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Final: Pirates 5, Phillies 4

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media
Looking ahead to first pitch …

Game: Pirates (39-35) vs. Philadelphia Phillies (36-41)

Time: 1:05 p.m.

Site: Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia

TV, radio: Root Sports, 93.7 The Fan

Here is the live box score.

And here is the Pirates’ lineup vs. Philadelphia RHP Kyle Kendrick

  1. Drew Sutton, LF
  2. Neil Walker, 2B
  3. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  4. Garrett Jones, RF
  5. Casey McGehee, 1B
  6. Pedro Alvarez, 3B
  7. Clint Barmes, SS
  8. Michael McKenry, C
  9. A.J. Burnett, RHP


  1. Thank you, Clint. JT finally earned a spot on the pine. Drew, I hope you light it up so that Clint has to keep you in the lineup.

  2. Outside of Barmes, this lineup looks good. No Joggin’ Joe in RF – I like it!! Go Buccos!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I’m a little surprised the Fort hasn’t been moved up at all, at least ahead of Barmes.

  4. Let’s force the Phils into going into their bullpen quickly today and put this game out of hand fast. Show the other side of the state that baseball is alive and well on this side. Bury them deep Bucs!

  5. Playoffs by 2012
    June 28th, 2012 – 9:56 am

    One kind soul, please re-post this in the Thursday Game Thread. Thank you

    Early day today. Let’s open the window!!

    Today’s OVER / UNDER (always just for fun of course)

    Total Innings Pitched by A.J. Burnett
    Line is 6.75
    (If A.J. Burnett pitches 7 innings the OVER wins, anything less than that, the UNDER wins)

    Anyone can play!! Everyone should TRY!! What’ll ya have!! What’ll ya have!!


    JRay3 ** 1025
    dcpinpgh ** 875
    Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) ** 700
    Nate83 ** 615
    pattonbb ** 600
    Mlrgenuine ** 585
    Steve J Smith ** 550
    radio wave ** 545
    Chico ** 450
    Slack Boss ** 435
    jeffsbar ** 400
    JohninOshkosh ** 400
    cosmo ** 380
    Evan ** 353
    JMB ** 350
    likeabugonarug ** 332
    MarkV ** 330
    manny_sanguine ** 300
    RobertoForever ** 290
    Officer Mancuso ** 280
    JaxBuc ** 270
    cmat0829 ** 250
    bman ** 220
    DemonDachshund ** 210
    crkkid ** 175
    OZ ** 150
    stuart66 ** 145
    lckythump ** 100
    Sir Lochsby ** 50
    tmp444 ** 30
    Milo Hamilton ** 25
    JUCOfan ** 25
    Hal Smith ** EVEN
    NMR ** EVEN
    Dan1283 ** EVEN
    dcpfjr ** EVEN
    Arriba Wilver ** -10
    Boise Bucco ** -50
    lawnbeaver ** -100
    JD ** -100
    Mike C. ** -100
    bob hasis ** -125
    Bizrow ** -130
    buggee ** -200
    GlassHalfFull ** -305
    Kevin ** -550
    TDB1977 ** -740

    First Place at the end of the season will win:

    Second Place at the end of the season will win:

    Third Place at the end of the season will win:
    (1) 2012 Topps Roberto Clemente Card

  6. Knock em dead at the interview, Playoffs.

  7. Amen OshKosh!

  8. 75 on the UNDAH, please

    I will try a non-positive bet in my quest to beat AW…..

  9. damn, another day game. should I watch it or goto bed, decisions, decisions….
    no Tabata or Presley tonight. oh no, what happened to our vaunted speed?!?!

    @playoffs Good Luck! You know you gots lots of fans rooting for you

    I’ll also take 70 for the over 7. I say it’s a revenge game for AJ for the WS loss.

  10. I’ll take 100 on the under.

  11. Playoffs-

    100 on the Over.

    Thank you.

  12. In answer to yesterday’s Dejan softball toss:

    As of yesterday, Starling Marte had played in 72 games, exactly half of a AAA season, so his stats would equate perfectly to a full AAA season.

    Full season stats (with present total in ( )——average: .270
    Runs——86 (43)
    Hits——150 (75)
    2B——28 (14)
    3B——18 (9)
    HR——14 (7)
    RBIs——82 (41)
    BB——38 (19)
    K——126 (63)
    SB——32 (16)

    I could live with an outstanding defensive outfielder who drives in 82 runs, hits 18 triples and 28 doubles, steals 32 bases, and scores close to 90 runs, with an on-base % of .331.

    And, Marte has thus far in his career had stronger 2nd Halfs.

    I say again: Starling Marte will be starting in left (right for his arm?) immediately following the All Star break.

  13. Can Barmes keep it over .200? He’s slid down to exactly 200, 42-210. One little blooper will save him.

  14. You gotta feel bad for the Yankees and their pitching injury issues. Wonder if they want AJ back???

    Tabata gotta get his head out of his rear. just doesnt seem happy or motivated. I agree with those who said send him down. He needs to wake-up and i think maybe that might do it.

    Love the Lincoln stair down? Buc’s getting a confident attitude!

    100 on the over.

  15. @Groat: “I say again: Starling Marte will be starting in left (right for his arm?) immediately following the All Star break.”
    I’d say LF because he can cover the ground out there. Not sure he’ll be up after the All Star break, but if so, I’d be shocked if he played RF much at all. I’d love for Marte to have a near .800 OPS up here, but I just don’t think those numbers will translate. He seems to be a little like Alvarez where he struggles for a while adjusting to the new level.

  16. Playoffs – 100 on the UNDER

  17. National Mart of Records,

    It was Freddie Sanchez who had the $8.5 million option, not Jack Wilson (I actually remember it being $9.5). He qualified if he had a certain # of ABs, which he was on track for. Bucs offered him $12 million for 2 years, but he had to decline the option; so in essence they offered Sanchez $2.5 million for that extra year. Remember: he did not hurt his shoulder and non qualify until after he arrived with Giants. Do you consider that a serious offer?

    Jack Wilson was offered $6 million for 2 years, and he signed for $8 million with Seattle. A 25% increase by another club sounds like Bucs lowballed.

    Ronnie Cedeno was 2 steps below Major League average (mediocre) his whole time here, he of the .178 batting average when he arrived.

    The Jack Wilson fiasco was a plan “to get rid of”, not a plan to improve.

