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Final: Rockies 5, Pirates 4

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

Looking ahead to first pitch …

Game: Pirates (49-39) vs. Colorado Rockies (34-54)

Time: 8:40 p.m.

Site: Coors Field, Denver

TV, radio: Root Sports, 93.7 The Fan

Here is the live box score.

And here is the Pirates’ lineup vs. Colorado LHP Jeff Francis

  1. Alex Presley, LF
  2. Josh Harrison, RF
  3. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  4. Casey McGehee, 1B
  5. Neil Walker, 2B
  6. Pedro Alvarez, 3B
  7. Rod Barajas, C
  8. Clint Barmes, SS
  9. Jeff Karstens, RHP


  1. Been a while since we’ve seen the righty brigade. No jones tonight. No Sutton. I for one am happy about the benching of Sutton. He just looked flat out bad the last couple of games. I see him more as a super utility off the bench guy than a starting outfielder. He looks lost out there sometimes. Instead we get JHay…who also looks lost int he OF sometimes. Why is our entire bench made up of infielders who we try to pigeon hole into the outfield just to get them into the line up?

  2. Presley is back, hope he’s feeling better.

    Can’t wait to see what Cutch does in Denver, should be even more amazing.

  3. @AJS

    I am a fan of JHay and Sutton as the utility guys off the bench. Neither are very good defensively, but are adequate enough to get the job done at just about any position.

  4. Let’s all just forget this past weekend never happened and go hit some homers!

    Let’s Go Bucs!



  6. This should be a fun series.

    Am I the only one skiddish about being this excited and/or confident?

  7. @AJS -

    Because the guy slotted to be our starting RF was lazy and is now sulking in AAA, and the primary backup acquired in the offseason stunk up the joint so badly that we’re now paying him to play for the Orioles AAA team.

  8. @ Ryan – let’s hope this is a fun series, don’t think we are in a position to take anyone lightly on the road.

  9. Just reposting from the previous discussion about Soriano. The Cubs are trying to tear down. That is why they are willing to eat his contract. Epstein has said as much.

    Bunch of fair weather fans…
    July 16th, 2012 – 5:25 pm
    It’s baseball, not a Love Fest. I don’t give a crap if a player doesn’t like anyone. I don’t care if anyone likes him. Soriano has been to two World Series, hit 20+ HR for each of the last 10 years, and has 17 HR and 53 RBI this year for a horrible team. When the Pirates field an outfield where each position player has those production-related credentials then they can be picky.

    “The guy (Alfonso Soriano) works his butt off all the time. There’s no doubt the fans lost a little faith in him sometimes with the things he does, but I think the fans have to understand he’s probably the hardest-working guy in the clubhouse. That’s always refreshing, and players love him to death. He’s the most prolific guy in our lineup and he’s done it before.” – Chicago Cubs Manager Dale Sveum on (Carrie Muskat, 02/28/2012, ‘Cubs confident that Soriano can produce’, Source)

    I can live with a guy that “works his butt off” and produces runs during a potential playoff run.

  10. No doubt…..but the way things are going, we should destroy this Rockies team.

  11. They speak of “trap games” in the NFL-

    I feel a “trap Series” out there in Colorado-

    I hope I’m wrong-

    Lets take care of tonight.

  12. Honestly, Bedard pitching in Denver makes me nervous… And that means there’s not much wiggle room tonight or Wednesday.

    Add in the way the team played in Milwaukee, and I’m not taking anything for granted, or getting overly optimistic.

  13. If Bedard does not pitch well tomorrow night let’s hope it is the last time he is given the ball to start.

  14. Bill Born Again,

    It’s not a trap game when the Pirates play on the road.

    The only traps are the comments of those who have said Bucs’ next 16 (now 13) games are against under .500 teams, so Bucs should build up big lead. Bucs have already dropped the first series.

    Pirates play 13 of their next 16 on the ROAD! Pirates are 15 games above .500 this season at PNC Park, but 5 games BELOW .500 on the ROAD.

    Bucs still have to learn to win in the gray uniforms. Thus far they have not proven they can do so!!!

  15. @JRay3 -

    Unless he’s truly horrible, I’m guessing Bedard gets at least 2 more starts. It’s just too easy to chalk a bad outing to Coors, even if the reality is that the pitcher is currently awful.

    But hey, maybe they really did pick up a flaw or a tipoff and he’ll be back to April Bedard.

  16. Hey Groat,

    Your math’s fuzzy. They have a 6 game homestand starting Friday. But your point about the gray unis is well taken.

  17. The Window received fantastic news today. As of Friday, The Window will be employed again on a full time basis. Feels good. Feels real good. Anyways onto MULTI-LINE MONDAY!! Let’s open the window!!

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    Please specify which line you wish to (fake) wager on.

    Line #1
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    Line #2
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  18. 16 of 22, subtract 1 3-series in Oshkoshland, converts to 13 of 19.

    Thanks, Milo!!

  19. @Playoffs -

    100 on the OVER for line 1.
    100 on the UNDER for line 2.

    Thank you, sir.

  20. 1. 100 on the over.. 2. 100 on the under.. Let’s go BUCS !!!

  21. Playoffs –

    Line 1: 100 on the OVER (do I need to capitalize every time?)

    Line 2: 100 on the under (that’s UNDER if you couldn’t read lower case)

    Thank you.

  22. @Playoffs

    Congrats on the new employment!

  23. @ Playoffs – Just in time to get these in before heading down to the ballpark to catch some BP. Hope weather cooperates some dark clouds in area and 45% chance of T-storms.

