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Wakeup Call: ‘It won’t be the Pirates’ fault’

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

Brief and to the Point …

>> The Friday column is the newspaper version of the piece you saw get built right here throughout the day yesterday. This last one has additional rewriting and a couple updates.

Over to the right you can see our Trib sports cover, designed by the richly talented Melanie Wass.

>> Our team coverage of the investigation can be found here.

>> “Whatever happens, it won’t be the Pirates’ fault.”

Those were the very last words someone from the Mark Appel camp had for me a couple weeks ago, and no, I have absolutely no idea what they mean. Didn’t know then, I don’t know now that the team and the No. 8 overall pick are fast approaching Major League Baseball’s signing deadline of 5 p.m. today.

But it obviously didn’t sound all that encouraging.

I’ll say it one final time: I don’t see Appel, a bright Stanford kid with wealthy parents, passing up $3.8 million now that might be, what, $5 million at the very most in the next draft if his status rises a player or two?

And to miss out on a year of development that gets him closer to his real payday in the major leagues?

Scott Boras is fantastically intelligent. A conversation with Scott can make your head spin, the knowledge he can rattle off like a machine gun. I’m sure he has ideas, and I’m sure I don’t know what they are. But it also might be the case they’re just angling for the best they can get.

>> Have heard that Starling Marte is not likely to arrive this weekend in Milwaukee. I don’t know why, don’t know when, but I can repeat that a very high-ranking team executive told me last week, “It’s time.”

>> Here is the chat transcript from yesterday.

>> I’ll have another column running in the Saturday paper. It was originally set to run Friday, but you might have heard something else happened.

>> On Saturday afternoon, I’ll be up at the Penguins’ prospects game, always an outstanding chance to see the best of the system in action. And that’s especially true of those European guys you rarely see or even hear about once they go back.

If you spot a guy with a Starbucks brushing up on his Finnish, stop over and say hi.

>> I’ll be taking next week off. My next column back will be July 23 and, two days after that, I’ll be off to London for a long time. You, of course, don’t have the luxury of time off, so keep this place clean and humming. I’ll put up the daily discussion and Pirates game threads.

>> A final note on Penn State, for now: I’m still waiting for the first person, out of all these that are writing, to say, “You know what? I am mostly worried that they won’t play football next year. That’s important to me.” It wouldn’t be a criminal sentiment to express, and it sure would be refreshing.


  1. Brad says:

    I can’t wait to watch PSU football again but I was afraid to say it, especially on Twitter. Maybe that’s not a bad thing after all.

    DK: Good for you. There’s no crime in thinking that way. I just can’t stand all these convoluted tap dances everyone is doing around the topic.

  2. Zack says:

    I watched the sports showdown you do on TV, I believe two Sundays ago. Anyways, if I recall, you said wherever they put Marte at in the outfield, keep him there for the season. I completely agree with that. Given that, he is probably getting reps in Indy at both left and right field, and they may be waiting for the home series against the Marlins to ease the transition, let him play in front of the fans first. Only other idea is that maybe they are working on a trade that could affect where he plays, but that’s highly unlikely. I would think he will take right field upon his promotion. Mark Appel hurts his MLB career by turning us down, who knows how Stanford plays next year, his numbers are strong here and now. Take the money, and avoid the draft that could be pitcher heavy.

  3. Boise Bucco says:

    Maybe they’re keeping Marte in Indy as a way of keeping his arbitration clock set to zero–so that if they trade him, he will have more value if he “hasn’t been taken out of the box.”

    DK: We’re WAY past arbitration time.

  4. Brad says:

    Penn State is a very big part of my life and will continue to be. It means much more to me than football, but football is what brings me back to State College a few times a year. You’re damn right I will be there on September 1. Where my donation money goes is another story.

    DK: Early candidate for post of the day, for simple honesty. Not so hard.

  5. Boise Bucco says:

    As far as the PSU thing goes, all this has done is make me hate college football in general. Before this, I never really got into it anyway, but everyone I work with is, and my family loved it, so if you gotta have a team, might as well pick a local one. And every year, another team would have some huge scandal–last year it was Miami, before that, Ohio State and USC, before that, whoever. I could always feel good knowing that PSU was a good school. Now, I don’t even care if another college game was never played. My family is split down the middle with Pitt and Penn State grads, and I always sided with the Penn State side, and it’s hard to see–they feel ashamed of their school, and no one should ever have to feel like that.

    I was joking on the last post that they should burn the school to the ground, but honestly, I don’t think many people would mind at this point. Even 20 years from now, what’s Penn State gonna be remembered for? I don’t feel like it’s my place to judge, having never gone there, but I couldn’t imagine how a PSU alum feels.

  6. Scott says:

    I had to repeat this comment from Tom on the other column, because it’s worth repeating: “The one issue I do have, DK, is with your mocking of anyone who is against the death penalty. Yelling “PLAY FOOTBALL” like they’re all a bunch of neanderthals kills any possibility of reasonable discussion. Basically, agree with you or be mocked (though some of these trolls obviously do deserve it). I get that you might feel the death penalty is reScott’sd to get the point across on the severity of these crimes. But I don’t think there’s any punishment that you can comfortably say is “enough”, so if someone decides that they would draw the line somewhere short of where you would doesn’t automatically invalidate their reasonings.”

    Dejan, I’m troubled by your seemingly condescending attitude towards anyone who happens to disagree with you regarding the death penalty. It’s especially shocking to see this coming from someone who was just on the other end of this sort of treatment not long ago, when Andrew Fillipponni accused you of “drinking the Kool Aid” on the Sports Showdown. Remember how (justifiably) upset you were at that kind of brainless insult? That’s how some of your readers feel now with the way you’re responding to their comments.

    DK: Your initial criticism is a fair one from the reader’s impression or viewpoint some might get, though it sounds like you know my stuff well enough to know I’m not like that and wouldn’t intend that.

    Rather, I was using that vehicle to make the point that made much better in the blog item above, that there’s a genuine PLAY FOOTBALL theme to most of these comments AND that they completely deny being remotely interested in football.

    As you can with Brad a couple comments up, my goal was to try to get people who feel that way to simply say so. I won’t ever apologize for challenging people to be honest.

    Whatever you were getting at with that last part, I have no idea. But I appreciate everything else.

  7. Zack says:

    @Boise Bucco I can’t imagine they trade Marte, but that is a valid point. The hype has been pretty high though, so he will get his shot in Pittsburgh. Doesn’t look he is going to disappoint either.

    Another thing, adding a couple pieces should be enough to make a playoff run, specifically a leadoff guy with some pop and maybe a pitcher. People want the Pirates to go “all in” but just contending and making a deep playoff run will attract free agents, maybe not those all star caliber guys, but definitely significant pieces.

  8. Boise Bucco says:

    When’s the last genuinely “good” story that’s come out of college sports? For something that holds itself up to be amateurs against amateurs, the youth of our nation in healthy competition, what is ONE GOOD THING that it has brought to our society? And before investment in modern technologies in classrooms is brought up, it should be known that 3M and DuPont invest more in colleges than anyone knows–they need a “farm team” too.

    Bribery, cheating, robbery, murder, child abuse–these all occur in society in general; but they in no way should exist in a scholastic environment, and that’s what we see each and every year. I sincerely hope that there aren’t Jerry Sandusky’s in other schools, but my guess is that there are, and probably Graham Spanier’s and Tim Curley’s too.

    We as a society failed as soon as we allowed a school to turn a profit on the students’ backs. At that point it became less about gaining knowledge and more about gaining profit and influence and power. I hate that we will see this again.

  9. BigE says:

    Didn’t see Jeff Clement in the box score for either game of the doubleheader. Anything to read into that?

  10. Reading says:

    If the NCAA refuses to impose the death penalty on Penn State football, and Penn State refuses to shut down football on its own, then what is preventing the Trib from implementing its own “death penalty” when it comes to Penn State football? The Trib can simply refuse to cover Penn State football, in its entirety for whatever period of time it deems appropriate. That means no articles, no blogs, no game coverage whatsoever.

  11. Frank Kuchno says:

    Any regrets about being in London for what MIGHT be the most important stretch of Pirate baseball in a generation??

    After all…..the summer Olympics is every FOUR years…..but the Buccos in a pennant race……well?????

    Cheery bye!!!

    DK: Regrets over covering the world’s greatest sporting event? When I’ll still get back with six weeks to go in the Pirates’sl season and two weeks before the Steelers kick off?


  12. Jonathan says:


    I can’t remember now, but I’m sure it wasn’t injury related. Personal matter – wedding or baby or something like that.

  13. Jonathan says:

    Nor was he in jeopardy of being called up. Would love to see him with the Bucs right about now.

  14. Jonathan says:

    Ok, found it. Biertempfel reporting paternity leave. That was driving me crazy. Congrats, Jeff.

  15. Thundercrack says:

    No offense to Brad and his post at #4, but I would vote for Scott at #6 for post of the day.

    I don’t think the football program shouldn’t get the death penalty. But at this point I am not thinking about football. I am thinking about the crimes that were committed and the four people that covered them up….including Joe Paterno, someone who I had an extremely high regard for.

    Because I don’t want (or think) the football program should get the death penalty doesn’t reduce my disgust and outrage of what happened at my alma mater. Not one bit.

  16. Drew71 says:

    Sorry. I can’t be refreshing.

    It’s not that I don’t care. I just don’t care if they play football.

    I love Penn State. I have always cared about Penn State Football.

    Until now.

    I no longer care about Penn State Football.

  17. JJ says:

    I dislike PSU and their football program, and I have since before any of this ever came to light. That said, I do not understand how imposing the ‘death penalty’ for one year or even longer does anything here.

    If the issue is the reverence of the football program, then don’t make them a martyr, which the DP would do. It would turn PSU into a larger ‘us against the world’ mentality, more insular than before and the first game back the chants of ‘We are..Penn State’ would echo just as loud if not louder.

    What would the conditions be to prove the culture change? Everyone take a few sensitivity classes, let them know it’s ok to report child rape and politely ask the community to tone down the blue and white until we’ve all forgotten what happened?

    Football will be played but football isn’t important.

  18. Drew71 says:

    NOW I’m ready for baseball.

  19. Drew71 says:

    In other words, PLAY BASEBALL.


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  23. JAL says:

    Pirates fans might feel like they are Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Tori Amos puts her own quirky stamp on the song.