  18. Did you really just say that about the Yankees? HAHAHA
    i was grinning ear to ear when I read that yesterday!

  19. @Groat

    You left out two stats that worry me, a BB% of 6.1 and K% of 20.3

    I have no doubt that Marte has the talent to jump on the menu of mistakes offered up by minor league pitching. The problem is that those numbers indicate that he’s still swinging and missing a lot and taking very little.

    Big league pitchers don’t make the same amount of mistakes for him to feast on. Their stuff is better and more deceiving.

    I hope I’m wrong, but Marte seems to be primed for a classic case of regression.

  20. Greger,

    If Garrett Jones continues to bop the ball, he certainly will be in right field against righties.

    However, Bucs play 1/2 their games away from PNC, Presley mans left well when he’s in, and Marte has the perfect arm and quickness to be a rightfielder . . . . . . a la Dave Parker and a certain Puerto Rican chap who wore #21.

    I’m getting excited for the 1st game after the All Star break!! Keep that batting average moving up, Starling!!

  21. at playoffs:
    Good luck today.
    In an attempt to get back in the race, I’ll go with 100 on the under today. I’m pulling for him however.

  22. @Groat

    I thought Marte would be here around that time, possibly before.

    Without a doubt he’s in LF when he comes up. He’s been doing well as of late, so if he continues to push your timeframe should be spot on.

  23. @Groat

    “The shortstop has a contractual option for next season, for $8.4 million, and it may be that the Mariners will choose to exercise that option — something that the Pirates were not going to do.”

    2009 75 G .267/.304/.387
    2010 61 G .249/.282/.316
    2011 79 G .243/.274/.285

    2009 46 G .258/.307/.394
    2010 139 G .256/.293/.382
    2011 128 G .249/.297/.339

    2009 numbers were what each did for the Pirates, in order to take out any league variance.

    The numbers clearly show that not only did Cedeno outproduce Wilson in every category, he also played almost twice as much.

    Paying $5m/yr for half a season of Jack Wilson was an awful move by Seattle.

    Thems the facts, Jack.

  24. @NMR

    Plate discipline seems to be he’s only lacking factor at this point, again, improving and as he continues to improve, should be called up sooner, rather than later.

  25. @Playoffs

    I’ll take 40 on the UNDER

  26. National Mart of Records,

    You pick out exactly the same two stats I worry about.

    My feeling is: He will have had more than half a AAA season to marinate by the end of the All Star break . . . . . . let’s see what he can do against the big boys.

    Early July takes him out of that extra arbitration year, even with the new changes, and the other guy(s) are not performing.

    He can always be sent down after 4 weeks if he has a rough adjustment, to come back in September.

    I agreed with sending him down, I agreed with keeping him down, but the time is NOW after the All Star break.

  27. If he does come up, obviously either Presley or Tabata goes down. My guess would be Presley, but if Tabby continues to dog it, then it might be a good wake up call for him…..who knows.

  28. GIVE ME 100 fake units on the OVER for 2012 all-star AJ Burnett who will pitch 7 strong innings today.


  29. Good window for today, tough one. But I gotta go 75 on the UNDER. Don’t want too, but…….just my guy feeling. I think he’ll go 6 strong though.

  30. Tabata’s lease getting shorter

    “He either needs to work on it on the field here or, as we talked about, the next option is the one we visited with [Alex] Preslsey earlier, is to send him down and get him some continuous reps,” Hurdle said.

  31. @Ryan

    I hear you, but in this one case, I actually agree with Huntingdon in that I want to see the improvement sustained.

    Pedro and Jose are now going on three seasons of trying to hone in their plate discipline at the MLB level.

    Alex has found it nearly impossible in two.

    Maybe I’m just gun-shy because of the recent failures, but I’m leaning towards handling this one differently.


    Funny you mention the arb clock. Just caught this today on MLB Trade Rumors:
    “•Trevor Bauer – Bauer will debut tonight, which means he’ll accrue 98 days of MLB service assuming the Diamondbacks don’t demote him between now and the end of the season. Bauer, a 2011 draft pick, doesn’t have any MLB service time yet, so he’s on track to finish the season with 98 days of service. Presumably this won’t be enough for him to qualify for super two status following the 2014 season. Like Rizzo, Bauer will remain under team control through 2018.”

    Looks like Marte will be clear of the dreaded Super 2.

    I think I like your post ASG suggestion. If Marte keeps up his recent trend, that would give him at least a month of good AB’s before being thrown into the lions den.

  32. @JAL

    Can you or anyone else explain how many times a player like Tabata can be sent down?

  33. Moskos being released is only news because Littlefield and the ownership prioritized CHEAP over the best player available in the 2007 draft. The new regime, regardless of your opinion of it, has generally drafted best talent overall since then. I think it’s pretty clear that the Pirates can build a good bullpen…and Moskos won’t be missed. If he goes elsewhere and contributes in MLB, good for him.. That’s what the 40-man roster rule is FOR. For players to get a chance at the majors vs. just being left to rot on the vine in the minors.

    Only 2 days of data, but I really like what Drew Sutton brings. Can play multiple positions, switch-hits and seems to have a good approach at the plate. pirates really need that type of player on the bench (vs. say a Matt Hague-type who has zero versatility). With JayHey and Sutton, the Bucs’ bench is in good shape.

    Now, we need to pick up a bona fide good hitting RF or 1B and figure out what the heck to do with Tabata/Presley. Maybe the Pirates need to be pursuing Denard Span or a similar type of player? that might be better fit than a Josh Willingham who I feel might just be a Ludwick dud in the 2H if the Bucs acquire him.

  34. Legitimate question for the Asylum:

    Which do you choose:

    1) Call up Marte to play everyday in the 2012 pennant race
    2) Trade for Denard Span and keep Marte in AAA.

    Option 2 requires giving up a legitimate pitching prospect (Owens/Lincoln/Locke) plus two other prospects.

  35. @Window – Please accept my offer of 100 on the over. AJ takes ‘em down today.

  36. National Mart of Records,

    I remember a corrective, more in depth article that Dejan wrote about the contract, but I can’t access it because P-G played Houdini with Dejan’s writings and made them disappear. Sounds like one of those unrealistic options that Huntington put in Maholm’s and Doumit’s contracts, with no intention of fulfilling. I still believe that Pirates chose not to try and negotiate with Wilson or Sanchez . . . . . and they lowballed them in their “take it or leave it” offers.