    Ok on to the lines for this evening:

    Line 1 – Well it is Presley’s first game back and he did rack up four hits in eight AB’s on rehab. Harrison the start in RF with LHP. Tough one but given the fact the Rockies SP is limited to 75 pitches could see Harrison subbed in middle part of game and lose AB’s/

    I will take 50 on the UNDER for line 1

    Line 2 – I like Jeff Karstens a lot. He has pitched 8 and 7 innings in his last two starts. But this is his first start off of extended rest. The Phillies in their recent series had Lee, Worley and Hamels pitch and they went 6, 6.2 and 8 IP. Just looking for a trend.

    I will take 100 on the UNDER for line 2

    @ Playoffs – Congrats on landing the job, very happy for you!

    Off to the game hope to see a landslide victory, will look forward to the comments later tonight and give a brief recap. Let’s Go Bucs!

  24. Tough call Playoffs

    Congrats on the employment!!

  25. This team is good and all, but I don’t think they’re good enough to take ANY game for granted, home or away. Witness the little league like plays made throughout this weekend at the HoH. Remember last year’s fiasco against bottom dwelling Cubs and Padres that kicked off the tailspin. When your team is based on pitching and defense, giving away runs can kill you.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think these guys have a chance, but they have to stay focused.

  26. Playoffs –

    You got the job! Congrats for sure…

  27. Hope I’m wrong but concerned. Reds have picked up 3 games on us in last six. Also on six game winning streak. Seeing parallels to last year when in a week and a half the Pirates went from tied for first to ten games out. I’d feel better if the Reds would take an “L” tonight. Also, where is Marte? Next week might be too late. Lee and Ludwick arrived too late last year to help. Another parallel, I better stop now.

  28. @Playoffs

    I’ll take 100 on both lines for the UNDER.

  29. If Kevin Towers or any other major league GM is reading the blog today – STARLING MARTE IS READY. Just in case they missed that earlier.

  30. Congratulations Playoffs! Glad things worked out for you.

    100 units on both UNDERS, please.

  31. Did someone get sent down to bring AP back? I didn’t see anything

  32. Matt Hague was sent down for AP.

    Hoping we can beat on the Rockies this series and have some video game like scores.

    Let’s Go Bucs!

  33. @Ryan

    The Hague was sent down. Jordy Mercer must have pictures.

  34. @ playoffs

    Line 1: 50 on the over

    Line 2: 50 on the over

    Thanks and congrats on the new gig!

  35. Congrats on the job. Don’t let Interfer with the window….LOL

    100 on over for #1
    25 on the over for 2

  36. At playoffs:
    Great news for you!
    My turn next?
    I’ll take 50 on the over on line 1, 75 on the under on line 2.

  37. @Milo -

    Mercer probably got copies from Barmes.

  38. @Playoffs

    Line 1- 50 on the UNDER
    Line 2 – 50 on the UNDER

    Thanks and congrats on the new gig!

  39. Congrats on the job, Playoffs, you most definitely must have not mentioned us..

    100 nuke nuggets on the UNDAH for line 1

    100 on the OVAH for line 2

    I’ve been broke before ;-)

  40. @playoffs,

    line 1 – 100 on the over
    line 2 – 100 on the under


  41. @Demon

    I just read some stats on Barmes on Smizik’s blog, my goodness. I’d suggest you take a look, if you have a strong stomach.

  42. Joey Votto not in Reds lineup tonight. Rumors flying that he has had or going to have arthroscopic knee surgery.

  43. That would be a shame. I would hope that he would not rush back either. He uses his lower half for power.

  44. Congrats Playoffs!

    I’ll take 50 on line 1 over and 100 on the over for line 2. Go Bucs!

  45. @22

    Similar to Strasburg. By all means shut him down. Wouldn’t want to hurt that arm. :)

  46. @Playoffs

    Line #1 – 50 on the OVER

    Line#2 – 100 on the OVER

    Let’s Go Bucs!

  47. 100 on the UNDER Line 1

    100 on the UNDER Line 2

    Go Bucs!

  48. Nice early lead for the DBacks

  49. Dbacks 4-0 over reds top of first

  50. @ playoffs

    got to try and make up some ground here.

    100 on the under on line 1
    and 100 on the under on line 2.

    I think Karstens pitches into 7th but doesn’t finish.

    and congrats my friend and good luck with new employment.

  51. I have this feeling that the Colorado management has two sets of baseballs – the ones in the humidor, and normal baseballs. I think they bring out whichever balls depending how the pitchers on either team pitch. For example, if their own guy throws a lot of meaty fastballs, they go with the humidor balls. Or if the opposing pitcher doesn’t get many ground ball outs but instead lots of flyouts, then they use the normal balls to capitalze on their scoring possibilties. This is why you never know what kind of game you are going to get in Colorado.
    That’s my theory and it is mine.

  52. Votto out 3 or 4 weeks.

  53. Torn meniscus for Votto,

  54. wow, that’s huge about Votto.

  55. Wow, that sounds like longer than 4 weeks.

  56. @playoffs — Congrats dude!

    Line 1 — 100 on the OVER

    Line 2 — 100 on the UNDER

    Thank you!

  57. @Playoffs

    Line 1 – 100 on the under
    Line 2 – 100 on the over

    Thank you and congratulations on the job.

  58. Aw, poor Votto, I hope he’s ok……….next season

  59. Needing the Dbacks help, looks like they started out on the right track.

  60. Just read this little blurb on MLB trade rumors for what its worth.
    “baseball people express doubt about the star potential of Pirates outfield prospect Starling Marte”

  61. Arizona’s going to need more than 4 to win that game in Cinci.

  62. cosmo –

    Heard that earlier today…Just my opinion, but that statement smacks of gamesmanship. I wouldn’t expect anything to happen until the deadline.

    As others have said…I could be wrong.

