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Final: Padres 5, Pirates 0

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

Looking ahead to first pitch …

Game: Pirates (63-48) vs. San Diego Padres (49-64)

Time: 7:05 p.m.

Site: PNC Park

TV, radio: Root Sports, 93.7 The Fan

Here is the live box score.

And here is the Pirates’ lineup vs. San Diego RHP Jason Marquis

  1. Starling Marte, LF
  2. Travis Snider, RF
  3. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  4. Garrett Jones, 1B
  5. Neil Walker, 2B
  6. Pedro Alvarez, 3B
  7. Josh Harrison, SS
  8. Rod Barajas, C
  9. A.J. Burnett, RHP


  1. One of my favorite quotes from 12 Monkeys seems appropriate for today:

    Jeffrey Goines: “There was this guy, and he was always requesting shows that had already played. Yes. No. You have to tell her before. He couldn’t quite grasp the idea that the charge nurse couldn’t make it be yesterday. She couldn’t turn back time, thank you, Einstein! Now, *he* was nuts! *He* was a fruitcake, Jim!”

  2. Like the lineup….Snider has been getting on base at the top of the lineup….JHay at SS like limiting Barmes starts maybe he will be more effective that way. Really need Cutch to get going…the MVP has to show up in the stretch when games become more important.

    Great opportunity rest of the series against Marquis and Ohlendorf marginal pitchers at best.

  3. It comes down to pitching. They scored enough last night to win most games. When you lead 7-1 going to the 5th you should win the game.

  4. I can’t believe this is the lineup Clint is going with tonight.

    (hey, no one can accuse me getting on him after the fact)

  5. Trouble is, Marquis has a pretty good record against us, and is the same age as Wandy. But I like our chances with AJ.

  6. Today’s OVER / UNDER (always for fun of course)

    Total Innings Pitched by AJ Burnett in Tonight’s Game
    Line is 7.25


  7. AW, do you call that disgruntled whining and mewling eminating from yourself as bashing?

    As mentioned by one of our fellow bloggers, he originally liked Jim Tracey, then at the end Tracey was unbearable.

    The sequel is upon you.

    You’ve been alerted – keep your eyes and mind open.

  8. Playoffs, 100 units on the UNDER


  9. 100 on the OVER


  10. @Playoffs

    100 on the OVER please

    Let’s Go Bucs!

  11. @Playoffs–

    100 on the OVER and I’d bet more if I could. GET TO THE STOPPA

  12. Arriba, you still mewling? I thought you said the Zantac worked.

  13. Wish I had more time — but picking up on a few points from the other thread: I’m not so sure that what Hurdle did with JMac was a mistake in the grander scheme of things. Leaving a kid pitcher in to take his lumps is an old school trick, and when it was over the bad guys still did not have the lead. Not only that we got it back, even if just for a little while. The bullpen took the loss, didn’t it? (True, it probably wouldn’t have if it had been handed a six run lead.)

    Speculation abounds that MacDonald’s problems are mental not physical. In most areas of life if our worst nightmares come true and we walk away alive we become mentally tougher, better able to deal with adversity, however you want to say it. OR you become extremely timid and fearful and your performance is affected. What he does from here on will make the difference.

    Hurdle is more of a psychological manager than a strategist. It makes sense to me, though obviously I have no inside knowledge or am aware of all of his motives, that he was thinking about MacDonald the person and what he needed down the stretch, and that what he did was calculated to the point that he was more than willing to live with the result.

    With the Olympics on this analogy pops into my head. The baseball pennant race is neither a sprint nor a marathon, but it’s a middle distance race. Youll exhaust yourself if you try to sprint a couple miles, but you can’t just jog it either. You have to know when to make your kick and when to coast and when to position yourself.

    It’s not the stretch drive yet, but I think that there is probably a lot going on behind the scenes to get ready for the end of the season. If the move was calculated, it was good that it came against a club like San Diego. And I know wins and losses count the same no matter when they come or who you’re playing, but there is a lot more intensity to it in September than there is in May.

  14. Wish you had more time?

    For what, War and Peace?

  15. Drew,

    I’ve been able to comment maybe three or four times in the last ten days.

