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On location: Pirates 5, Rockies 1, Game 2


Looking ahead to first pitch …

Game 2, doubleheader: Pirates (7-10) vs. Colorado Rockies (9-8)

Time: 3:55 p.m.

Site: PNC Park

TV, radio: Root Sports, 93.7 The Fan

Here is the live box score. Karen Price has her Game 2 story written already.

And here is the Pirates’ lineup …

  1. Alex Presley, LF
  2. Nate McLouth, RF
  3. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  4. Garrett Jones, 1B
  5. Pedro Alvarez, 3B
  6. Yamaico Navarro, 2B
  7. Clint Barmes, SS
  8. Rod Barajas, C
  9. Charlie Morton, RHP


  1. the bucs had better come out angry for round 2 and beat the (blank) out of the baseball! oh yea..this is the pirates…

    sorry…i am just SO frustrated…

  2. Two catchers?!!?

    Who is in centerfield?

  3. If McCutcheon had stolen . . . . . . .

  4. Quick turnaround on this one. How’s ground Chuck’s sinker looking early. I see he has given up a couple hits already including a double.

  5. Navarro an absolute walks machine!

  6. I said it last night and I will say it again…can’t wait to see Fryer or Sanchez! Barajas has more awful AB’s in key situations than any player I have watched.

  7. I understand Pirates doubleheaders have replaced waterboarding at Gitmo.

  8. 2nd and 3rd, nobody out, and they don’t score, mostly because Rod Barajas can’t hit a ground ball or get a ball into the outfield.

  9. Iwabaranitzellbay

  10. Barajas pops up again for the 2nd time in two nights with a runner on 3rd and less than 2 outs.

    Well, at least he throws out more baserunners than Doumit.
    What . . . . lower % you say?

    At least he gives a pretty target behind the plate!

  11. Memo to Neal Huntington: Our starting pitchers have been staked a two run lead once this season…our SP ERA is currently 2.56, can you get the team A BAT!!!!

  12. 2 doubleplays in 3 innings——go get ‘em, Ground Ball Charles (it’s what his mother calls him)!!

  13. JRAY3…1 bat isn’t going to do it…but it would be a good start.

  14. I’ll say this, I am certainly no longer complaining about the trade of McLouth. Wow has he busted hard.

  15. FYI for the tech team DK, the link to “Sports” on the top of the page is currently redirecting me to the home page instead. Don’t know if this is a problem for everyone.

  16. Another strong start by a Bucco starting pitcher, we have actually pitched well enough to be atop the Central.

    A statement of some sort is needed, Clint needs to replace Ritchie for no other reason than a different voice or approach or way of looking at hitting!

  17. And Pop Up Barajas goes quietly again…

  18. If I keep betting the under, I’m going to be a 1%-er.

  19. I don’t know why you guys keep busting on Ritchie . . . .

    . . . . . even Michelangelo couldn’t carve a masterpiece if all he was given was balsa wood

    Pirates big power acquisition this winter was Rod Barajas.

    Balsa wood!

  20. The AP opening game 1 wrap: “The Colorado Rockies needed seven innings to get a hit and only pushed a runner to third base three times. Against the Pittsburgh Pirates, that’s more than enough.”

    Isn’t that the sad truth.

    Nice escape by Morton…time for a wake up call OFFENSE!

  21. Six of our nine starters are hitting .170 or lower

  22. Alex Presley has a 10 game hitting streak.

  23. A lost ball in the sun results in an RBI double for McLouth…take it anyway you can!

  24. That’s it. That’s been it all along. The setting sun.

  25. And than Cutch with an RBI fly that the OF has difficulty picking up in the sun, maybe we should move our home game start time 4:00 EST!

  26. God gets involved in the Pirate game!

    The sun blinds Gonzalez on Nate’s popup to left and Presley scores.

    Double and RBI for Nate! 1 — 0 Bucs!

    Now McCutch hits it in the sun to left and it falls for a single with Nate scoring.

    2 — 0 Bucs!!! Thank you, God!!!

    Only the supernatural can cause the Bucs to hit!!!

  27. Here comes the sun
    do do do do
    Here comes the sun
    and I say it’s alright

  28. If you’ve ever watched batting practice before a 7:00 game from the leftfield bleachers, you know exactly what Cargo is going through.

  29. @22

    One of my all time favorite songs by the forgotten Beatle.