  63. @Playoffs

    That is AWESOME! Congrats on the new employment. It was those Pirate answers that cinched it, I am sure! Congrats again.

  64. @playoffs

    Line 1: 70 on the UNDER
    Line 2: 70 on the UNDER

  65. Kevin

    I guess his name won”t get mentioned in trade talks and we’ll have to hang on to him.
    fine by me.

  66. Hate to celebrate someone getting hurt, but Votto’s injury feels like a door opening here.

    Maybe even a big enough one to do something about the gaping hole in RF anytime a LHP takes the mound.

    Or about the 25th man who’s the backup utility infielder and clearly isn’t trusted by the manager.

  67. @ALL – Thank you. I sincerely appreciate the kind words. Looking forward to the new opportunity. Also, rest assured this will not affect The Window in any way at all. Worst case scenario is the line gets posted early in the morning and one of you fine generous souls re-posts it in the game thread for that day. The Window will keep on rolling until this season ends. You have my word on that.

    @Demon, you got it and good luck!!

    @Kevin S, you got it and good luck!!

    @Kevin, The Window digs on the CAPS LOCK, makes it a lil’ easier on the eyes, you got it and good luck!!

    @JRay, have a blast at the game, stay dry, you got it and good luck!!

    @Ryan, you got it and good luck!!

    @patonbb, you got it and good luck!!

    @Chico, you got it and good luck!!

    @Dcpin, you got it and good luck!!

    @radio, keep plugging away with your search my friend, it took awhile for me to get the right job, but in the end it worked out, you got it and good luck!!

    @MarkV, you got it and good luck!!

    @Bizrow, you got it and good luck!!

    @manny, you got it and good luck!!

    @Evan, you got it and good luck!!

    @Mlr, you got it and good luck!!

    @Milo66, you got it and good luck!!

    @cosmo, you got it and good luck!!

    @JMB, you got it and good luck!!

    @jeffsbar, you got it and good luck!!

    @Roberto, thanks I really appreciate that.

    @bman, you got it and good luck!!

  68. Hi Playoffs:

    Congrats on job. Once went 14 months out of work during “Great Recession” Sucked big time. Does a soul (and a bank account) good to work.


    100 (fake) American on the Under for BOTH LINES.

    Thank you.

    @Groat: Caught your reference. :-)

  69. @Playoffs

    Congrats on the new job. I’m guessing you’re an accountant.

    I’ll take 50 on the under for Line #1

    And 50 on the under for Line #2.


  70. cosmo -

    I couldn’t agree more….scares me to death to deal Marte when we don’t even know what’s in store.

  71. Oh, and congrats to playoffs, of course.

  72. Congrats Playoffs

    As for Votto, did not hit much in the series against the Cards and Reds still swept them.

  73. Here’s what the Reds are doing tonight – Todd Frazier is playing 1st against a lefty. They’ll probably go that way while Votto’s out. Queston is,can Scott Rolen stay healthy that whole time so Frazier is free to play 1st ? More time for the ancient Miguel Cairo ?

    Here’s another thing, Jay Bruce now becomes their only lefty hitting position player. Depending on who they bring up, of course.

  74. Door was cracked opened, time for Pirates to knock that door wide open with news of Joey Votto being out for three to four weeks.

    Pirates need 4 things
    1) Leadoff hitter in LF who can get on base at .350+
    2) Run Producer behind McCutchen
    3) Top of rotation (#1 or 2) starter to push Bedard or Correia into the bullpen or trade
    4) SS who can hit .250 and good defense, Barmes is a lost cause at the plate

    Your move Neal.

  75. @Playoffs
    AWESOME job news!!
    To celebrate the employment news-give me 100 on the OVER on both lines tonight.

  76. The Phillies are supposedly willing to consider trading Jimmy Rollins.

    I realize that there are a lot of reasons it won’t happen (salary, age, salary, 5 and 10 veto, and salary), but wouldn’t it make a ton of sense to at least ask the question?

  77. Line 2: 100 on the under

    Thx window!

  78. Wow, seen a bad run of my own the last 6 games. Need to get back on the right track.

    Line 1 – Neither J-hay or Alex are big walk-drawers. And the allure of the Colorado air will entice them to be swinging big. Assuming the walks are not there, they will need 4 hits to get the over. But I think that the thin air may affect them more than they think, as neither of them have played there. So I will go under on the line for 100 units.

    Line 2 – Karstens has been a battler, but this is also his first start in the thin air, and in his 2 relief starts, he did not fare well. So again I will go under for 80 units.

    I am using the thin air for my whole premise, so don’t let me down mile high thinness! Lol. But hopefully, our bashers, Cutch, Alvarez and Walker (sad to say, Jonesy is on the bench) will mash it through that thin air. Plus at 5,000 feet, they are closer to having their Zoltan signals picked up! Beat em Bucs!

  79. AJ Burnett is on Sports Illustrated’s list of Top-50 highest-paid athletes:

    wow, how times have changed…zero Steelers, zero Penguins, but a Pirate…

  80. Just questioning baseball logic…
    Why not bat the speedy baserunner 2nd And Walker 1st?

    I’d rather not see both top spots with a low OBP. Possibly costing McCuthen an extra at bat. Presley or Harrison could also prevent a double play or two.

    Maybe there’s an unconventional argument for Walker 1st McCutchen 2nd? And pinch hitting Presley and Harrison.

  81. Rollins contract is bad for his age and declining skills, just can’t make that kind of deal.

    2013 – $11m
    2014 – $11m
    2015 – option guaranteed at $11M with 1) 600 plate appearances in 2014 or 2) 1,100 PAs in 2013-14 and Rollins is not on disabled list at end of 2014 season (or if he is on the DL, a mutually agreed upon doctor deems him available for 2015 Opening Day roster). if option does not vest, Phillies hold $8M club option for 2015 and Rollins holds $5M player option.