  24. djpirates says:

    Long time follower and admirer of your work.
    I guess my questions is what did Paterno have to lose if it was reported? If it is the first time anyone heard about it, why not report it? Or is he that close to Sandusky that he didn’t want to hurt a friend? I do not see a damage to his program, reputation, or the school if it was reported the first time it happend or the first time anyone heard about it.

  25. Curt says:

    On the Marte dilemma:
    Could it be they want to give Sutton an extended look?
    Personally I want Starling here right now and trade for another quality OF. For some reason I have always liked Shane Victorino. The guy plays the game the right way and brings some speed on the bases. Wouldn’t mind seeing him as well!

    With Penn State, I am personally done. I can no longer be a fan of the football program and I can’t even bring myself to wear any of their gear anymore. It does sting and hurts, but having two young sons, I can’t help but think what if that happened to my boys?

    From now on its Pirates, Penguins and Steelers and that is it for me!

  26. TJA says:

    Morning All – Before yesterday’s “Hurricane Unhappy Valley” – I was going to ask this Pirates related question: As the second half of the season begins this evening, is anyone slightly concerned about how the Pirates really will do? I suppose there is this feeling deep inside of me that says “there is so much history over the past 19 years and then last year’s fall…” Our conversations now certainly do not include “are the Pirates going to break .500, but they are looking at a division title or at least the wildcard”. This is fantastic, but I still have a bit of a knot in my stomach as things roll out this evening. Thoughts?

  27. Stuart says:

    All, I have an idea for a new chant. It utilizes the rhythm and scheme of “WE are…Penn State, but has nothing to do with football or the NCAA or the Death penalty or anything but a response to the plethora or recent PSU-related blogging.


    Aside to Curt – I understand the sentiment, but I don’t think they”ll miss you.


  28. Rocco says:


    Until the Buccos prove me wrong, I’m in the same boat as you. I think that’s what 20 years of losing will do to you. One thing I will say though, is expecting the worst has really made me enjoy the run we are on now. In a way, I think I am enjoying it more since I have that feeling that it could all go away in an instant. If they can continue this through July and into the beginning of August, I’d imagine then I’d start feeling a little better about .500, if not the playoffs/winning the division.

    But honestly, like I told DK on twitter, I haven’t had this much fun with the game of baseball since I was playing in the Greenfield Pony/Colt Leagues. It truly has been an awesome summer to be a fan of the PBC – hell, I even got my Mets fan fiance on the bandwagon (kinda) haha!

  29. John Lease says:

    I don’t think it’s the current peoples fault what happened under Joe Paterno. I think Spanier should be facing jail time along with the Curley and the other schmoe.

    It wouldn’t bother me though if they gave the football team a few years time out. I loved Penn State when I was there, and loved going to the games. But I graduated in 1985. I’ve moved on! A LOT of alums though, haven’t. I’ve never understood that. In doing what they did, they hurt what they said they loved. I think the one thing that is obvious is that Paterno, Spanier and all the rest loved themselves and their phoney images they’d built more than protecting children from a monster.

    That’s something that only people with the most outsized ego and underdeveloped morals can do. Before you kill the program, tear out that stupid statue of Joe.

  30. JAL says:

    As for the Penn State affair, people never learn. Time after time we see that it the cover-up is where the big effects are. If an employee does something bad and you deal with it quickly you may get a black eye but it heals quickly. With the cover-up you end in a full body cast and it can take years to recover, if you recover.

  31. Sarcastic Sword says:

    I understand the desir for Jay Paterno to defend his dad but to issue a statement that includes, “t can be argued that Joe Paterno should have gone further. He should have pushed his superiors to see that they were doing their jobs. We accept this criticism.”

    It can be argued? Its a fact.

    If Mr Paterno didnt pass away, he would be facing charges just like Curley and Schultz for sayng the 2001 shower incident was the first time he heard of this Sandusky behavior – he said that under oath to a grand jury. Freeh report details he knew this behavior in 1998.

  32. twentytwo22 says:

    It’ll be a dark day in our American history when someone is charged in court for name calling. That one gets the red revolutionary blood going early in the morning.

  33. Justin says:

    Here is why I think that Penn State should get rid of the football program and it has nothing to do with my feelings either way. Lavar Arrington the former Penn State standout and Washington Redskin penned a blog post about his meeting victim #4 when he was a player at Penn State. How did he meet this victim? Jerry the Monster brought him on campus to be around the players, I am sure this was one of the ways to keep the young boy quiet. But Lavar talks about how he never understood why this kid was always angry and never smiled or joked or had fun at these meetings. Of course he finds out later that this kid is one of Sandusky’s victims and it all comes together.
    My point here is how many other college athletes did Sandusky, and the coaches and admin at Penn State do this to, not only where his crimes against the children he abused atrocious, but there are players like Lavar Arrington who was trying to become a professional football player who now have this guilt for not being able to recognize that these kids were in trouble and that is not fair to them, their game, or their education. The football program has to go because the administration, coaches, who knew Sandusky had issues, allowed him to create new victims in their own football players. These guys that are still around will live with the knowledge that they missed the signs for the rest of their lives and that should make Penn State ashamed.

    Here is a link to Lavar Arrington’s post

  34. NMR says:

    “Rather, I was using that vehicle to make the point that made much better in the blog item above, that there’s a genuine PLAY FOOTBALL theme to most of these comments AND that they completely deny being remotely interested in football.”

    After reading this response and the rest of the comments, it blows my mind that you cannot fathom that you might, just maybe, have been looking too myopically at the whole PLAY FOOTBALL deal yesterday.

    Nope. Never. You’re right, Dejan.

    I didn’t watch a single entire PSU football game last year. I was supportive of Paterno as head coach until the day the scandal broke because I really didn’t care about the difference between a 6-6 team and a 10-2 team. Sure, I enjoy the game, as with most sports, but my death penalty stance had nothing to do with that.

    After talking with speaking on the phone with college friends on the phone last night, we all agreed that it would be best to cancel the season and start over, simply because none of us could say we had the stomach to cheer for the game, not the team.

    But by all means, start another one of your cute little catch phrases and stir the blog into group think.

  35. TJA says:

    thanks, rocco. i maintain if the pirates are hanging around in mid-august (specifically after the 4 game set w/the dodgers) then we can really start to talk. in the meantime…this has been the most fun we have seen at the ball yard in a long time. by the way rocco…your fiance is a mets fan?! I’ll pray for her!

  36. Milo Hamilton says:

    Just found this today reading through the Freeh Report.

    Jerry Sandusky was granted “emeritus” status upon his retirement. This was normally a title held by professors, senior scientists and librarians etc.. It carried special privileges such as access to University recreational facilities (gyms, weight rooms, showers etc.). This was considered unusual for football coaches, especially assistants. (This can be found on page 60 of the report).

    Now the interesting part (on page 61). This unusual step of granting Sandusky emeritus rank was made by then University Provost Rodney Erickson, who now is leading Penn State through this troubled time – as its President. He was quoted at the time hoping “not too many others take careful notice.”

    There was talk yesterday about how members of the Board of Trustees still serve in that capacity. I’d like to know, how is Rodney Erickson still the President of Penn State ?

  37. Lee says:

    DK, just wondering if you have had a coversation about the death penalty issue with your co-worker Mark Kaboly? From his tweets yesterday, it sure seems he is of the opposite opinion as yours.

    Would be intersted to see/hear the two of you debate the topic in a Sports Showdown type of thing. BTW, I agree with Mark’s logic but appreciate both sides.

  38. Cap says:

    “You know what? I am mostly worried that they won’t play football next year. That’s important to me.”

    Has this been mentioned yet? Right or wrong, football drives the economy of Central PA and specifically State College (and most all other big time football schools do for their locality). If football is gone for a year, quite literally it will cripple the region. Businesses will shutter. Ask anyone who’s been to State in the summer what it’s like. Many people in all the service industries will lose jobs.

    In the end, if football gets shut down, it will have a huge economic impact on the entire region. And guess what, we all will end up paying for it in the form of unemployment etc.

    A legit argument can be made that football shouldn’t be that important for any school, but the fact is that it indeed is important on numerous levels for all the major schools in the country.

  39. Rocco says:


    Lol and she’s a Jets and Islanders fan to boot…haha pray hard!

    But yea, that series will be quite the measuring stick around that time. My hope is we play as well against the cupcakes on the schedule for the next month as we did against the good teams we faced the first half. That’s what I think has impressed me most about this Buccos team, is the way it stayed in the hunt against good teams earlier this year when their bats just weren’t producing anything. To me, that’s the sign of a good team – being able to keep it together when one (or more) facets of your game is not hitting on all cylinders. Hopefully the pitching keeps it up, and the bats don’t regress too much over the second half. Gonna be a lot of fun to watch either way!

  40. gregenstein says:

    DK – I have to say that I think there’s a great deal of shame felt by those of us who were Joe Paterno supporters or even just PSU football supporters at one point or another. I’ve enjoyed Penn State football since I was a little kid. Joe Paterno was a huge part of that. He should have retired years ago. When it would come up at the water cooler or camp fire, you could almost always say “they’re still winning, let him go out when he wants.” I guess in a way I feel wrong for even supporting Joe in all those conversations. You could even see he was letting his own standards slip on “Outside the Lines” and other reports.

    There will come a day I think when Penn State football feels normal again. Hell, maybe even this Fall. But right now, and as much as it pains me to say it, the program needs a year off the field. The University needs to look at this and say “I know football funds ALL the other athletic programs, but we need time to set this right. We need time implement the proper chain of command. We need time to change the culture.” In fact, they should get out ahead of the NCAA and do it themselves. It’s hard to tell the breadwinner to take a hike. But if a say-at-home Mom can find a way to kick out a drunken, abusive, breadwinning husband, then I think Penn State too can find a way to at least force the football program into a year separation to rehab.

    I’ll miss the football, the pageantry, and the nice distraction that PSU football brought to my Saturdays. I just don’t think it will feel right this Fall. It would feel like nothing changed, and something really, really needs to change.

  41. Tom says:

    I am a Penn State graduate, football fan, and long time Paterno admirer – and, I can’t disagree with anything you said, DK. The University needs to step away from the things that made this happen. It needs to step away from the great god football. Unfortunately, the folks in Happy Valley will still see 100,000+ at Beaver waving their checkbooks and will not take any meaningful preemptive action. As for the NCAA, they will recognize that this isn’t SMU, it’s one of the big kids with deep pockets, and they will drag their feet. In the end, well payed Penn State lawyers will play the “first time offender” card and there will be no death penalty. Too bad. It might be the only action to bring some sanity out of this.

