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Final: Orioles 12, Pirates 6


Looking ahead to first pitch …

Game: Pirates (32-29) vs. Baltimore Orioles (36-26)

Time: 7:05 p.m.

Site: Oriole Park at Camden Yards

TV, radio: Root Sports, 93.7 The Fan

Here is the live box score.

And here is the Pirates’ lineup vs. Baltimore RHP Tommy Hunter

  1. Alex Presley, LF
  2. Neil Walker, 2B
  3. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  4. Garrett Jones, DH
  5. Casey McGehee, 1B
  6. Pedro Alvarez, 3B
  7. Jose Tabata, RF
  8. Rod Barajas, C
  9. Clint Barmes, SS

LHP Erik Bedard will start for the Pirates.


  1. The window wishes Charlie Morton a quick and speedy recovery. The window hates it when bad things happen to nice people.

    Tonights’s OVER / UNDER (always just for fun of course)

    Total Innings Pitched by Erik Bedard
    Line is 6.25
    (If Bedard gets 1 out in the 7th inning the OVER wins, anything less the UNDER wins)

    Anyone can play!! Everyone should TRY!! What’ll ya have!! What’ll ya have!!


    JRay3 ** 495
    Nate83 ** 350
    cosmo ** 280
    Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) ** 250
    Slack Boss ** 220
    DemonDachshund ** 200
    Officer Mancuso ** 180
    radio wave ** 180
    JMB ** 150
    JaxBuc ** 150
    Chico ** 110
    Steve J Smith ** 100
    bman ** 100
    JohninOshkosh ** 100
    Evan ** 88
    OZ ** 55
    pattonbb ** 50
    Sir Lochsby ** 50
    jeffsbar ** 50
    MarkV ** 50
    Mlrgenuine ** 40
    Milo Hamilton ** 25
    Bizrow ** 20
    likeabugonarug ** 20
    JD ** EVEN
    NMR ** EVEN
    cmat0829 ** EVEN
    Hal Smith ** -20
    lawnbeaver ** -25
    Stuart ** -25
    stuart66 ** -30
    RobertoForever ** -40
    tmp444 ** -50
    Boise Bucco ** -50
    manny_sanguine ** -60
    Mike C. ** -70
    bob hasis ** -75
    TDB1977 ** -140
    Arriba Wilver ** -230
    GlassHalfFull ** -282.5

    First Place at the end of the season will win:

    Second Place at the end of the season will win:

    Third Place at the end of the season will win:
    (1) 2012 Topps Roberto Clemente Card

  2. I miss the humorous (I really mean that) quips about which reporter was on the beat. Those little cookies always brought a smile to the lips.

  3. We’ve got to get some runs off this guy. His ERA is a microscopic 5.40.

  4. 60 on the over please.

    I just think after 2 short outings by starters they will try to squeeze an extra inning out of Bedard plus there is no need to pinch hit so as long as he hasn’t given up more then 3 earned runs he comes out for the 7th. I also may have no idea what I am talking about and be completely wrong.

  5. 30 on the over please.


  6. @Nate83,

    I like your logic (and mine has lost me 3 of the last 4, lol)

    Great point on the ph.

    @playoffs, I’ll take that high interest loan for the max, and put my 100 units behind nate’s on the over. (I hope they dont start calling me ‘mush’)

  7. Roberto

    Thanks but if you wait a little longer JRay3 will give you a complete thesis on which way to pick tonights over/under. It will be much more statistically sound then my hunch and would probably give you your best chance at getting back on the winning track.

  8. @Playoffs

    I too think they’ll leave Bedard in so long as he isn’t Lincolnesque on the rubber tonite. Please put me in for 22.5 on the over.

  9. Interesting article in USA Today about pitching dominating.

    Kevin Towers looking for an impact and says no one is willing to deal.

  10. @nate

    Haha, Looking at his bankroll, we would all probably do better just max betting behind JRay.

  11. @ Playoffs

    Gut feeling, Bedard tosses a gem against former team, 75 on the over please.

  12. @Playoffs – 70 on the OVER please.

    The Bucs need a good start out of him tonight.

  13. And the article that Roberto posted does not bode well for a FO that has focused on accumulating depth in pitching, and has yet to acquire a single above average hitter at the major league level.