    Info according to:

  82. @BoiseBucco

    Now THAT is a find! Nice!

  83. Lyle Overbay hitting .310. SMH. Anybody want to buy an autographed baseball ?

  84. Karstens first start in Colorado ever? I seem to recall him pitching here before and doing very well. Maybe I’m thinking of someone else though.

  85. Playoffs

    50 on the UNDER. On both lines.

    Thanks and congrats.

  86. good start for Prez!

  87. Pirates need to take these starters deep into counts with the 75-pitch limits.

  88. Pig Legs—are you thinking of his start his first year in Phoenix?

  89. @John, definitely breathing a sigh of relief, you got it and good luck!!

    @Milo, believe it or not, I work in marketing, you got it and good luck!!

    @Demon and JAL, thank you, I appreciate the kind words.

    @Jaxbuc, thank you, you got it and good luck!!

    @OZ, you got it and good luck!!

    @Roberto, at 5,000 feet, they are closer to having their Zoltan signals picked up, LOVE THAT, you got it and good luck!!

    @Arriba, you got it and good luck!!

  90. Don’t look now but Tony Sanchez has hit his 5th HR since being promoted to Indy. He’s now hitting .333 in July with 5 HR, 9 RBI, .415+ OBP and is slugging over 1.100. Turning the corner after his jaw injuries maybe…

  91. I’ve underestimated, foolishly, the Cardinals my whole life. And, in recent years, I have done the same with Melvin’s Brewers. Both teams have smart, aggressive FO’s. Still very much concerned with those clubs as well as Cincy.

  92. Correction… 11 RBI

  93. @Arriba – Probably so. Though it’s not as thin air as Colorado, Chase in AZ is kind of a hitting happy park. I know he has good numbers there.

  94. Looks like the Bucs need to put their bats in the humidor. They aren’t breaking because Francis has that blazing fastball.

  95. (Arriba Wilver, #87) “Pig Legs—are you thinking of his start his first year in Phoenix?”

    I found this to be hilarious. A real question. A serious post. Beginning with “Pig Legs”

  96. Padres outfielder Carlos Quentin is a late scratch, no word yet if it is another injury or a deal is in the works or has been consummated.

  97. I apologize if this has been mentioned, but I think Jones may be sitting since he has seemed to think they are still on break.

  98. This Rockies team is 1st in OPS & homers, and 2nd in runs scored & batting average in the NL. This is going to be a tough chore. Going to have to score plenty of runs.

  99. Arriba, you’re killing me.

  100. I wouldnt be surprised if CQ is just getting the night off. he’s been turrrrible lately.

  101. “Going to have to score plenty of runs.”

    Milo, you too.

  102. AW:

    Like that “throw” yesterday? Yeesh!

  103. @Bunch

    Survived through that desert of a lack of power streak, and now he has found it. Hoping he keeps it up. Would like to see him prove all the haters and doubters wrong. There are some vicious and sick people out there on Twitter.

  104. Walker 16 game streak

  105. You Only Have To Score One More Run Than The Other Guys To Win.

    See??? I can join the fun too

  106. Last 10 games, Quentin is 5 for 37 – ouch

  107. Walker is 17 for 39 in his last 10 games and of course, 1 for 1 tonight.

  108. @Arriba

    How so?

  109. Why are you stealing in the equivalent of a softball game?

  110. Call off the hounds, @Padscast says Quentin isn’t being traded.

  111. Congrats to Playoffs on the new job! :)

    Barajas just was robbed. Fine catch…too bad for us.

  112. “Haters.”. Hadn’t heard that one in a while. Funny, I hope Sanchez is a success because he’s a Pirate. Has nothing to do with what “other” people think/say. (happy, Drew?)

  113. Francis pitch count
    1st: 22
    2nd: 11 (33) – not good enough

  114. Thanks Jandy

  115. Indianapolis Indians tweet says Marte hit massive home run to center field.

  116. I don’t like this offense.

    Presley 3-1
    Harrison 2-0
    McCutchen 3-2 Francis working around him
    Alvarez 3-0

    1 single, 0 walks.

    I wish we would draw more walks.
    And stop getting thrown out stealing!!

  117. They say this Josh Rutledge is from Alabama. Any relation to Jeff ?

  118. Roberto—Jones has not looked very focused to me since the break, with his throw yesterday the most obvious example. Not taking away what he’s done so far, but Clint knows how to treat him to help keep his focus.

  119. Francis pitch count
    1st: 22
    2nd: 11 (33)
    3rd: 9 (42) – ugh

  120. @Arriba

    Didn’t get to see the video of the throw, or any of the rest of the series. At the plate he has had less strikeouts 4 vs 7 than McGehee. Yesterday, the whole team must not have been focused since everyone seemed to have multiple K’s.

  121. Josh Rutledge is not the son of Jeff, the former Alabama QB. I know you were all waiting with baited breath for that. Especially you, Drew. :)

  122. Roberto–I’m going based on what I saw. You are certainly free to look at the numbers/stats and come to your own conclusion. Pedro’s been pretty much the same as Jones–acting like he’s still on the break. (that is not calling either one of them lazy, just don’t seem to be as focused yet as before).

  123. @Arriba

    Fair enough. Obviously, I would rather have as much evidence as I could collect. Let’s hope CH can get them out of whatever fog they are in.

  124. But, thanks for asking and disagreeing after not seeing the games, at least Drew can’t now say it was obvious to everyone.

  125. ho hum, single for McCutchen

  126. @Arriba

    Who said I disagreed. Strange conclusion to come to. I asked about your conclusion. Never put forth my own.

