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Final: Diamondbacks 5, Pirates 1


Looking ahead to first pitch …

Game: Pirates (3-6) vs. Arizona Diamondbacks (6-3)

Time: 9:40 p.m.

Site: Chase Field, Phoenix

TV, radio: Root Sports, 93.7 The Fan

Here is the live box score. Rob Biertempfel brought proper identification to the desert.

And here is the Pirates’ lineup …

  1. Alex Presley, LF
  2. Jose Tabata, RF
  3. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  4. Casey McGehee, 1B
  5. Neil Walker, 2B
  6. Rod Barajas, C
  7. Josh Harrison, 3B
  8. Clint Barmes, SS
  9. Erik Bedard, LHP


  1. Well the left, right platoon stays in effect tonight with McGehee and Harrison inserted into lineup. I believe the Buccos scored 4 runs on Saunders the last time they faced him, would love for Bedard to receive that type of run support tonight.

    It is a beautiful 80 degrees here in Arizona a perfect night for baseball. Getting ready to head over to Chase Field. Let’s get number 2 in a row tonight!

    Look forward to reading all the analysis later…Let’s go Bucs!

  2. AJ Burnett throwing for Indy tonight and so far in the first has given up two hits with the latter a two run shot to former Pirate Brad Eldred. Maybe the team can take its time with calling him up with our starting five doing a very nice job out the chute.

  3. Bring home a W JRay

  4. @JRay

    Enjoy the games, hope they bring a sweep for you!!

  5. Hey 2012:

    Any over/under for us w/o Pedro in the lineup? :-)

  6. JohninOshkosh

    Wigan on 2-1 to pull 5 points ahead of the Bolton

  7. JAL

    Ha! Very difficult to pick up 3 points at the Emirates. Same kind of finish for Wigan as last spring. Maybe, I’ll continue to get to see them on FSC next season. Hope you have a link about it tomorrow!

  8. I can’t believe the Nats aren’t getting sellouts for Strasburg already.

    I’d hoped that Jamo & Cole would be must see events on the regular and lead to higher payroll in 2014 & beyond.

  9. AJ Burnett tonight for Indy vs. Toledo: 4 innings, 5 ER, 4 BB, 0 K, 2 HR’s. Sounds like midseason form to me. It’s 9-1 Toledo. Jamie Farr is thrilled.

  10. Over / Under Josh Harrison hits is 1.5.
    What’ll ya have, What’ll ya have!!

  11. @Playoffs

    I’ll take the over.

  12. @Milo

    I like the way you think

  13. @Milo

    How many units??

    2012 RESULTS
    RobertoForever +20 units

  14. @Playoffs

    I guess I’ll go 20. I love that kid’s energy.

  15. @Milo

    It’s in the notebook!!

  16. 2 Sawbucks on the over. Think he will do well for JRay.

  17. Killing me though, 2012. That bet is close to a push.

  18. @John

    Love the lingo, you got it!!

  19. @John

    Luckily this is all for fun.

  20. A buddy was in Vegas over Easter weekend. He put $100 on the Phillies over the Pirates on the Easter Sunday. He said they had no chance against Vance Worley. He checked the score before he went to lunch with his family & with the Phils up 4-1 late he felt safe. He never checked on it again & went to cash his ticket the next day. I wish I could have seen his face.

  21. @Milo

    Unfortunately, I can easily imagine the look on his face!

  22. @Oshkosh

    I laughed at him when he told me. You don’t bet against the home team.

  23. Wait a minute. The D’backs brought The Mighty Goldschmidt to the majors from AA ? Don’t they know that’s not allowed ?

  24. Me thinks I hexed J-Hay. My bad.

  25. Flipping around the MLB package for a moment. Wonder what is up with Lincecum. Philly put a 4 spot up on him in the first. Should have signed an extension last winter, Timmy.

  26. Bedard stayed away from the double A’er Goldschmidt.

  27. Friggin walks are killer

  28. Funny how our “speed” guys keep getting thrown out on the bases, but our better “defensive” catcher can’t catch or throw.

  29. Yeah, but our speed guys can’t get good jumps to save their lives. The slow mo actually looked like he was safe, though, but the SS blocked the ump from the play so he just called him out.

  30. They just keep throwing slower and slower stuff up their and we can’t hit anything. Outside of that fluke first inning of 3 hits and a run, being shut down AGAIN by a non-power pitcher.

  31. My eyes are bleeding from watching the “speed” of Barajas getting that double – barely.

  32. Three pitches by Meek and it’s 4-1. Bedard after tonight will be 0-3 with a 2.65 ERA, but during his games the Pirates offense has only given him 2 runs total of support. He is this year’s Paul Maholm award winner for no run support.

  33. Hey Hey Pay-dro gets a cameo!!!

  34. Slow bender on outside corner will get Pay-dro

  35. and doesn’t strikeout!!

  36. Ump doesn’t call the two benders strikes, so they went with the fastball and he groundsout. At least its not a K.

  37. Good night all. Taking my make believe bat and ball and calling it a night. Don’t expect much the rest of the next two innings. I hope to awake surprised to see that they came back and won. Till tomorrow night, have a good one!

  38. Another malaise game.

  39. JRay sorry you had to see this one. Hope they come through tomorrow. G’night peeps.

  40. @ playoffs – me too.

    Well just getting back and the first thing the wife tells me is boy do the Pirates stink, not if I wanted a reminder.

    The good – Andrew McCutchen came over during bp and signed my baseball which started the day on a great note, really classy guy. The Pirates are a great hitting club in bp hitting off Leyva and Silverio and yes Alvarez hit one to center about 450 high off the scoreboard, how he lacks squaring the ball up in games is a wonder.

    The bad – Bedard zero command which was maddening to sit through, Meek getting roughed up again is it me or has he lost it? Outside of two foul ball shots by Cutch and Barajas the bats pretty lifeless and a wasted opportunity in the first with Saunders struggling, poor AB by JHay in my opinion.

    I saw Neal Huntington during bp by the cages and so wanted to scream at him to do something to add to this lineup as he was all smiles before the game.

    Lastlly a little surprised by the small crowd announced at 17,000 and Phoenix has a team coming off of a division title and is probably a contender, witnessing the excitement last year in Pittsburgh at PNC just reminds me how ready the Bucco fan base is aching for a winner.

    Hopefully a better outcome tomorrow as we need to just survive this brutal April schedule.

    DK: JRay, this is great. Why not put it up under Wakeup Call? A lot of folks won’t have seen the game.


  41. Why would Huntington be smiling, did the revenue sharing checks come in from MLB? There would be nothing to smile about if you wee hr G.M. of this team.

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