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Final: Pirates 4, Tigers 1

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

Looking ahead to first pitch …

Game: Pirates (37-32) vs. Detroit Tigers (34-36)

Time: 4:05 p.m.

Site: PNC Park

TV, radio: Root Sports, 93.7 The Fan

Here is the live box score.

And here is the Pirates’ lineup vs. Detroit RHP Max Scherzer

  1. Alex Presley, LF
  2. Jose Tabata, RF
  3. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  4. Garrett Jones, 1B
  5. Neil Walker, 2B
  6. Pedro Alvarez, 3B
  7. Rod Barajas, C
  8. Josh Harrison, SS
  9. Brad Lincoln, RHP


  1. Again no Mercer??


  2. So frustrated that mercer is not in lineup! I would like to see what he can do.

  3. No Mercer…but no Barmes either. I think I’m ok with that…

  4. Ryan…
    Do you really want Mercer facing Scherzer? I don’t. The Pirates are winning and trusting an unproven, rookie shortstop–no matter what DK has to say about how high on Mercer the Pirates are–in important games is not the way you make a lineup.

    It’s the most important position on the field. Yes, the organization likes him, but he’s far from being an everyday major league shortstop. So, why is he still with the team? Who knows… but it’s time to just let the coaches coach. Yeah, it’s puzzling, but my goodness the team is 37-32… and all it takes is one over-anxious bad play from an inexperienced shortstop to have some things unravel. See d’Arnaud, Chase and his major problems last year. (btw, Mercer does indeed have a funky throwing motion)

    All that said, against pitchers like Scherzer and Verlander, I’m not sure I play him against those pitchers given the stakes. He’s got to earn that time and in the coaches’ eyes, he hasn’t… YET. Ok, so send him down… well, if he’s your 25th guy and he’s appreciably better than all other options, then you keep him.

  5. So if Lincoln gives up say, 2 hits over 7 innings today and the Tigers are in a bit of a slump, then what do we do? Karstens back soon and Leroux almost ready for the pen with no options.

  6. Naje,

    There is no room for Mercer in Indy, at least at short. Chase is getting the starts. Mercer was playing a lot of second and some third, I believe earlier. Guess they could make him a utility guy and stay with that.

  7. May 20 v. Scherzer – 15 Ks… McLouth K’d 3 times as did Cutch and Alvarez (though not all of them v. Scherzer)

    Let’s hope 5 weeks makes a big difference.

    Lucky– Good point there, but not sure about Mercer not having room at Indy. If he was sent down, wouldn’t d’Arnaud then be moved around the infield giving Mercer most of the starts at ss?

  8. Naje,

    You would think, but my take is they like Mercer and love d’Arnaud. Can’t get them to say it, but that’s the consensus.

  9. #FreeTheWindow

    Today’s OVER / UNDER (always just for fun of course)

    Total Combined Strikeouts by Pirates Hitters
    Line is 12.5

    Anyone can play!! Everyone should TRY!! What’ll ya have!! What’ll ya have!!


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    Slack Boss ** 635
    Mlrgenuine ** 475
    Nate83 ** 450
    radio wave ** 445
    pattonbb ** 400
    JMB ** 350
    JaxBuc ** 300
    dcpinpgh ** 300
    Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) ** 250
    Steve J Smith ** 250
    DemonDachshund ** 210
    JohninOshkosh ** 200
    jeffsbar ** 200
    Chico ** 195
    cosmo ** 180
    Officer Mancuso ** 180
    bman ** 170
    Evan ** 153
    likeabugonarug ** 120
    MarkV ** 100
    Milo Hamilton ** 100
    Sir Lochsby ** 50
    OZ ** 25
    Hal Smith ** EVEN
    lawnbeaver ** EVEN
    NMR ** EVEN
    RobertoForever ** -10
    Stuart ** -25
    stuart66 ** -30
    cmat0829 ** -50
    crkkid ** -50
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  10. @Playoffs

    100 on the UNDER

    I don’t think Scherzer will totally dominate again, and no McLouth or Barmes should save us at least 6 K’s

  11. @playoffs

    Agreed with Evan.

