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Final: Pirates 4, Astros 3

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

Looking ahead to first pitch …

Game: Pirates (57-42) vs. Houston Astros (34-67)

Time: 7:05 p.m.

Site: Minute Maid Park, Houston

TV, radio: Root Sports, 93.7 The Fan

Here is the live box score.

And here is the Pirates’ lineup vs. Houston RHP Armando Gallaraga

  1. Starling Marte, LF
  2. Alex Presley, RF
  3. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  4. Garrett Jones, 1B
  5. Neil Walker, 2B
  6. Pedro Alvarez, 3B
  7. Rod Barajas, C
  8. Clint Barmes, SS
  9. Wandy Rodriguez, LHP


  1. Playoffs by 2012 says:


    Let’s open the window!

    Tonight’s OVER / UNDER (always for fun of course)

    Total Innings Pitched by Wandy Rodriguez in Tonight’s Game
    Line is 6.75
    (Rodriguez must pitch 7 innings in order for the OVER to win, anything less the UNDER will win.)


    64 Current Fair Weather Participants!!
    If you haven’t played yet, what are you waiting for??!!??
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    radio wave ** 1008
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    Chico ** 680
    manny_sanguine ** 600
    stuart66 ** 555
    Mike C. ** 550
    Naje ** 550
    crkkid ** 525
    DemonDachshund ** 510
    cosmo ** 500
    JohninOshkosh ** 450
    Bizrow ** 445
    Slack Boss ** 410
    Curt ** 400
    JD ** 375
    JMB ** 350
    dcpfjr ** 350
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    MarkV ** 325
    jeffsbar ** 300
    JaxBuc ** 250
    cmat0829 ** 250
    likeabugonarug ** 207
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    lckythump ** 100
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    Arriba Wilver ** 30
    JUCOfan ** 25
    Jay G -Jacksonville FL via New Castle ** EVEN
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    swissvaletoarizonapat ** EVEN
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    buggee ** EVEN
    TK ** EVEN
    tmp444 ** -45
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    K. PenFan ** -100
    Kevin ** -150
    OZ ** -250
    GlassHalfFull ** -305
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  2. DemonDachshund says:

    @Playoffs –

    I prefer the term jagoff myself, but to each his own. Constantly complaining about a team that’s 8-2 in its last 10… Referring to someone who has two doubles on the night as an “empty jersey”… Yep, both terms apply.

    I’ll take 100 on the OVER.

    Go get ‘em Wandy.

    Thanks as always Playoffs.

  3. DemonDachshund says:

    Surprised to see Barajas tonight with JMac going tomorrow and McKenry having a terrific night last night.

  4. LuckyNKentucky says:


    You doing better today? You seemed a bit out of sorts last night. Not that I blame you. The place wouldn’t be the same without you, so hope you can look past the negativisms of some and bask in the moment of a great season.

  5. Playoffs by 2012 says:


    Yeah doing better indeed. Just get tired of the negativity of the few malcontents on here. It kind of boiled over yesterday. I just don’t get how 15 games over .500 at the end of July with the 5th best record in baseball could have anyone complaining. But there will always be those sorry and miserable few who can never find any joy in anything. As for me, I’ll enjoy this run to the pennant.

  6. Playoffs by 2012 says:


    Both terms apply……line of the night!!!

  7. Bizrow says:

    Playoffs – every blog has one or two of em

    I’ll get sucked in again 100 Abby nuggets on the OVAH


    Thanks as always

  8. Kevin says:

    I think Wandy is gonna be pumped tonight –

    100 units on the OVER please, Playoffs.

    Sincere thanks…

  9. Mlrgenuine says:


    I don’t remember the last time i won one of these over/unders…

    Lets go 100 on the UNDER tonight.

    Let’s Go Bucs!

