m reporting for duty with my size 9 spike heels. Someone’s gonna lose an eye.

  208. HilaryR says:

    Thank you also DK for the warm welcome! I am a long time reader and I’m glad to be part of the conversation and online Pens community.
    I have to say what inspired to join in for the first time, apart from my outrage as a woman, was my fierce protective attitude about what a good man the Penguins have in Dan Bylsma. He believes as do I, that hockey is a microcosm of the real world and he showed that it’s possible to stay focused and composed in crazy situations. He should not be disparaged for this. Assuming of course that being compared to a woman was disparaging.

  209. Jackagain says:

    Here is what The Hockey Writers think of Mike Milbury:

  210. pghboyinca says:

    D.K. , What am I missing? Someone is saying that after Milbury goes on an idiotic rant that you referencing the fact that he was charged with assaulting a 12 year old is off limits? #1 It is a verifiable fact that has been widely reported. #2 in a journalisic sense it lends credibility to the debate on his mental state. And most importantly #3 what size dress does little Millbury wear since Daddy has to come assault the 12 year old on the other team? For guy who preaches toughness and accountabiity that is the height of hypocrisy. And the bottom line on Millbury’s intellect is that he traded Zdano Charra and the pick that became Jason Spezza for Alex Yashin. That alone speaks to his mental state.

  211. Lump says:

    A few points:

    First: you can’t insist on Milbury’s right to his opinion while denying everyone else the right to an opinion about his opinion. That makes no sense.

    Second: I don’t think anyone’s mentioned it yet, but I’m still steamed at Milbury’s “Eurotrash” comment during the Olympics. I remember hearing people say that was Canada’s first win over Russia in an Olympic game in 50 years (correct me if I’m wrong), but he takes the occasion of one Canadian win to call the Russian style “Eurotrash.” He’s nowhere near Don Cherry in this respect, but clearly he’s got issues.

    Third: No one claims the Penguins are angels. Both the Pens and Flyers were getting in their shots. The problem is with people who think the same cheapshots are “gutless” for the Penguins but show “character” for the Flyers. How are the Pens and their fans the biased ones here?

  212. Leah Backus says:

    pghboyinca….GAH!! I wish you’d read all the comments first before posting. Or maybe you did? Why, why, why do people have to resort to equating being female with being weak? Why not just flat-out call Milbury’s kid weak if that’s what you think? (Leaving aside the issue of insulting someone’s child which is never cool.) I’m really asking you, consider what you’re saying. Would you insult a gay person or a black person the way you just insulted women? Please don’t sink to Milbury’s level.

  213. Jandy says:

    Mr. Christian Fighting the taliban…err….whatever….since you can’t answer DK, maybe you can answer the rest of us on this blog. Why is the boy off limits? The boy was harrassing/fighting with Mike’s son. On a hockey rink. That’s what hockey players do, right? So, did it make Mike feel big and strong to take the kid by the scruff of the neck and haul him off his son? (Actually i feel sorry for Mike’s son, he’ll be forever apologizing for what an IDIOT his father is). it’s hockey, let ‘em play, right? Don’t be a whiner. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it, right? But wait….that the Flyers, they can dish it but can’t take it. Obviously Mike can dish it, I highly doubt he can take it. So, c’mon…give us your elite wisdom. We await with bated breath!

  214. Jandy says:

    Leah, get your high heels out…LOL!
    OK I’m going to shower and watch the game…enjoy, everyone :)

  215. Sporter says:

    The Pens-Flyers game on Sunday was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. I have grown to have such distaste for NBC’s analysts that I swear I will never watch another broadcast again! I am not even going to touch Milbury or Roenick because we all know the calibre of those two, but Pierre McGwire…the guy had me so insensely frustrated that if I could have lifted my TV by myself I would have hurled it out the window. The guy is a complete tool and should join the UFC.

  216. jreb87 says:

    Four years ago, my family & I moved back to the Pittsburgh area and started to catch up with my PENS again. In the 4 years since we returned, we have watched the games on FSN (Root), Versus (NBCSports), and even NBC. We have gotten to the point that when either of the last 2 channels carry the game we know we are going to hear a game pretty much full of Pens-bashing (usually by Milbury). I can understand that Milbury was put there to be the “bad cop”, but sometimes it just gets to be too much. I hope NBC will look into Milbury’s comments some more and take appropriate action.