    50 on the under

  12. I have followed the Pirates, closely, for a long time and I am clueless about Mercier. While I agree it makes no sense to bring anyone up for extended periods w/o significant play, I tend to trust the coaches on this one(I admit to being a Harrison fan for more than a year). As for Barmes. one of my all-time favorite bozo managerial comments was Tanner’s claim that Tim Foli “makes ordinary plays extraordinarily” — I see no sign that is the case with Barmes.

  13. Playoffs: 70 on the UNDER, please.

  14. @Playoffs

    Must be a sucker bet & you sure found one here. 100 on the under.


  15. Why must we put our two worst hitters 1st and 2nd in the lineup??

  16. Mr. Window, I’ll take 100 on the under please.

  17. 75 on the under. Thanks

  18. At playoffs:
    80 on the under.

  19. Just saw on twitter…Max Scherzer’s brother took his own life last night. Not sure if he’ll be pitching today. I sure wouldn’t be. Thoughts go out to him and his family.

  20. gregenstein

    maybe so they get them out of way quickly. put them lower and they might come up with runners on base.

  21. My fault, I guess this happened a couple of days ago, and they’ve already said that he’s starting today:

  22. Boise Bucco

    That was 3 days ago, not last night. Still pretty close to tragedy to be pitching. Max did leave the team for a couple of days.

  23. Playoffs-

    I’ll take 100 on the under.

    Thank you!!

  24. Under if you please….for one hundred

  25. Rob Biertempfel is tweeting up a storm about how the talks for Youk are heating up and the Pirates are very much in the mix. I don’t really get it, as he doesn’t play left field and wouldn’t upgrade Pedro or Casey. My hope is the Buccos pull something for him AND one of the expendable Sox outfielders if they do a deal.

  26. @Evan, you got it and good luck!!
    @Chico, you got it and good luck!!
    @Arriba, you got it and good luck!!
    @Milo, you got it and good luck!!
    @lckythump, the window welcomes you, you got it and good luck!!
    @OZ, you got it and good luck!!
    @radio, you got it and good luck!!
    @dcp, you got it and good luck!!

  27. @ playoffs

    Please give me 75 units on todays under.


  28. @ Playoffs – Finally get out here before game time again. Please give me 63 on the under. This is a teasing one. Scherzer could be totally unfocused if a couple things go wrong, or he could be so focused on winning the game for his brother that he gets 10 strikeouts through the first 3 innings.

    Let’s Go BUCS!

  29. @Drew re Bucs hitting (Staal blog) – When looked at as a whole, this team does look sad hitting wise. But I wonder what kind of stats the players have this month? Hopefully they are getting back to their norm so while they may not hit as well going forward as I think they have this month at least they won’t be as sad as the first month +. And that could be enough to keep them in it through at least August. Of course, that’s provided we continue to get the kind of pitching we’ve seen this year.

  30. @playoffs
    100 on the under pls

  31. @playoffs, 100 on the under.

  32. 100 on the under. Thanks

  33. @ Playoffs – time for the Bucs to go six over the .500 mark for first time this season. Out spending time with the kids so no time for research today, but taking a look at the number there seems to be overwhelming response one way.

    So today I will piggyback off of the rest of the inmates and play 75 on the UNDER.


    Let’s Go Bucs….In Lincoln I Trust!

  34. Lee for Baltimore 364 PA ..706 OPS
    Youkilis for Boston 161 PA ..670 OPS

    Give Youkilis a good 3 game series and his numbers surpase Lee’s at the time he was traded to the Pirates. Youkilis with a .800+ OPS is based more in reality, Youkilis being washed up is based more in theory.

  35. Playoffs – 50 on the under please.

  36. 100 on the under for Stuart66


  37. @Playoffs
    Watching from section 319 tonight

    50 on the Over tonight

    Lets Go Bucs!

  38. Boise Bucco

    You must be in time machine, Sutton got DFA’d yesterday afternoon

  39. Looks like you’re ALLLLLLLLLLL on the under.

    Ok, I will too.

    100 on the under

  40. Playoffs, let me have 50 on the UNDER 12.5 for today.

    Thank you!

  41. @ Playoffs

    I’ll follow the leader for 100 on the UNDER.

  42. @JAL

    Hey, did you hear the Bucs traded for AJ Burnett? ;)

    Haha, I’ve been off the internet for a day and I missed EVERYTHING it seems. I’m still trying to catch up on the NHL draft from yesterday, not to mention the trades. I’ll catch up sooner or later.