  10. Naje says:


    100 fake units on the over please…

    (stay above the fray as much as you can…you’re too good an egg to get sucked into a you-know-what contest with a skunk)

  11. Naje says:

    Barajas is the more experienced catcher and Wandy is a proven vet… probably a much easier transition for Wandy’s first start with the Bucs.

  12. Kevin says:

    Playoffs –

    Your contributions to this blog are WAY more valuable (and positive) than those who will use every opportunity to see the negative in everything – keep coming…I look forward to the over/under with every game!

  13. Jay G -Jacksonville FL via New Castle says:

    Playoffs……Wandy into the 7th but not out of the 7th……..100 on the under…….
    Oh yeah, from the other thread….Bring back Lanny…..I hope Pearce does well……

  14. Playoffs by 2012 says:

    My old man said something to me years ago….He said, “when you argue with a moron, sometimes it’s hard to tell who is who.”

    I tend to forget that every now and then, and I start to argue. Gentlemen and ladies, The Window appreciates the kind words, and is gonna let this pass. Just gonna enjoy the ride.


  15. Lawnbeaver says:


    I’ll lay 100 clams on the OVER.

    Is Brock Holt considered a legit SS prospect? He has decent numbers at AA.

  16. Rocco says:


    100 fake units on the over please….thanks!

  17. OZ says:

    100 on the under, thx

  18. pattonbb says:

    Playoffs –

    100 units on the UNDER.

    “Don’t argue with an idiot, he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience”

  19. Evan says:

    100 on the over please.

    Excited to see Wandy deal tonight.

    Watching tonight in person in Houston. If you see an incredibly handsome Pirates fan in the crowd, assume it’s me.

  20. JAL says:


    You dad gave you good advice

  21. JohninOshkosh says:

    Hi Playoffs:

    50 Ryan Lochtes on the Over, if you please (I was tempted to bet 22)

    Really enjoying the Olympic Boxing. Bob Papa and Teddy Atlas are mesmerizing to listen to-either they are brilliant or cartoonishly addle minded, I can not tell which.

    Y’all following our leader on twitter? Sounds like he got in a bit of a late night/early morning pickle in the rough east side of London. Glad he emerged without harm.

  22. DemonDachshund says:


    I plan to refer to him as Lisa until further notice.

  23. jeffsbar says:


    100 on the OVER

    Thank you.

  24. SlackBoss says:

    @playoffs – I will go 75 on the under.

    It is always hard to do, but don’t feed a troll like plentyfool22. Ignore that type. They thrive on negativity and hate.

    We got your back!

  25. JohninOshkosh says:


    Good stuff.

  26. stickyweb says:


    100 on the over tonight, though i know I’m getting sucked in on it.


    Thanks for all the figures on the other thread. I just think Wandys has a good price tag, unleas he does slow down, but he’s only 33 so hopefully the change of scenery will over rule any age decline

  27. LuckyNKentucky says:

    24/7 tweeted a minor trade. Brian Friday gone from Indy to the Braves for an OF named Christian Marrero. Friday was severely blocked here; hope he can make it in the Braves’ system.

  28. crkkid says:

    @ playoffs

    Let me get 100 units on the under.


  29. JMB says:


    100 on the UNDER


  30. JMB says:

    “Watch out for the Pirates and Phillies. … Shane Victorino and Hunter Pence. … Phillies have scouted the Pirates system extensively.”

  31. Jay Jax Fl via New Castle says:

    Lawnbeaver/16…..Holt has good looking numbers in AA….There’s a dude in high A tearing it up at SS, also. If Mercer or Holt can’t cut it we have some viable options on the farm.

  32. Pig Legs Robinson says:

    I like Mercer but he needs time. I bet he will have a decent career in the majors eventually, whether with us or somewhere else. No doubt the eyes now are all on shortstop Alen Hanson, the super-prospect of 2012 for the Pirates. I remember during the winter even ‘’ expressing surprise about some other prospect-listmaker having Hanson high on their list. Now we can see that they must have known something that a lot of others didn’t. Hanson has shot up into the top-ten seemingly out of no where, but there were a few evaluators who knew something about him.