    And how have you been?

  16. Foo—see what I mean?

  17. Playoffs –

    100 on the UNDER for tonight, please. Thank you.

  18. I am so freakin’ stoked…I got the night off, I get to watch an AJ start…

  19. AW, I think I know EXACTLY what you are talking about

    Actually I think if you score one or more runs than the other team, you got a darn good chance of winning.

    Playoffs, 100 on the OVER please, AJ makes another Cy Young statement tonight


  20. No problem, JH. Just that long posts are more difficult to read when I drive.

  21. Playoffs……80 on the over. Go Bucs.

  22. War and Peace

    Thats on the old blog, well at least the first word is

  23. Drew,

    I hope that if the blog cracks you up

    it’s laughing.

  24. I go thru life laughing. Really. My wife has lots of mirrors up and I’m funny looking.

  25. @Playoffs – 100 on the OVER please.

    Really need these 2 against the Padres with the Dodgers and Cards coming up next week.

  26. Though I guess that’s better than being a knee jerk cherry picker.

    ANYthing is better than that.

    Well. Except for that mewling thing.

  27. @Playoffs – enjoy the game….bring us a win.

    As for line I will take 50 on the OVER

    Go Bucs

  28. Foo – see what I mean?

  29. And in my case, mean is the operative word.

  30. My question is: Why are we going with Barajas so often, when Fort is a much better hitter and equal as a catcher. Barajas is hitting below the Mendosa line, and is more likely to hit into DPs. Snider is a great pickup for us at the top of the lineup and he has some power, too. Move McDonald to the bullpen until he straitens himself out, and trade Wandy Rodrigues for a position player who can hit. He’s not as good as he used to be. GO, BUCS!

  31. Bucs’ winning percentage with DK in the United States: .580
    Bucs’ winning percentage with DK in London: .417

    I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’… :)

  32. Cubs up 2-1 bottom of 5th

    No new signups last night, but a confirmed lunatic in Aldie VA

    223 lunatic locations on the blog

    Boise, yup time for Dejan to come home

    17 days, he has to have some stinky socks or something on him

  33. OK, I said to Foo on what passed for the morning thread ( last night’s game thread) that his assumption that Mr. Hasis was being “bashed” because he did not think Hurdle was a good “game manager” was incorrect, and I thought Mr. Hasis confirmed that at #7 on this thread. And I don’t even know what ” mewling” is, but it doesn’t sound like a compliment. Not that I care enough to look it up. But Drew makes me spell it out. :-). (maybe this is mewling?)

    But Mr. Hasis continuing to attempt to talk down to me like he’s educating me does kind of tick me off.

  34. DK’s gonna get back to Pittsburgh and PRNW’s gonna say LOOK WHAT YOU DID haha

  35. DK wears socks?

  36. And those poor dogs that have to sniff baggage at the airport….

  37. AW, Boise, hazmat crews are standing by at PIT to handle the baggage and sneakers

    Local Starbucks are going to handle his return similar to the Christmas season

    Socks? His pair disintergrated 10 days ago.

    DK: Right on Starbucks, wrong on clothes. The Bulgarians have been remarkably resilient with the laundry.

  38. Biz,

    Those poor dogs nothing. He’s got a pix on Twitter of what he had to eat tonight. God knows if anyone could be in the room with him. Hope his wife has left already.

    DK: Actually wasn’t that bad. Spicier than anticipated.

    I want to come home. Finish lines can be good and bad.

  39. Arriba, despite the smiley face, you have made me very very very happy.

  40. Rumor has it that socks are all he packs.

  41. Lucky, I’m not touching that line…….

  42. Not a fan of the move to a 6-man rotation, not that my opinion means anything. AJ and Karstens need to be pitching every 5th day. The other 4 pitchers (yeah you too Wandy) need to figure it out. If JMac has to go to the ‘pen, then so be it. Correia’s pitching a bend/don’t break game right now, and I can live with that. Playoffs needs to be the goal, not .500. And to me, for the Bucs to get to the playoffs, they need AJ and Karsty to be pitching every 5th day.

  43. @JMB, as one who works in a call center, your post #1 makes perfect sense.