  14. Interesting stuff, Roberto.


    Thats one way to look at it…but where would we be if our Front Office did NOT decide to focus on pitching? The answer would be the Kansas City Royals.

    I think we know which side of the fence we’d rather be on.

  15. Please give me 50 units on the UNDER. He will hold the O’s to 3 runs or less but will labor. The Bucs will turn over a lead to the bullpen Cruz-Grilli- Hammer to close it out.

  16. It is apparent that Hurdle is totally oblivious to “the cries in the wilderness” seeking change at 3rd base and shortstop. Even after two miserable performances by the incumbents.

    This is not a window proposition, just my mental meandering; the total number of K’s and runners left in scoring position by PA combined will be 5.

    @Playoffs may I have OVER 6 1/4 tonight

  17. @playoffs

    For 25

  18. @ Playoffs – Good evening, a perfect night for the Bucs to get back into the win column. Well I have to say the Over/Under tonight has been the most difficult to cap in the last few games which indicates a very sharp number. So let’s dissect and take a look at what the numbers tell us:

    Attempting to spot trends by the opposing pitcher versus Baltimore you will spot that in the month of June in the 11 games played against the Orioles 5 SP have pitched 6 1/3 innings or more and 6 SP have not made it to that mark. So in games played in the month of June the number has not been met in 55% of Orioles contests.

    However, I feel this number is more predicated on Bedard anyways so consider this- Bedard has made 12 starts this year and only three times has he pitched seven innings in a game including his most recent start versus the Royals. Going against him, however, is the fact in the two times prior when he reached 7 IP he followed it up with games where he pitched just five innings. In addition, Bedard averages 16.56 pitches thrown an inning and he has averaged just 93.9 pitches per start excluding the game he left after the first inning due to injury. On that average alone it will take him 99.3 pitches to get in six innings where I feel he becomes capped.

    Lastly, surprisingly I feel the bullpen is rested as Grilli has not pitched in three days, Hughes has not pitched in four days and Hanrahan threw 12 pitches last night just to get some work in. Clint has the tools to manage this as a 6 inning game if we lead tonight and utilize Hughes, Grilli and the Hammer to close it out.

    All that said the numbers point to a six inning max performance tonight from Bedard, although a tough number so I will play 50 on the UNDER.

    JRay3….drive for 500!

  19. @Lucky

    You know microscopic implies small; I believe you meant HUMONGOUS

  20. While a two game interleague losing streak in mid-June is hardly anything to worry about, I do beleive this team is not above slipping into a 5-10 game skid.

    That makes this game psycholigically important. Winning here lifts a little bit of the building pressure. I can remember Chuck Morton throwing a gem against Cinci last year in a similar situation that seemed to propel the team forward.

    Erik Bedard is a veteran. This is exactly the type of game where your veteran players need to step up. This is exactly why the Pirates aquired him. I have confidence he’ll do the job.

    20 on the ovah!

  21. So here I am awaiting tonight’s episode of Hurdle’s Follies with great anticipation, and watching The U.S. Open on ESPN (I had to) in advance of the game, lo and behold they throw Chris Berman in there. Just what I needed – him – with his bloated puffery about nothing of value.

    Man, I really do need a Pirate victory badly! Although the market soared like a Zambelli rocket at PNC, so all is not despair.

  22. Sarcasm, Robert, Sarcasm. The only vice us ministers are allowed.

  23. When the Pirates score 2 more runs, they will be the last team this season to score 200. Five teams have already scored 300 runs.

  24. @NMR -

    Or you can split the difference and become the Rays.

    Pitching and defense can win, but you need at least a mediocre offense to go with it. The best position player this FO has added to the team is… Barajas? Dr. Jones? And in both those cases, you’re lacking defense.

  25. @bob

    You do know they won’t let Berman on the grounds at Augusta. The Masters signed their deal with ESPN under the condition he wouldn’t be involved in any way.

  26. The Cincinnatis have swept the Clevelands

  27. @Playoffs

    100 on the UNDER please. Thanks!

  28. Free Jordy Mercer!

  29. @Lucky

    Sarcasm -perish the thought. In the interest of accuracy, and being the gentleman I am, I thought it would most appropriate to call that miscue to your attention.