  33. Pig Legs Robinson says:

    I been thinking all along that the Phillies are waiting until the last minute to make their deals. We know that Lincoln & Hughes are being discussed. I almost think its mainly the Pirates offering Hughes for Victorino or Lincoln for Pence (with other minor leaguers involved, I’m sure). I doubt it will be a straight out swap whoever it is.

    My main hope is that the Phillies will give Huntington a chance to top any offer from the Reds or Dodgers, since either of those teams getting the Flyin’ Hawaiian or Pence will have a great effect on the Pirates.

  34. Lawnbeaver says:

    I know about Hanson, but it I rarely (if ever) see anything about Holt.

  35. LuckyNKentucky says:


    I’d sure hate to see Lincoln or Hughes go, but either of those guys would be a great addition. Victorino coming could move Marte down in the order and Pence, I’ve yapped about him until I made myself sick of hearing it. It would be great to get one of those guys for propects. Just not the Huntington 3.

  36. LuckyNKentucky says:

    JMB and Pig Legs,

    I’d sure hate to see Lincoln or Hughes go, but either of those guys would be a great addition. Victorino coming could move Marte down in the order and Pence, I’ve yapped about him until I made myself sick of hearing it. It would be great to get one of those guys for propects. Just not the Huntington 3.

  37. McG says:


    100 on the over

  38. LuckyNKentucky says:

    Sorry, something went afoul on this end. One post is enough.

  39. JMB says:

    It’s tough to say right now. Will the Phils win the next two v. Braves to win the series and not sell?

    Will the Reds be more inclined to do a Lincoln-esque deal for the Flyin’ Hawaiian?

    The lack of moves with all the buyers means Pence & Victorino will probably move out of our prospect price range, but it’s still fun to talk about and def more fun than scouring prospect lists to see guys I want for our MLB players.

  40. Pig Legs Robinson says:

    I finally got to see what everyone’s been talking about with the way Jared Hughes looks out on the mound. Wow!
    Kind of a Lurch-Undertaker quality about it. That has to put the fear of God into some batters.
    Pretty neat.

  41. manny _sanguine says:


    100 on the OVER pls


  42. Kevin says:

    I don’t think you shop either Lincoln or Hughes at this point. I think NH has to decide who the closer is going to be moving forward. Rumors of Hanrahan being shopped/coveted (which I also disagree with at this point) makes Lincoln/Hughes relevant to the future of this team.

    I understand his philosophy as being the ‘closer’ is the easiest position to fill, but if you shop Hughes or Lincoln that locks up Hanrahan for an undetermined amount of money long term. If you shop Hanrahan, Lincoln/Hughes/Grilli become your closers of the future.

    Correia, Bedard…I’d send them. The great unknown of this pitching staff is Charlie Morton (remember him?) – what are they going to do with him??

  43. @Playoffs, I would like to go with 100 on the OVER for tonight. Thanks.

  44. Lawnbeaver says:

    If they are going to trade for a hitter, I think the best bet is to trade The Hammer, as much as I’d hate to see him go. I’d rather they deal him than Cole or Taillon. Hanrahan would bring a good return, and I think the ‘pen could hold it together without him.

  45. Kevin says:

    @Lawnbeaver –

    I would tend to agree with you. I would HATE to see the Hammer go, but…

  46. Pig Legs Robinson says:

    I think if the Phillies had interset in Hanrahan, Huntington would have offered him already. Probably well before Lincoln & Hughes. If they don’t want Hanrahan, they can’t make them want him. The Phillies know what they want and they have plenty of teams fighting to get their two hitters, so it is in the other teams court to give them what they want.

  47. Pig Legs Robinson says:

    I’m glad Presley is out of the lead-off spot if only so that he can go back to flexing his home run strength. It’s the main attribute I’ve always coveted about Presley.