  44. Playoffs -

    I’ll take 100 on the over!

    Thanks. Probably will not remember to make my pick tomorrow as I will be at the ball park for the series finally against the Padres.

  45. Hire Dusty Baker & start Burnett every night.

  46. What?? An employer paid for laundry?

    Thanks Dejan for the excellent work and it will be very good to get you back home

    Just sayin

  47. And thanks for letting us goof on you ;-)

    (heck if AW can get by with an emoticon, why not try?)

    I know I will be sayin nevermind shortly

  48. Emoticon?!?

    Foo – see what I mean?

  49. Don’t make me come over there and mewl.

  50. @Playoffs

    75 on the OVER please. Show’em how to win three in a row, AJ.

  51. Biz, I was just going to say don’t worry about the emoticon…Drew was too busy driving.
    But look how ‘talented’ he is. Keep driving Drew, keep driving.

  52. Not you Jax. That was just an innocent bystander thing.

    I hope you’re ok. Cause that was pretty rough.

  53. I arrived, Thunder. Look outside your window.

    Then duck.

  54. Drew, please come in. We have cherry pie. Everyday.

  55. Chapman getting ready to come into the game. Reds up 4-2. Bottom of the 9th.

  56. Dusty will burn Chapman out, hopefully this year.

    Thunder, everyone knows Drew is a cake eater.

    He doesn’t like the pits in cherry pie

  57. The Cubs announcers just said that H. Street will be out for a while.

    Of course the Pads won’t need him for the rest of this series.

    Biz, excellent observation. Plus everyone knows where he lives. He ate dinner 3 hours ago.

  58. Game over. Reds win.

  59. 75 on the over. Thanks!

  60. @playoffs,

    100 on the OVER pls


  61. Lets go boys

    Jason Marquis?

  62. ThunderPits?


  63. Could someone ask Dejan how you hire Bulgarians to wash your clothes?

    Maybe they would also pick the pits out of cherries?

  64. WOW


  65. Sick of that guy.

  66. Someone needs to get Headley a little more uncomfortable in the box

  67. Biz,

    You pay them money.

  68. Dusty Baker would’ve had a guy put one in his ear hole, not that that’s right…

    3 HR’s in 2 games though, AJ might have to pitch a little inside to him.

  69. That’ll work, AJ. Bucco bats will come out today.


  70. Someone needs to get Headley a Bucco uniform.

  71. Lucky

    Oh, thats the secret ;-)

    None of such in Hopewell, PA home of a Silver Medialist though ;-)

  72. Have to believe the second time through the order will result in better results versus Marquis

  73. Cincinnati went 6-2 against this crap team.

  74. Hey look at that, Hot Rod threw someone out

  75. Looking at highlights pre-last roadtrip, the PNC Park sign was not behind home plate then. So, that appears to be new beginning with this homestand.

  76. Troubling stat thus far Friars five hits and the Bucs have not mustered one on Marquis, team needs to snap out of it now.

  77. So far, this game, for lack of a better word, is worthy of a Styx post-game concert.

  78. Alright bats, whenever you’re ready…

    You know AJ’s pitching tonight, AND it’s a Skyblast night, right!?

  79. Marte Brain Fartay

  80. Yeah, definitely a Styx game.

  81. Just at a loss, no pitching, no defense, no offense

  82. @JMB +1 internet

  83. I refuse to believe that AJ’s not getting his 15th win tonight.

  84. Favorite Styx song anyone?

  85. Looking at too many good pitches early in the at bat.

  86. A mediocre veteran pitcher is dominating a team full of amateurs who are going through the motions.

    The last time they faced Marquis and were motivated they gave him a 1.1 IP, 8 H, 7 R 6 ER, 0 K line.


  88. August 5-7, 2011

    Bucs pitching faltered after the All-Star Game, and the offense faltered shortly after.

    Padres came to town and the Bucs lost their 8th, 9th, and 10th games in a row. The epic collapse was well under way.

    08-05-2011 vs San Diego Padres 5-15
    08-06-2011 vs San Diego Padres 2-13
    08-07-2011 vs San Diego Padres 3-7

    Padres set a team record with 35 runs in a three-game series.

