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Final: Pirates 11, Padres 5

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

Looking ahead to first pitch …

Game: Pirates (63-50) vs. San Diego Padres (51-64)

Time: 1:35 p.m.

Site: PNC Park

TV, radio: Root Sports, 93.7 The Fan

Here is the live box score.

And here is the Pirates’ lineup vs. San Diego RHP Ross Ohlendorf

  1. Starling Marte, LF
  2. Neil Walker, 2B
  3. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  4. Garrett Jones, RF
  5. Gaby Sanchez, 1B
  6. Pedro Alvarez, 3B
  7. Michael McKenry, C
  8. Clint Barmes, SS
  9. Erik Bedard, LHP


  1. Reposted for Playoffs

    Playoffs by 2012

    Heading out to the game now. Don’t see a game thread for today. If someone cares to re-post this, here is today’s Pick ‘Em.

    Today’s Pick ‘Em (Always for fun of course)

    What Will The Pirates Do Today? WIN LOSE


  2. WIN for 100 nuggets, thanks RF for posting

  3. @Playoffs,

    Thx for taking the time to do a line today.

    Three tough loses. Gotta believe in the w today. Hard to believe the friars have a long winning streak at PNC. I’ll take 100 for the WIN.

  4. First an exciting Gold Medal basketball game with a successful outcome.

    Then a Sunday afternoon baseball game.

    All that and Ohlendorf, too.

    What A Country.

  5. @Playoffs (Thanks, RF for reposting)

    100 shuttlecocks on the WIN, please.

  6. Anyone know Ohlendorfs career high in strikeouts?


  7. 100 on the WIN for today, Playoffs – thanks.

    Thanks to RF as well!

  8. @playoffs – 100 on the win

  9. @ Playoffs- 100 on a WIN….have a great day at the ballpark!

  10. at playoffs:
    Thanks for the line today, enjoy the day.
    100 on the win.
    We’re in trouble if we can’t beat Ohlendorf.

  11. “Standing on a corner/Suitcase in my hand”

    Heading back to Cocoa Beach.

    I’ll try to follow the Dorf Blitz via radio updates.


  12. How about we don’t spot Dorf a three-run lead two minutes into the game.

  13. 100 on the win. Thanks

  14. @Playoffs -

    100 on the WIN.

  15. tough tough losses. can’t imagine being swept by SD

    @playoffs – I’ll take 100 on the WIN. thanx

  16. I feel like I keep watching the same episode over and over again.

  17. Two pitches. What a joke. Perfecto by Dorf upcoming, no doubt.

  18. Get Lincoln up. We’re going to need a long relief guy today.

  19. Post-game interview: “I just threw the ball. They hit it. No biggie.”

  20. Marte learned from yesterday.

    I like to see progression.

  21. Spotting the opposing team multiple runs in the first which has been trend of late is recipe for disaster. What is happening to this team?

  22. Wow, Bedard is looking at a 30 pitch inning.

  23. There’s our fundamentally-sound shortstop. Ballgame.

  24. Why didn’t Barmes get the runner at third? This team looks mentally fragile.

  25. Are these the 2009 Pirates reincarnated? In plain terms, this is bull. I have been saying this all along – they need pitching, pitching, pitching!!


  26. This is the worst they’ve played all season, and it’s not even close.

  27. Remember, Ronny. Cedeno had mental lapses. What do you call what $10 million man Fudd just pulled???

  28. Possible positive — maybe Locke gets some innings and reminds the team what a quality starter looks like.

  29. I can’t wait to hear the calls tomorrow morning on The FAN. Regardless of whether or not they turn this around, there is alot for the fans to be concerned about at this point. This isn’t just a microcosm of bad luck, this is a much larger problem that needs to be addressed. They’re now looking at needing a sweep of the Dodgers to make this a salvageable home stand.

  30. Great, if Locke looks good, they’ll probably go to a 7 man rotation.

  31. Not only will they have to sweep Brooklyn, they better sweep everyone. What a lousy bottom of the 1st.

    The Bucs appear to have really lost their swagger / please make me be wrong.