  48. scapper says:

    Had to laugh at your angst last night, Playoffs. Sorry to smile at your misery.

    Reminds me of what I still consider the most absurd sports gripe ever. Guy on Smizik’s blog was ragging on Fleury…just two months after he had stoned Lidstrom and lifted and the Cup.

    Guy is describing why Fleury sucks and throws in, “…and don’t think I’ve forgotten about that questionable goal by Samuelsson with five minutes left!”

    A.J. could throw a perfecto and some people will bemoan the low strikeout count.

  49. LuckyNKentucky says:

    No perfect game for Galarraga tonight.

  50. Pig Legs Robinson says:

    That’s what the Pirates deserved for wasting a Garrett Jones triple.

  51. Mike Shigley says:

    Re earlier posts on Brock Holt. See link for Altoona Mirror feature on him.–but-faces-tough-road-with-Pirates.html

  52. Mike Shigley says:

    Also, for those who missed it, here is the link to the feature on Phil Irwin, now the leader of the Altoona Curve pitching staff.

  53. Pig Legs Robinson says:

    Flash that Lumber, Boys!

  54. twentytwo22 says:

    Homeruns are nice but the wild swinging at pitches out of the zone has to stop.

  55. Lawnbeaver says:

    HOLY COW!! Brian Bixler did NOT strike out!!

  56. manny _sanguine says:

    I was hoping the Pirates would acquire a Walk Machine but this wasn’t what I had in mind. Come on, Wandy – get it out of your system.

  57. Pig Legs Robinson says:

    Interesting article about Holt. I’d already seen the Irwin article. Looks like it will take a trade for Holt to ever get a shot. I hope he gets it, seems like a very deserving person.

    Also interesting how he is little, at 5′ 10”. Alen Hanson is even smaller, though he hasn’t had any problem hitting homeruns.
    It’s never a given that little guys can’t be homerun hitters, there have been plenty over the years. Joe Morgan hit a lot of homeruns, and he was like 5′ 6”. Then there’s ‘Babe Ruth’ McKenry, too.

  58. Bizrow says:

    Not many if any teams sniffing a pennant race would trade their closer.

    C’Mon folks, that is not going to happen

  59. Lawnbeaver says:

    Thanks for the links Shigley.

    Hansen only weighs 152 lbs. That’s crazy.

  60. Lawnbeaver says:


    Closers are over rated. Grilli or Lincoln could also do the job. I don’t think they should give him up for anything less than an established MLB power hitting 1B/RF.

    Hammer for Pence or Billy Butler or someone in that mold, I could live with that.

  61. Bizrow says:


    IMO, that is a chance that most FOs would not take

    Not right now, come the off season another story

    Just sayin

  62. pattonbb says:

    Time for Pedro to collect a few rbi’s…or at least one.

  63. Pig Legs Robinson says:

    Nice make up for a lousy turn of events.

  64. twentytwo22 says:

    The Pirates’ offense is horrible.

  65. pattonbb says:

    take ‘em any way we can get ‘em!!

  66. Pig Legs Robinson says:

    Have to think the name ‘Chuckie Fick’ has caused more than one nasty slip of the tongue over the years and will in the future.

  67. Kevin says:

    Good teams find a way…GO BUCS!!

  68. Still early, but Colorado up 4-3 on the Reds. Come on Bucs!

  69. That hit and batting second in the top of the next inning likely means that the UNDER will win tonight. He is now at about 100 pitches with 1st and 2nd and 2 out.

  70. JohninOshkosh says:

    Will the Bucs PH for Wandy in the 7th and give us the UNDER?

  71. Drew71 says:

    Hmmm. Gave up three runs already against Houston?

    Maybe they should bring up Rudy Owens.

  72. JohninOshkosh says:

    34,156 at the yard. Pretty good crowd for the Astros

  73. Pig Legs Robinson says:

    Not the usual good game from Wandy but a quality start none-the-less. I’m not complaining.