    Bucs’ record on August 11, 2011: 56-60

  89. Stop this madness NOW!


  91. Bahaha Greg Brown even got in on the reverse-jinx, mentioned it like 7 times in one sentence

  92. I’m sorry, Boise. I didn’t hear you.

    Can you say that again?

  93. Maybe that’s their strategy…give Marquis the same calf-muscle strain they got Huston Street on last night.


  95. Time to get Lincoln up.

  96. I just turned the game on, and saw a no-hit bid and 3 run deficit. I am not sure what to do with myself. If AJ doesnt stop the bleeding….

  97. With Dorf going tomorrow, it might be 18 straight hitless innings.

  98. guess they’re having trouble catching up to those off speed pitches tonight….

  99. This wouldn’t be so nauseating if the Padres had kicked sand in the Reds faces last week.

  100. Bucs got the Padres right where they want them, right in the JMac danger zone.

    With Marquis throwing a NO-HITTER right now, Bud Black will be hesitant to get anyone up in the ‘pen, and that’s when the Bucs strike. Hot Rod and Harrison get on base, AJ bunts them over, and they’re looking at 2 on, 1 out…sound familiar? Then, #MartePartay 3 run shot, some other stuff happens and it’s a 7-4 lead. Boom just like that.

  101. Might want to get AJ out of there at some point…

  102. Way to pitch around Cabrera, AJ…


  103. go get him Clint

  104. Here is a good test for Hurdle’s in-game management skills.

  105. Already too late, Reading…

  106. And he fails. Idiot.

  107. And the UNDER wins….Boo

  108. I thought I heard a boo after Headley’s walk…did I hear a boo?

    Take that man out back and pelt him with paintballs until he remembers that AJ is still the man.

  109. No shirt, no shoes, NO DICE.

  110. We are only down five. Come on Man. It’s not like we don’t have any hits or anything.

  111. If this was Verlander, maybe we’d have a better understanding with this, but…..I think I may go to London for a bit and watch the Olympics.

  112. If anyone needs me, I’ll be in the corner trying to convince myself that it’s just one game, no big deal.

  113. Not looking good. 1971 last no-hitter. Season Over.

  114. 5-0 and still no hits….this is a bad dream right?

  115. Is it too early to panic?

    At least we have last night.

  116. That is the Padres 24th hit tonight. Clearly, it is not that difficult.

  117. It’s crazy how many times this team has been almost no hit this season. I think it has been at least three times and this may be the fourth time. This team hardly ever hits Marquis. They did the one game this season, but most of the time they don’t – they usually don’t hit slow junky stuff – PERIOD. If it wasn’t Rod Barajas, we would also be talking about them having a perfecto being thrown against them right now.

  118. This is a good thing.

    We’ll be able to remember this as the night after they blew a 6 run lead, they got no hit by Jason Marquis, and everyone assumed it was the beginning of The Collapse.

    And instead, they reeled off 10 straight wins, built up a big lead in the wild card race, caught the Reds, and never looked back.

    It’ll be funny then, and we can all laugh.

  119. We need one of the Padres to dis a Terrible Towel or something to change the dynamic.

  120. My bad, it was a walk to Alvarez to break up the perfecto.

  121. I guess my Dad was correct: “On any given night any pitcher can look like Cy Young…you just never know” BUT, this is the Padres?! Yikes…

  122. Arriba. We’ll always have last night.

  123. Once I got the right guy that he walked, Snider got the base hit off the second baseman. Could have gone as an error, but the home town scorer gave a hit. Thank You!

  124. Re: Post #120 – I like your thinking Demon. I like it.

  125. Drew—here’s looking at you, Kid.

  126. “You can’t just run a few plays into the line. That is why baseball is the greatest game of them all. You have to give the other team their chance at the plate.”. Or something like that.

  127. Anybody notice that Jared Hughes is doing… *cough* …kinda good right now?

  128. Well Hughes has looked good tonight, and that’s that.

    Have a feeling the next eight games will be very telling to how things will go…after Padres four with Dodgers and three with Cardinals….have to turn things around in hurry.