    More crucial to me——the batting statistics you cite above are meaningless. Unless you have Derek Jeter or Starlin Castro, my shortstop is all about defense and consistency. He is the defensive “captain” of the infield and the no man’s land between infield and outfield. Wilson patrolled that space exceedingly well.

    The Bucs were extraordinarily deficient in the middle of the infield for the last three years. Clint Barmes, even with his wayward bat and Hasty Bob-hated arm, has made our infield more stable this season than at any time since 2008.

    I still desire improvement, but I will never give an ounce on the decrepid

  37. i don’t think drafting Moskos was as much about being cheap as it was about being an inadequate GM. Littlefield “boldly” traded for Matt Morris soon after to make the point that he could have drafted Wieters if he wanted.

    I think he thought that he could rush Moskos to the MLB to be like “SEE, Mr. Nutting? i developed an mlb player!!!! let me keep my job!!”

    He was trying to save his job, and failed.

    Moskos was also ranked a top 10 prospect. I feel like you should always take the potential star catcher over the potential star reliever, but hey… it was Littlefield.

  38. . . . . decrepitness of the Cedeno tenure.

  39. @Playoffs

    I’ll take 100 on the Under.

    Let’s Go Bucs!

  40. @playoffs

    50 on the under, pls

  41. Re: post 35,

    as long as the other two prospects aren’t in the top 10 or so, i’d definitely pick option 2. span is exactly what the pirates need for the leadoff hole.

    Other options that could be had for that trade package would have to be considered as well though.

  42. NMR

    Every player has 3 options, that means they can be sent down during 3 seasons. When a player starts the season on the 25 man roster and then is sent to the minors, as Presley was this season, that uses an option. Options are for seasons so during that season they may be sent up or down as many times as the team wants to send them. Because Tabata has been optioned in the past, he has 1 remaining.

  43. Let’s see if I can take over that last spot and get the number one overall for next season…

    100 on the UNDER please.

  44. Thanks JAL, that helped me out as well :)

  45. Cmat4676434657654343,

    Denard Span’s value is lessened if he is not in Center Field. Bucs need a guy who can drive the ball over the fence and bring in runs a one pop. Anyone but Soriano! The only ballplayer who hits more homeruns when the game is already out of hand or decided is ARod.

    “The new regime, regardless of your opinion of it, has generally drafted best talent overall since then.” They drafted Tony Sanchez, the Baseball America #32 talent at #4.

    Beauty in the eye of the beholder?

  46. JAL,

    I would never doubt you——but don’t players signed before age 20 get a 4th option?

    No, that’s a 4th year before being eligible for Rule #5 draft, isn’t it?

  47. I can’t believe the Wilson/Sanchez arguement always comes up. The Pirates gave these players extremely fair offers for their value at the time. Just because someone else gave them more doesn’t mean they are worth more. Their careers after they left shows that they were not worth more then offered and it could be argued they were worth less. I love both those players but I am thrilled we didn’t increase our offer to either one of those players.

  48. Jandy

    Glad to help–it can be a complicated system.

  49. @playoffs

    I’ll take 50 on the over…..AJ mows them down!!

  50. Re: Tony Sanchez, the company line is they used the overall draft budget elsewhere in the draft to go over slot… with little evidence of success but still I don’t think it is ” being cheap” as was the case in the past.

    Interesting on this Pirates club…atypical for them but I don’t think “lack of power” is their offensive problem….meaning I’m not so sure a leadoff/speed guy isn’t a better target than a corner “big bopper”…with several other teams also seeking big boppers (Dodgers at the top of that list) plus reasonable current contributions from McGehee and GI Jones….I’m not so sure a leadoff guy isnt the highest priority. Evidenced by Sutton hitting leadoff today and JayHey hitting leadoff yesterday. Clint seems to think that is a major shortcoming at the moment.

  51. @Oshkosh
    1st time player: 100 on the over

  52. Nate the Wide Receiver,

    The Wilson/Sanchez stuff is from NMR’s position at another place.

    Plus, I NEVER want to leave anywhere without commenting on Cedeno’s Rorschach blot performance as a Pirate. Cedeno made Ronnie Paulino look focused.

  53. I know it’s off topic, but it looks like Sid is getting a $100 million extension.

  54. And on Wilson/Sanchez:

    Both are average to slightly above average major league players and at the time were serious risks in terms of value for the proposed contract moving forward. IF the Bucs were close to contention then absoultely you “step up” and keep the core intact if for nothing more than morale/teambuilding. But with the team so far from competing, you absolutely do NOT lock up average talent for big bucks (at least as far as the Pirates are concerned).

    No brainer and not really worth debating.

  55. Groat

    Players can get a 4th option, Pirates got one for Alvarez this season. Have to apply to MLB for one and doesn’t happen often. I just posted the basics that apply to all players at the start of their career.

    You are right about the Rule 5 draft, it is actually 5 years for players 18 and younger and 4 years for players 19 and older. So Heredia has 5 years in system before Rule 5 eligible and Cole 4 years.

  56. 50 on the over. Thanks.

  57. Our walking Britannica——JAL——who must now remain online because he has been discontinued in hands-on form.

    Thank you.

  58. I liked Pence last year and we didn’t get him. If Philly doesn’t improve, what’s to say we can’t try again this year? Package Tabata in there with a prospect or two then platoon Jones and McGehee at 1st.

  59. John Wehner said last night that McCutch’s catch was the best he had ever seen McCutch make.

    I was watching the game on the radio. Anybody have a link to which I could go to see the catch?

  60. BOOM!!!! McGehee with a 3-run bomb following Jones’ RBI single. 4-0 good guys!

  61. Now, that’s the kind of one-swing pop I was talking about!

    Way to go, Casey McGeheeheeheehee!!!

  62. Woo-hoo! McGehee makes it 4-0

  63. @Playoffs: UNDER by one c-note please. tank eee

  64. Loving the way this is starting and their bullpen got used last night. Keep it up, let’s have some fun this afternoon.

  65. Much appreciated, JAL.

  66. Pedro!!! Back-to-back!!

  67. Bob Walk says that Pedro will hit a homerun today before the game is over.

    2 pitches later . . . . . bang! Call ‘em, Walkie!