  43. Boise Bucco

    Now that is a bulletin :)

  44. @playoffs

    I’ll take 100 on the under. There is no way Max is going to light them up with the way they are hitting right now.

  45. 100 on the under

  46. Ross Ohlendorf approves of Lincoln’s sweat-per-pitch rate.

  47. Im following the game on Espn. Com and it looks like they’re calling a lot of Licoln’s pitches balls that are clearly strikes. Can anybody watching the game back that up?

  48. Well just settling in and certainly nice to see Lincoln getting off to a good start, his pitches seem to have both zip and movement.

  49. @ Chico – from what I have observed when Brad is missing he is missing a little low but good spot to stay in.

  50. Scherzer looks like he’s having problems with control…he got lucky getting out of that inning.

  51. Pedro stings that ball up the middle but the shift takes away a hit. Scoreless after two.

  52. Nice snag by Peralta. Pedro’s really starting to look comfortable with the bat in his hands. Not saying he’s turned the corner yet, but he looks a little different in the box. I’d call it promising.

  53. Lincoln cruised through that inning.

  54. 1-2-3 third from a determined Brad Lincoln, really looks like a different pitcher today. Time for the boys to give him some run support.

  55. Lincoln at 42 pitches thru 3, Scherzer at 52 pitches, but has thrown to one less batter.

  56. Thanks jayray

  57. This is the Brad Lincoln those of us who have wanted him to get shot in rotation we expected to see…if he keeps this up maybe it brings a decision of possibly moving Correia into long relief when Karstens rejoins rotation.

    Today Lincoln is throwing like he was when in the pen, his pitches just have lots of life.

  58. MVP, MVP, MVP – Andrew McCutchen three run bomb and Pirates lead 3-0

  59. And I won’t stop there, Cutch should be the starting NL CF in the All-Star game. So glad to know the Bucs locked him up for the next seven years.

  60. Just an absolutely sick grab and throw by the JHay kid flashing some range and arm! Lincoln cruising through five, has the Tigers hitters really off balance.

  61. Just a reminder to all Pirate fans; no way does Tabata emulate Presley by stretching a single into a double, and no way does Barmes keep the no-no going the way JHay just did.

    CH must stay with what is working!!

  62. Lincoln had to pitch a good game sometime, too good an arm to keep getting blasted. This one has been beyond good so far.

  63. What planet are we on again?

  64. Lincoln through six allowing just one hit and setting a new career high in K’s. Does this warrant him a chance to stay in rotation?

    @ Bob – very valid point and observation.

  65. Did you also notice Jose’s slow trot ahead of Cutch? You’d think he had hit the homer.

    Great game so far by Brad. And the pen needed this, too, after the past 2 nights.

  66. Harrison in June .259
    Barmes in June .268

    Great play by JHay for sure, but I’d rather have veteran experience than a utility guy when we are in these tight games.

  67. @ likeabugonarug- funny you mention that…I was thinking how Tabata can’t even hustle in front of a teammate who hit the blast. Hopin more and more that the bat we add is a corner OF player.

  68. That pitch to Cabrera was right down the middle. Hate to see Lincoln pulled after one bad pitch, but that was a great start today. Really gonna raise some questions as to whether he should get another start.

  69. @ Roberto – I appoint you President of the Clint Barmes fan club, but how about these stats for the year:

    Barmes .198 avg, .220 OBP, .299 SLG 0 SB

    Harrison .243 avg, .304 OBP, .427 SLG 5 SB

    Harrison adds energy to the club makes things happen…the question was his defense and I think he has demonstrated quite the ability in the field.

    Tip my hat to you Brad Lincoln as you really stepped up today!

  70. So the Pirates are letting everyone know Correia is available. Wonder what he could bring in return? Anything more than a AAA retread?

  71. @JRay

    I will not run, and if nominated I will not serve.

    Thre is no fan club, just those who can’t understand why Hurdle runs Barmes everyday. Pitching and defense wins. Bucs are over .500 and 1 game out of first. But whatdoes Hurdle know.

  72. @ Roberto – time will tell what Clint knows….Barmes due to salary and contract terms has been given a longer leash than many. Harrison has started two of last three games at SS so maybe a signal that running Barmes out there everyday is no longer going to happen and a message of you have to earn your scholarship, maybe not but something of note nonetheless.