  74. JohninOshkosh says:

    Astros announcer drops a Fred Biletnikoff reference. He has not played in 34 years!

  75. What’s so “Deep in the Heart of Texas” about Houston – the city on the Gulf?

  76. Kevin says:

    So the under takes it?? Bummer. Can’t win for losing.

  77. JohninOshkosh says:

    Let’s all put our mental energies together and will Cutch to homer here!

  78. Pig Legs Robinson says:

    McKenry should get more pinch hitting appearances when he’s not playing. Even if you waste Barajas & McKenry both, you still ought to be able to get an emergency catching job from Neil Walker. He ought to still remember how to do that even after being away from it so long.

  79. And in the topsy-turvy place that is Colorado, the Reds are now back up 5-4 with still 2 on in the top of the 5th.

  80. Pig Legs Robinson says:

    No excuse now for not scoring here.

  81. Pig Legs Robinson says:

    One nice thing about the Pirates this season is that they are very good at knocking around relievers. Starters, not so much, but no reliever really has had their number like in the old days. Even Cincy’s Aroldis got his bell rung by the Bucs.

  82. Who had the Over/Under on blog posts tonight at Under 150? I wonder what other big event that’s going on is taking away the posters tonight. We need Neil to come up big here. The hitting with runners in scoring position against this team has been horrible. Time to turn it around.

  83. Pig Legs Robinson says:

    Just a fly ball, anybody! Where’s Marte when you need him?

  84. Lawnbeaver says:

    I can’t believe anyone would have something better than watching the Bucs and chatting on the blog on a Saturday night!

  85. Lawnbeaver says:

    Alvarez is turning my hair gray.

  86. Pig Legs Robinson says:

    Alright, Rod!

  87. Barajas is WAY OVERDUE. Come on!!!

  88. Bizrow says:

    Its still July

  89. pattonbb says:

    Just amazing how bad Pedro can look for 2 or 3 weeks, then get locked in for a week, then look like me trying to hit for another couple weeks.

  90. Lawnbeaver says:

    I love Rod!

    Barajas that is. Just to be clear.

  91. Kevin says:

    Atta boys!!

  92. At least he came through with a freaking hit to score one. 4-3 Good Guys. Reds now up 7-5 over Colorado.

  93. Pig Legs Robinson says:

    I have no confidence that Jim Tracy can manage a win over the Reds, I already chalked up a sweep for Cincinnati.

  94. JohninOshkosh says:

    Nice save, Lawnbeaver.

  95. Lawnbeaver says:

    It won’t be Tracy’s fault, it is the players for not executing his directions. God I couldn’t stand him.

  96. Kevin says:

    Can the Reds freakin’ lose already???

  97. Pig Legs Robinson says:

    Absolutely right, Lawn.
    Worst manager I’ve witnessed in my lifetime.

  98. I sense the rest of this season is going to feel like what those championship series games against the Reds in the 70s must have felt like. I was only a couple years old at the time, but I know the Reds and Bucs had some hard series against each other in that decade. We have 9 games left against the Reds and 6 of those are in that launching pad of a stadium. Hopefully the Bucs can bring them back to reality on the next trip to Cincy.

  99. JohninOshkosh says:

    Agree with you boys about Tracy yet three different organizations have hired him. Go figure.

  100. Bizrow says:


    Grow your fingernails long, you will be chewing on them

  101. Bizrow says:

    And not just the Reds games ;-)

  102. Kevin says:

    Stop. Take a minute. Where would ya’ll rather be? Twenty games under 500 or battling every day for the division? This is AWESOME

  103. Pig Legs Robinson says:

    I envision a replay of those crazy playoff series’.
    Of course, we still owe them for 1990.
    Willie Stargell and the Family cleand their clocks in 79’s though.

  104. JohninOshkosh says:

    What’s been nice is that the Pirates have not fell far behind the Reds despite their winning streak. Have remained close to them. That is the stuff of pennant races.