  127. hitting approach for McGehee, ugh

  128. STOP, just STOP.

    This team needs to STOP getting out on the bases.

  129. No reason to not bring up Marte….He has been succesful at every level….He’s not 19…He’s 23….Get his tail up here……..

  130. BS pirates beating themselves with stupidity.

  131. Francis pitch count
    1st: 22
    2nd: 11 (33)
    3rd: 9 (42)
    4th: 10 (52)

    Pitch count would be at least two pitches higher if not more if Walker and McCutchen don’t run into outs. It is the little things.

  132. Roberto—I was taking a shot at Pig Legs Drew. Sorry if I misinterpreted.

  133. @Arriba

    Sorry if I missed that one as well.

  134. ‘it’s obvious to everyone’ that i am getting battered about the head.

    at least it’s my head.

    no sense, no feeling.

  135. Reds still down………….5-3 to the Dbacks…………..

  136. Alvarez has hit the ball hard tonight, so far……

  137. Then he hits a weak grounder…………..Come on Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………..

  138. This Mickey Mouse baseball has been going on for 4 games now. They think they should be beating Francis 1,337 to nothing and because they’re not they are panicking. Mickey Mouse mindset. Let’s play ball here.

  139. If the game is called after it is in the books, but before they get 7 innings in, do the unders win?

    And I had no idea Francis was only 17.

  140. JK doing it all!

  141. Very nice, RBI single by Karstens. 1-0 Pirates

  142. A cheap single for Karstens………..We’ll take it……………..nice……….

  143. OK Jeff, there’s your run.

  144. way to go Karstens!

  145. Bonus time: Presley is swinging at first pitch (foul), ugh.

  146. Takes the pitcher to get the scoring going. Way to go Jeff!!

  147. And the Over on number of RBI’s for Karstens wins.

  148. Drew try an ice pack, drink a six pack, and call the doc on the morning

  149. @Playoffs, I was out for a while with the family, and didn’t get to play tonight, but I saw the great news for you. Congratulations! We knew you could do it. Welcome back to the workforce.

  150. Marte is 3-4, by the way…With a homer as stated above….We’re better off with Harrison in RF????….Should have called Marte and Presley up today….Mercer isn’t gong to play anything but cards in the clubhouse while he’s here……

  151. Sick of this crap. Presley got himself out. Francis is a candy thrower. No excuse for being jumpy at the plate.

  152. Francis pitch count
    1st: 22
    2nd: 11 (33)
    3rd: 9 (42)
    4th: 10 (52)
    5th: 21 (73)

    Pirates should be into the Colorado bullpen for the 6th inning.

  153. Playoffs – Just figured out the good news. yes, I’m from the slow school.


    Of course if the new position interferes with the window, you know what you’ll have to do.

    Well done.

  154. Drew, it’s all those hits about the head :p

  155. Can never put up a zero after scoring.

  156. Yes Jandy. Twenty five years of marriage.

  157. Leadoff walks………..bite you in the tail everytime………….

  158. …and they’ve been three of the best years of my life

  159. The Rockies look like a first place team. The Pirates look like a last place team.

  160. wow……………

  161. Drew:

    Take my wife,,,,,please.

  162. Having fun yet ?

  163. way to let it slide away boys :(

  164. #FreeMarte

  165. While we’re giving the game away, the Reds have a guy on with one out in the bottom of the 9th.

  166. Of course we start giving up many hits right when a rain squall rolls through. Now losing again 3-1 and all started with the lead off walk in the rain.

  167. Looks a lot like April again…….

  168. Harrison is not a right fielder. he looked lost on that fly ball

  169. Reds lost……….

  170. Alright, Reds lost. I guess we get a free loss tonight.

  171. Colvin took the walk the Pirates’ hitters refused to take and it blossoms into 4 runs.

  172. This rain is helping the Rockies a lot, but sadly, it will probably not help the firefighters in Colorado with all of those wild fires.

  173. why no tarp on the field yet. Runner falls going around 1st, then another falls coming out of the box.

    Greg Brown just said Zack Grenke is going to miss his next start.

  174. They can’t stop having that one bad inning so far in the second half. In each of the 2 losses and this game tonight, there has been one inning in each that has blown up in their faces. This sucks!

  175. With the next out this fiasco becomes official, and THEN the Umps will call it.

  176. I understand BJ Upton plays right field.

  177. It’s just not meant to be tonite……Gotta hope to win the next 2 and go 3-3 on the road trip.

  178. Okay. Now Rockies are going to pull those kind of plays.

  179. Wonder what Dejan is doing on vacation. Sitting on his basement couch in his Target Pocket T (sorry it’s expensive-J Crew T), watching “Breaking Bad” on the DVR with the mute and closed captioning on while the Dead Kennedys blast on the Bose, all the while staring at his Blackberry (sorry iphone) to see if Scott Boras is calling while drinking his Starbucks in the 90 degree heat.

    Just wondering.

  180. Going to be hard to score runs when all they keep doing is hitting the ball on the ground – 7 hits – ALL singles.

  181. @JohninOshkosh

    My guess is DK is preparing his colon and gastrointestinal tract for the unholy jihad that 3 weeks of terrible British food is about to wage on it.

  182. I think Pedro heard us complaining about us because that was a great at-bat.

  183. as if on cue. Walk says like the Barajas swing in this ball park, and bam he promptly grounds into DP.

  184. Should have never underestimated Karstens to get to the 7th and beyond. Guy is true grit and the ultimate battler.

  185. Jeff Karstens pitched 6 great innings. Unfortunately, he pitched 7 innings.

  186. 8th inning and Gorkys Hernandez is pinch-hitting, you are not acting like a contender.