    @ pattonbb – where did you hear that? To me great news as I truly believe Lincoln has better stuff and makes a better # 5. Ironic too that Karsten makes his final rehab start on day Correia pitches, could easily slide into his spot next week.

  73. Huge hit and RBI by Walker to get that run right back! Nicely done Casey on PH double.

  74. @ JRay – Biertempfel tweets.

  75. @Roberto

    What good is “veteran Experience” if it can’t play the game?

  76. Alvarez makes it three straight hits and all this damage against Phil Coke who was almost a Pirate going back to the Nady, Marte trade with the Yankees….originally it was Coke and Kontos but opted for Karstens and Daniel McCutchen instead.

  77. Another quality at bat by Pedro.

  78. The Pirates have had two awesome 0-2 at bats in the game. AMAC’s HR where he smoked a well placed inside 95 MPH heater. Scherzer was simply trying to saw him off and Andrew somehow found the bleachers. Then Walker’s 7th inniing RBI where he went down to drill a double on a low down and out strike out pitch. Fantastic.

    Good hitters eventually find a way.

  79. @Roberto

    I was calling attention to JHay’s defense, and you throw some nebulous batting average differential. That is the classic apple/orange misapplication of truth!

  80. @ pattonbb- thanks for the info. Music to my ears as for last year + I have never felt good about a game he has started.

  81. ….imagine the uproar on here if Barmes had missed that bunt……

  82. @matt, too late for today’s line, sorry man.

  83. Barmes has been mediocre in the field, and horrible at the plate. If Harrison can play the position, I’d prefer to see him in the field.

    What I really don’t get is why Hague is on the MLB team, and Clement is in AAA. Hague has shown no pop, he had 2 doubles in May, and a few soft singles. Clement would definitely be an upgrade.

  84. @Playoffs

    I think it was a great call by CH, and I’m every bit as p.o’d at whomever was at bat.

    It was a perfect pitch to bunt. We saw the futility displayed by Barmes the other night “attempting ” to bunt,

  85. Some bunting drills sans Burnett are in order for this club for sure.

    Grilli with another hold truly an unsung hero of this team.

  86. I’ve been watching the game, albeit quietly as far as the blog… but I’ve gotta say Jason Grilli has been amazing this season.

    “Doctor K”

  87. @JRay3

    I’m always confounded how major leaguers get this far without the skill to bunt – unless you’re Pujols and the like

  88. @bobhasis

    No apples and oranges. You wonder why Barmes is playing. I gave you a probable reason why.

    One play does not a starter make. And i aguessing that the botched squeezeby Harrison hurts him. As does an 0 for 3 day while Barmes has a successful pinch hit.

    And its laughable that you think Barmes cant play the game. He was in the Top 5 free agents in the offseason and no fewer than 3 teams tried to make him their starting SS.

    But i am sure your TV scouting is better than all of that and Hurdle’s perspective combined.

  89. Tigers are Dotel’s 13th MLB team… that’s an all-time record for teams played for!

  90. @playoffs

    #82 – Great point. LOL.

  91. @Roberto

    No, just a learned eye to identify talent, as opposed to the others.

    I suppose no one here will be able to convince you that his salary is the only reason he is playing. If he is your SS down the stretch – it’s unlikely we’ll make it through the stretch

  92. @ Dave G
    # 90
    Dotel just like I remember him – cardiac kid drama queen, loads the bases and gets out of it unscathed.

  93. Behind six strong innings of work from Brad Lincoln and a three run HR from McCutchen the Bucs stripe the Tigers to take game two of the series 4-1 and there was noooooooo doubt about it.

    The Pirates keep pace with both the Reds and Cardinals who won earlier today and improve to a season best six games above the .500 mark. The Bucs will go for their third sweep of the year tomorrow when Kevin Correia opposes Justin Verlander in the afternoon affair.

    Let’s Go Bucs!

  94. Raise it!

  95. 10+ wins in interleague play.

    Now 2 wins is nice but a sweep is complete. Time to make a statement tomorrow. If you don’t want to play against Verlander then stay home.

  96. ….fear the Bones….

  97. Give Clint Hurdle, Ray Searage, and Neal Huntington credit.. I would have shot Lincoln.

  98. Lincoln, Lincoln, I been thinkin’:
    Why are you no longer stinkin’?

  99. Bob,

    Keep up the good work!