  42. LuckyNKentucky says:

    I believe what the Boras camp means is, since Appel won’t sign, it isn’t the Pirates’ fault, but the fault of the new CBA. To me, it’s just a way of him getting his claws into ownership about it. Maybe I’m too simple-minded, but it seems Boras’s agenda is more long-term than just the Appel signing or non-signing. Like DK says, he’s way too smart to just knuckle under to what the Yanks and Red Sox want.

  43. TC says:

    I see leadoff as a glaring weakness in Bucs order. Basically the 7-1 spots. If the Bucs do bring up Marte… does he bat leadoff? I thought he didn’t walk much and “only” hits about .285? I see he bats 3 at Indy. Thoughts? Maybe we get Victorino to bat lkeadoff and bring up Marte and bat him…5th?

  44. LuckyNKentucky says:

    The 4-letter network said last night the Phillies want to make a run for the division since they’ll get pitching back and they may not be sellers. Doubtful we could get Victorino, although that would be nice. Span, Victorino, Willingham (supposedly not available), but not Quentin or Upton. Neither are good fits. But I wasn’t for getting A.J. either, so what do I know?

  45. Naje says:

    No need for Marte to hit leadoff… you put him in the 2 spot or the 7 spot and let him play. You just don’t put a rookie call-up into that position (leadoff), especially when it’s not a real natural style or spot for him.

  46. Reading says:

    On a lighter note, the Tabata to Pedro to Tabata to Barajas multiple error play against the Phillies was the number one “Not Top Ten” Play of the first half. J-ay’s relay throw into the third base stands also showed up.

  47. steelercrazy says:

    Well said gregenstein!

    One thing hardly mentioned in this atrocity is that Joe Paterno let a sexual predator hang around his players, his “kids”, for 13 years. He obviously didn’t give a damn about the little children that Sandusky abused, but he also didn’t give a damn about his players to boot. That monster shared the same showers with Nittany Lion players just days before the grand jury indictments came down on Sandusky. I have no doubt that Sandusky at least attempted to make contact of some kind with a PSU player, and I believe this will come out in time.

    The PSU BOT completely failed in their oversight of PSU administration over the last 15-20 years. They can start to turn around the carnage at PSU by unilaterally shutting down their football program for one year, a time to reflect, reevaluate, and reform the dysfunctional atmosphere in their athletic department and administration. Nothing less will do.

  48. JaxBuc says:

    @gregenstein (#40)

    Excellent final thought stated in your last paragraph “I’ll miss the football, the pageantry, and the nice distraction that PSU football brought to my Saturdays. I just don’t think it will feel right this Fall. It would feel like nothing changed, and something really, really needs to change.”

    It’s hard to lose something that’s been a part of your life for a long time: Losing a loved one; moving to another state if you’ve lived in the same area your whole life; etc. Admiration of Joe Paterno has been a constant in many people’s lives. That admiration hasn’t just dissipated, but it has been violently torn from our beings and turned to disgust, anger, frustration, or dismay for all, but for a few Paterno apologists.

    Recognizing that something “really, really needs to change” shows a grasp of the fundamental findings of this investigation.

  49. TC says:

    Naje – Walker excels in the 2 spot… 7 works but then you put Barajas in front of him at 6? Still, I don’t think Sutton is a leadoff hitter. Maybe Tabata/Pressley come around for that spot. Maybe. Would love Span leading off…or Dexter Fowler from Colo.

  50. JMB says:

    RE: Appel

    We won’t really know until next year if it was worth it.

    If the Pirates have the 9th and say 19th pick next year, one of the guys will have to be a ‘sign-ability’ guy. If we were going to take a guy based on sign-ability, then maybe we should have just taken my guy Richie Shaffer (TB’s pick @ 25), and we would have gotten the extra year of development.

    I dont blame NH for taking the best available guy at all, but it is sad to miss out on a year of development for a team that has to “flood” its system and constantly “re-load” instead of signing high value FAs.

    Since we are winning this year so far, it def tempers any frustration. If we were still circling 2014 as a the first year to compete, then losing a year of development in 2012 would have been much more painful.

  51. tmk says:

    DK, I thought you were going to mention a beat writer to follow for all our teams’ next opponent?

  52. tmp444 says:

    @ Lucky – that was sentiments exactly from reading the comments from the Appel camp. It was Boras taking a shot at the high money owners and the CBA and putting his stamp on the new slotting process. Like you said, he’s no dummy.

  53. wally says:

    Just saw the idiot Cook over at the Bugler says no to the death penalty.

    Shut it down for 5 years. Too bad for the players, transfer if they want. Coaches will find other work. Could not care less about the impact on State Colleges economy.

    The time off will give the acolytes of the PSU nation the chance to gain a measure of perspective that, judging from their PLAY FOOTBALL posts, is seriously wanting.

    They are part and parcel of the problem…

  54. PSU Bru says:

    Hi Dejan, good stuff, but I disagree completely on the death penalty. AND, I can’t wait to watch Penn State play this fall under Bill O’Brien. It is important to me to see the institution, flawed as it was and still may be, continue its mission to educate kids and set an example of excellence as well as to field a quality team to play football and support all of the mens and womens athletic teams that the sport funds.

    This horrific, sordid affair is about power and corruption and entitlement at the highest levels. Like Sandusky; Spanier, Schultz, Curley — and the legacy that JoePa built through 61 years of coaching — all deserve the derision and penalties that come from their unseemly response to Sandusky’s crimes. They will all pay dearly for “not having done more” to find out the truth behind Sandusky’s peculiarities.

    But please remember, through the Freeh report, we have the advantage at looking at the past with 20/20 hindsight.

    Paterno’s non-response in ’98 is perfectly understandable – the incident was thoroughly investigated and no charges were brought against Sandusky. In fact, no accusations of sexual assault were even made. That’s why Joe Paterno can honestly testify that he had no prior knowledge of sexual misconduct involving Sandusky. In his mind, he was “horsing around” with one of the many kids he was surrounded by. Weird behavior, sure, but no reason to believe it was anything more than Jerry “being Jerry – a big, goofy guy.”

    Then, in 2001, at the time of the McQueary-witnessed assault, Sandusky was no longer under the supervision or direction of Paterno. He (Sandusky) had been removed from the football program, but was now an Emeritus member of the faculty. That is why Paterno turned investigation and reporting responsibility over to Curley & Schultz. Yes, as the Freeh report states, Paterno used his influence in some way to direct Curley to take what amounts to a “wait and see” approach to the incident, but it was not his call on what ultimately should be done.

    Is it so hard to think that he “washed his hands” of playing an active role in the detailed investigation, assuming that, as in ’98, it was just another case of poor judgment and poor behavior that would be looked into and, like ’98, nothing would come of it? That is Paterno’s biggest failure — he assumed Sandusky’s innocence, in the greater context, more than he trusted the eye-witness account of a sordid event.

    In his mind, and to his knowledge, until he was subpoenaed to testify in 2010, since no kid or parent ever came forward, since no formal charge was ever brought against Sandusky, what was he supposed to believe?

    I am not defending what Sandusky did — or even what JoePa did — they were wrong, and in Sandusky’s case, evil. But Paterno was likely looking out for a guy he didn’t understand, but saw evidence that he was doing good deeds through a charitable organization to which he had dedicated his life.

    Remember, those are the only two connections we know of between Sandusky’s behavior and Joe Paterno. The janitor-witnessed incident and all the other crimes that came out in the Sandusky trial may have occurred at the same time, but Joe, and everyone else beside Sandusky and his victims, did not know anything about them.

    That is why Jay Paterno, Dick Anderson, Jim Alexander (of 93.7 The FAN), and so many others can honestly say that they were deceived by Jerry Sandusky. It IS possible to be beside someone on a daily basis and yet have no idea or concept of what that person does in the privacy of their own life.

  55. I do not understand these line-up discussions.

    3 outta 4 starting pitchers are righthanders. Garrett Jones will fill one flank outfield spot and Marte the other. Drew Sutton will be on the pine.

    Sutton has fallen off measurably recently . . . . . because he is a true bench player who has been too “visible” in the line-up. Presley is a spot starter. Garrett Jones has been hitting for power and driving in runs. Why would you talk about expensive gets like Victorino to put Jones on the bench . . . . . if Marte is coming up.

    Fort or Barajas

    If Starling Marte comes up, there is no other line-up to play and there is no other batting order that makes sense. No one else can bat leadoff!

    Obtaining Victorino (or Span, whom I prefer——Victorino has crossed the Continental Divide) only makes sense if Marte fails or is not brought up. I would rather try Starling first, to know what Pirates have in him. Why give away players if Bucs already have someone as good or better for NOW and in the FUTURE.

    The question is rather: do you put Presley in left (or Sutton) over McGeheeheehee and put Jones at 1st? Then I suppose you bat Marte 2nd and move Walker to 5th.

  56. MSC says:

    My wife and I are Penn State season ticket holders and I am worried there won’t be football at Penn State this fall. It’s important to me, my wife, my children and all our college friends who graduated from Penn State with us. There will be a substantial void in my life without Penn State football on fall Saturday afternoons. The return to the field under the new leadership of AD David Joyner and head coach Bill O’Brien will in some small way begin the healing process.

  57. JMB says:

    BA on the the unsigned

  58. The way it stands right now, Pirates would get the #10 pick, since Baltimore has also not signed their pick and they would next year get their extra pick at #5.

  59. MSC says:

    A friend mention this yesterday – now that Sandusky is behind bars and that the administration responsible for the cover-up has all been replaced I wonder what the young men who were assaulted by him would want for Penn State football? Would they want the death penalty? Extensive probation? Reduced scholarships? Revenue donation of football proceeds to charity? Or simply for things to move forward and get back to PLAY FOOTBALL?

  60. Any announcement yet: has Alex Presley come off concussion Disabled List and Hague or Gorkys been sent down?

  61. Leefoo says:

    Dejan……’s time for Marte? The kid K’d FOUR frikkin’ times last night. I am with Keith Law on him. His strike zone judgment is still sorely lacking and he’ll get eaten alive in the majors.