  68. aglebagel ~ supposedly Sid is getting 8.7M / year for 12 years. Nice hometown discount :)

  69. I am finding it harder and harder to believe that some folks don’t have the patience to let Pedro develop.

  70. Barmes whiffs, .199. Rest of team? Kicking butt.

  71. Man what a nice start!

  72. Just play Pedro during the day

  73. @JHadar…

    Pedro needs the patience to let Pedro develop…

  74. Just got back.
    JohninOshkosh, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

    Looks like I missed the best 1st inning all year…….

  75. Hope it went well Playoffs!

  76. Is Denard Span available? If he is, he would fit well in left at PNC.

  77. I didn’t think they would take my comment at number 5 literally. WOW! 5 in the first. Wonder if Charlie Manual is going to just let Kendrick get the crap kicked out of him today to spare some of the bullpen, like Burnett got kicked around in St. Louis.

  78. Wow great start. Hopefully this will help the over win. With that lead Burnett should be able to go after the hitters and keep his pitch count down.

  79. Thank you all for the well wishes. I’m humbled at the support. You guys rock!!

    Interview went really really well. They already have me coming back early next week for a second interview. This time with the CEO, so looks like this could be a winner.

    Thanks again!!

  80. Can we start playing all of our games during the day? What are McCutchen’s day game splits?

    Or Petey just needs some night vision goggles…


    maybe those Atlanta Brave eye doctors could take a look at him :)

  81. I have to work Friday-Saturday-Sunday all day, so I was going to mow my lawn today and watch just the 2nd half of the game.


  82. Great news, Playoffs!

  83. Ewwwww Groat, that schedule sucks. It also sucks to be your lawn ;)

  84. Johnny Rosboro’s Son,

    Good comment on the Braves’ eye doctors.

  85. Naje

    Pedro probably does need to learn to relax (be patient with himself) but I’m still ready to play him every day and watch these spurts outbursts become more frequent. There’s nothing left for him to learn at AAA. He needs to learn the rest on the job.

  86. Way to go Playoffs, ace the next interview

  87. So here’s the thing; Jones and McGehehehe have been swinging the bat well. Casey getting back to 2010 form.

    The hole now becomes LF.

    Do they A. Bring up Marte to see if he’s the answer or B. Trade for experience?

  88. pork chop sandwiches!!!

    its 5-0 buccos!!

    Damn work getting in the way of my play.

  89. @Lucky

    Rumor is that Span or Michael Bourn will be the Nationals next CF.

  90. All catchers going crazy in this series.

  91. Bite your tongue Ryan, it’s now 5-2 :(

  92. Pedro plays everyday……..the occasional day off is fine. All players need that.

  93. Yea I know……coming to the party late…my bad

  94. I can’t help it——I really root for that Eric Kratz. I was there when he got his first Major League hit for the Bucs.

    Playoffs by Infinity, the only interview I got invited back for a 2nd time was with the IRS! Do better than I did!! Take a shoebox filled with receipts: it helps!

  95. OK guys:

    This is going to take a bit to type:

    First Pitch: 1:07 EDT

    Window is closed:

    I’ve got the following bookings:


    1. Bizrow 75
    2. dcpfjr 100
    3. pattonbb 100-looking forward to “fear the bones” post today
    4. radio wave 100
    5. bman 40
    6. Ryan (Nor-Cal Stirfanrc) 75
    7. Mirgenuine 100 Love the moniker btw
    8. manny_sanguine 50
    9. Kevin 100
    10. buggee 100

    1. Mike C 70
    2. jeffsbar 100
    3. PetroSteel 100
    4. cmat 0829 100
    5. Lawnbeaver 50 (I type the moniker while giggling because I am juvenile )
    6. Pants-n-at 100 WELCOME! Good to have you aboard.
    7. nate 83 50

    If I am missing someone-just post. Any errors-take up with the Window.

    Good Luck All!

  96. And while I was typing our friend The Window showed up. Glad it went well today.

    Can’t watch the game. Enjoy everyone.

  97. dayum, that Huner Pence gets a lot of exercise out there in right field…

  98. @JohninOshkosh,

    Exactly what I just wrote down as well. Thank you very much for your help today. You are a king amongst men. Thank you!!

  99. Sutton isn’t going to be the savior, but really, compared to the other 2 where else does he have to go.

    I didn’t get to see much of the game last night but, I did catch one of Sutton’s AB’s.

    He seems to have a very simple approach, which is good. Not a lot of body movement (head) so he can see the ball really well. No idea as far as his fielding ability. Anybody notice anything that stands out with that? Small sample, I know. But I see Sutton as a Neal Walker type. Similiar approach at the plate. K.I.S.S.

  100. AJ threw a bad 0-2 pitch. Seems former pirates have their best games against the Pirates.

    They best score a few more runs the way balls are flying out of the park.

  101. Whoa……….GAMECAST needs to center up their features…..

  102. Good rule of thumb:

    Pitches up go out.
    Pitches down go on the ground.

    Guess where Burnett’s pitch to Eric Kratz was . . . .

  103. at Groat:
    I liked him when he was here too. Wish they had kept him.

  104. @JAL

    This lineup, field, defintely need more than 5………

  105. @Groat

    Pitching 101 there buddy…….

    Most HR’s are pitching mistakes.

  106. Goodness, it seemed as if Juan Pierre had a 30 foot lead before that stolen base.

  107. There has been a lot of hitting in this series. Does the ballpark factor into it, or is it just the way these two teams play each other or some other quirk?

  108. Barmes pops out ::sigh::

  109. @ JHadar
    I think its a combo…plus the warmer weather. The ball is jumping!

  110. Pirate offense went away, two very easy innings for Kendrick.

  111. Jandy

    With a lead and non scoring situation, I don’t care what Barmes does, to be honest.

    Sure, I’d like him to hit more. When was the last the Pirates had a hitting SS??

    Even Jay Bell wasn’t that great, until he went to AZ and put up some power numbers.

  112. @JH

    I think it does. I believe this field is considered a hitters ballpark, similiar to the Reds field.

  113. Well, I’m now hoping I lose my bet and AJ goes 7+

    Its only units…..

    I want the win

  114. Ryan, yeah I agree. But it would be nice to see Barmes do SOMETHING lol.

  115. DK put up a fine column on Sid and his contract. Made me smile =)

  116. Jandy,

    No doubt……….Pitching and defense, pitching and defense.

    As long as he pulls his head out of his arse and plays defense well, not concerned AS MUCH with his offense, especially if we hang a 5 spot on the board. Closer games, becomes more important…..