  30. GI Jones to Clint Hurdle: “Sorry about the base running gaffe how about you don’t worry about it and I’ll just circle the bases”…..a crooked number half inning – SWEET!

  31. Clint Hurdle should take Garrett Jones out and bench him more often!! 3 hits and a dinger!

    At least Jones did not get picked off 2nd on his way around the bases!

  32. Home run or nothing here on Home Run Derby.

  33. And than Pedro says BOOM…for his team high 4th of the season….all or nothing with him and the Bucs explode for 5 runs in the 5th!!!

  34. Somebody pinch me I must be dreaming…the largest lead of the season and the first time we have led by 3+ runs!

  35. Pedro——April 25 and already as many homers as ALL last season!!!

    All with no one on base. Hm-m-m-m.

    Still, it makes him a threat instead of just a cheese-eater.

  36. All four of Pedro’s HR’s this year have come on off speed pitches. Why these pitchers throw him anything but fastballs is beyond me. His bat is simply too slow to catch up with big league heaters. Keep throwing him soft stuff guys.

  37. No dreaming. You just bought into the small sample size to soon.

    And Hurdle wasnt mad at Jones, he was playing the percentages.

    And Alvarez has a 2 HR day.

    And the Bucs now have tripled the number of multi-RBI hits.

    Milo, you just lost all your winnings on the under. You are back at zero. But at least you have all those cheap jokes to keep you warm, right?

  38. Now, we can’t say Pedro’s a bust since he’s reached his HR total of last season already. Now, if he COULD somehow hit a fastball, as Milo said, and raise his average .130 or so, we could forget all the bust talk.

  39. @Roberto

    Actually, the number is 7.5. I’m still gold.

  40. I think Alvarez leads the Pirates in HR and RBI. Just reporting…

  41. “His bat is simply too slow to catch up with big league heaters. Keep throwing him soft stuff guys.”

    Milo, surely you jest.

    Hitting for power is ALL about bat speed. All the muscles in the world won’t help unless you harness them into bat speed.

  42. Every hit Pedro has this year has resulted in an RBI

  43. @Nate

    That’s right, all six of them.

  44. A double opposite field for Pedro giving him the multi-hit game, if only he can get into a groove what a difference it would make to the look of the lineup.

  45. Now that was encouraging. It should have been an out, but encouraging nonetheless.

  46. Pedro needs to stop hitting the ball. He needs to start striking out more again! His average is getting to high. *sarcasm*

  47. Baseball Tim Neverett just called Pedro’s 2nd Homerun of the game and 3rd of the day.

    Unfortunately, the ball actually short hopped the fence.

    Let’s all take up a collection and buy him some glasses. (or a muzzle!)

  48. @Groat

    Jones got 7 innings in. Is he on a pitch count ?

  49. @ Groat – living out west the past few years I have had my fill of him calling MWC and Versus games…too funny. Keep up your drive to FIVE HUNDRED!!! Looks like we missed out on an opportunity to achieve that today but if we take this one it takes the sting away and gets us another series win!

  50. And a solid 1-2-3 inning of relief provided by Brad Lincoln. He has looked sharp since his recall from Indy, where he was pitching well in that rotation.

  51. All together now – UNDER.


  52. And on the strength of another solid pitching performance and a five run fifth inning the Bucs take Game 2 of the twin-bill 5-1 and there was noooooo doubt about it!

    For the Pirates they have now won their third series out of six on the season and following the off-day will take their winning streak on to Atlanta for a four game set, site of the infamous 19th inning blown Jerry Meals call.

  53. So what happens when Karstens is healthy, assuming the ERAs all stay sub-3.00 for the other five starters?

  54. Buccos are 5-4 at home this season.

    Pedro is 5 for his last 15 with 2 HR’s with 4 RBI’s and only 3 K’s. Yet cheap shots continue. Love those bitter Pirate fans.

    No errors in the entire 3 game season. Clint Barmes with the #2 web gem tonight.

    Barmes has a 6 for 11 series with a HR and 2 doubles. Yet, what is said about him…..crickets.

    Offense provided 31 hits in the series and 11 runs scored. Pitching allowed only 15 hits in the series, 6 runs scored and 21 K’s vs 4 BB’s.

    Pirates are 5-3 in their last 8, playing 3 teams in the top 15 rankings of all MLB.

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