    You and I are typically on the same wave length, I would be out of line to be sarcastic in this or case with you.


    I didn’t know that, but it certainly does not surprise me. He causes nausea.
    Augusta has many pluses in my mind when they run their tournament. This is just one of them. However in my mind, there are a few minuses too.

    Thank God for Fov on Sunday morn during football season, or I could never watch a pre-game show.

  30. @ playoffs

    I’ll take 25 on the under.

  31. @Playoffs

    25 on the UNDER if you please. Thanks!

  32. @Lucky

    . . .in this or any case with you. Any was the omitted word.

  33. Did anyone else notice that Adam Jones was blowing a bubble when he was chasing down Walker’s double off the right centerfield wall during Tuesday night’s game? I think it would be hard to blow a bubble if you were running as hard as you can….

  34. @Milo

    Thank God for Fox . . . . . . .

    I’m typing too fast in advance of my bride serving up a gourmet meal before the game

  35. @Playoffs:

    100 on the under, if you please.

  36. Lawnbeaver:

    I’ve seen Adam Jones do that a lot with his gum. Even saw him do it once while in the middle of jumping up to make a catch against the wall. MLB Network showed in several times when it happened.

  37. Playoffs – 100 on the under tonight.

  38. Well, the PBC and the Bizrow losing streak might continue

    100 simoleons on Bedard getting 6 1/3 or more, one wins with OVAH, one dies with OVAH

    Heck, I’ve been broke before, in fact I’m on a 19 year streak with it with my ballclub


  39. @Playoffs. Can’t go negative, so 40 pn the Over please

  40. @playoffs – I seem to be matching thebuccos current streak – give me 60 on the under, kind sir.

  41. @Playoffs

    I’ll take 75 on the under & hope I’m wrong.

  42. By the way, Dr. Andrews had an opening this morning so Charlie has already had the operation.

  43. @Playoffs

    Running up to the window before it closes…I’ll take 25 on the UNDER

  44. At playoffs:
    I’ll take 60 on the under.

  45. Playoffs – 50 on the over please.

  46. Barmes is killing me.

  47. Come on guys, win one for Lacee.

  48. @ Milo

    You are correct, Trib has updated their article and says Morton had surgery today.

  49. Hi playoffs. Please give me 100 on the under. Thank you.

  50. I bet Dr. Andrews has a nice home.

  51. @John

    Just one ?

  52. Well an ominous start when a pitcher with a K/9 rate of 4.59 ends up striking out two of the first three batters he faces.

    Have to take advantage of the Jake Arrieta’s and Tommy Hunter’s if you want to contend one would think.

  53. Touche Milo.

  54. Charlie Morton had his surgery performed in Pensacola, FL today where my sister lives, I should look him up the next time I am that way visiting to scout his nice home.

  55. Regarding Pirates pitching, I think we are about to find out how some of our young guys are going to perform up in the big leagues. I would expect to se either Wilson or Owens get a start in the next few days. We really need Karstens to return with his bet, even though he will need some time to stretch out. Exciting times to be a bucco fan!

  56. People have been complimenting Pedro Alvarez on his defense here & other places (there are other places ?). FYI, he’s made the made the most errors at 3B in the majors (11). And he has the worst fielding % (.920).

    Sure he makes some nice plays but his defense is equally as bad as his hitting.

  57. The Orioles got Adam Jones when they traded Eric Bedard to Seattle. What a concept.

  58. Uggggh-I hate 2 out runs.

  59. The “under” is a mortal lock tonight.

  60. @ Milo – wow was unaware that was how the Orioles acquired Jones. Can only hope the Pirates are quickly finalizing a Chase Headly deal.

    Well playing catchup once again as Bedard labors through the first at 27 pitches and counting already. The Bucs can not get out of Baltimore quick enough.

  61. @ Milo – I cited many reasons why the UNDER would be a mortal lock above.

  62. Do we ever bat ?

  63. good grief we have made Steve Pearce, a throw away look like Eddie Murray…this is just too painful.

  64. Coming up next – lotsa Resop & Slaten.

  65. When Searage went out to the mound, Bedard made this little smile. Must think it’s a softball game.

  66. @JRay3

    Pearce couldn’t clean E. Murray’s jock. He hit a meatball right over the middle of the plate. Clint Hurdle could hit that ball.