  117. AJ’s only on pitch 58 going into the 5th. He keeps it up, we’ll get through 7

  118. Thanks Playoffs. Good news about the interview too. We’re praying for you.

    Pitches up go out… unless the hitter is Josey ‘Ta. Hey Jose, how about a long greyhound to Indy?

    Sid is a Pen for life unless he’s packaged in a deal with Tanger for… um… God? Now Sid will know what millions of flightless birds around the world already know.

    The wifelette sez that if the Pens deal Tanger she’ll stop following the Pens in favor of Tanger’s new team. Now THAT’s a bandwagon. Little snot

  119. buggee, I’d kinda sorta join your wife…but it would be my second favorite team. The Pens would still be my first.

  120. No scoring action the last three innings. Let’s see what the Buccos do this inning!

  121. Both pitchers having easy innings since the 2nd.

  122. Stack on some runs would be nice……….at least 2 more.

  123. @Playoffs

    Did you put us down as references?

    If not, the job is in the bag

    If you did


  124. Darn! I’ll give up a run for a doubleplay!

    Better yet, how ’bout a K and then a doubleplay!

  125. How about trading for Shane Victorino for LF and lead off? Now that’s something I could buy off on for sure…He’s rumored to be available along with Cole Hamels.

    SV is in a contract year as well. Not sure what it would take to land him for a 2 month rental, could be a couple prospects and take on most or all of his salary.

  126. Wiggy the tying run.

    He’s one former Pirate I don’t root for.

  127. Time to yank AJ, is anyone up in the BP?

  128. I liked Wiggy…..looked like Jim “the anvil” Nighthart when he was with us.

  129. Phillies radio broadcast said Resop is warming up

  130. @ Ryan

    That’s because you have the under

  131. @Pants

    Ha, Ha…only partly true

  132. Burnett due up 2nd in the 7th – pinch hitter??? (Yes, I have the UNDER)

  133. Nice, glad he got out of that…..he is due to bat 2nd. Might be time for a PH. Pitch count should be 90 +/- 2.

    Tough call, let’s see what CH does. I think he’ll go with a PH. Wouldn’t ridicule him either way to be honest.

  134. OK McCutch! We need a 2-runner like last night to get this game back under control.

    Somebody get on for Walker and Cutch!

    Way to go, Fort!!

  135. C’mon Fort!

  136. OOps I forgot what happened before lol

  137. Should’ve used a PH :)

  138. They need to add on here. Kendrick up over 100 pitches has to be getting tired. And Burnett batting for himself. Sacrifice city.

  139. AJ bats but not well

  140. Well……..don’t mind the call. Execution would be better

  141. How in god’s name do you bunt into a DP? First he breaks an orbital bone, now he bunts into a DP. He is as bad at bunting as JHey.

  142. darn not such a good idea…

  143. A.J. should wear goggles when he goes up there to bunt! Or a hockey mask!

    OK, Walker and McCutch: the turkey is on the table!! Nice AB, Sutton.

  144. Hockey mask! lol

  145. Cutch leads off the 8th and is 0 fer the day. Big insurance blast coming like last night?

    Suprised after last inning that AJ stays in. Struggled with control in the 6th. Pitch count at 87. He has some left in him and he is a better option than Cruz or Resop. I guess that’s why he sticks around.

  146. Man, that was a nice pitch on 3-2 to K Kratz.

    I think Hurdle has 100 pieces of bubble gum on the Over.

  147. Maybe CH knows what the line is for the day and has decided he wants to go with the Over for today. Once he gets Utley out, CH will make the change.

  148. @Playoffs with another spot-on line. Burnett goes 6 2/3 for a win for the UNDER

  149. Hurdle must have had friends on the Under. :-)

  150. Really you bring in Juan Cruz with a man on? A month ago I’m on board. But he has not been the same pitcher over the past 3 weeks.

  151. No Double Bubble for Clint Hurdle today!

    Can Juan Cruz keep Jimmy Rollins from stealing?

  152. 4 pitch walk – ugh. Can’t Grilli get 4 outs?

  153. A four pitch walk. Wild Man Juan at it again.

  154. Even though I had 100 bills on the under, I was really hoping AJ got through this inning. Clint should have let him pitch to Pierre.

  155. Why steal when you can WALK to 2nd?

    Tying run on base.

  156. Yikes. 2 on. 2 out. No more walks please.

  157. Isn’t Victorino due for a SO?

  158. So CH pull AJ after 2 strike outs? Then Cruz walks the next 2 guys?

    Am I caught up?

  159. Or did AJ walk Rollins?

    Lincoln in that situation would’ve been better. Cruz might be clinging on to a job in the BP.

  160. No, AJ walked the first guy (Rollins) and then Cruz walked the next one

  161. Well, he got the job done

  162. Juan Cruz is my hero!

    I never had a doubt. (cough . . . cough!)

  163. Fly out is fine too.

  164. Can anyone watching the game comment on how close Cruz is missing by? I’m flipping between a couple different versions of gamecast and both apps are plotting most of those pitches as strikes. Just curious if it’s even close to being accurate.

  165. Playoffs should move to Vegas, his lines are OUTSTANDING

  166. Ryan

    AJ walked Rollins, Cruz walked Pierre

  167. AJ walked Rollins.

    Would have loved to have seen Lincoln in there again. Clint went with the rested arm. Not that Lincoln through a ton last night. Lincoln should take over that 7th inning job.

  168. Now lets get some insurance?

  169. @patton

    I have the same issues. Also seems as if some of the locations of the outs/hits are way off as well.

  170. Can’t get much closer than that. Chalk up a win for the UNDER. Thank you to all who played, big thanks to JohninOshkosh for his help today. See you tomorrow for THREE PLAY FRIDAY!!