    As for PSU FB, I am deeply saddened over the Freeh report and I am still not sure if I will ever be able to root for them again. I was in JoePa’s corner until the very end and the fact that he made such a horrible mistake has really shaken me. I love what Bill O’B has done so far, but it’s gonna be hard to root for them at this point.

    I need time to heal right now.


  62. Leefoo says:

    JMB……..Last night, in Callis’ chat, he ranked Appel EIGHTH (out of 8) in chance to sign.

    Also, I see no need to give him more than $3mil. It’s not OUR fault he slipped to #8. We’ll give him a little over slot, but we need some of that money to use on Buehler (Top 50 player), Thomas and Ross, IMHO


  63. Leefoo says:

    “out of 8 in chance to sign.”

    Not sure why I got a smiley face

  64. swissvaletoarizonapat says:

    i think they should death penalty for a lil while here. the issue is that Joe Paterno had total control in the cover up, AND HE WAS THE FOOTBALL COACH. i believe i read somewhere the team brings in 50 million a year? seems an incredible amount. of course you had to protect your cash cow, but at the expense of 10 year old kids to a child molester?

    to say the football team should be spared, is the exact reason penn stateis in the predicament it’s in now. if this happened at a charter school, im sure the decision wouldn’t beso hard. the whole school would get shut down. what would happen to poor old boise st. if such a development happened?

    take your emotions out of the equation here, HORRIBLE crimes happened ON CAMPUS and were allowed to happen as if somebody just made a mistake and wont do it again. deplorable, PLAY FOOTBALL should not be relevant right now.

  65. Foo Man Chewing,

    Yes, he struck out 4 times, but in 2 games . . . . . a doubleheader!

    He also had one of only 3 hits in the Opener to extend his hitting streak to 15 games and he walked in 4 trips in the 2nd game.

  66. Milo Hamilton says:

    I’m beginning to think “he’s ready” in regards to Marte was code for “he’s available”.

  67. LuckyNKentucky says:


    I’m all for bringing Marte up, only if we can’t get a proven ML hitter, hopefully someone who has been in a pennant race. Marte is still unproven, albeit full of talent. Too important a time for him to get acclaimated and he’s really streaky. Like I said, I wanted Brad Lincoln instead of A.J. What do I know?

  68. JohninOshkosh says:

    As Dejan prepares to cover the Olympics, I find myself getting excited about the quad annual event:

    1. Watched some of the United States Men’s National Team against the Dominican Republic last night in Vegas. Tyson Chandler got in foul trouble early. This is going to be a major problem for us in London. Chandler is the only true center on the team. If he gets in foul trouble and Krzyzewski has to move other players into the center position, that will be exploited by some of the good European teams. Especially Spain and the Gasol brothers. We were fortunate to beat Spain in the Gold Medal game in Beijing. This National Team is tired, hurt and missing key players. James, Bryant and Durant (who played almost every minute in the World’s two years ago) better go to London ready to play, or they may become the 4th Team USA club to come home without Gold. I was at the Milwaukee Bucks game 4 years ago when they honored Michael Redd for his Beijing medal. You could just see the pride on his face. The crowd was chanting “USA!” Don’t think for one second those multimillionaires don’t appreciate representing their country. Gave me goosebumps.

    2. Huge boxing fan and the Men’s USA boxing is very strong. Can’t wait to see Lightweight Jose Ramirez. The guy is a little hurricane of force. Light Welterweight Jamel Herring is a US Marine and the team captain. Look forward to his bouts with the Cubans and/or Russians. Heavyweight Michael Hunter retained amateur status after failing to qualify for Beijing just so he could fight in London. Any person who does that in this day and age has my total respect. Amateur bouts are very exciting. I plan on watching as many as I can.

    3. I swam competitively at one time (years and some lbs. ago). Always interested in swimming. The Men’s team is probably the strongest ever and the Michael Phelps/Ryan Lochte showdowns will be some of the marquis events of the Games. The women’s team is not as strong as 4 years ago but Missy Franklin is the type of athlete that reminds me why the USA is such a great country.

    4. My wife tells me the US Women’s gymnastic team is the strongest since the Atlanta games. She’ll likely be watching that downstairs while I watch the boxing bouts upstairs.

    Have a safe trip, Dejan. Take a picture of Westminster Abby for us.

  69. LuckyNKentucky says:


    Marte’s walk in game 2 was intentional. It set up Navarro for the game-winning hit.


    You’re probably right, but I hope you’re wrong.

  70. Milo Hamilton says:

    Clint Hurdle – live on 93.7 The Fan at 10:40. Maybe he’ll update some of the injuries.

  71. CraigWilson'sRevenge says:

    what if a veteran bat, whether it be a power bat like Quentin or a leadoff type like Span, IS acquired?

    could it be best to just let Marte develop until early next June?

    If nobody is acquired, i’m all in on giving Marte a chance. If not, it might just be best to treat him like McCutchen instead of Alvarez and Tabata and let him have the full year + in AAA. One more year of a cheap Marte is another year they can put that money somewhere else to help fill a hole.

  72. 21sthebest says:

    Posts 6 and 15 for posts of the day.

  73. tmp444 says:

    Having CH on at 10:40….ugh….that means I’ll have to put up with Dumb & Dumber on the other end of the mike……..

  74. Milo Hamilton says:


    Notice I left that part out.

  75. 21sthebest says:

    “Rather, I was using that vehicle to make the point that made much better in the blog item above, that there’s a genuine PLAY FOOTBALL theme to most of these comments AND that they completely deny being remotely interested in football.”

    I think you’re really clueless on this issue.

  76. ski says:

    To remind your kids what is important when they defy you is to take away something or ground them for a week. To not have football for a year would tell the “Cult” that there are more important things than football in this life. I think they should self impose a ban of football or turn over all the money it makes to a charity for abused kids.
    Joe could have been the saint he wanted to be if he turned in JS years ago.

  77. MikeInMoon says:

    As a Penn State fan, I would certainly miss Penn State football next year and beyond. Whatever penalties are levied, how could anyone argue it, though I definately want to see them play. I am not sure the death penalty would do whats in the best interest of those victims though, and victims in other towns, and around the country. If Penn State football goes away, do people around the country eventually just forget whats happened (out of sight out of mind?). Does it serve a better purpose for Penn State to play, and wear the scarlet letter that will forever brand that program. Keep the issue out in front, and on national tv. Make Penn State a constant reminder of what has happened there, and what is still happening in other parts of the country. People don’t want to think about this because it makes them uncomfortable, and I’m afraid that taking Penn State football off the map entirely makes it too easy to compartmentalize this issue, and shut it away. What’s really important, is that we raise awareness, that this exists, and if it can happen at “pristine” hidden valley, it can happen in your backyard too. Put people in jail, take them out of post-season play, don’t let them recruit, pay the 10’s of millions in lawsuits. But don’t take this out of the public eye… ever.

  78. tmp444 says:

    T-minus 9.5 hours until first pitch tonight. We’re playing those hated Brewers, but I’m still antsy (in a good way) for this game to start tonight.

    “Let’s play some ball! Let’s play some ball!” ~ Phil Brickma

  79. jdwfb55 says:

    I am definitely worried about Penn State football going away. I love watching PSU every Saturyday. They have such a good recruiting class going for 2013, the best that they have had in years but I fear that this could all be for nought…what happened was deplorable and it hurts my heart to hear all the wrongs that JoePa has done. I root for my local university where so many of my friends and family have attended. I love Penn State and it never was because of Joe Paterno. I have no problem with the statue being ripped down and the library being renamed. I want my football team to stay on the field. I don’t want that to change…

  80. jdwfb55 says:

    Very well said, Mike.

    Let’s Go Bucs!

    I am jonesing for baseball!!!!

  81. JMB says:

    #Orioles expected agreement with Kevin Gausman will be worth “around” the slot of $4.2MM, source says. He is the highest unsigned pick.

  82. Milo Hamilton says:

    Hurdle says he thinks McGehee is fine & should be good to go. Presley will be evaluated when he gets to the park this afternoon and is progressing. Nothing definitive, however.

  83. Fat Jimmy says:

    Appel is going to sign today. Boras is trying so hard to move the Pirates, but the system that’s in place has boxed him in at all sides. It’s not his fault … there is just no conceivable way that the Pirates would go above $3.8 million for him, and there is no rational reason for him to turn that down.

    Sign the contract, kid, and start making a name for yourself!

  84. tmp444 says:

    Bleh interview. McGehee fine; Presley pending evaluation. Hurdle hasn’t called Appel.

    Fluff for everything else. CBS Pitt App for Droid now getting turned off.

  85. 21sthebest says:

    “Whatever you were getting at with that last part, I have no idea. But I appreciate everything else.”

    I think he was challenging you to be honest.

  86. JMB says:

    #Pirates sign 18th-rder John Kuchno for $125k ($25k counts vs pool). #OhioState RHP runs fastball to 95, also shows plus curve.

  87. Curt says:

    Like the way you think! You cracked me up with the crossing the divide comment.
    It does seem like that. Lol.

  88. Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) says:

    I still don’t care when/if PSU plays another game of football.

    On that note, baseball’s back!!

  89. Dejan,

    I understand your very logical comment that an olympiad is a once in 4 years event, guaranteed to have something significant happen because of the congregation of a majority of the world’s best athletes. Head and logic say to be there instead of anywhere . . . . .

    However, imagine missing the 2 1/2 week period of July 13-31 last year. Pirates move into 1st Place after the All Star break for the first time in forever; Fort’s homerun; McCutchen pitching 5 + innings and close to 80 pitches in relief; a 19-inning game; Jerry Meal’s incredible mistaken call; Bucs embarking on a 10 game losing streak after going 2-2 in Atlanta despite Meals; losing consecutive series at home to the Cubs and the Astros (who were on their way to losing 105 games); seeing the Pirates fall off a cliff, going from 1st Place after 100 games to 18 games below .500!!!!

    Lots happened in those 17 days!! That’s a lot to give up just to watch a bunch of men and women run in circles!

    We’ll try to “hold the fort” for you this year while you’re gone. Yet imagine . . . . . . after waiting 20 years to watch a pennant chase in Pittsburgh, whether fan or scribe, you could return to see that the Pennant Race is over, either way . . . .

  90. Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) says:

    The big news of today is whether or not Appel signs.

    Where’s playoffs with an over/under when you need him??

    I say he signs, just last minute, like most Boras’s clients.