  105. @Bizrow, I hear yeah. I may have to challenge for the world record in finger nail length just to cover the rest of the games.

  106. @Kevin, I really think this is awesome. I think I was just trying to state how this is going to get even more nerve-wracking.

  107. Pig Legs Robinson says:

    Since we don’t have the Phillies to fight with anymore, who better to rival with than the Reds?
    I can see the makings of 9 very intense games before this season closes. Who knows what the rosters will consist of either, until at least after Tuesday.
    I’ll really be mad if they get Victorino, thats all I can say.

  108. Kevin says:

    @ Steve

    Couldn’t agree more and I am as ‘nerve-wracked’ as you are..but this is truly awesome. We just need the Reds to lose a game or two…

  109. Bizrow says:

    No question this is awesome, just batten down the hatches and get ready

    Its still only July

  110. @Kevin, Amen brother.

  111. pattonbb says:

    Hey give Tracy a break. His system requires at least 8 all-stars to be effective. It’s not his fault the owners can’t bring in the talent. The guy’s a baseball genius. Just ask him, he’ll tell you….

  112. 8-5 Reds, but Colorado has bases juiced in bottom of the 6th. Come on Rocks.

  113. Kevin says:

    Is Grilli auditioning for the closer role??

  114. pattonbb says:

    ….fear the Bones….

  115. Pig Legs Robinson says:

    There was Nooooooooo doubt about it!

  116. Raise it!! Rocks failed to get anyone home, but they have three innings to do something.

  117. Also, OVER on the Series line wins!!

  118. Kevin says:

    @ Pig Legs

    Every time you do it…brings back LOTS of memories….

  119. The Gunner says:

    Tracy was the lousiest Pirate manager except for the great communicator, John Russell. Tracy couldn’t manage his way out of a paper bag.

  120. Pig Legs Robinson says:

    Wandy kept them in the game, and good for Resop to get his first win of the year. For Lincoln though, I cant help but think his scoreless inning was also another good report from Phillies scouts to their management. Grilled-Cheese gets another well deserved save, gives Hammer a nice rest.

  121. Pig Legs Robinson says:

    Cuddyer HR, Reds 8 Colorado 7

  122. LuckyNKentucky says:

    Another comeback win. Great game. 16 over. Also Jeff Locke tossed 7 shutout innings, giving up only 4 hits for Indy tonight.

  123. Pig Legs Robinson says:

    Ludwick second HR of game, Reds 9, Colorado 7, top of 8th.

  124. pattonbb says:

    “Red Sox top Yanks on Ciriaco’s triple” – good for him.

  125. Playoffs by 2012 says:

    Keep on winning…That’s all we need to do. Keep on winning, and everything will fall in place for us. As for tonight’s game, the UNDER wins. But since the Pirates took their third game of the series, the OVER wins on that one. Thanks to all who played. See you tomorrow.

    Log-jam near the top again…..

    Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) ** 1500
    Mlrgenuine ** 1350
    pattonbb ** 1300
    JRay3 ** 1275
    radio wave ** 1085
    Nate83 ** 1040
    Chico ** 780
    dcpinpgh ** 750
    crkkid ** 725
    Steve J Smith ** 650
    Mike C. ** 650
    stuart66 ** 605
    manny_sanguine ** 600
    cosmo ** 600
    Slack Boss ** 560
    Naje ** 550
    JMB ** 550
    DemonDachshund ** 510
    Curt ** 500
    Bizrow ** 445
    JD ** 375
    JohninOshkosh ** 350
    dcpfjr ** 350
    cmat0829 ** 350
    Evan ** 328
    MarkV ** 325
    JaxBuc ** 325
    RobertoForever ** 305
    Absolute59 ** 300
    Bucco_Jax ** 299
    likeabugonarug ** 207
    jeffsbar ** 200
    Jay G -Jacksonville FL via New Castle ** 200
    Officer Mancuso ** 180
    Hal Smith ** 150
    Milo Hamilton ** 125
    milo66 ** 100
    lckythump ** 100
    Arriba Wilver ** 80
    lawnbeaver ** 50
    Sir Lochsby ** 50
    JUCOfan ** 25
    McG ** EVEN
    Karen22 ** EVEN
    swissvaletoarizonapat ** EVEN
    NMR ** EVEN
    Dan1283 ** EVEN
    Drew 71 ** EVEN
    buggee ** EVEN
    TK ** EVEN
    tmp444 ** -45
    Stickyweb ** -100
    Petro Steel ** -100
    Joe Bucco ** -100
    K. PenFan ** -100
    Rocco ** -100
    Kevin ** -150
    OZ ** -150
    Pants-n-at ** -250
    GlassHalfFull ** -305
    Boise Bucco ** -400
    bman ** -495
    Kevin S ** -500
    bob hasis ** -550
    TDB1977 ** -940