    JRay3 ** 1025
    dcpinpgh ** 875
    Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) ** 775
    pattonbb ** 700
    Mlrgenuine ** 685
    radio wave ** 645
    Nate83 ** 565
    Steve J Smith ** 550
    Chico ** 450
    Slack Boss ** 435
    JohninOshkosh ** 400
    cosmo ** 380
    Evan ** 353
    JMB ** 350
    manny_sanguine ** 350
    MarkV ** 330
    jeffsbar ** 300
    RobertoForever ** 290
    Officer Mancuso ** 280
    JaxBuc ** 270
    bman ** 260
    likeabugonarug ** 232
    DemonDachshund ** 210
    crkkid ** 175
    cmat0829 ** 150
    OZ ** 150
    stuart66 ** 145
    lckythump ** 100
    dcpfjr ** 100
    Sir Lochsby ** 50
    tmp444 ** 30
    Milo Hamilton ** 25
    JUCOfan ** 25
    Hal Smith ** EVEN
    NMR ** EVEN
    Dan1283 ** EVEN
    Arriba Wilver ** -10
    Boise Bucco ** -50
    Bizrow ** -55
    JD ** -100
    buggee ** -100
    Petro Steel ** -100
    Pants-n-at ** -100
    bob hasis ** -125
    lawnbeaver ** -150
    Mike C. ** -170
    GlassHalfFull ** -305
    Kevin ** -450
    TDB1977 ** -740

  171. Basketball Patton,

    Cruz’ pitches weren’t even close! Missed by large amounts.

  172. I agree AJS.

    Thanks for the update…….freakin’ work

    Luckily today, most of my work as been on the computer and not out in the field..

  173. It’s funny, in the interview, the lady I spoke with talked numerous times about how the right candidate, “should have the patience necessary to ensure the job is done correctly and consistently.”

    My reply was, “I’m a Pittsburgh Pirates fan. I am nothing if not overly patient.”

  174. The Legend!!

    Gone or not! Let’s take a look guys!

  175. Love how Jones has been swinging the bat……..

  176. Groat

    Gotta fill us computer guys in man

  177. @bizrow, if Vegas comes calling, I’ll listen.

  178. Jones with a double =)

  179. @Playoffs

    Please tell me you really said that?!

    Great answer buddy, should be hired on the spot!

  180. Playoffs, loved your reply to the interviewer lol

  181. I saw the what Clint Hurdle said about Tabata going to AAA on the Trib web site today. This is great news, folks! This team does not need a negative element like Joggin’ Joe in their dugout. Sounds like maybe Marte might be joining them in St. Louis.

    By the way, great job thus far today for my Buccos – let’s hold ‘em and split the series.

  182. That seemed like a deep shot by CM as well.

    Teeing off on this guy?

  183. @ Groat – Thank you sir. I thought that might be true since nobody was commenting on the strikezone being squeezed.

  184. Walking Alvarez to get to Barmes, will see a PH?

  185. If Tabata does go down, I would think Marte is the best candidate.

  186. @Jandy

    NOW is when I’d like to see Barmes execute……..or executed I guess.

  187. @Ryan,

    That was an exact quote my friend.

  188. @Jandy,

    She got a kick out of it, too.

  189. Like at PNC Park, Phils have a clear plexiglass sheet at the railing at the aisle to keep people from falling over the fence like the guy in Texas. The plexiglass sheet goes about a foot above the fence only there at the aisle.

    Garrett Jones’ hit the plexiglass above the fence railing about 4 inches above the fence.
    Plexiglass bends and throws ball down onto railing and back onto field. I thought it should be a Homerun, but umps called it a double.

  190. Well played sir…..I hope she knew what you were talking about though.

  191. Did they review?

    Thanks for the update

  192. Yikes……..

  193. Grrrr Barmes!

  194. ryan, make that executed!

  195. Yes ma’am….

  196. Rats! Now work is in MY way. I’ll have to check the end result later. Catch you later guys. Go Buccos!

  197. So, what’s the ground rule, does the ball have to clear the glass or did the umps blow it?

  198. On the bright-side, still have a 2 run lead. Get through this inning should be ok. This is the heart of their order.

  199. Umps reviewed and it showed the ball hitting the plexiglass first, but umps apparently ruled that plexiglass is not behind fence. Groundrules?

    MeGeheeheehee hit his ball to the 409 sign where Victorino caught it. Jones tagged and went to 3rd, where throw hit him. The ball rolled about 30-35 feet toward stands and left field, but Jones did not pick up on it soon enough: broke for home then came back.

    I think he makes it if he goes right away. Big run we could have used!

  200. Make that 1 run lead……

  201. Sure could have…….getting nervous

  202. GAHHHHH PENCE…Why won’t you just sign with an AL team already…

  203. That was a pitch down that went up.

  204. Grilli makes me nervous every time out….

  205. Not looking good. A new low if this one goes by tge wayside.

  206. Now we have to find a sucker to take Barmes off of our hands. 3 Ks today – he is absolutely putrid!!

    Any ideas on this one??

  207. Grilli just turned a doubleplay ball into an infield single by throwing his glove out there.

    The luck of the game!!

  208. Foul home run by Thome!!

    That boy can still hit!


  210. get the rosary beads out again

  211. Two WOW pitches by Grilli after foul HR to take Thome out! Get ‘em!

  212. Figured that was going to be 610. Nice K.

  213. National League’s leading hitter?

    No problem for Grilli!

    Super play by McGeheeeheehee on 0-2 pitch diving into stands to snag foul pop!

  214. Phew – hanging on yet again. Sure thought this game was going to be easier the way it started.

  215. WOW!! Casey McGehee with the play of the game!!

  216. @ Boise Bucco

    Or we take him off their hands

  217. A gut wrencher. Three more outs.

  218. Grilli survives the 8th!

    “Doctor K” rings up two more… McGehee with a super snag of a foul ball tumbles into the seats to end the inning.

  219. Hope the rest of the team was watching that play.
    That’s what heart and character get you!!
    No more jogging and alligator arming near the stands.

  220. Whew, looks like he got outta that.

  221. Pence can’t be a Pirate until he changes his last name to McPence.

  222. Another tight one as we head to 9th, would be nice if Pirates could score a couple in the 9th.

  223. I’m absolutely glued to ESPN gamecast right now. Productivity at work is at an all-time low.

    Scratch that…if I had taken my own advice and gone to the bar down the street with the MLB package, THAT would have been the all-time low.

    The bullpen has been a little shakier lately, hasn’t it?

  224. Ugh – GameCast. “Carlos Ruiz pops out to first baseman Casey McGehee in foul territory.”

  225. Gamecast said basically “pop out to first.” Understating great Pirates play apparently.

  226. The Fort has 2 less HR’s than Barajas in almost half the AB’s.

    Interesting tidbit

  227. Grilli might not wear a cape or have a red “S” on his chest, but he’s close.

  228. McKenry walks. I really like the way he plays the game!

    Tabata now up. Will he bunt? Does Clint Hurdle chew bubble gum?