  187. Stupid managing. 8th inning down by 3 and pinch hits Hernandez lead off. Apparently Hurdle missed the last 2 weeks of Sutton leading off.

  188. They look like they want no parts of this. It’s too hard.

  189. not too many options as pinch hitters. Gorkys, Sutton, Jones and the Fort.
    My bad, I forgot the invisible man (Mercer)

  190. 4 games since the break 4 subpar performances. Not 1 good crisp clean 9 innings. Win or lose doesn’t matter. Not one quality effort. This is not good.

  191. If Marte is not up against the Marlins for Friday’s game both I and Ryota Igarashi will be shocked.

  192. All Star break came at the wrong time. Playing great up to the break. Since the break
    they look like they are still on break.

  193. dang, the dreaded triple loser is staring at me: line 1, line 2, and the Pirates losing going to the 9th.

  194. JimBowdenESPNxm
    There are now six teams in trade discussions with Padres regarding Chase Headley who in all likelihood will be dealt by deadline

  195. @ Playoffs

    This isn’t the Nationals organization. They take chances on young up and coming players. The Pirates are like the old wine company commercial and their slogan “we will sell no wine before its time”

  196. @cosmo

    I understand the waiting on Marte until they get back home to PNC, but if he’s not up by then……Well, then I’m completely at a loss as to their reasoning.

  197. @ Playoffs

    I can only think that maybe they are waiting until after the trade deadline. If they don’t pick anybody up then he is plan B or C. But either way they have to upgrade the outfield. Jones is hot and cold. Harrison is not an outfielder. Sutton is a temporary fix,
    and Gorkys may be a glove man but he has yet to show anything at the plate.

  198. @cosmo

    I could see that happening, too.

  199. WOW, 2 guys on in the ninth and Pedro up, and NOW they bring out the tarp. WOW just WOW.

  200. Umps blow another game. They could have either called the game earlier, put it in rain delay earlier, or just played through. They wait till one out and two on with Pedro up to call for the tarp. Idiots! Pardon my language.


  202. I miss the good old days when a rain delay meant you got to see a Honeymooners rerun or This Week in Baseball with Mel Allen.

  203. 4 games after the break, 10 games over .500, and they’ve lost 2 series since May 24…

    These are the comments because of a couple bad games…

    “While we’re giving the game away…”
    “Looks a lot like April again…….”
    “They look like they want no parts of this. It’s too hard.”
    “The Pirates look like a last place team.”
    “Mickey Mouse mindset.”
    “…you are not acting like a contender.”

    This is just one game thread. God forbid the Pirates lose a couple games!

    The moniker is there for a reason. Later whiners…

  204. @Eric Bowser

    That would be why I listed salary 3 times when I mentioned Rollins.

    But… What if you could get the Phillies to take Barmes in return and give some cash back to offset the ’14 and ’15 salary?

    As for the declining skill set, Rollins has hit .304/.354/.571 since May 29th. He has a similar season to Barmes in the sense that he struggled early and has hit better lately, except better in the Rollins case gets him into the good range instead of the “not totally awful” range that Barmes has been in since he got “hot”.

    Given the salary requirement here, it’s likely the Bucs would have to pay too much in terms of prospects to make this a viable option. But given that the team’s most glaring weaknesses are top of the order hitting and at SS, and Rollins fills BOTH those short term needs, I’d at least make the call.

  205. @Bunch of fair weather fans…

    As much as we all appreciate you showing up a few times a week to tell us how we all are morons, and how you are some benevolent genius. You do know if you don’t like what you read here there are other blogs.

    You’ll be missed……

  206. When is Scott Boras going to call DK again?

    DK: Wha?

  207. @DemonDachshund – I would be quite surprised to see Philadelphia willing to take Barmes plus pay money to the Pirates, is there something wrong with Rollins and team to want to dump him like that? I know they have payroll issues potentially with Cole Hamels getting a big deal, if he resigns there. Not much to gain if they are taking on Barmes’ $5.5 million for 2013 and pay another $3-4 million in 2013, 2014 and potentially 2015. The other issue I think is the 10 years of service, 5 with the same team that I think Rollins would invoke his rights and block a deal to Pittsburgh.

    It would have to be a creative deal to make it work and then some convincing of the player. Those are tough to get done.

  208. I’m curious as to why being critical of bad play (which is what the Pirates have displayed in these last 4 games) makes me a bad fan.

    I don’t see anyone declaring the season over. I don’t see anyone giving up. I see people frustrated with sloppy play and questionable decisions. If we were fair weather fans, we would now wander away from the blog until the Pirates got hot again.

    What are we supposed to do here? Complement the good fashion sense of the team?

  209. @Demon

    It’s just the “I’m a better fan than you” syndrome on steroids. The only “bad fans” are the ones that constantly have to tell every one how much better a fan they are than every one else.

  210. @Eric Bowser -

    From what I read, the motivation to move Rollins is to free money to sign Hamels without going over the luxury tax threshhold.

    And yes, even if you work out the deal with the Phillies, you have to convince Rollins to accept the deal. It would be VERY tough to get done.

    For all I know, NH has already kicked the tires on this one and determined it won’t work. But I can dream, can’t I?

  211. @DemonDachshund – Nothing wrong with dreaming big.

  212. @Playoffs

    Looks like you all had some good conversation here……

  213. ,,The folks who contribute to these game threads live and die with the Pirates through glory and agony-the polar opposite of “fair weathered.” No fair weathered fan would blog two seconds for a team that has not had a winning team in 19 years.

  214. This things delayed still?? Just get it over with and start tomorrow.

    Better get things together. This is the freakin’ Rockies, shouldn’t be this difficult.