  100. Great win! Too much bickering on here throughout the game.

    Barmes doesn’t make that play in the 5th? Actually, he makes that play less dramatic. J-Hay is not a SS.

    Am I calling for Mercer to start, not exactly. but a game or 2 a week, would make sense or it makes no sense to have him called up. Navarro was more versital.

    Corriea is being shopped and I would assume traded before next Thursday as long as Karstens rehab goes well tomorrow.

    Does Lincoln make another start? That’s a good/loaded question.

    The bickering though……….real old.

  101. Great win by those Battlin Buccos.

    Pirates now 6 games over .500

    Think I will trust the manager who got them there, and whatever decisions he makes. #FreeClintHurdle

  102. I was at the game today. Great game. Nice hats, too.

    Roberto—in what dimension was Barmes a top 5 free agent last year? You do know Pujols, Fielder, Etc. were free agents, right? He just made the cut as a Type B. He was lower rated than Ryan Doumit and Chris Snyder, for crying out loud.

    Kudos to Brad Lincoln, Vampire Killer.

  103. @Arriba

    See post #152 from the game thread on June 19 when the Pirates 7-2.

    I provide 5 links that documented what I said.

  104. Had you told me this morning that Lincoln would match Scherzer frame by frame and outpitch him in every way, I’d have put down the Android in amusement and picked up a book. Had you told me a month ago that the Pirates would be hitting the way they’ve done the past three weeks I’d have laughed. Had you told me three years ago that NH was assembling a team as good as this one looks like it *could* be, I’d have taken you for a pollyanna or FO sycophant or Roberto (well, he didn’t exist then, but you may get my drift).

    After a winning run like this one it’s easy to get too manic, and I may be falling victim to that.

    But I don’t think so. This has been a long time coming and is sweet to watch.

  105. @Arriba – He means one of the top 5 SS available as free agents in the offseason. Which he was, simply because the SS slot was extremely weak after the top 3.

    Quotes about Barmes from the links provided by Roberto include:

    “He’ll be very affordable and the Astros may let him walk, considering that’s very little chance for them to compete in the next two seasons. It makes Barmes a nice, cheap option for teams strapped for cash.”

    “After the top three, there’s a couple off-the-bench guys/ marginal starters, but it slides like a cliff after that… 4. Clint Barmes… Could also factor into a team’s plans at second base, or be a great utility player for a contender.”

    “The cream of the crop is definitely Rollins and Reyes, and there’s not really a standout starter in the group outside of those two. There are a few sleepers in the group who could provide decent production on both sides of the ball, although they won’t be confused with stars. Clint Barmes is one player that fits this description.”

    Two of the sites actually do agree that Barmes is a solid option as a starter, one even going so far as to say he’s the best SS available after Reyes. I have to assume that either Rollins had signed by the writing of the article or he was assumed unobtainable.

    So yes, he WAS one of the better SS free agents available, but only 2 of the 5 of the listed links actually referred to him as anything beyond “not terrible”.

  106. Pirates SS issues lead to WWIII. Details at eleven.

  107. Roberto:

    1. You said at # 89 ” He was in the Top 5 free agents in the offseason and no fewer than 3 teams tried to make him their starting SS.

    2. I never said he wasn’t considered a “quality” short stop.

    3. You didn’t limit your statement in # 89 to short stops.

    4. One of the articles you referenced said “Jose Reyes and Jimmy Rollins are the top shortstops available. Reyes has a case for a nine-figure contract and Rollins wants a five-year deal. The options for Rafael Furcal, Yuniesky Betancourt will likely be declined, making them free agents, but Marco Scutaro probably won’t hit the open market and it’s too early to call Ronny Cedeno’s option. Clint Barmes, Jamey Carroll and Alex Gonzalez are also capable of handling an everyday shortstop job.”

    Not much of an endorsement. By my count there were 8 “quality” shortstops available as free agents. If Barmes is “in the top 5″ free agent short stops, whoop de doo! Cedeno was in the 8 “top” shortstops available.

    Bottom line, I don’t understand your point.

  108. Btw, post 106 is rich in information. I can never see enough of those. I also appreciate a good screen name. Thanks Demon Dauchsund.

  109. It’s ok, the world must be ending anyways…

    As of the Mets loss to the Yankees this evening, the Pirates own the 5th best winning percentage in the National League. If the season were to magically end tonight, the Bucs would be traveling to San Fran for a wild card playoff game.