  91. Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) says:


    Enjoy your much needed time off next week. Thanks for continuing to put the blog topics up for us to disagree on, I mean discuss.

    It must be a complete honor and taxing time to do the olympics. I would imagine that it is a sports writers dream job.

  92. Arriba Wilver says:

    Nice post, G2M. I think DK is looking forward to telling more people over there PLAY FOOTBALL, and they’ll think he’s talking about soccer.

  93. Good call, Wilver Dornel.

    I wonder if Dejan will waste any 3-hour period of his precious time in London watching “the sport that must not be named.”

  94. JohninOshkosh says:

    I’ll be interested in Dejan’s take on the music at the Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony. It was announced that most of the music will be, shamefully, prerecorded. Hoping Blur and New Order say bollocks to that. When the Spice Girls go on, that will be a good time to throw on the headphones and just enjoy the view. I’d wager a lot that Mick and the Stones show up at the closing ceremony. No way will those legendary septuagenarians fake jam to prerecorded piped in music.

    On a happier note, I think Dejan will miss Styx at Skyblast. Wish I was out of the country then, too.

  95. Oshkosh b’gosh,

    Blake Griffin is a wonderful talent, but I wonder if his injury actually helps the USA team?

    Anthony Davis’ sprained ankle is now healed and his placement on the roster gives Kzryzewski another center to push against the Spaniard big boys after Tyson Chander certainly gets into foul trouble.

    Lebron can’t guard the Gasols.

  96. Boise Bucco says:

    So what time today is the exact Appel deadline?

  97. Playoffs by 2012 says:

    I no longer care about Mark Appel. Best of luck to you, enjoy your senior year. I hear Stanford is beautiful, so have a blast. Both you and your agent bore me. I’ve got a pennant race to watch.

  98. JohninOshkosh says:


    Great point. Davis will get quite the baptism of fire.

    I thought Kobe and Lebron looked pretty focused last night in what amounted to essentially a scrimmage. LeBron did a behind the back inbound bounce pass that made the poor Dominicans look silly. I think Lebron wants to use the Games to help rebuild his public image a bit.

    You know the big Spaniards are chomping at the bit.

  99. Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) says:

    5 P.M. Eastern.

    Stupid Stanford guys….I should go pay him a visit in my black and gold.

  100. Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) says:

    Aw playoffs, don’t be like that…..

  101. Ralphie May,

    Heyman’s article lacks credibility:

    1/ He has not talked to Appel.
    2/ Boras and associates are going to paint an end-of-the-world scenario
    3/ “Intervention” by MLB to assist Boras and/or Pirates would defeat the very system MLB put in place to deal with guys like Boras! Boras would love that!!!
    4/ Boras always takes his guys right up to deadline——there’s 4 1/2 hours to go! He might still be in bed!
    5/ It appears now that every other 1st round and Supplemental Pick, 51 in all, will sign.

    Appel may not sign. He may be the ONLY ONE! He may be the Lone Ranger. But I wouldn’t start worrying until 4:45! Bor-ass just loves to see you squirm!

  102. scapper says:

    Maybe the real reason Appel won’t sign today is because with Alvarez and Allie ahead of him, he knows he’ll never be the Pirates third baseman of the future.

  103. OK Scrappie-do!! You made me laugh!!

  104. Casey says:

    I think Penn State has to get the death penaltiy. You have to show that no college can cover up crimnal activiites and then have things go on as normal. Not giving them the death penalty states that it is ok for your sports member to flaunt the laws to their choosing.

    As for the athletes, they can go elsewhere or stay and get their diploma. Their lives can go on and they are not being punished. The victims will have a difficult time to do this.

    The other comments about businesses being hurt by no football. They are part of the machinery that led up to this, making the football team a religion. With all of the a things going on, there had to be some general knowledge among the insiders that something wrong was going on. When Sandusky announced his retirement, I thought that was fishy and I don’t follow PSU. I thought he must be violating some recruiting rules or paybacks or some other infraction that happens commonly in college football and Paterno was taking care of it internally. In this respect, Paterno was taking care of it internally. Sandusky was supposed to be the heir apparent to Paterno, not his downfall.

  105. John Lease says:

    If you have DIRECTV, the MLB package is on free sample starting today for a week. I got it every year, and cancelled this year. So, being the supersticious type, I can’t order it while the Pirates are doing well. At least I’ll be able to watch them for a week.

  106. Jandy says:

    Groat is in rare form today ;)

    And Playoffs has made an appearance!

  107. Lease to Buy,

    YOU may be the reason the Bucs have not called up Starling Marte yet!!

    If you bought the MLB package, they might call him right away! Think about it.

    Responsibility is something a heavy burden——have YOU been keeping Marte at Indy??

  108. Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) says:


    #2 and #4 are exactly right. I’d be willing to bet that Boras has guys tipping the hand to th media, we all know the Pirates don’t do anything like that.

  109. buggee says:

    Maybe this whole PSU debacle is overdue, and I say that with compassion and sensitivity to all the victims involved, directly and indirectly.

    I say that with my eye pointed toward the good-ole-boy network that is division-1 college football. What more proof do we need to see just how dangerous that kind of bunker-mentality is?

    I am so sickened and disgusted by all this; the motives are so very clear, which causes me to step back and look moreso at the big picture.

    If this kind of garbage was covered up, what else is being covered up and by whom? I shudder to let my thoughts range further, but knowing the “human condition”, I’m sure full disclosure by all would be stunning and would bring the industry down.

    I don’t think that’s such a bad thing. There is a certain “purity of purpose” in pro sports. People get paid to perform or do a job. Period. I understate things, yes, but that’s how disgusted with NCAA college football I have become. Not even the 80’s-doper-Pirates, or Terrel Owens caused this extreme level of emotion. Guess that’s about all I gotta say on this. Time to move on. Put those three PSU executives behind bars, clean house, accept the ncaa death penalty like the men they profess to be, and move on.

    If they have to play football, rediscover playing for the love of the game, not a national spotlight, BCS rankings, NFL drafts and endorsement money. Strap on the gear and enjoy the game, and maybe teach the rest of college football how to return to the roots of the game.

  110. JohninOshkosh says:

    Scrapper gets the post of the day. Hands down.

  111. pants-n-at says:

    @ Groat #103. I was reading the article and wondering the same thing. It made no sense to me. It seems pretty simple. Sign or we get a supplemental 1st round pick next year. Oh, and your performance against the Seminoles did not help your cause one bit. We would like to have you Mr Appel, but I’m feeling no angst over you going back to school.

  112. JandyGirl,

    You have been missed today! I worried after your little tete-a-tete with DK about the chat yesterday, you might not grace us with your presence.

    I’m glad you got that off your chest and I’m glad that Dejan finally answered you.

    You must not be the so-called typical female who holds grudges in forever.

  113. LuckyNKentucky says:


    My vote, too. POD to scapper.

  114. JaxBuc says:

    @John Lease

    Do you what channel number(s) carry the Bucs? I haven’t had DirecTV for long, so not sure how this works with the one-week access to certain channels. Can’t wait to watch them over the next week. I’ve only seen a couple of games all year.

  115. JaxBuc says:

    @Groat, I think we can safely assume that Jandylicious is not a “typical female.”

  116. Jandy says:

    Groat (2 the MAX) I don’t hold grudges, they are a waste of time. I called Dejan off because he blew me off, he was man enough to respond. I can respect that!

    I’ve been super busy at work…but reading and trying to keep up and soak everything in. Work is a four letter word!

    That said, I happen to follow Kuhnhackl, I think he would be great with Sid.

    OK, now, what time do the Buccos play tonight??? =)

    DK: I have been duly reprimanded.

  117. LuckyNKentucky says:

    Like DK has said numerous time, Boras is smart. He knows Appel got smoked in the CWS and he knows there’s no guarantees for next year. Stanford will still take him after he has Tommy John surgery in a few years. He can go back there later. He’s not dumb enough to turn down nearly $4 million now, as opposed to relatively the same next year.

  118. Jandy says:

    Jax, lol. Thanks, I think ;)

  119. Jimmy Krenn’s Pants,

    If you remember, Pedro’s announcement about signing did not come until about an hour after the midnight deadline. (I remember sitting at the computer after 1:00 AM waiting for confirmation or dejection.)

    I’m not going to worry about Mark Appel until after 6:00 tonight, an hour after signing deadline. I’d love for him to become a Pirate and a rich man, but I’ve got a Major League team to root for now, and I won’t lose sleep if he remains a college boy.

    I am no longer allergic to Scott Bor-ass!!

  120. Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) says:


    they are set in the 700’s.

  121. After turning down $6+ million from the Astros for Appel the day of the draft, Boras wants at least to be able to say to Appel and FUTURE CLIENTS that “we held out to the last minute/last second with the Pirates to get you every dollar and 7 cents we could.”

    I’m pretty sure one of his goals each draft year is to have the very last contract to be signed. If he doesn’t have the biggest (his 1st choice!) at least he has the last!

  122. LuckyNKentucky says:


    I believe you are correct, sir. But, I’ve been wrong about almost everything else this season and glad for it. But this one seems still to have some gray area. He can gamble on next season or cut his losses now. A few hours and we’ll know. But this is better than the Pedro situation. We’ve got a ball team now and we didn’t then.

  123. Milo Hamilton says:

    Something to keep in mind, Jon Heyman & Scott Boras are very close friends.

  124. JaxBuc says:


    Thanks, I’ll be there in the 700’s tonight. The wife works until midnight, so it’s time for some Pirate Baseball. I don’t get to say that very often.

  125. CraigWilson'sRevenge says:

    could the 25k overslot signing of the 18th rounder be some sort of warning shot to appel and his camp? as if to say “that 3.8 can become a 3.1 or 3.0 in a hurry if we sign the 4th or 14th rounder.”

  126. buggee says:

    “Jandylicious”! If the name fits, wear it well!

    Sign Appel or don’t; I don’t see the Bucs losing either way

  127. RobertoForever says:

    Most of the talk these last two days is just bluster designed to make the typist feel better about themselves. All the pitchfork and torches, the declaring of Judases., the shouting down of anyone without a pitchfork. It has nothing to do with the real victims. Several of the victims spoke back in December and said they didn’t want Paterno fired because they would be blamed. How would they feel about stopping all football in Central PA for several years. They would have to move to Ohio. Their parents might even make their livelihood from that economic engine.

    The victims have lawyers who will help them get the best justice they can hope for in our judicial system.