  129. Who said that Reading? Well said…

  130. Pedro breaks up the one-hitter!

  131. That’s the soundbite they at the end of the Pirates post-game show on the radio. Not sure who says it, maybe former Commissioner Vincent.

  132. Back in June, when the Bucs were really hot, I said then: “That after the Dodger series in Mid-August if the Pirates are still hanging around, then we can really talk”. Well, the Dodgers are coming in Monday and that is STILL my line in the sand. We have seen bad loses from the Bucs this year, but not really long losing streaks like previous years (8, 10 games or so). This weekend has been bad, yes, but they can turn it around. I think. Just a few thoughts. Have a good Sunday everyone.

  133. Thanks Reading…It’s really true.

  134. Looks like this years collapse has finally begin I’m predicting a sweep tomorrow.

  135. Now that we are no longer comfortably in the post-season- possibly a 1.5 game lead after tonight- it will be interesting to see who steps up now.

  136. From the Department of Redundancy Department with respect to the word “now.”

  137. Grilli is back. Bullpen looked great tonight.

  138. U–G–L–Y

    We ain’g got no alibi — We UGLY!

  139. Way too early to call this a collapse. Padres are what? 10-0 at PNC? That’s not a collapse, that’s the curse of Brian Giles at work!!

  140. Well that was terrible. After tonight now 4.5 games back of the Reds only 1.5 up in WC race with with Cards up late and 3 back of Braves for top WC spot.

    Erik Bedard needs to step up tomorrow. 2-4 start of the home stand not what I had envisioned.

  141. I think I’m going to start mewling . . .

  142. Snider left the game after the seventh inning due to right hamstring tightness.

    I hope this is just a precautionary measure.

  143. Just got done doing my own little quick and dirty stats. This is a look at the Bucs and Reds Win-Loss records against the NL Central teams and the bottom two teams in the other divisions. The numbers in parentheses are their records since the All-Star break:

    Pirates: 39-27 (13-11)
    vs Reds: 5-6 (1-2)
    vs Cardinals: 4-5 (0-0)
    vs Astros: 9-2 (3-1)
    vs Cubs: 6-3 (3-3)
    vs Brewers: 3-3 (1-2)
    vs Padres: 0-2 (0-2)
    vs Rockies: 4-2 (2-1)
    vs Marlins: 4-1 (3-0)
    vs Phillies: 4-3 (0-0)

    Reds: 43-23 (19-6)
    vs Pirates: 6-5 (2-1)
    vs Cardinals: 5-4 (3-0)
    vs Astros: 7-2 (3-0)
    vs Cubs: 5-3 (2-1)
    vs Brewers: 7-5 (3-3)
    vs Padres: 6-2 (3-1)
    vs Rockies: 5-1 (3-0)
    vs Marlins: 2-1 (0-0)
    vs Phillies: 0-0 (0-0)

    Take what you want from that, but basically the Reds have been getting it done since the break and the Pirates have been just getting by. Also, the 4 game set against the Astros could have gone as an 0-4 if the Astros wouldn’t have given the Bucs those three games. Here’s hoping they can avoid a sweep tomorrow. at least that might be different than when the Padres faced them after the break last year at PNC.

    Oh, and someone at the stadium NEEDS to take down that dang PNC Park sing behind the plate. Don’t they know not to screw with a good thing DURING a season.

  144. I think Arriba jinxed us tonight.

    Earlier this evening he cherry-picked the bit of information that Marquis kills the Pirates.

  145. Ugly. I expected to get 2 of 3 from the Padres and they were probably meant to lose this one in the series. But last night was a win until j-mac fell apart. If they don’t pick up a win tomorrow behind Bedard, I believe it is completely reasonable to start raising the red flags, especially the one’s that have been held back because they were around 16 games over .500. (ie: Pedro’s bat, J-Mac’s arm, Bedard’s inconsistency, Wandy still hasn’t truly won a game, and the defensive mistakes.)

    Someone needs to step up big time. They are 5 games out of the division now, and the wild card lock is all but gone. Breaking the streak is no longer the acceptable goal, we have to contend! I have been a die-hard, ticket buying fan for the past 20 years, and simply accepting that they won’t be a losing team this year isn’t enough after the year they’ve had.