    (Well, technically they’d have to play the two games in hand they have on the Mets first… But it sounds cooler this way, so I’ll just use the winning percentage as the tiebreaker)

  110. Demon–sorry, I posted before I saw your response.

    I was solely going on a “factual” basis. I have never, and don’t now, dispute that Barmes was considered a legitimate option. I have problems, though, with attempts to make him look like more than he was (not referring to you, but Roberto).

  111. @Arriba – Understood and agreed. He’s a viable #8 hitter and “worst starter” type guy, nothing more, nothing less. If the rest of the team is producing, they can survive having that type of guy in that spot.

  112. Go Bucs!

  113. It’s looking good, OM, it’s looking very good, my friend.

  114. who ARE these Bucs, and what have they done to our Pirates?

  115. And hey. It’s midnight. Where’s Dejan?

  116. a. Winnipeg
    b. Downtown
    d. Climbing the Charity Sign. With a paint can
    e. Combing his hair
    f. A fashion mall

    (ok. i’m done now.)

  117. I’m quit confused. Why are there arguements over a #8 hitter.

    Defensively, he’s the best option, no doubt. I don’t care what he does with the bat, he’s never been a Silver Slugger candidate. Who cares? That’s why there’s 7 others to hit. He’s signed for defense.

    DK mentioned in the beginning of the season, might’ve wrote an article, don’t remember that 100% that mentioned Barmes being the best available SS option not named Reyes. Jimmy Rollins was never leaving Philly.

  118. @Drew

    You forgot a Starbucks…….the most likely spot.

  119. and FINALLY, i’m up at midnight (unusual for me) because my ceiling is not. Burst hot water pipe. Ceiling down. Plumber here.

    so i’m done AND i’m broke.

  120. That sucks…….only 920 here.

  121. ok. one more and i PROMISE it’s my last. (but i’ve lied before. it’s my most endearing quality. which is sad.)

    my wife just whispered in my ear, “do you think the plumber knows what he’s doing?”

    if i new THAT, i wouldn’t NEED a plumber!!

  122. Ha Ha Ha……..nah, he’s just wingin’ it

  123. have you read my posts?? so am eye.

    (shoot. and i PROMISED.)

  124. It is obvious there are two contingents when it comes to Barmes. So I took a look at a couple other stats:

    1- Hitting – I think the overall consensus is his numbers are poor so no need to keep drilling in on them.

    2- Defense – I keep hearing his defense has been so good, however, the numbers indicate otherwise. His fielding percentage for MLB SS is 20th out of 24 with a .965. His Range Factor is 22nd out of 24 in MLB, and his 8 errors are in the bottom third of MLB SS. The comment earlier about JHay’s great play in today’s game would be a routine play by Barmes is not supported by statistical analysis.

    3- The Pirates record in games Barmes does not start is 9-3 for a .750 winning percentage. Games Barmes does start the Pirates are 29-29 playing .500 ball. Those stats indicate the team does not feel the affect of him not being in the lineup and actually play better.

  125. @Arriba #108

    How hilarious. I was having a conversation with Bob hasis about whether Barmes deserved to even be on the field or whether he was a quality shortstop. You jump into the conversation and try to redefine it, then provide (fake) anger back at me? You misinterpreted my post. Of course Barmes was not in the top 5 of ALL free agents. Only an idiot would try to propose that. And for you to infer I said that is inexplicable.

    And I would not have signed Barmes in the offseason (or Reyes or Rollins). I would have signed Jamey Carroll. And if I had my druthers in 2005 or so, I would have kept Jeff Keppinger. He’s the guy that would have been my SS.

    And its funny how people try to put one in a box. I could care less whether Barmes, Mercer, Harrison, Cedeno or D’arnaud is at SS. But I trust Clint Hurdle. All of those guys would be bench players if we had a major-league ready SS.

    But even though the Pirates are SIX games over .500 with Barmes as the everyday starter, AND the Pirates have won 6 of the last 7 games, AND have won 7 of the last 8 series, most of the comments on this blog are nitpicking.

