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Final: Cardinals 10, Pirates 7


Looking ahead to first pitch …

Game: Pirates (10-12) vs. St. Louis Cardinals (14-8)

Time: 8:15 p.m.

Site: Busch Stadium, St. Louis

TV, radio: Root Sports, 93.7 The Fan

Here is the live box score. Rob Biertempfel lands just as the Kings leave with two rather thorough beatings of the Blues over at the Scottrade Center.

And here is the Pirates’ lineup …

  1. Alex Presley, LF
  2. Jose Tabata, RF
  3. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  4. Garrett Jones, 1B
  5. Neil Walker, 2B
  6. Pedro Alvarez, 3B
  7. Clint Barmes, SS
  8. Rod Barajas, C
  9. Charlie Morton, RHP


  1. When the Pirates leave St. Louis on Thursday, they will have played 16 of their 1st 25 games on the road.

    Starting Friday vs. Cincinnati, they will play 18 of their next 25 at PNC Park. I think we’ll have a pretty good handle on this team at the 50 game mark.

  2. I agree Milo.

    I like what CH said about player evaluations also. He mentioned that you can’t get a good grasp as to where a player is until about 100ABs into a season. I don’t expect the offense to follow Earl Weaver’s philosphy of the power of the 3-run HR, but a little here, a little there. If they can get up to about 4 runs a game, they should win more than lose.

  3. How long until Pedro moves up in the lineup again?

  4. KEEP HIM WHERE HE’S AT!!!!!!!!!

  5. Rays 3B Evan Longoria out 1-2 MONTHS with a partially torn left hammy.

  6. That sucks….

  7. Albert Pujols, late of St. Louis: .217 0 HR 4 RBI (20 hits) Signed thru 2021

    Pedro Alvarez .203 5 HR 9 RBI (12 hits) Not Arb Eligible until 2014

  8. I’ll still take my chances will Albert…….

  9. So Adam Wainright has been struggling big time so far this year……..does that mean he turns everything around and throws a shutout against the Bucs tonight?

  10. @Ryan

    At the risk of being slammed as negative and a bad fan, the same thought crossed my mind.

  11. 50-50–can extend the streak or can pitch a very good game. Just have to wait and see.

  12. Tonight’s OVER / UNDER (sorry been away for too long)

    Total # of Pirates Hits
    LINE — 6.5

    What’ll ya have!! What’ll ya have!!

    RobertoForever +20
    Milo Hamilton -20
    JohninOshkosh -20
    JRay3 -20

  13. @Playoffs

    10 fake units on the over!

  14. @Playoffs

    I’ll take 20 on the over. Try to get back to even.

  15. Being cautious tonight. Mindful of JAL’s post #11.

  16. @Milo and @Ryan, I’m cracking up down here in Virginia. The same thought run through my head as well, but I’ve been getting killed recently for the same stuff. Let’s hope we can beat up on him tonight. Make him work and take advantage of mistakes. Let’s Go Bucs!

  17. @Playoffs, I’ll join the fun tonight and go with some make believe mula and go 20 on the over. Thanks.

  18. Just keeping in mind Wainwright won 19 in 2009 and 20 in 2010 with ERAs under 3, just don’t know how far back he is

  19. @Steve

    Like Mr. Tony says, your chances are 50/50. Everything is 50/50.

  20. @Milo:

    Not in Sabermetricland.

  21. @John

    Royals are down 5-0 in Detroit. The Tigers are 30th in this week’s SI rankings.

  22. @Milo:


  23. @Milo- It just seems to be how they perform. Overachieve against the Roy Halladays of the world and can’t hit a AA call up…or a guy with a ERA over 7.

  24. Here’s a pretty good article re: Albert Pujols decline over the past few years as a hitter.

    Goes pretty in depth, but it really didn’t mention much about how much that injury that he had affected him until he got to the point that he couldn’t function with it. Was it more than that?
    How crazy would it be if Pedro ended up with more dingers than The Machine…

  25. Nice rip by Cutch into that right field corner. Wish some guys were on base, though.

  26. Milo Hamilton
    Steve J Smith

    BEST OF LUCK!! (well, fake luck, you get my drift)

  27. Umps killing us already, but there was NO reason for Garrett to reach into the mit to pull the ball out that early. The run already scored.

  28. CB Bucknor may be the worst ball/strike umpire in the major leagues.

  29. Charlie picks up Garrett, but not before we are down 1-0 in the first inning again. Let’s get some good at bats together now and tie it up and hopefully take the lead.

  30. Told ya.

  31. Bucknor is terrible. Never see anyone happy with his constantly inconsistent strike zone. Someone should put him that weird egg shaped elevator they have in the Arch until the game is over.

  32. Totally agree Milo (#28). He is horrible. Ball was way low and outside on Neil. CH is getting tossed from this game, eventually.

  33. …or they could send Bucknor next door to the International Bowling Hall of Fame until the game is over.