    Also, as to the Sid/concussion statement, in 1997 my husband sustained a grade 2 concussion due to an auto accident. Our lives (mine, my hubby’s, and even our children) since that time have been turned upside down. Sid is very lucky to be able to return to his “job”. My husband could not and will never be able to return due to the lasting issues with his concussion. I hope and pray that Milbury never has to suffer through one. If he would, I don’t think he would joke much about it then.

  217. Ed says:

    Maybe Milbury suffers from post concussion syndrome.

    As far as all the nonsense about how the game would turn to crap if you take out the nastiness…the best hockey I’ve ever seen played is during the olympics. Of course, the talent is concentrated, but if you clean up the game, over time the style and quality of the average player will improve.

  218. ryn says:

    Milbury is a joke, but we always knew that. There’s the evidence from his playing days (assaulting fans), and evidence from his GM days (really long list here, look into the Yashin deal in particular, it’s like he was conciously trying to bury the Islanders for a generation). The new piece of news is that the NBC hockey broadcast is not an appropriate way to grow the sport. Journalists on the bench!? Milbury in the booth!? He’s an ugly buffoon desperately trying to emulate Grapes and failing miserably, principally because the man has no love.

  219. letsjustsayImaPensfan says:

    Milbury should be fired for opening his pie hole. He is a total tool bag to listen to and is so against the penguins and every move. While he did apologize to the Penguins and their fans he never directly apologized to Bylsma and Crosby for his disgusting comments. Really I didn’t think it was ok to make fun of anyone who has or had a concussion but maybe I am wrong. ughh he disgusts me

  220. Mark Messore says:


  221. pghboyinca says:

    Leah, get off your high politicallly correct horse. I was referencing his quote about Bylsma and how hypocritical it was in relation to his actions. If you can’t comprehend the difference in generating a thought and making light of someone else’s hypocrisy you should not be policing chat boards.

  222. Praveen says:

    Nothing this idiot Milbury can do can top the damage he did as GM of the Islanders. He destroyed that franchise.

  223. Brian McClafferty says:

    Grow a pair. The Pens are widely regarded as the dirtiest team in the League. Crosby is a great player; too bad he’s also a complete punk. I expect the Flyers will be headhunting for him. Let’s just see how tough your guys really are.

  224. David says:

    Can someone tell me the NBC Sports email or number or address? They do a good job hiding it. Thanks.

  225. Chris K says:

    Love the article. If NBC would replace Milbury and Reonick I think the hockey world will grow… Could you believe the argument they had over the Nystrom hit? The way they were talking over one another shows just how stup JR is, and how bullheaded Milbury is.

    Quick question… Does Pierre McGuire kiss the players after he interviews them? I don’t even stare into the eyes of my girlfriend like that.

  226. Margie F says:

    If the NHL and NBC wants to promot hockey, they should hire Mike Lange. If all commentators understood and loved the game of hockey as much Mr. Lange, there would never be any controversy with something an annoucer said. Mr. Lange is colorfully, enthusiastic and honest. He praises every good play and player. If he says something negative, you have gone too far. If I can’t watch he game on TV, I watch it through Mike Lange’s eyes.

  227. Rayni_9 says:


    Yes, she does take after her Momma :) Great game last night, I will be there screaming tomorrow night! S-punky the Flyer killer is staying home to rest up for Saturday ;-)

  228. CJ Hammel says:

    NBC has long been known to choose their announcers and commentators based on their political leaning, and NBC Sports is no different (Bob Costas, call your office, Bob Costas) It’s no secret NBC is partial to the left as demonstrated by the CEO of GE Jeffrey Imelt who owns NBC and Obama Administration appointee as its “job’s czar” (who ironically ships thousands of GE jobs to China). That said, Milbury must definitely be a “lefty” to be able to maintain his job at NBC with those comments against Crosby and the Pens. Either that or Crosby, Malkin and Bylsma are members of The Tea Party.

    Paul Revere

  229. Mike Litzenberger says:

    I can’t believe that you mention Milbury without explaining the hi-lite of his career

    Check out YouTube for Milbury going into the stands at Madison Square Garden and beating a fan with his shoe.

    Now that is class.

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