  229. Tabata or Gorkys? Not sure who I’d rather have at the moment.

  230. JT to pinch hit……..or possibly bunt him over.

  231. Tabata bunts and almost beats it out!!

    Who was that guy wearing #31 and running so hard?!

  232. @SeanAY
    I’m with ya! Gamecast on the desktop!

  233. @ Playoffs – neither.

  234. @Groat

    I do too….I’m rooting for the guy all the way, but if his hitting continued the way it was going, he’d have to get dropped down and bring someone else in.

  235. AP’s turn……….ug

  236. As far as the hustle of AP and JT is that they have different running styles. AP shows more, doesn’t mean that JT isn’t hustling on the bases.

    Though it does appear he dogs it at times.

  237. Phils announcers trying to figure out why bunting, w catcher running& two lh bitters up next?

  238. It’s 3-2 . . . Presley has really hung in well in this at bat . . . . can he hit this lefty? . . . . . lots of fouls . . . . here’s the pitch . . . . TAKE YOUR BASE!

  239. Good AB by AP, from what I can gather on GAMECAST.

  240. Is Walker batting from the left side against a lefty?

  241. They now say walker more dangerous as lh, having noticed he switches

  242. Would it be too much to ask for Cutch to hit a gapper right about now?

  243. McPatrick,

    Then Phils’ announcers aren’t paying attention——Tabata went in for Jones for defense in the bottom of the last inning and was inserted in 9 spot then.

  244. @Patrick

    I have no problem with the bunt…..I’ll take 1 insurance run with the hammer coming in. He likes to make things interesting at times.

  245. With a chance to put the game away, Walker & McCutchen get owned by a AAA pitcher.

  246. Hammer time!!

  247. That’s it, Cutch 0-5 with 2 k’s, time to send him down….

  248. The collar for McCutch in 5 ABs———that just means he will be GREAT tomorrow against the Cardinals!

    OK Hanrahan . . . . do your thing!!!

  249. Grilli again??

  250. Ok, never mind……..slow gamecast

  251. Here we go – Rollins gets on…

    Phillies are 0-30 or something like that when losing after 7; hope they are not due!

  252. speaking of interesting…………hammer doesn’t fail at that…..

    Pierre should bunt.

  253. 87 MPH slider up in zone——lucky it was only a ground single past the mound and not still flying in the air!

  254. Never easy.

  255. Don’t like Rollins being on 2nd. Need a cheap out here, hard to do with Victorino

  256. Nice!!!!

    One last tough out to go!

  257. Come on Man!

  258. 270 posts here today so far, wonder what our record is?

  259. 96 & 97 to Victorino down in zone——guess!

    Next pitch 98 above head. Fort had to jump!

    Now slider in dirt that Victorino swings and misses!

    2 down. Wow, while I type, Rollins steals 3rd while Hanrahan holding ball!!!

    90 feet away!

  260. Biz

    We should find out and then double it!!

  261. ejtsw;bhiobjio4twae0un9gvbjriovbrnjb;klj;klfadjn54twae ntae0bn9 PIOJSAE06y294yg402989y-0hbtui;hnd;hnd;hnd;hnd;hnd;hnd;hnd;hnd;hndjg7su89hw 46jn t52

  262. Raise it!!! Hammer Time!

  263. Game over!!!

  264. Pence Flies out to center and you can RAISE THE JOLLY ROGER!

  265. Pop to McCutch . . . . . WE HAD ‘EM ALL-L-L-L THE WAY!!


  267. I can now officially breathe

    @Ryan – now you are cooking

    With this number, I should have gone fishing for new lunatic sign ins today ;-)

  268. Bend but don’t break

  269. Great comeback to split the series…

    Let’s Go Giants tonight against the Reds. I’ll be watching that game as soon as I can. (wifey is a Giants fan)

  270. ….fear the Bones….

  271. That’s why I like Hanrahan, he doesn’t rely upon luck for saves. When he gives up baserunners he is still very difficult to hit. And he has guts to pitch with men on base and not lose confidence.

  272. Eight scoreless after a five spot survives. Let’s get out of here!

  273. Hung on by the fingernails

  274. I’ll take the split on the road although we could’ve taken 3

  275. Game and Hanrahan had 22 so excited he started speaking in tongues!!

    No interpreters here!!

  276. With that win we may have officially put the Phillies into “sell” mode…

  277. Nice win!! No more game against the team from the city of the oniony aroma!!

  278. Jimmy Krenn’s Pants-n-at,

    No could’ves in baseball. Either you do or you don’t! Not like soccer!

    I’ll take the split on the road!

  279. Burnett 9-2 with 2 starts coming up on the homestand. Take 1 of 3 against the Cardinals and then go 5-2 on the homestand. I’ll sign for 7 games over .500 at the break. Anything more is gravy, and I hope they are hungry for more.

  280. Splitting, especially after the way they started this series, is HUGE, IMHO. Despite the Phil’s record and the injuries, that’s a good team. (stay tuned and I’ll announce when sundown is in Pittsburgh).

  281. Nice to see the Pirates have not 1 but 2 shut down starters.

    AJ has been everything the Pirates expected and more. Proven leader of this young squad. I’d like to have a batting equilivant.

    I’m starting the Shane Victorino band wagon……

  282. @AW

    That’s why they have to take it one game at a time. Could lose 12-0 one game and win 2-0 the next. Not every loss is the demise this time.

    Could Brad Lincoln’s strike out of Thome last night be the safe call at home last year, though working in opposite directions?

    Stay tuned.

  283. By the way, during the game somebody mentioned that the Penguins have signed a new player for 12 years and $104 + million.

    Somebody named Sibley or Kidney or Bing or Norm. I did not catch the last name——anyone know who this is?

  284. Let’s just call him “Pen for life”

  285. Mr. Shigley,

    Thanks for the video of McCutch’s catch last night.

    I just finally got to see it.


  286. 300

  287. It’s Mike not Mr.

  288. I would love to know who the guy is who told/asked Clint that McGehee’s homers have all been in June. To which Clint replied, I know, you need to ask me a question. The same guy has done it before, and I have a guess who it is (his initials are not DK, TK or 24/7) well, at least not DK or TK.