  67. Well it only takes Erik Bedard 38 pitches to get out of the first inning where the Orioles send eight men to the plate score four runs on four hits including two XBH’s and this one has gotten away quickly.

  68. Boy, the Pirates couldn’t wait to play this game….

    They’ve morphed into a last place team overnight just like last year in Philadelphia. except Jeff Karstens gave them a chance to win er blow that game. Bedard removed all doubt in the first.

  69. I wonder if Buck Showalter and/or JR are in fact capable of smiling.

    That inning hurt but plenty of innings left. Not exactly facing Mile Cuellar, may he RIP.

  70. This pitching performance should make a few people re-evaluate their opinion on Lincoln- he wasn’t close to this much sucking’ if you know what I mean.

  71. so much for a gem by Bedard tonight. Looks like a good night for the under.

  72. The untimely dismissal of Lacee Collins has clearly had a derogatory effect on this ball club.

  73. Nice basket catch from the Red Sox favorite player, Robert Andino.

  74. Why doesn’t Pedro just stay in the dugout and we’ll just take the automatic out? It’ll at least make the game go faster.

  75. People are joking. I missed it: why was Ms. Lacee let go, other than for the obvious reasons, I mean?

  76. @ T.S. – I agree we have thrown lots of meatballs, the point is there is no way Steve Pearce should be 4-9 with 3 RBI’s and R in this series, there are some guys you think we should be able to get out.

    And with that Pedro strikes out for the 66th time this season and 265th time in his career…sigh…should not be that difficult for management to see what we see.

  77. Hurdle just walk down the hallway after Pedro swung at that last pitch. Mr. Playoffs
    maybe the window will need to post a new line, “How many days til Pedro gets
    sent down to Indy” He looks completely lost.

  78. @John

    I’m guessing that’s it.

  79. I think it’s time for A.J. to call a good old fashioned “clubhouse meeting.” That ought to help, yeah.

  80. Those fastballs right through the heart of the plate must be some pretty tricky pitches to make contact with.

  81. @ Milo

    Lacee got dismissed. I missed that. I’ll sorely miss her.

  82. Pedro looks like a golfer taking easy practice swings before actually addressing the ball. Is Harvey Penick still alive?

  83. @JRay3

    I think Alvarez would be better suited for AA-ball. Maybe he could get some intensive instruction in fielding and batting.

  84. Sorry, had to step out for a bit. Everyone’s (fake) wagers have been recorded.

  85. @ T.S. – That maybe a good approach, my worry is if they do not something soon the organization might just wreck a career. I still hold out hope he can sort things out.

  86. Have perfect games ever been pitched on consecutive nights ?

  87. This is shaping up to be the year of the perfect game…just sayin,

  88. nine up, nine down…#$%@##*@#!Y&!@!#$

  89. The Orioles starters are pitching like they are the 71 orioles team. Has any of the first 9 outs made it out of the infield?

  90. Barmes lofted that lollipop to Jones in center, cosmo.

  91. Come on, this Orioles staff has four 20 game winners. You know, four guys have won a total of 20 games.

  92. See this is why Derrek Lee stayed away :)

  93. @ you can call me Ray or you can call me JRay3

    Pedro also needs to see a sports psychologist. And the reason why something is not being done by the Pirates they can’t collectively look themselves in the mirror and admit the mistakes they’ve made.

  94. Three of their top four Orioles outfielders are on the DL.

  95. @ Playoffs – maybe the appropriate over/under tonight should have been how many innings @ Steve from the blog actually sits through this evening.

  96. @ T.S. – If the Pirates keep this up I will be needing to see a psychologist.

  97. A reason to keep watching. Maybe the O’s will retaliate for that plunking of Jones later on and a baseball fight ensues. And by baseball fight I mean wrestling on the infield.

  98. bullpen can anyone ring the bullpen.

  99. When the pitching has an off night, games will look like this.

    Let’s be fair, this team’s offensive struggles are greater than the immensely disappointing Pedro Alvarez. There’s one professional hitter on this team, that’s not good enough.

    It never will be good enough, so go get some professional hitters.

    The scholarship days have to be over.