  215. Well could not wait out the rain delay, not a fun way to watch a game. Although the rain should stop by no later than 10:15 Denver time. Does Alvarez have a blast in him? Very disappointing performance. If tonight is not a prime example of the team needing to add a bat I do not know what is. Failed to take advantage of Francis who did not have great stuff and got behind a lot of hitters.

    Just sloppy tonight. We get caught stealing twice, while the Rockies execute a hit and run and steal multiple bases without as much as a throw. Scouting reports are bound to pick up on that, we need to show we can throw a runner out.

    Other than the fifth when the rain really started to fall, Karstens threw a very effective game. One half inning in each of the last two games has been the undoing.

    Gorkys Hernandez as a PH in the 8th when we need to manufacture offense? Marte not on this club has gotten to the point of foolishness. His 3-4 with a bomb would have looked good tonight.

  216. Maybe I got home just in time to bring them luck. The long rain delay might bring in a different pitcher and Pedro can go yard.

  217. Looks like the game is about to start again. Pedro up with two guys on. I’m sure he hasnt been overthinking this at bat during the long wait…

  218. @ John – #217 very well said. And no fair weather fan would sit in the rain in Pirates gear and take it from Rockies fans, are you kidding me, Rockies fans giving me the business. But all in good fun.

  219. @John

    I have to agree. Though some show up to the blog to just complain or whenever they start winning……

  220. Also disappointing thing from tonight’s game worth remembering — Karstens has the only RBI. Yeesh.

  221. @Ryan,

    That guy always gets me riled up. He’s pretty much the only one here who does. I hate the “I’m a better fan than you” attitude.


    Rain + Sea of Purple + 1 Run = Better luck tomorrow. Enjoy that game. It has to get better than tonite.

  222. @Playoffs

    I understand, there’s always a few that do that. I like the ones that think because it works in LL that it works in the pros.

  223. Looks like I’m at a push for tonights lines…….why was Karstens left in thru 7?

  224. Fight. Team. Win.

  225. Can JK start in the OF tomorrow? Since he’s the only 1 with an RBI tonight…….ha ha

  226. JimBowdenESPNxm
    Tomorrow on our show: Bobby Valentine, Manny Acta, Bruce Bochy & Neal Huntington (Mark Trumbo possibility) Sirius 209 XM 89 2pm est JOIN US

    When I read this the first time, it looked like NH on a Mark Trumbo possibility…projecting my wishes that have long since sailed.

  227. Bowden seems to be all over the Pirate’s business lately.

  228. Just one of those whiners waiting out this delay. Why ? Because you just never know.

  229. Waiting out the delay for some fairer weather I guess………….

  230. I’m excited its delayed so I can catch the end of it…..

    You guys are a bunch of fair weathers……geez

  231. Game to resume at 12:10. Might end at 12:11. Oh, there I go again. :)

  232. Sad but true Milo……Pedro and a DP.

    Either a DP or a bomb…

  233. Rockies bringing lefty Rex Brothers in.

  234. Just a heads up, I may need someone to re-post the line for tomorrow night’s game. I may be away from the computer for a good amount of time tomorrow. If I’m not gonna be able to be here in time to post it, I’ll put it at the end of this thread tomorrow afternoon. Thanks in advance.

  235. FIRST PITCH!!! LOVE IT!!!

  236. I have a new theory on Marte not being called up yet…hear this fair weather fan out

    If he really is a trade chip, wouldn’t you rather have him be a top prospect in AAA than a failure at MLB. Granted, it would be a small sample size at the MLB level, but I would rather have it assumed that he’s MLB ready and a top prospect than a top prospect that can’t hit at the top level.

    Just a thought, probably sounds like gibberish, but I’m just a fair weather fan, what do I know.

  237. You just never know.

  238. How about that whining!!!!!!

  239. Who went to bed????????????……Shame on you…………..


  241. Awesome…………..

  242. oh my

  243. El Toro, UNREAL, can’t believe I missed that! Go Bucs!

  244. JRay get back to the stadium STAT!!

  245. Aw that sucks J…….

  246. Maybe they read our crybaby posts calling them out during the rain delay.

  247. Pedro!! I’m glad I stayed awake.

  248. Incredible, best thing that could have happened does!
    Keep it going!

  249. and THAT’S why we stayed up, THAT’S why we come here, THAT’S why we are fans of this baseball team. Fair Weather my XXX

  250. @JRay

    I’ll never tell anyone you left.

  251. I called that!!!!!


  252. FYI, sorry to post twice, but……

    Just a heads up, I will need someone to re-post the line for tomorrow night’s game. I am going be away from the computer for a good amount of time tomorrow afternoon and evening. I’ll put it at the end of this thread tomorrow afternoon, just need someone to move it over to the game thread for tomorrow. Thanks in advance.

  253. Now we go 19 innings !

  254. @ Milo – And I truly had a feeling if I left I would miss something special…URRRGH!

  255. Oh crap Milo…..shut it

  256. As long as we don’t tag someone out by 5 feet………and have the play called safe……………

  257. Somewhere Earl Weaver was smiling at that last inning. Love the 3-Run Homer.

  258. @Playoffs

    We gotcha buddy…..someone will do me, I’ll need my fix

  259. @Ryan

    We may wish it went 19 innings.

  260. So, you yinz think this was Jim Tracy’s idea to put his pitcher on a 75 pitch count?

    I bet those starters are BEGGING to get out of Denver. Find me a starter that doesn’t want to go the distance and I’ll show you a good relief pitcher.

  261. True…

  262. big out on the bunting, must’ve taken lessons from the Pirates.

  263. @Ryan

    Thanks man.