  289. @Boise

    Talk about a bunch of sour grapes…

    So in summary, the Pirates made him a pitcher because they didn’t think his small, mid-west school college stats wouldn’t hold up (verified when he hit only .227/.302/.293 at the lowest level of the minor leagues) and his body couldn’t handle everyday play (verified by his bum non-throwing shoulder), yet he feels slighted because he ended up being a huge bust.

    Did I miss anything?

  290. NMR—was it a good article, which I think is what Boise said?. I see plenty of good articles I don’t agree with the point of view or conclusion.

  291. I must have missed this, but in talking about how good the Fort was today AJ mentioned in passing (and jokingly) that their last hookup in St. Louis after Barajas got tossed didn’t work out so well.

  292. I thought that the bad shoulder was why the converted Van BenSchotten — that he pretty much lost the ability to hit for power.

    AW — and at least AJ won’t have to pitch in St. Louis this weekend although I kinda wish he could.

  293. Well work got in the way of keeping tabs on the hold on to your seat win. Have to catch the DVR tonight.

    Behind five first inning runs and another win by AJ Burnett the Pirates take the series finale 5-4 and earn the season series over the Phillies and there was noooooo doubt about it.

    Couple of observations from what I can gather – definitely looks like Casey McGehee is finding his power stroke another HR and a few that came close in the past two games.

    How about the job Mike McKenry has done filling in for Barajas? Nice work Fort!

    Our two aces did what they needed to do, stop a slide and pickup wins for the club. So nice having J-Mac and AJ as shut down pitchers now need 3-4-5 to chip in with some contributions with a little more consistency.

    It appears Drew Sutton will be a useful utility player and bench guy, takes lots of pitches, can draw a walk, and has hit for average his entire career definitely an upgrade.

    What does Clint Barmes bring to this team? Another 0-4 day with 3 K’s….Mike McKenry has accomplished more in his AB’s just this series than Barmes has all year. And I do not want to hear he is hitting .260 in June.

    Other than that great series sweep and maybe a sign that this team refuses to go away this year as some were stating the other day to me.

    Let’s Go Bucs

  294. JH—nope, DL announced when they picked JVB they were converting him to a pitcher. The bad shoulder came AFTER the conversion, from pitching. At least that’s my recollection.

  295. JRay—you forgot to mention that CH has jumped on the “bandwagon” to make Jose a “whipping boy.”. He must be a negative guy. (BIG tongue in cheek).

  296. Bleacher Reports now ranks the Bucs farm system 7th on the premise that Appel will sign.

    AW — was unaware of that, but your memory is probably better than mine as I only followed it casually at the time it was happening. It could be that later reporting made the point that the injury would prevent him from going back to hitting and time has fogged the rest.

  297. JH—you got it exactly. It was the later reporting, when he wasn’t doing so well as a pitcher, and people were clamoring for an Ankiel type conversion, that I learned that the shoulder made it basically impossible. I do remember reading/hearing DL on the initial conversion to pitcher-it was immediate and the “plan.”

  298. @JRay

    Barmes is hitting .247 in June now……

  299. He’s also 8th out of 11th in the league in fielding percentage.

  300. what does it say when .247 looks GREAT?

  301. And his on base percentage is the lowest in ALL of Major League Baseball. I applaud CH for getting all over Tabata, I applaud the FO for cutting its losses with Nate McOut, but time for something with Barmes sit him for 5-10 games through the All-Star break, send a message of some sorts please.

  302. That’s he’s really bad……..

  303. Can’t argue that J….

    If his defense was playing better, I can see throwing him out there to try and get that bat going, which it was for most of the month…

    There’s just no answers to that situation……

  304. I would’ve liked to see Mercer get some more playing time, I’m sure everybody would’ve, but I wouldn’t call him the answer either.

    d’Naurd isn’t doing ANYTHING right now….though coming back from injuries.

  305. I didn’t understand ROOT today naming Pedro’s homer (no one on base, but the winning run ultimately) the play of the game. McGehee, with his 3 run homer, and his 8th inning defensive gem was clearly the Player of the Game.

  306. Wow.

    So, essentially we’re worrying about nothing? If I read that correct. At least as far as his defense goes.

  307. AW

    Pedro’s bomb was the one that put the 5 spot on the board right? Without that, who knows what would’ve happened.

  308. @ JAL – Thanks for pouring salt into that open wound.

    Interesting enough though it does point out the problems of our Corner OF position which is the one area I wish we would hurry and address. I understand there is probably not much to be done about SS and we have to settle with what we have currently and internally but we have to get an OF everyday bat.

  309. JRay

    Yesterday I pointed out the corner OF problem

  310. Missed that as well JAL

    How the heck did you find that link?

  311. Ryan–that’s what I said in my post—it was the winning run ultimately . Do you disagree McGehee was more important to the win? (maybe a different question). Cutch had a great catch, too, and mcGehee’s, too, was a great defensive play, and who knows what would have happened if those weren’t made? As well as Grilli’s performance and a lot of others, including AJ. I’m just saying McGehee had more to do with the win from position players. If it were me, I’d have picked the 3 run homer. No right answer.

  312. No………not at all. I was actually asking, couldn’t remember.

    That’s why its a team game though, needed everybody for this one.

  313. Food for thought………

    If Marte does in fact get the call up sometime in July / August (and I think he will). What / whom do you trade for?

    Another corner outfielder?
    A first baseman?
    A bat off the bench?

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  314. I think you need some insurance out there. I still like Victorino……though his bat isn’t doing as well this year as it has in the past. Maybe he feels some pressure with trying to carry the team with the 2 big bats gone….or were gone.

  315. Playoffs:


    Hope that helps.

  316. Ryan

    Just part of my morning links research

  317. And JAL’s morning links are the best part of this place

    Cause it’s a team game

  318. Everybody needs to contribute

  319. one game at a time

  320. Drew71
    June 28th, 2012 – 7:29 pm
    one game at a time
    I am watching the replay on Root does that make it two games? a double header? or just re-washing old laundry?

  321. Marte 2-5 with a double, homer, 5 RBI’s. Guess he’s learning the strike zone and getting his plate discipline down.

  322. Mouse trap’s gonna get me but I don’t care. Say cheese.

    Pittsburgh 40-35 –
    Atlanta 40-35 –
    St. Louis 40-36 0.5
    New York 40-36 0.5

    Cueto down early at Giants.

    Cincy 4 @SF, 3 @LAD, 4 @SD

    Would be great to get 2 from St. Louis, 1 is tolerable.

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