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Parise delays announcement another day

Let’s use this as a post for the Zach Parise choice. He’s supposed to make his announcement before reporters in Ontario within minutes.

UPDATE 5:05 p.m.: Never mind.

This is all I’ll add: When I take all the shreds of Parise info out there, including his non-decision announcement just now, I come up with this, logically or otherwise: He’d love to play for the Penguins, but he’s wracked by guilt over leaving the Devils.

Sorry, just can’t take the Wild/Hawks/others seriously. The angst here is over New Jersey For decades now, Lou Lamoriello has fostered an atmosphere in Jersey in which players take less to stay, sometimes way less. He’s a powerful, persuasive man. I’d have to think Lou is THE dominant figure in this.


  1. Lets hope he doesn’t say “I’m taking my talents to…”

  2. I’m more on the edge of my seat on the Parise announcement than I ever was during Jagr watch. A washed up Jagr never excited me. Parise playing along side Crosby? Now that would be news.

  3. Can we get a link to the news org/broadcast of the announcement?

    DK: Here’s the live TSN Radio feed out of Canada:

  4. Please be us…………………….

  5. Do the right thing, kid…

  6. If there was a presser scheduled for the parise announcment shortly, I’d have expected TSN to be all over it. Nothing from them yet…

  7. Nothing on or NHL Network

  8. The holdup appears to be Parise deciding where he’s going to dinner after announcement.

  9. Parise says, “I’m getting closer.” Someone please put this guy out of his misery.

  10. So he held a presser to say he’s getting closer? What a waste of time.

  11. He pulled a Pryor.

    Did he put each teams baseball cap out on the table in front of him?

  12. Alright, back to baseball.

  13. OK—what malarkey! Shades of Jagr last year. Now I don’t even care anymore. Pro sports are a JOKE.

  14. Canadians just can’t market and promote like their neighbors to the south. Starting to remind me of an SNL skit or something.

  15. My twitter is broken.

  16. To borrow a line from Tony Kornheiser, Zach Parise should be stabbed in the eye with a cocktail fork. Not to be critical.

  17. I think it is fitting that he made this comment on a Summer’s Eve…

  18. @dcpinpgh:


  19. Seriously, how ticked off are the other unrestricted free agents that Parise has had two weeks prior to July 1 and now about two full days worth of offers and time to thinking and he still can’t make a decision.

    By waiting this out, Shero has in effect put his eggs into one basket because the depth of quality free agents at forward was about five deep at best and truly just one first line winger.

    If the Pens miss out on Parise, they’ll probably quickly turn back to Steve Sullivan on a 1-year deal and then use the money to go after defenseman Ryan Suter.

    If Suter goes elsewhere, not many top four defensemen are left on the market.

    ….be prepared, announcement could be coming as Parise and his fiance are discussing the options and his decision…. I mean their decision.

  20. dcpinpgh

    Now that’s funny…..

  21. Parise’s agent says decision may still come tonight.

    How nervous do you think his fiance is going to be on the wedding day ?

  22. Milo, that was the post of the day

    The guy has heart though, he’ll be worth the wait (unlike Jags, now that is the perfect name for that fellow)

  23. I’m suprised he was able to form the decision to ask this girl to marry him. She probably cut out ads for rings and slid them in his morning paper.

  24. Parise says he’s learned a lot about the free agent process and it is “very stressful”. I don’t know how much stress is involved in deciding which pile of $100 million to choose.

  25. It’s not just the money. I’m looking to move elsewhere in the country right now, I have several options, and I’m going to take months to decide. I can let this guy have a few days.

  26. Btw, I’m currently in NYC, not Pittsburgh. Meant to mention that. Pittsburgh’s #1 on my wishlist right now.

  27. LOL just got a chance to check out this blog. You guys are killing me!!!
    Like aglebagel say’s, it’s not just the money. There is a lot more to this.
    But DAYUM, it’s killing me!!!!!! AAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!

    If I were Parise’s fiance, I’d be really SKEERED!

  28. I’d love to see him in a Pens uniform, but honestly think an upgrade to the defense is more important. And while skill and competitive spirit are always welcomed, we need some size on the wings and Zach is not going to bring that. The Glass signing was a very good one. In Shero We Trust.

  29. Nice to see Jets get a free agent center (Jokinen) to help lengthen their lineup but they are still 5 million under the salary cap floor, need to resign Evander Kane (RFA) and find a backup goalie.

    Kane is going to get paid (4-5m) but does he sign the deal, I’ve seen rumors on twitter about his unhappiness in Winnipeg. He would be a real nice winger for Crosby, if Pens miss out on Parise.

    DK: It’s a joke that the Jets spend so far under the cap, with all the money they’re making up there, including events at the MTS Centre.

  30. DK: I’m getting a Chicago feel now that the Blackhawks have entered the picture…better shoe shopping for his fiance. If that happens, all they will need is Jaromir for the “Jag(r)-off” line of Hossa/Jagr/ Parise. Note to Zach: numbers and legacy off the charts and a fait accompli with Sid/Zach/Duper line. ~DJ

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