  34. Barajas is Spanish for gazelle.


  36. Check that. I just looked at Wikipedia and apparently the bowling HOF moved to Arlington, TX in 2008. First they lose the HOF and then Pujols. Double whammy.

  37. Jose!! Jose!! Jose!!! Jose!!! — Jose!!! — Jose!!! 2-1 Bucs!

  38. Tabby go yard?

  39. Tabby starts his march to the AS game tonight!!!

  40. This inning got ugly quick…..

  41. …until Ground Charles gets the fly out.

  42. No worries……..Go Chuck!

  43. How does Molina steal a base?

  44. What a terrible called strike 3. I’ll take it though.

  45. That Molina stolen base reminded me of one of my favorite all time stats. In the Reds 2 World Series years, 1975 & 1976, Johnny Bench stole 24 bases and was caught only twice. He was also 6 for 7 in the post season. One of the slowest runners I’ve ever seen.

  46. This Barm “E” s signing looks worse and worse every game

  47. @Milo

    Thank you. That is a great stat / fact.

  48. Keep your body in front of the ball. Don’t play it off to the side. If the ball bounces up, its bounces in front of you and you can recover quicker. Geez, they teach you that in little league!

  49. Awesome…….Don’t expect Barmes to not make any errors. His stick better come through now though.

  50. Or his body……..HBP will work

  51. TDB-

    SS’s are taught to round the ball when fielding. I didn’t see the play, but if it were a routine type, they round the ball with momentum moving towards 1B.

  52. That’s 5 errors for Clint Barmes. Ronny Cedeno made 13 all last year.

  53. And Ronny is now a back up….never was a fan of this signing, don’t get me wrong.

  54. Crap-game over

  55. Why is someone warming up if you’re just going to let him take this beating ?

  56. Time for the hook…..

  57. Wainright gives up 3 hits and 2 runs so far…………Ug, I wish I was wrong

  58. 7 pitch 6th for AW. Way to make him work.

  59. @Playoffs

    Was that over/under 6.5 RUNS for St. Louis ?

  60. Wow that homer took about .1 seconds to go yard.

  61. Dear Mr. Huntington,

    Stop acquiring sinker ball pitchers. It’s not working.

    Thank you.

  62. @Milo

    6.5 total hits for the Bucs

  63. I tried.

  64. Man I wish I was in on the Over/Under……

  65. PETE!!!

  66. CB Bucknor clearly stunned by Pedro’s turnaround.

  67. I’ll give these Bucs this-they are fighters. And tonight’s ”wager” is getting good!

  68. pEtE!!

  69. Can’t give it to them though…………

  70. Was that over/under 6.5 Pirates errors ?

  71. Every year as fans we get upset when this team doesn’t go out and sign any GOOD free agents. It is now my belief that they should not sign another free agent ever. EVER.

  72. @Milo

    I’ll use that one for tomorrow.

  73. Holy cats, the O/U should’ve been on errors, not hits.

  74. Wow, Molina steals another??

    The Fort will be starting tomorrow.

  75. How about wasting your only lefty in this game ?

  76. The Cardinals ran a double steal with Yadier Molina at second base and a left-handed hitter at the plate… AND GOT AWAY WITH IT! Embarrassing defense by the Pirates tonight.

  77. @ Milo

    Sorry, you beat me to it.

    G’night fellas. I’ll check the boxscore tomorrow to see if I need to go to Playoff’s window.

  78. Perry Hill where are you???

  79. This series is pretty important and the way these guys are booting the ball around, they’re nowhere ready to make it important.

    Glad to see Alvarez launch another monster bomb to RF.

    Clint Barmes and Rod Barajas… terrible.

  80. Good night everybody, I’d rather pay attention in my marketing class now….yay

  81. 4 run deficit now. Nice to have given the Cards 4 unearned runs. Would be tied. Pedro just comes through with hit and now it is a 3 run deficit. We’d be leading if not for the defense. Hopefully we can get another long ball to tie this up. Positive energy!!

  82. Look at Pedro. Heating up and hitting left handed pitchers as well. 3 steaks already cooked up for him today. Tying run is coming to the place with McGee. Let’s go Bucs!

  83. The magical 7th hit arrives. OVER pays!!!


    RobertoForever +20
    Steve J Smith +20
    Milo Hamilton EVEN
    JohninOshkosh -10
    JRay3 -20

  85. They got 8 hits now, so the over has it for tonight @Playoffs. Still down by three though.

  86. They do have the right part of the order up.

  87. On a silver platter.

  88. Very excited to see Pedro continue to get some quality at bats. They’re not all pretty, but a huge improvement over the last couple weeks.

    Can’t think of another catcher in the game I’d rather have Barajas over. Starting to get frustrated…

  89. Playoffs,

    I guess i am bumme I was at a minor league game or I would have taken 10 on the over. Oh well, i look forward to today’s over/under.

  90. Playoffs,

    I guess i am bummed I was at a minor league game or I would have taken 10 on the over. Oh well, i look forward to today’s over/under.

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