  146. Some good news, Chris Leroux threw 7 shutout innings for the second start in a row. ERA is down to 1.93. Maybe some help down the stretch, either starting or bullpen. There are hitters in Indy, too.

  147. The Bucs are 5-6 since July 31. For some reason it seems worse than that.
    Not going to panic.

    But tonight I did wonder if our roster was better with Mcgehee and Lincoln. I think the answer is no. I think.

  148. I hope this is rock bottom for the rest of the year. Jason Marquis just threw a 2-hit shutout. It shouldn’t get worse than that. This team is no longer motivated to play at home. We’ll see if they are motivated through embarrassment.

    The Reds were on the road for 6 games. The Pirates were home for 6 games. They gained no ground.

    There are stretches during the season where there are games and series that you have to win no matter what. This was one of those. It doesn’t have to be the end but they blew a golden opportunity. You have to be able to handle August expectations. It’s not even in the same realm as October baseball.

    Tonight was a last place effort. Sunday will show what kind of players they are.

  149. As we continue in the final 54 games of the season, the team is 1-4.

    28-26 gets 90 wins…come on dudes!

  150. Late in tonight’s game they showed Cutch in the outfield. My wife, who was thoroughly disgusted by the game, said “What has he done?”

    I laughed and said “The guy is the MVP of the league”.
    Her response: “Yes, but where has he been the last few games?”

    Tough crowd.

    And I didn’t have the guts to call her a cherry-picker.

  151. Maybe Cutch is upset that the FO wasn’t all in at the deadline? (too easy? too soon?)

  152. Too mewling?

  153. Maybe Cutch really doesn’t want to be here.
    Maybe he doesn’t like the big crowds…takes too long for him to walk home…Downtown!

  154. lol 22 is on point and nobody can even argue with him…haha

    In other news the Bucs’ winning percentage with DK out of the country went a little lower…HINT HINT

  155. Is it really bad news for the Reds for Votto to be out for another week or so when they’ve won like 73 games in a row without him? They must really be disappointed.

  156. Good point, Reading. I was looking forward to him coming back. :-)

  157. @AW

    Maybe you are onto something. Maybe the disappointed players are Walker and Cutch.

    Anyone notice that the only players with worse BA in August than Cutch and Walker are Barajas, Alvarez and Mercer. Even Barmes is better than Cutch and Walker in Aug. As are Snider, Sanchez, Jones, Marte, McKenry and even Alvarez and Harrison.

    Why does Clint keep running the out there? Maybe Cutch and Walker need to be in a 6-man rotation?

    These are the wondering of a man under the spell of Jason Marquis.

  158. “But tonight I did wonder if our roster was better with Mcgehee and Lincoln. I think the answer is no.”

    Based on evidence or hope?

    Actually I think neither have anything to do with it. Nor do the players. Or even Foo’s beloved Hurdle.

    It’s really very simple.

    Pirates receive a Sports Illustrated feature.

    Pirates never win again.




  159. Roberto,
    If that is the case, this will be some learning experience for Cutch and Walker.

    Can you imagine them sitting at home over the winter and thinking ‘we had a chance at the playoffs but let it slip away because we let disappointment at the trade deadline mess up our heads and affect our play.’

  160. Drew, I have had serious doubts that this team is playoff worthy. But I want to remain positive and enjoy this great season.

    Plus I haven’t said anything about my feelings, because you know me – always supporting the FO.

  161. Doesn’t matter if they are playoff worthy or not.

    It’s the SI curse.

  162. So remember how last year, Cutch had a pretty bad second half, and it was attributed to him trying to put the team on his shoulders and try to hit a HR every at-bat? Maybe that’s what both him and PRNW are both trying to do right now. They’re both widely acknowledged as leaders, now I don’t know about in the clubhouse, but at least to the fans, so it makes sense to me. Plus, Walker was on a pretty good tear right up ’til this point.