    If people were interested in reform, they would be talking about appointing independent monitors for every top 50 football school. Talking about Erickson and the trustees to resign. Talking about how the police, the D.A. , Children & Youth Services did not continue to investigate this guy, but rather just put away his file. These guys are everywhere, in childrens sports, churches, Elementary schools, not just at Large Univ Sports programs. And we need to be finding a way to sort the wheat from the chaff. Not debating whether or not football should be played in State College

  128. Chico says:

    Just throwing it out there, but maybe it’s worth sacrificing next year’s pick to offer Appel more. Think of it like football — we’re negotiating with the guy everyone thought would be number one this year, so in a sense it’s like trading up the 8th pick from this year and next year’s pick (which right now looks to be in the 20’s) for the number one pick this year.

    Is Appel worth that? Is he better than the two picks next year (#9 and the probably something in the 20’s)? I’m not sure, but I don’t think going over slot would necessarily be a mistake. Depends on how good Appel really is.

  129. Kentuck Knob,

    I’m with you, man! We’ve got a ball team!

    I can hardly wait until 8:10 tonight. I’m nervously apprehensive about the next couple of series——I know Dejan keeps talking about playing the next 19 against under .500 teams and piling up wins . . . . . . but 16 of the next 22 games are also on the road.

    Pirates are 15 games above .500 at home, but only 4 games under .500 on the road. Grienke is good! Bucs’ momentum ran out of gas last Sunday. Will it pick back up? Is JMac for real——can he beat Grienke on the road? Will Ryan Braun give me another reason to hate him? Can McCutch keep hitting like he has? Can Clint Barmes join this team at some point? Will Starling Marte ever show up . . . . and if he does show up, will he show up? Is Fort McKenry for real? Is Garrett Jones for real? Has Casey McGeheeheehee finally turned the corner? What happened to the Erik Bedard who allowed only 1 run in 7 innings in a 2 hour 14 minute game Opening Day? (that’s 2 innings time for Bedard now!) Can the rotation hold up? Can Jeff Karstens give the rotation a JOLT in the 2nd Half? Will the Neil Walker of the last 3 weeks return to give us an important RBI confidence? Can Presley or Marte be that needed lead-off hitter?

    I can’t wait for 8:10 tonight!!

  130. Kevin says:

    No Way Boras lets Appel Sign. If Boras lets Appel sign for 3.8 Million, every other agent will use that against Boras in the future. See if Appel didn’t have an agent, he would have been the top pick and signed for 6 Mil+. Picking Boras as an agent cost him 3 Mil. plus the agent’s commission. Comments.

  131. cmat0829 says:

    Things I know:

    1) Boras is smart and his value is in creatively pushing any and all systems to get maximum $$s for his clients.
    2) A system that takes a lot of the “poker strategy” out of the negotiations really limits Boras’ value, at least initially. Why should young players sign with Boras now vs. other agents?
    3) Boras needs to try to buck the system to see if MLB or a team will blink.
    4) The Pirates (and is evidenced by all other 1st rounders signing for around slot, neither will any other MLB team) will not buck the system.
    5) Based on #4, Appel has 2 choices… sign with the Bucs for $3.8M or go back to Stanford.

    Things I don’t know:

    1) If Boras has somehow convinced Appel that he should be the torchbearer for some sort of legal challenge (though hard to see how anything like that would prevail over a rule that has been collectively bargained)
    2) If Appel really does want to go back to Stanford and is willing to risk a lot for very little reward (which would defy his Stanford education).

    My two cents is that he signs near the deadline for $3.8M. Would it shock me if he didn’t? No. But Boras would be only one standing against the system at that point. Even the Marlins signed their player after saying yesterday they wouldn’t be signing him.

    the BEST part of this? the pirates don’t HAVE to sign him. They will get two picks next year and have good pitching in the system so they aren’t forced to pay the extortion of Scott Boras.

  132. Milo Hamilton says:


    The reserve clause survived the collective bargaining process & the court still overturned it.

  133. cmat0829 says:

    Heyman, Morosi and the other “so-called MLB experts” are offering nothing really to the story. Tweeting out that signings are doubtful (marlins) only to have that contradicted 24 hours later can be done by someone with less credentials then they supposedly have. Same on the Appel story…Heyman’s “article” provided nothing… where is the analysis? what does Boras and Appel want and THINK THEY CAN GET at this point? Do they really think they can get $5, $6, $7M from the Pirates? Would they do that if they were the Pirates? Boras will undoubtedly control some of the best players in the draft next year… is he really saying that Appel is worth paying that much AND losing the right to draft one of his players next year? If they really think that they are beyond delusional.

    Is this really all for some sort of principle? What $ amount does Boras and Appel think they WOULD sign for? Fact is he was drafted 8th. Maybe it was for signability, maybe it was for talent or concerns about his performance. Them’s the facts. He wasn’t drafted #1 or even 2-7. Facts are stubborn things sometimes.

    What is the legal endgame? Does Boras and the union really think they have a change to overturn something the union collectively bargained for in good faith? On what grounds?

    I know NONE of those answers but then again I’m not paid to be a “MLB insider”.

  134. Bizrow says:

    If you are a new blogger and haven’t told us where you currently reside, please do so, I will post a list of infected areas (the Lunatic Nation as it were) on the pregame post, if I get home in time.

    Now back to our regular broadcast

  135. Drew71 says:

    My Boras-Appel speculation:

    Boras approached Appel with this risk-reward proposal. Refuse the $3.8M. Last season, under a different set of draft rules, you would have received double that.

    You then file class action suit against MLB AND MLBPA for damages. Have to wait for damages to occur, meaning no deal, before claiming damages.

    Two possible outcomes:
    1. You lose. Drafted next year, make 3.8M, maybe more if you rise a few slots.
    2. You win. All bets off. You’ll eventually get – this season – what you would have received last.

    Double your money or lose a year’s value of money and development.

    So. Kid. Do you feel lucky?

    Disclaimer: if this has been guessed by others, sorry, haven’t had time to read today. So if it’s right, I thought of it independently. And if wrong, it’s the other guy’s fault.

  136. cmat0829 says:

    OK, so what does Appel gain if they take MLB to court and in 2-3 years the union prevails? Are you saying the union cant take this to court even if all the players were to sign?

  137. cmat0829 says:

    Drew71,… need to add another scenario or two to your “Boras russion roulette”

    3. It takes MORE THAN A YEAR for the case to be resolved and you need to deal with this same system in 2013. You get paid only slightly more or less than you go this year.

    4. You blow out your arm or your performance truly sucks at Stanford and you are no longer drafted in the 1st round in 2013. You lose a lot more than a year of development.

  138. pants-n-at says:

    @cmat. yes, 2 1st round picks in a draft class that is supposed to be deeper than this year.

  139. pants-n-at says:

    @ Bizrow. Not new but never answered your question. I am in Niceville Florida.

  140. Jandy says:

    Ahhhh..another note from Dejan, I feel blessed :)

    OK so game time is 8:10, I should be done working my regular job AND done helping hubby with his too. It’s Friday night! Time to crack open a couple beers and relax!

  141. pants-n-at says:

    Yes that’s right……Niceville. Great place to live in the Florida panhandle just over the bridge from Destin.

  142. Hey JAL,

    We forgot to welcome you from Morgantown!! Looks like you found a google box there!

    Those other guys were all busting on your town yesterday!!!

  143. Jandy says:

    Groat shhhhh!!!!!

  144. Bizrow says:


    Niceville? I don’t know, if I log that in, I may get the “That does not compute” message (emoticon)

    Niceville? That must also be where Drew71 resides?

    I’ll add it to the list tonight, I think that makes 208 confirmed infected locations…..


    I also saw some locations from the chat yesterday that I will check to see if need to be added.

  145. Jandy says:

    I didn’t “see” NMR today, I hope he’s ok. If you’re reading this, hope you’re hanging and you’re ok.
    Game on tonight!

  146. Karen22 says:

    I told the hubby that it seems like weeks since the last Pirates game. He concurred.

    PLAY BALL!!! (Do NOT play FOOTBALL!! Heh heh…).

  147. JohninOshkosh says:

    Hey Bizrow:

    I think I saw a Manitoban yesterday thanking Dejan for his radio appearance.

    DK: YES, you did.

  148. Eric Bowser says:

    Is the feeling Appel won’t sign?

  149. Milo Hamilton says:

    Brian Fuentes has cleared waivers.

  150. pants-n-at says:

    Appel…who cares. I wonder if the Buccos will add to the lineup for the 2nd half. I hear a lot of negative on here about Upton but I think he would be worth a look. Then bring Dempster to town to give the rotation a real boost. There’s my 2 cents

  151. LuckyNKentucky says:


    That’s a good 2 cents. I’ve always like Dempster. He’ll battle. Upton would be great, but they want a lot and the money doesn’t make sense for the Bucs. Supposedly not a good fit.

  152. Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) says:


    How do you like Niceville?

  153. Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) says:


    Niceville is an actual town, but it is in the panhandle, in other words Lower Alabama (LA)

  154. Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) says:


    Believe it or not, its still too early to make a decision on deals.

    I don’t think the Pirates will actually be in the market for Upton, probably just kicking tires. For what it will cost to get Upton, its mortgaging the future for the Buccos. They really have no chance at resigning him, whereas a team with a larger budget could afford to give up their top picks and still extend Upton.

    I love him as a player and would love to have him as a Bucco, but the price is just too steep, IMO.

  155. Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) says:

    Now the rumor has shifted to the Rangers…scary thought, but they are a team that can afford to give up their prospects.

    Man, they’re good.

  156. Bizrow says:

    Thanks, both MANITOBA and Niceville Alabama will be added as soon as I get home and read Dejan’s article today.

    I have priorities, you know….. ;-)

  157. Bizrow says:

    I kinda figured Drew71 couldn’t live in Niceville ;-)

  158. Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) says:


    LOL, Niceville is actually Florida, but it seems so much like Alabama.

  159. haverford89 says:

    I think they should take the JoePa statue and turn it around — so it’s looking away from everything….

  160. tmp444 says:

    DARN IT!!!!!! This 8:10 game is KILLING ME because, by this point, DK has posted the lineups; Playoffs has opened the window; the questioning of whehther Barmes should be below or above McHenry has begun.

    I want it to start. Now. Fear the Z.