  126. twentytwo22 says:

    Doing enough to win and putting themselves in position to take advantage of mistakes.

    Tomorrow is a big game. Chance to get to 26-26 .500 on the road. They face another right handed starter. They are due to break out offensively and add some singles, doubles, and walks to the homeruns they’re hitting. Make it easy for McDonald.

  127. RobertoForever says:

    Will be interesting to see if Barajas, who has been J-Mac’s catcher, too, will catch the day game after a night game. Not sure I have a real clear idea of what Clint will do. Hope its the perfect choice whatever it is.

    Great come back win by the Bucs. Not only did the Under win tonight, but Wandy going only 6 IP tonight, combined with Karstens 5 IP on Friday means the Under will win on the total IP o/u unless AJ pitches a CG.

    Beat em Bucs.

  128. twentytwo22 says:

    More late night numbers crunching.

    Last year from July 26 to August 22 Milwaukee went 23-3 and St. Louis went 13-13. Milwaukee had a 10 game lead in the division.

    Right now Cincinnati is in the midst of a 16-2 run. The Pirates have gone 12-6 to stay right there with them. From up 2 to 2 games back.

    I am optimistic that the Pirates’ offense will heat up and the Reds will cool off. The stretch that ends after the Reds series, the Pirates should be right with the Reds and not buried like the Cardinals. That is when the Pirates play 23 of 32 games at home.

    16-2 is further over the Reds’ head than 12-6 is over the Pirates’. Keep taking it one game at a time and one series at a time and things will work out. The Pirates are in great shape if they take care of the things under their control i.e how well they play.

    /Tony Robbins

  129. Drew71 says:

    Season to date Top 10 Wins Above Replacement (WAR), All MLB, Pitchers & Hitters

    Mike Trout LAA 6.2
    Andrew McCutchen PIT 5.5
    David Wright NYM 5.5
    Justin Verlander DET 5.1
    Josh Reddick OAK 4.7
    Robinson Cano NYY 4.7
    Jordan Zimmermann WSH 4.5
    Johnny Cueto CIN 4.5
    Ryan Braun MIL 4.4
    Carlos Ruiz PHI 4.4

    If the season ended today, I would expect Andrew to win the NL MVP. Players essentially tied in WAR, Pirates in playoffs with top wild card spot, Mets under .500.

    Long way to go.

  130. Arriba Wilver says:

    Wha? Wasn’t there a game thread for today’s game?

    Out of a season where it is hard to pick what’s most surprising /impressive, the fact they are 1st in road homers in the NL at this point (24/7), has to be in the conversation. And if you take into account that there is no Fielder or Pujols this year, you also have to count April and May.

  131. JD says:

    @22 – good numbers in your post. Much better than most of your in game comments.

    Go Bucs!

  132. Mike C. says:

    @Arriba – i’m guessing site error of some kind.

    @roberto – good point about JMac & McKenry

    I remember listening to a baseball today podcast with KLaw and he talked about how amazingly catchers get away with framing balls. and that they do make a bit of difference.
    Wonder how our 2 catchers would rank in that category based on other catchers in the league.