  163. Its not over

    Fat Lady is still asleep

  164. Hmmmm…

    If the Olympics can bring back Freddie Mercury via a hologram for the closing ceremony, maybe Neal could do the same with Haddix, or Ellis, or Drabek…

  165. Didn’t Ellis already try that hologram thing? Got him a no-hitter, right?

  166. Should we be getting worried about the Pirates?

    Could that 9-8 loss be this year’s “Jerry Meals’ game?

    Or is this just a bump in the road and we’ll get it going again?

  167. I think it depends on individual expectations.

    The team just has to finish w. a 19-30 record to end @ 82-80. With a Houston & Chi heavy schedule in Sept., the team is virtually guaranteed to win 19.

    Of course, the team should have higher goals in sight, but as a fan, I’d be a hypocrite if I complained about an 82-80 final record.

  168. Drew # 168…funny :)

    It’s good to be around your humor again….I think!


  169. JMB….wasn’t SD supposed to be an easy series??

    I don’t go by that ‘easy schedule’ stuff.

    .Gosh I hope we beat Ohlie today….I’d be REALLY embarrassed if he pitched a good game vs us.


  170. Interesting stat for the BABIP geeks:

    Pitchers with highest percentage of balls with 75 percent or greater probability of being fielded (minimum 100 BIPs in 2012)
    Pitcher 2012 % routine balls in play 2011 % routine balls in play
    Jered Weaver 73.0% 64.0%
    R.A. Dickey 71.5% 56.8%
    Josh Tomlin 70.2% 64.0%
    Tommy Milone 69.3% 69.7%
    Kevin Correia 68.8% 59.8%

    That’s pretty good?


  171. Do we look at this guy in the offseason?

    Kendrys Morales, Angels — The 29-year-old is hitting .282/.327/.455 with 14 homers on the year, well below the level he established prior to his leg injury in 2010. Morales figures to be both a trade and non-tender candidate after the season.


  172. Yeah Foo. I’m funny. But looks aren’t everything.

  173. Yesterday someone posted either a list of things they didn’t like about the Pirates or a list of things they thought was wrong about the Pirates. On the list was the third base coach. Personally I think that could be the least of our worries and most misunderstood areas of the team. It ain’t an easy job. And I think Leyva has done a fine job of knowing when or not to send runners. Part of the equation is that the bottom third of our lineup absolutely stinks. So I think he has every reason to be more aggressive when need be (and the reverse too). Here is what Leyland thinks of his third base coach.

    Leyland recalled having a conversation with current and former baseball managers, and one boasted that a particular guy was the best third-base coach because he never got anyone thrown out.

    “I said, ‘Well then he was the worst third-base coach in the history of baseball, because if you show me a third-base coach that never gets anyone thrown out and I’ll show you a conservative guy that costs his team a lot of runs,’ ” Leyland said. “You never get anyone thrown out, you’re the worst.”

  174. Cruz up, Hughes down–your change for the day

  175. Great story. And it fits Leyland’s history.

    When he was Tony LR’s third base coach, TLR named him GoGo Leyland because he never met a green light he didn’t like.

  176. Drew—I’m not sure, but I think you may be mewling.

  177. Nope. Unadulterated whine.

  178. TC—see what I mean?

  179. Heading to the ball park today. Hoping to not see a great game pitched by the ‘Dorf today. Really want to see the offense explode out of this funk they are in. McCutchen needs to find his grove again. Alvarez is due for a big game as well. Let’s go Bucs and beat ‘em good today.

  180. Heading out to the game now. Don’t see a game thread for today. If someone cares to re-post this, here is today’s Pick ‘Em.

    Today’s Pick ‘Em (Always for fun of course)

    What Will The Pirates Do Today?


  181. Lineup de jour

    Marte 7 Walker 4 McCutchen 8 Jones 9 Sanchez 3 Alvarez 5 McKenry 2 Barmes 6 Bedard 1

  182. No Snider, any word on the severity of his hamstring?

    @ Playoffs – I will take 100 on the WIN…enjoy the game.

  183. Playoffs

    I’ll take 100 on the lose. I want them to win, but with the way they are playing, I’m going with a lose. Hope I am severally wrong.

  184. @Playoffs

    I’ll take 100 on the WIN


    Let’s Go Bucs!

  185. Game thread is up


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