    #BUCN #Zoltan

  161. pants-n-at says:

    @ Ryan…sounds like you’ve been down this way before. It’s a great little community (16,000ish). But, yes this area is known as lower Alabama….or the Red Neck Riviera

  162. Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) says:

    LOL tmp…its OK, we’ll be alright.

    We can start the discussion’s now if you want?

    Barmes: in or out for tonight?

    I personally think he’s in, along with the regular starters.

    The pressing question is, who’s opening up at catcher? Whoever it is might get most of the catching duties for the rest of the season, but of course, always go with the hot hand (bat).

  163. JoeBucco says:

    A little late to the blog today, but I assume that the Pirates would have to set a deadline much sooner than 5 pm for Appel, right? Because if he shold decide not to sign, then they can offer that extra pool money to the other first rounders still unsigned. You can’t do that if you give Appel till 5:00 on the nose.

    I personally hope that he doesn’t sign. It will prove that

    1. Scott Boras is no longer really needed to “advise” amateur players any more (and let’s face, this is about Scott Boras, NOT Mark Appel). If anything, the amount of money Scott Boras personally has COST Mark Appel should deter future draftees from ever choosing him as an advisor. It’s a new system. “Super-agents” not needed. Sorry if that hurts your bottom line, Scotty.

    2. We’ll get a top ten pick next year which will be much higher than our regular pick next year. Heck, we could even draft Appel again next year and make him sign for slot (or less) since he’ll be a college senior and have NO leverage at all. One thing we’ve seen in this new system is that college seniors are getting the shaft big time. You don’t want to be drafted as a senior if you have any thoughts of getting a big bonus. After all, what else are you going to do? Go play independent ball? Or go to Japan? Give me a break.

    3. Next year, we’d have the pool money that comes with two first round picks, meaning a bigger draft budget next year to do our thing with. That is a lot of extra money for a team that likes to draft like the Pirates do.

    Appel is NOT Gerrit Cole and Jameson Taillon. We don’t really need him like we needed those guys.

    So Mark Appel, if you don’t want to sign, you’re an idiot. But that is fine. We’re probably better off if you don’t sign. But it won’t be the Pirates fault. It will be Scott Boras. Shame on you for letting Boras take this moment from you and try to make it about him. It really sucks when your “advisor” doesn’t have YOUR best interests in heart.

    That being said… NOBODY could be that big of an idiot to not sign this contract.

    So see you in the system soon, Mark. Let’s Go Bucs!

  164. Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) says:

    @Pants….I’ve driven through, known people that have been there and actually might look to move there in a little while.

  165. Milo Hamilton says:


    I think they split McDonald & Burnett up so Barajas can catch them both without having to go back to back days. Or a day game after a night game.

  166. JoeBucco says:

    Sorry, didn’t mean other “first rounders”, just other draft picks. Typed too fast for my own good.

  167. CraigWilson'sRevenge says:

    pirates expected to sign 8th rounder according to tim williams at pirates prospects.

    another warning shot??? appel could still get 3.6ish, give or take, depending on if the 8th rounder is over slot or not.

  168. pants-n-at says:

    @ Ryan. Cool. Keep us posted on your decision.

  169. The Gunner says:

    Like my good friend LuckyNKentucky, I am not often right but, I think Upton will not land in Pittsburgh. Someone else mentioned Brian Fuentes cleared waivers and I don’t think he is a fit here either – our bullpen is pretty solid.

    A good leadoff man and another starting pitcher is what we need and we will have some solution in place by the end of July, I’m sure. And, NH (Opie lookalike for sure) will not mortgage the future either.

    In the meantime, we need to SWEEP the stinking Brewers!!

  170. JoeBucco says:

    I hope he does sign for over slot. That’s what you get for playing your stupid games, Boras. Mark Appel should be the one filing suit against you.

  171. tmp444 says:

    Typo — McKenry not McHenry (or is it O’Henry….) My bad.

    @Ryan — I agree with you that the more interesting question is what to do behind the plate tonight. ASSUMING Barajas is healthy, I think he goes. Despite the Fort having the hot bat, CH has been pretty clear that Barajas is the starter, if not by words, than at least by deeds. McKenry has only started in the past couple of weeks either because Barajas was clearly hurt, or as a spot starter when Barajas couldn’t go at the last minute because of the nagging knee (which…bone bruises on the knee…from personal experience….NOT FUN). I think, for now, CH will play the old line that you don’t lose your starting spot due to injury.

    That said, IMO, McKenry should be getting more than just the Sunday afternoon games, at least for the next few weeks. If only to keep that bat hot and alive for pinch hit situations in games that he doesn’t start.

  172. Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) says:


    I agree with most, but slightly disagree with needing Appel. Do we need him? Not exactly, BUT what signing Appel does for the system is make him the #3 prospect, he’s a college guy, would probably make the bigs BEFORE Taillon does.

    With that in mind, if the Buccos FO wants to make a big splash at the deadline (Uptonlike) they could use Taillon as the top trade piece.

    This is a big risk for Appel to not sign. Crazy if you ask me.

  173. pants-n-at says:

    I would only try to grab Fuentes to package with someone else in a trade

  174. JoeBucco says:

    For a guy that works in Milwaukee about half the time during the week, this is the second year in a row that the Pirates play all three series agains them in Miller Park on a weekend. It’s bad enough that I have to work in that city, but they can’t even let my Buccos come to town during the week once in three series?

    Even worse, I leave for Puerto Rico tomorrow for a seven day cruise. But me, I’m mad because that will be the first 7 games of the season I didn’t get to catch on TV or in person.

    Those internet minutes are expensive on the ship… guess I’ll have DK’s page as my one and only page I connect to and read all week.

    Better keep me well up to speed with the Buccos, DK! :)

  175. Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) says:


    I believe you could be correct…….

    I know a few were calling out CH earlier in the season, but for the most part, can we really complain about the job he has done for this first half? For the most part, he’s done VERY well with the pitching staff, the shuffling of the lineups, etc.

    The late inning defensive substatutions have been very good as well. He knows his players.

    When the offense was struggling, he was saying its “almost there” and it will come around. It has. I don’t expect the offense to stay this hot the rest of the season, it would be impossible for any team to do that, but we know what the team is capable of.

    Much respect and kudos must go to Gregg Ritchie as well, I’m sure these guys have worked tiredlessly to get the offense going.

    What I like most about CH, is his leadership and baseball talk.

  176. Milo Hamilton says:

    @Joe Bucco

    “Even worse, I leave for Puerto Rico tomorrow for a seven day cruise.”

    How awful for you.

  177. tmp444 says:

    @JoeBucco — look at the top — hate to tell you but DK is going on vacation himself next week.

  178. pants-n-at says:

    @Joe. Have a great trip. I hope the Pirates create some spacce between them and 2nd place by the time you’re back.

  179. Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) says:


    Thanks, it’ll be some time before I can actually do anything, but its definetly an option I would want to take.

    Though I’d probably go down towards Ft. Walton.

  180. Milo Hamilton says:


    I wouldn’t worry though. I understand most people return home safely from cruises.

  181. Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) says:

    BTW- T-3 hours until the deadline has come and gone.

    Hard to believe that there are so many of us that says “so what” if Appel doesn’t sign. Just a couple of years ago this FO would’ve been BASHED for not signing him at all costs.

    Of course, now MLB has stepped in and slapped the Pirates/Nationals hands for the previous signings and mandated (oh wait that’s a tax, no penalty, no tax!) teams stick to the slot or else.

    Scheppers any? Too soon still?

  182. Leefoo says:

    According to P2, we have signed or are going to sign Kevin Ross our # 8 pick. Hopefully overslot so there is that much less for Stanford Boy.


    Joe Bucco….tell ya what….I’ll go on that cruise….YOU stay in Milwaukee


    From MLB RUmors
    RH pitchers that may be avail:

    Brad Lincoln, Pirates – The Diamondbacks and Padres might have some degree of interest in Lincoln, who’s enjoying a breakout season.
    Joel Hanrahan, Pirates – I don’t expect the Pirates to trade Hanrahan now that they’re leading the NL Central. But if they had to part with him to get an impact bat, they might listen.


  183. Leefoo says:


    “I wouldn’t worry though. I understand most people return home safely from cruises.”

    Safely yes, but 98.7% of them usually catch some weird tropical disease on the ship that will haunt them the rest of their lives…

    Joe Bucco….on 2nd thought, I don’t wanna go on a cruise.


  184. Leefoo says:


  185. Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) says:


    I just read that one too. Lincoln gets added to the Upton deal, I imagine.

    Do the Dbacks have anyone else worth trading for?

  186. Drew71 says:

    Yes Milo. At least 60% of them.

    Wait. It IS hurricane season, isn’t it?

    Was that mean? I hate it when I’m mean.

  187. JoeBucco says:

    @Ryan – I agree. But it would kill me if they traded Taillon. Or any of the top 5 guys. Having a top 5 of Cole, Taillon, Marte, Heredia and Bell is a whole lot different than previous years’ top five.

    Gotta love Lincoln in there every year.

    From 2009’s list…
    1. Pedro Alvarez
    2. Tony Sanchez
    3. Jose Tabata
    4. Rudy Owens
    5. Brad Lincoln

    From 2008’s list…
    1. Andrew McCutchen, CF
    2. Steven Pearce, 1B/OF
    3. Neil Walker, 3B
    4. Daniel Moskos, LHP
    5. Brad Lincoln, RHP

    1. Andrew McCutchen, of
    2. Neil Walker, c
    3. Brad Lincoln, rhp
    4. Yoslan Herrera, rhp
    5. Josh Sharpless, rhp

    1) Neil Walker, C
    2) Andrew McCutchen, OF
    3) Tom Gorzelanny, LHP
    4) Paul Maholm, LHP
    5) Jose Bautista, 3B

    Or maybe this list from 2000…

    1. Chad Hermansen; OF
    2. Rico Washington; 3B
    3. JJ Davis; OF
    4. Emil Brown; OF
    5. Craig Wilson; C

    I say that now that we have a pretty legit top 5, let’s keep those guys and roll with it.

    If all of the pitching prospects pan out, and none of the current guys are kept (J-Mac, Karstens, Morton, etc.), we’d have Cole, Taillon, Heredia, Appel, x

    I think we can keep a guy like J-Mac for a while, which would push Appel to 5. Is he really worth the drama?

  188. JoeBucco says:

    98.7%? Geez, maybe I will stay home and watch Pirates baseball. :)

  189. CraigWilson'sRevenge says:

    pirates sign 16th rounder for 200k over slot.