  100. I’m with you, John. Let’s turn this thing into a Pier 6 brawl.

  101. To quote the great JRay: “$%^&&!!@$”

    I’m going to the range to hit some balls. Have the fever after watching the Open. Talk to you later, guys.

  102. @ Eric – good point…you know earlier this week the SF Giants actually held discussion about moving Tim Lincecum to the bullpen. Winning teams are not afraid to make the necessary moves if need be.

  103. Boy, this Pearce has been awful impressive. How come we can’t find guys like that ?

  104. @TS – dissing on Pedro is easy but I suggest reading the piece about Pirates defense at Bucs dugout. I was surprised to find out how well Pedro is doing on other defense factors such as range,etc. Saying he needs to go back to AA is just piling on, in my opinion. I would love to see the Pirates pick up Headley and send Harrison back down to keep sharp.

  105. Time for John Candelaria to warm up.

  106. @Slack

    Other defensive factors ? You mean the ones that don’t involve catching the ball & throwing it accurately to 1st base ?

  107. @JRay3 – They need to fix Pedro Alvarez without the pressures of the major league spotlight and very likely a short term replacement can come play third base and produce better numbers than him. We don’t need a hitter who is going hit .300, .400 OBP or 30 HR – we need professional line drive hitters to keep the order moving along.

  108. Through 3 IP Bedard now has thrown 70 pitches given up 6 H, 5 ER, and 2 BB. The one thing he has struggled with is putting consistent performances together.

    Well hopefully the bats wake up some, time to meet the family at the water park and watch the little ones provide more energy than what is being witnessed with the PBC.

    Hope to check in later with some, any positive news.

  109. @Milo read first, then comment. Thanks.

  110. @Slack

    Don’t know what you’re reading, but not piling on about Pedro in the least. I believe you about his defense (and have seen a few great plays here and there). That said, he looks nothing like a major league hitter.

    Recommending AA is all about intensive instruction; AAA seems like more of a competition to get to the majors yesterday. This guy doesn’t need competition right now. He needs to take stock of his career and make some serious changes.

    As for Chase Headley; he’s definitely not the answer.

  111. @Slack

    The point is, there are no defensive factors other than catching it & throwing it accurately. He does neither well.

  112. @milo – you can lead an ass to water….

  113. Take it easy, Slack. Milo is a good dude. And knowledgeable as hell.

  114. If Pedro keeps struggling at the plate they will have to rename the “Mendoza Line” the Alvarez line.

  115. And so it begins, the June swoon.

  116. @ TS – I agree that Pedro looks very lost at the plate. I am more inclined to think his problems are mental than physical.

    What I find interesting is that the Pirates haven’t seemed to put their foot down on Pedro during the off season to have him see more and more pitching. I don’t know if you are familiar with the book ‘Tipping Point’ but one of the first points it makes about successful results is repetitions. Pedro needs me reps at the plate. All year round. Just my opinion. And I agree to disagree about Headley, although his OBP would be a great addition for the Bucs.

  117. No insult meant to Milo, I would just appreciate the respect to read the piece and respond to that than to diss me without a reasoned response.

  118. @Slack

    I mentioned earlier that Pedro needs to see a sports psychologist. Some of it is certainly mental.

    I’m familiar with “The Tipping Point” (and it makes sense), but unfortunately the Pirates can’t — as you say — put their foot down when it comes to winter ball. They can’t force him to play. It was ultimately his decision not to go, and judging from this season, a poor one.

  119. Wow. Another voyage to the top followed by a collapse. Pedro sucks. Neal has a budget and an eye for pitchers. Modern pitchers spend 1/4 of their careers under the knife or recovering. Whatever.

  120. Steve Pearce…. are you friggin kidding me????

  121. Does John Russell know what a smile is?

  122. Wow, where did the Orioles find that Pearce guy. 5 Rbi’s tonight and like 7 for 12 in the series.

  123. Pedro doesn’t need a sports psychologist, he needs a retirement specialist whose expertise is investing unearned money. There are plenty.

  124. salt in a wound….

  125. It’s a good series for Pearce. But let’s not confuse him with Jose Bautista.

  126. @OfficerM

    Lol. Priceless.