    As DK says, why not just enjoy the winning. Barmes IS hitting now, above his career average. Harrison DOES provide some spark when he’s hot or in hand-picked situations. So enjoy whoever is playing SS. And don’t miss out on a quality Buccos team and their wins because you are looking for a play to criticize Barmes or Tabata or Lincoln, or Barajas or whoever the next whipping boy is.

    #SweepThoseKitties #FreeClintHurdle

  126. Drewmiester,

    Sorry to hear about your plumbing. You Floridians having it in the ceiling it tough. Just think, if you were further north, you could have water all over your basement instead of losing a ceiling.

  127. Hey. Stop that. EYE’m the idiot.

    Or is that nitpicking?

  128. Lucky – I wish we had avatars. Mine would be the hole in my ceiling.

    I mean that hole-in-the-ceiling thingee literally, not in the, you know, other sense.

  129. Did the plumber know what he was doing? Now, you get to find out if the drywaller knows what he’s doing. At least you don’t have to vaccuum up the entire basement, since you probably don’t have one.

  130. Forget the vacuum. We have four VERY loud heaters that sound like airplanes taking off, two dehumidifiers running…all night last night and for the next three days or so.

    Didn’t get the last guy outta the house until 1:30, bed 2:00, dogs crying all night with the planes running through the house (four dogs can cry pretty loud), wife snoring (but my wife doesn’t snore; just ask her)…so despite physical, financial and spiritual fatigue, could hardly sleep.

    Though THAT was mainly cause I was trying to figure out how to get that hole-in-the-ceiling thingee into a post. All night.

  131. Roberto – Great post @ 126. That about sums it up.

    Go Bucs!

  132. And everyone wants to live in Florida.

  133. only when we’re old

  134. Roberto–if you want to get a laugh, take a look at your post at #126 that says

    “As DK says, why not just enjoy the winning. Barmes IS hitting now, above his career average. Harrison DOES provide some spark when he’s hot or in hand-picked situations. So enjoy whoever is playing SS. And don’t miss out on a quality Buccos team and their wins because you are looking for a play to criticize Barmes or Tabata or Lincoln, or Barajas or whoever the next whipping boy is.”

    Instead of you enjoying the winning, you after every game use it to criticize others. I get that your schtick to draw attention to yourself is to paint yourself as a “positive” fan. I don’t fall for your schtick, though. Take away the BS, and you would see we probably agree on more stuff than not about what’s happening. For example, I’ve been in Clint’s corner since he was hired. And I haven’t been a vocal critic of Barmes or the lineup.(Actually the constant talk of the lineup just doesn’t interest me, but I don’t criticize the talk). In JAL’s contest I picked 82-80. But I dare to criticize a factual point you made and I’m an idiot who can’t enjoy the winning because I only want to criticize, and by implication not a true fan (despite the fact I was there yesterday and watch almost every game).

    I know some people fall for your schtick. I’m just not one of them.

  135. @Roberto

    Since you chose to revisit yesterday’s discussion, let me ATTEMPT to clear up the confusion under which you continually labor.

    I made a statement, mostly opinion, but with the evidence of a visual aid, see #62, expressing that tabata does not achieve what Presley did – in stretching a single into a double, and Barmes in no way makes the play JHay did, this is a defensive gem.

    In rebuttal, you threw out to me the batting average difference between Barmes and JHay, which if your figures are correct are 9 percentage points. That is the reference I made to apples and oranges, and was not convincing.

    You among others continue to make the reference that jHay is only a part-time utility player. That is only your opinion – to which you are entitled – because he has never had a full-time opportunity, such as the .200 hitting, weak-armed, defensive liability Barmes is getting.

    You are the one who leans heavily on “facts and figures”, so you need to check out what Arriba said.

    For me, I have played, coached enough baseball to identify talent without too much head-scratching. Barmes falls into “the Charlie the Tuna” category.

    I just came from Church, and God gave me these words to share with you.

  136. @Bob

    God told me that he can’t believe that the Mets and Pirates are vying for a postseason spot at this point in the season.

  137. @JohninOshkosh

    I’m wondering about that also; but HE knows more than I do. So I’ll go with Him

  138. @Bob:

    Its funny. My brother is a die hard Mets fan and, of course, my allegiances fall with the Bucs. It has been a long time since the two of us have had those allegiances rear their heads during our conversations.

    I feel like its the eighties again. Think I’ll blast the Pixies this afternoon.

    It has been fun.

    Moving to join the other ants…….

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