    If we don’t get a new bat through a trade, I really want to see Jeff Clement given a few ABs, especially instead of McGehee vs Righties. with a short leash of course.
    looking at the #s he’s putting up, wonder why the FO is so hesitant with him, other than his history in the Bigs. but that was 2 years ago.

    and of course, vs a RHP, we can expect at least another bomb by Daydro today.

  133. JohninOshkosh says:


    Have you considered putting up a general Olympics thread for comments. There might be some watching the Games who might want to comment on some of the events. Feel silly posting about tennis, swimming, basketball, etc on these Pirates threads.

  134. Naje says:

    @Roberto and Mike C….

    RF – first, it was very clear what Hurdle was doing pairing Barajas with Wandy… spanish speakers, veterans, etc. And for those who don’t think catchers talk to pitchers, well, they do… a lot. Especially between innings. Hurdle mentioned that in his pre-game presser… wanted Barajas, who speaks fluent Spanish, to catch Wandy.

    Mike C – McKenry will catch today… it’s not that big of a deal right now. No way Barajas goes day game after night game. Not with 20 games in 20 days looming next week.

  135. Naje says:

    @Mike C.–
    About catcher’s framing pitches… there is a chart for that. Hands of stone Doumit ranked last in the category of turning pitches that were actually strikes into balls as well as turning pitches that were balls into strikes. Framing pitches is an art form and over time, it gets you some extra strikes… and the best at it is Y. Molina.

  136. Naje says:

    Here are two links about catchers and framing pitches… the first link places Doumit dead last in runs allowed due to his ineptitude with the glove. Jason Kendall didn’t fare much better.

  137. RobertoForever says:

    Lisa…er..I mean DK

    I agree with John in Oshkosh. An Olympics thread would be awesome. I love the Olympics. Have them on some channel on in the background all day. The bicycle road races were excellent the last two days. Tragic mistakes, miscalculations, great strategies.

    And how about the American woman shooter, Kim Rhode, this morning! Perfect in hitting all targets, setting an Olympic Record and tying the world record. It was her FIFTH straight gold medal. What a FEAT.

    Great idea, JohninOshkosh

  138. RobertoForever says:


    Nice link on the framing. Good stuff.

  139. DemonDachshund says:

    @Drew –

    Keep in mind as well that the defensive WAR value for McCutchen is at -0.3, which means that he’s supposedly worse than a replacement level player defensively. I think that claim is comical to anyone who’s seen Cutch play the outfield. To me, advanced fielding metrics simply don’t pass the eye test for some players. Don’t get me wrong, I realize there are better defensive CFs than Cutch, but worse than not just average but replacement level? Uh, no.

    I hope that voters notice that (if they pay any attention at all to WAR) and vote accordingly when the time comes.

  140. Drew71 says:

    My perception is that most voters rarely pay attention to D when voting for MVP. Lip service may be paid to a winner’s D, but generally only if he was going to win anyway based on O. Not all voters. But I think that for these things, O is everything.

  141. JohninOshkosh says:

    Thanks Roberto

    Holy cats did the men’s Team USA look good. Nice moment when young Anthony Davis scored his first Olympic basket. LeBron James is inching closer to that transcendent athlete realm.

    Nice to see Andy Murray playing on the local courts. Going to watch one of my favorite athletes, Maria Sharapova. Hope she has a deep run over at the historic Wimbledon courts.

  142. DemonDachshund says:

    @Lisa –

    Maybe just add a weekend discussion thread to accommodate any Olympics, Steelers, and Penguins stuff that people want to talk about.

  143. Arriba Wilver says:

    DD–totally agree on D. Maybe Cutch’s couple of games erly when he was sick skewed the numbers, but the conclusion is ridiculous.

    Naje– yes on Barajas, and it’s not like the pairing has worked the last three games.

  144. RobertoForever says:

    Game thread is up

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