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Steelers draft guard DeCastro

The Steelers, with the 24th overall pick in the NFL draft, have taken guard David DeCastro, a player projected in many outlets’ top 10.

Feel free to use this for discussion.


  1. JAL says:

    Wonder why he fell to 23, just no one else needed a guard?

    DK: Didn’t do great in bench press at combine. Needs to get stronger.

  2. Eric Bowser says:

    Going into tonight, I figured Dont’a Hightower was the guy but never thought David DeCastro would fall this far and Colbert makes the right decision to draft him.

    And oh my, Hightower goes to Patriots after Steelers.

    DK: You hate to see that, huh?

  3. Milo Hamilton says:

    We’ll see that linebacker tomorrow I suppose. That certainly was a pleasant surprise.

  4. JAL says:


    Thanks, don’t follow the combine so didn’t know that. Getting stronger should not be a problem if he has a good work ethic.

  5. Poz says:

    I don’t know what I like more. Steelers getting DeCastro, or Ravens don’t get Hightower.

    DK: That’s a good point. You KNOW Baltimore was waiting on him.

  6. Eric Bowser says:

    DK – Yeah, I really liked Hightower, hope he does well for Patriots, just not against Steelers. Should be nice matchup with DeCastro possibly for the next decade.

    Steelers have a nice start to their offensive line with Gilbert (LT), DeCastro (LG), and Pouncey (C) but need to get better at RG and RG. I think Steelers will be happy with Foster and Colon for this season, so I’d expect the next few rounds to address RB, ILB, OLB, WR, and CB.

  7. Milo Hamilton says:

    I’ve yet to see the Steelers ask a guard to bench press a defensive tackle.

  8. Eric Bowser says:

    @Poz – lol, worked out well for Steelers.

  9. mayhay22 says:

    Great pick. This will help keep Ben upright and open some holes for whoever starts at RB.

  10. Eric Bowser says:

    Bengals select Wisconsin guard Kevin Zeitler, good pick after they moved down to not pick DeCastro.

  11. JohninOshkosh says:

    My general credo with NFL drafts is if a well regarded OL lineman, especially a guard, is available-you snatch him and try to address your other weaknesses in later rounds.

    This is a good pick, and, just like Mel Kiper, no one can dispute me because no one will ever bother to check in the coming years if what is said tonight ever really meant anything!

    Everyone around here is waiting desperately for the Packers pick. They will break into local programming-I kid you not.

  12. pattonbb says:

    Like I posted on the other page, DeCastro is a good pick I just was really hoping to see Hightower’s name called.

  13. Poz says:

    Name of Packers pick delayed so that Favre can announce he is coming out of retirement.

  14. Milo Hamilton says:

    Per Elias – Brandon Weeden is the oldest player ever drafted. He’ll be 29 by opening day. I wish I was that “old”.

  15. Bizrow says:

    New England got Hightower

    I trust Dejan, I trust Colbert, I don’t trust Slick Frank Coonelly

    Lets see what the Stillers to tomorrow

    Been busy at work, I don’t see where this site has changed, if I read tweets right, there were some changes?

  16. Bizrow says:

    We need like buttons here, one for Poz

  17. Milo Hamilton says:

    Packers select Nick Perry. He’ll wear #666. Sorry.

  18. Bizrow says:

    Steelers made their pick awful quick

    A sign

  19. JohninOshkosh says:

    @Poz, lol

    Sure is a lot easier, and more fun, to follow draft in the internet age. So much information available about each pick and potential pick. I remember years ago my roommate spending big money to get a hold of “underground” mock draft materials. Now, it is all at your fingertips.

  20. Black n Gold (not yellow) says:

    I don’t watch the draft, just not that interesting to me, but I don’t get the Hightower fascination. The Steelers need depth at MLB. He’s NOT a MLB. He’s a 4-3 OLB.

    Great pick by the Steelers! DeCastro is the bulldog-type guard they lacked in the running game last year.

    Later all…

  21. Black n Gold (not yellow) says:

    Have to add that I think Hightower will be a hybrid player in NE.

  22. Milo Hamilton says:

    Tomorrow, the Browns will be looking to draft Brandon Weeden’s replacement.

  23. Eric Bowser says:

    If you are not watching, tune into FLA-NJ …. great finish here as well.

    Panthers tied it at 2

  24. JohninOshkosh says:


    Thanks, I thought it was over already. Wasn’t checking in on it. Wonder if we are seeing the last games of one Marty Brodeur. Wonder if he will decide he has had enough and doesn’t want to deal with the inevitable angry labor negotiations that are sure to follow this season.

  25. aglebagel says:

    Word from Colbert is that he was a player they considered trading up for, so you can’t beat that. It is pretty painful to see a player that you learned to love go to the Pats.

  26. Too bad about Jeff Karstens’ physical problems, but we already have the major’s best pitching staff, including relievers. Who is Karstens going to replace when he does become available again? Morton may never be a regular starter again, but it’s good to know that he’s around. All the Bucs were waiting for was the hitting to come alive, still not potent, but better than before. A couple of bats still aren’t working too well, but we’re winning-that’s all that counts.

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