    3.4ish left for appel

  190. JoeBucco says:

    I think after spending as much time in Milwaukee as I have these past three years, I need to get as far south from that city as I can for a while though. :) It’s just sad that I won’t be in touch to rub it in with the guys I work with when the Bucs pound the Beermakers this weekend. Believe me, I had my share the last couple of years. They still bring up that 20-1 game from a couple of years ago.

  191. cmat0829 says:

    RE: Upton, no thanks. He has talent but will have a huge price tag to sign and I can’t see parting with 2 of the top 10 organizational talent plus another spare part or 2 to get him for 18 months. Plus, you HAVE TO question why the Dbacks would get rid of him.

    It might be just me but I’d rather see us pick up 3 necessary parts — outfielder, either with power or lead-off type, I really think it needs to be the lead-off type…. starting pitcher (doesn’t have to be Hamels, Garza, etc.)…. LH bullpen with experience (not Fuentes please).

    I think the Pirates can fill those needs without parting with any of the top 10 prospects.

  192. JoeBucco says:

    Awesome… so sorry to hear that Mr. Boras. Clock is ticking, wonder who is next to take your money. Glad the Pirates are taking control and not letting Boras dictate this thing.

  193. LuckyNKentucky says:


    Couldn’t agree with you more. That’s exactly what we need.

  194. JoeBucco says:

    Speaking of the 2000 top five… I hear Chad Hermanson may also be on my same cruise next week. But he’ll be meeting up with us someone along the route. You know, walking on water to catch up to us.

  195. Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) says:

    Dang it……Why did I think 5pm West Coast time?

  196. Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) says:

    Jose Bautista? Wow where they WAAAYYYY off, I hear that guy’s playing in the independant league.

  197. Leefoo says:

    Craig Wilson….I just saw that….We just signed Max Moroff for $300k…even LESS money for Appel. Love it.

  198. JoeBucco says:

    @TMP444 – McKenry has as many HR’s as Justin Upton this year. And a better OPS. And about half as many RBI in much less than half as many at bats.

    Who says we need Upton again?

    And for the record, Carlos Quentin is the 908th rated player in MLB over the last 30 days. After his initial burst, his last month has him at like .179, 2 HR and 7 RBI and a .650 OPS. Let’s not go overboard in trying to acquire that guy either.

  199. JoeBucco says:

    @Ryan – yea, I was wondering what ever happened to that guy. :)

  200. Phil (Wheeling) says:


    Be carefull on that cruise. It is a known fact that on every cruise someone goes overboard. The general public doesn’t hear about it because the cruise lines pay off all the passangers to keep it quiet as they exit the ship.
    So either you won’t be coming back or you’ll be coming back with a big wad of cash in your pocket.
    So have a good time!

  201. Leefoo says:

    JoeBucco….I am leaning twd Shane Victorino myself.

  202. tmp444 says:

    @JoeBucco – I’m not going to disagree with you. Personally, I think the Fort should start tonight. My expectation, however, is that Barajas will start for the reasons stated above.

  203. JoeBucco says:

    I could just see it now, Neal Huntington on the phone with Scott Boras, giving him 15 minutes before the next mid round selection takes a little more of Appel’s money.

    Neal: “Hey Scott, I need to know, will he take the $3.9m offer right now?”
    Boras: “No”

    Neal calls back 5 minutes later. “Hey Scott, we just signed one more pick. Will he take $3.7m now?”
    Boras: “No”

    Neal calls back 5 minutes later. “Hey Scott, we just signed another pick. Will he take $3.4 million now?”
    Boras: “No”
    Neal: “You realize I’ll be calling you every five minutes until 5:00 with a smaller and smaller offer, right?”
    Boras: hangs up the phone…

    Sucks to not run the show, eh there Mr. Super-Agent?

  204. cmat0829 says:

    Victorino would be PERFECT fit. Switch-hitter, good speed, good baserunner, veteran, has some pop… with his airing his dirty laundry don’t think the price would be overwhelming….

    give me Victorino, Jeremy Guthrie (with Rockies eating most of his salary), and a LH bullpen type and I’m content.

  205. cmat0829 says:

    What I find odd about the Boras/Appel situation is that I really don’t know what exactly Boras expected. With the slot system, this isn’t like years past where he could play a game of staredown to get maximum leverage. from the get-go, the max was established and waiting now just reduces the amount available. I think his enormous EGO is getting in the way now and he just may not sign… or save face with some sort of ‘against my advisement my client pushed me to sign”.

  206. JoeBucco says:

    I’d like Victorino too.

    And arch nemesis Ryan Dempster would be my pitcher of choice, but I have to trade within the division. Even if it is just the Cubs.

  207. Milo Hamilton says:

    The Yankees have signed Kosuke Fukudome. Ryota Igarashi was, well, you know.

  208. Drew71 says:

    Give me Verlander and Cain and I’m content.

  209. cmat0829 says:

    Pirates 7/13 vs. Brewers:

    LF Sutton
    2B Walker
    CF Cutch
    RF Jones
    1B McGehee
    3B Alvarez
    C Barajas
    SS Barmes
    P JMac

  210. Leefoo says:

    Drew….I’m with you there……

    Think we could get them for KC, Tabata, Bedard and Owens?


  211. Leefoo says:

    JoeBucco…………..hilarious conversation!!



  212. Leefoo says:

    Joe Bucco…I put that conversation on the PG Plus blog….you are racking up the “Likes”



  213. Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) says:


    LOL. The only question though is if the money to the other signings are actually taking away from the slot for Appel.

  214. JMB says:

    Sounds like Appel will be the projected #1 overall next year. I guess he thinks that it’s worth it.

    In hindsight, I wish he would have just taken Houston’s $6mm and left us free to draft someone else.

  215. Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) says:

    Thanks CMT

    Pretty much what we figured, as long as Barajas’s knee was feeling better

  216. JoeBucco says:

    @Foo – I wish I could actually see the comments on that site. I try with all kinds of settings, but every article says 0 comments. And I see nothin’. And I’m a tech guy, I should be able to figure this stuff out.

  217. Milo Hamilton says:

    Jim Callis from Baseball America says that if Appel doesn’t sign, he becomes the #1 player available on next year’s draft board.

  218. cmat0829 says:

    Appel #1 pick next year according to whom? And they are must be omniscient to predict what will happen 11 months from now as it relates to baseball drafts. Funny.

  219. Leefoo says:

    JoeBucco….did you ever email Mary?


  220. Leefoo says:


  221. cmat0829 says:

    OK, maybe Jim Callis can personally write a check to Appel if it doesn’t pan out that way then. I think if I’m in Vegas I set the opening odds at 40-1 against Appel being #1 pick next year.

  222. JoeBucco says:

    @JMB – I really hope Appel falls to #8 next year and we pick him again.

    And stiff the hell out of him with a below slot max offer.

  223. Milo Hamilton says:

    I see that Keith Law says the same thing in regards to Appel. Best player available in next year’s draft.

  224. JoeBucco says:

    @Foo – I think I did before, but I ought to do that again I guess.

  225. cmat0829 says:

    Seriously though. I know “tweets and blogs are free” but Calis needs to know that an opinion like that is worth about as much as a share of RIM stock right about now.

  226. JMB says:

    Callis & Law both have Appel #1 for 2013 as of today.

  227. cmat0829 says:

    So I guess Appel is going to put his arm in a hyperdermic chamber and not pitch against aluminum bats next year so he can preserve his top pick status in the draft?

  228. JoeBucco says:

    I think they were predicting Appel to be #1 this year too. Well, right up until the Astros selected Carlos Correa.

    If I were him, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  229. Playoffs by 2012 says:

    Anthony Ranaudo was the consenus top pick in 2010…..until he hurt his arm, and had a bad season. He dropped to #39 I believe.

    Anthony Rendon was the consensus #1 pick in 2011….until he got hurt as well, and dropped to #6.

    It’s a crap shoot either way. Wish I had the option to turn down $3+ million.

  230. Milo Hamilton says:


    I’m guessing you mean a hyperbaric chamber ?

  231. Drew71 says:

    Right. Clemens used the “hyperdermic” kind

  232. Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) says:

    Appel will take a huge risk. He’ll be the consensus #1 for next year, at this time. Until someone else steps up.

    Huge risk, probably not worth it to him, but probably more worth it for Boras.

  233. Milo Hamilton says:

    Appel did not sign.

  234. JMB says:

    Nat’s signed their guy, so are we the only ones who didn’t sign their #1?

    JIM BOWDEN ‏@JimBowdenESPNxm
    Nationals confirm they have signed Giolito with a $2,925,000 signing bonus

  235. Leefoo says:

    Jim Callis ‏@jimcallisBA

    Pirates did not sign 1st-rder Mark Appel. mlbdraft”

  236. Leefoo says:

    Did Gausman sign?

  237. Arriba Wilver says:

    When’s BN going to announce the BMTIAS?

    Hey, somebody had to say it, right?

  238. RalphM says:

    “Pirates GM Neal Huntington explained in a statement that the team offered as much as it could without losing future picks.

    “Our final offer exceeded the available bonus pool money and was essentially up to the last dollar we could offer prior to falling into the second tier penalty which would have resulted in the loss of a first round draft selection,” Huntington said. “While, as we have shown in past years, we are willing to be aggressive with our financial offer, we simply did not feel it was in the best interest of the organization to forfeit our first round selection in the 2013 amateur draft.”” mlbtraderumors

  239. Arriba Wilver says:

    I agree with NH about not forfeiting next year’s # 1.

  240. Jay G -Jacksonville FL via New Castle says:

    Now we someone else to root against…..Appel should fire Boros…..What an idiot…I hate greed….and that’s all that is…pure greed…………..We’ll be fine…or better off with the picks next year……….

  241. Slick says:

    What is the best case scenario Appel can gain by going #1 next year, financially? He gives up a whole year of earning potential (and closer to arbitration and FA). What did this year’s overall #1 sign? Maybe the old saying bird in hand no longer applies… He’ll take 2 in the bush…

  242. The Gunner says:

    Sufferin’ catfish……….I hate greed, too. NH and his bosses did the right thing.

    Now, let’s focus on annihilating the Brewers this weekend, humiliating former Pirates manager Jim Tracy in Colorado as we continue our mission of winning the NL Central Division.

    I am just soooo glad there is a Bucco game tonight

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