  127. Time for the mercy rule?

  128. @TS – by putting foot down, they did have the option of telling him that his chance of winning a major league position without playing winter ball is about as big as a snowball making it through spring training – and living in Florida, I can tell you that is a very slim chance. Let him file a grievence, let Boras go ape- crap, Pedro has now painted himself and the Pirates into a bad place. I think he is out of options, so sending him down will require waivers, and we both know the BFOIBB won’t do that. (another Batista?, no way) so I am not sure what they can do but treat him like a rule 5 draftee, and let him ride the pine and work on his batting.

  129. Let’s see what we can do this inning. Hopefully this team is embarrassed and ready to go put up some runs.

  130. Speaking of Pearce, Bautista and so on, here is some info on another former Pirate…

  131. Oh, and the Bedard pickup – which I would have made – now looks foolish. It’s to the point where I’ll bet other GM’s chuckle, suggesting “deal with Neal, and drive a hard bargain. “

  132. @ Slackboss

    I think Pedro has 1 option left.

  133. Pedro has at least one option.

  134. Ralph

    Had to bring him up. Part of the great Jason Bay trade. Do we have anyone left from that deal?

  135. On the flyout, did he at least swing at a strike? From Gameday it looked like the pitch was at least a couple inches outside.

  136. At least Rod didn’t let this inning go for nothing!

  137. I think Pedro goes up there and prays to get a hit. Kind of like the way a weak hitter on a softball team goes up to the plate in the last half inning, with the bases loaded, two out, and their team down by one run.

  138. @cosmo

    Bryan Morris is the last remaining. He’s down at AAA.

  139. According to Pirates Prospects, Pedro was out of options after 2011. The Pirates could ask for an additional option but I don’t know if they have.

    @DK – does Pedro have any options left? Can the Pirates send him down to AAA without exposing him to waivers?

  140. Alvarez has an option. Pirates requested one and got it.

    DK: That’s correct, Joe. You beat me to it.

  141. Been out all evening and return to see another bunch of Orioles runs–not a good series for the pitching.

  142. Want good news from the offense?
    7th Inning: Presley-.412, Harrison/McKenry (2HR)/Tabata-.300, Cutch-.286
    8th Inning: Cutch-.455 (2HR), Walker-.318, Barmes-.292
    9th Inning: Harrison-.333, Presley-.267


  143. @JAL – thanks for the info – makes me wonder even more about the BFOIBB.

  144. Starting to really not hate Rod Barajas. How many of his big hits have been clutch? Like, 100%? Best .234 stat you’ll see.

  145. A sand kicked in the facer. A new low.

  146. Thing is with the “advanced defensive metrics”, they’re monstrously complicated and often disagree. When UZR tells me that Clint Barmes is a GREAT fielder, and his range and Range Factor tells me he’s horrible, uh, what?

    I can throw a bunch of numbers into a spreadsheet and come up with ratings for guys too. Unless those ratings agree in some way with reality, they mean nothing. Seeing Barmes listed as the best defensive SS in the majors right now makes me chuckle and wonder if I can find a way to make money off of some formula I come up with.

  147. Well, what can you say? Glad to be out of Baltimore. Time to buckle down and get back to winning. The UNDER took this one way to easily. Thanks to everyone who played tonight. See you tomorrow.

    JRay3 ** 545
    Nate83 ** 290
    Slack Boss ** 280
    Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) ** 250
    JMB ** 250
    radio wave ** 240
    cosmo ** 205
    JohninOshkosh ** 200
    Officer Mancuso ** 180
    JaxBuc ** 150
    pattonbb ** 150
    DemonDachshund ** 130
    bman ** 125
    likeabugonarug ** 120
    Chico ** 110
    Steve J Smith ** 100
    Milo Hamilton ** 100
    Evan ** 88
    MarkV ** 75
    Sir Lochsby ** 50
    jeffsbar ** 50
    cmat0829 ** 50
    OZ ** 25
    Mlrgenuine ** EVEN
    lawnbeaver ** EVEN
    NMR ** -20
    Hal Smith ** -20
    Stuart ** -25
    stuart66 ** -30
    JD ** -50
    tmp444 ** -50
    Boise Bucco ** -50
    manny_sanguine ** -60
    Mike C. ** -70
    Bizrow ** -80
    bob hasis ** -100
    RobertoForever ** -140
    TDB1977 ** -140
    Arriba Wilver ** -230
    GlassHalfFull ** -305

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