  264. Aw crap

  265. Gotta walk Fowler here.

  266. The outfield is too deep…………….

  267. Must. Have. Strikeout

  268. Goddamnit…….

  269. sonofabitch

  270. all of that for nothing.

  271. DAmn

  272. Happy I missed that…..@#@$%@%%@$

  273. They made it interesting though

  274. Well if they were going to lose, I am glad they did it quickly, I have to get up for work in 5 hours.

  275. Well, at least they made it interesting.

    Jason-freakin-Giambi=waste of roster spot and gets a hit?

  276. Had to walk Fowler there.

  277. @Milo

    I agree, they should’ve walked Fowler for 2 reasons. 1. Obvious force outs, 2. He’s too fast to double up.

    Oh well, go get em tomorrow!!

  278. The Pirates found a new way to lose just like losers do. Embarrassed and humiliated by a last place team. Clint Barmes and his .520 OPS got ahead 2-0 and makes not one but two outs. I hope he gets lost in the Rocky Mountains and is never heard from again.

  279. Hate to lose like that. Line #1 goes UNDER. Line #2 goes OVER. Thanks to all who played. This fair weather fan will see you tomorrow.

    Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) ** 1400
    pattonbb ** 1300
    Mlrgenuine ** 1200
    Nate83 ** 1040
    dcpinpgh ** 775
    Chico ** 755
    JRay3 ** 650
    crkkid ** 650
    radio wave ** 623
    Steve J Smith ** 500
    cosmo ** 500
    Naje ** 450
    Evan ** 428
    JD ** 425
    jeffsbar ** 400
    dcpfjr ** 350
    cmat0829 ** 350
    Bizrow ** 320
    likeabugonarug ** 307
    milo66 ** 300
    JohninOshkosh ** 300
    MarkV ** 275
    manny_sanguine ** 250
    JMB ** 250
    Slack Boss ** 235
    JaxBuc ** 220
    RobertoForever ** 220
    DemonDachshund ** 210
    stuart66 ** 200
    tmp444 ** 180
    Officer Mancuso ** 180
    Mike C. ** 150
    lawnbeaver ** 150
    lckythump ** 100
    Absolute59 ** 100
    Sir Lochsby ** 50
    Hal Smith ** 50
    JUCOfan ** 25
    NMR ** EVEN
    Dan1283 ** EVEN
    Drew 71 ** EVEN
    TK ** -50
    Arriba Wilver ** -70
    Milo Hamilton ** -75
    buggee ** -100
    Petro Steel ** -100
    Pants-n-at ** -100
    Joe Bucco ** -100
    OZ ** -150
    bman ** -190
    Boise Bucco ** -300
    GlassHalfFull ** -305
    bob hasis ** -325
    Kevin S ** -500
    Kevin ** -550
    TDB1977 ** -940

    PS – I’ll most likely have the line for the Tuesday game up here on this thread by 4pm tomorrow. If one kind soul could re-port it in the Tuesday game thread, I’ll take it from there. Thanks again. You guys rock!!

  280. @22

    By humilated do you mean the 3 run bomb in the top of the 9th to tie it?

  281. Need a kind soul to re-post this in the Tuesday game thread. Thanks. Let’s open the window!!

    Tonight’s OVER / UNDER (always for fun of course)

    Total Strikes Thrown by Erik Bedard in Tonight’s Game
    Line is 59.5

    A STRIKE is a legal pitch when so called by the umpire, which –
    (a) Is struck at by the batter and is missed;
    (b) Is not struck at, if any part of the ball passes through any part of the strike zone;
    (c) Is fouled by the batter when he has less than two strikes;
    (d) Is bunted foul;
    (e) Touches the batter as he strikes at it;
    (f) Touches the batter in flight in the strike zone; or
    (g) Becomes a foul tip.


    56 Current Participants!!
    If you haven’t played yet, what are you waiting for??!!??
    Anyone can play!! Everyone should TRY!!
    What’ll ya have!! What’ll ya have!!

    Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) ** 1400
    pattonbb ** 1300
    Mlrgenuine ** 1200
    Nate83 ** 1040
    dcpinpgh ** 775
    Chico ** 755
    JRay3 ** 650
    crkkid ** 650
    radio wave ** 623
    Steve J Smith ** 500
    cosmo ** 500
    Naje ** 450
    Evan ** 428
    JD ** 425
    jeffsbar ** 400
    dcpfjr ** 350
    cmat0829 ** 350
    Bizrow ** 320
    likeabugonarug ** 307
    milo66 ** 300
    JohninOshkosh ** 300
    MarkV ** 275
    manny_sanguine ** 250
    JMB ** 250
    Slack Boss ** 235
    JaxBuc ** 220
    RobertoForever ** 220
    DemonDachshund ** 210
    stuart66 ** 200
    tmp444 ** 180
    Officer Mancuso ** 180
    Mike C. ** 150
    lawnbeaver ** 150
    lckythump ** 100
    Absolute59 ** 100
    Sir Lochsby ** 50
    Hal Smith ** 50
    JUCOfan ** 25
    NMR ** EVEN
    Dan1283 ** EVEN
    Drew 71 ** EVEN
    TK ** -50
    Arriba Wilver ** -70
    Milo Hamilton ** -75
    buggee ** -100
    Petro Steel ** -100
    Pants-n-at ** -100
    Joe Bucco ** -100
    OZ ** -150
    bman ** -190
    Boise Bucco ** -300
    GlassHalfFull ** -305
    bob hasis ** -325
    Kevin S ** -500
    Kevin ** -550
    TDB1977 ** -940

    First Place at the end of the season will win:

    Second Place at the end of the season will win:

    Third Place at the end of the season will win:
    (1) 2012 Topps Roberto Clemente Card

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