  32. Is this mental now? All of a sudden, the Padres seem to own the Pirates, just as other clubs have done from time to time.

  33. Charge one run to Bedard, and THREE to Barmes in the first. But hold on Bedard is making an effort to give up more in the second.
    Cedeno is batting .285 and Doumit .293 FYI

  34. Pedro quit your freaking sleeping

  35. This team just looks lost…mistakes you should not see in spring training being made.

  36. PRNW’s average has dropped something like 16 points during the Olympic Swoon.

    I can’t watch the game today, but all ESPN’s gamecast says is that Forsythe scored on a headley groundout to catcher…from second…I’m guessing E3 or E8, ball went into right field?

    Bedard’s over the 50 pitch count in the second inning…is Hurdle gonna get Locke ready soon?

    Maybe now wouldn’t be a bad time to get some schlub who dropped $600 on the gold account on the FAN website to draw up a killer lineup…couldn’t hurt.

  37. It’ll take a total reverse of Friday night to win this one.

  38. @ Bob – 35

    I am not a huge fan of Cedeno but he was a pretty good athlete IMHO. CH didn’t dig Cedeno, that is why he is not here. I think the Mets are only paying RC $1.5 million.

  39. Boise–ball weakly hit down 1B line, then rolled back fair, Fort and Bedard tried to field it, Fort flipped to 1st for out, Pedro didn’t cover home (actually didn’t move) so Forsythe scored from second without a throw.

  40. @BB -

    No, was a dribbler down the first base line, started foul and rolled fair, McKenry had to scramble to pick it up and get it to 1st…

    And then no one covered home plate.

  41. @AW — ah…well, at least it was creative.

    Man, when DK gets home, his “Pirates screwed up not getting Headley” column is gonna be depressing to read.

  42. Dissension on the Bucs??? Is that the issue?

  43. Yet another sign things aren’t going well. The on air announcers are starting to babble on about Ross Ohlendorf’s internship with the Dept of Agriculture. All throughout the losing streak, they used to babble on about anything and everything just to fill dead air, as the team destroyed hopes and dreams.

    Couldn’t tell if Pedro got the message from Clint on that replay.

  44. BTW, Cedeno would have had a good chance of getting that ground ball in the hole.

  45. Thank God we got a Hoover!

  46. Going to keep telling myself that this is just one series, but the long time Pirate fan in me is seeing a lot that’s familiar.

  47. huh…lookit that, a double play…

    …and I was just about to encourage CH to get the hook ready

    (still though, I think Lock ought to be getting ready about mid-fourth)

  48. Everyone has hit that wall!!!! 3 1/2 months of pitching, 2 months of hitting.
    Will they even win 18 games? Not at this pace.

  49. Mercer and JHay would have given a better effort as well.

    The effort displayed by Pedro running to first did not appear to be “hustle” in my book


    Bedard bunts him ovah

    #MartayPartay drives him in…gotta start somewhere

  51. gah…I quit…I can’t call shots like Walkie

  52. @ Nancy52 – 50

    I hope you are wrong – BTW, I think Bedard is in shock over his double, ha ha

  53. With even a 2% effort, Bedard might be on third.


  55. Good inning by Walker. He should bat lefty all the time. Hits the ball with much more authority that way.

  56. The Bucs need to light up this bum Ohlendorf now!!

  57. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooo

  58. Barmes couldn’t see Pedro there?

    What is BarmEs deal today?

  59. At this pace, we’ll lose 15-3 in a seven hour game.

  60. Need a jack here!!

  61. Stop holding guys at third!

  62. Have to cash in here with bases juiced 0 out.

  63. Great AB Fort……

  64. Walks in a run, huge chance to get back into game here!

  65. Time to redeem.

  66. wHOA

    He totally redeemed himself!

  67. The greatest SS in Pirates history!!!!!!

  68. Barmes…………nice

  69. HOLY Barmes, makes up for his fielding gaffes with Grand Slam….YES

  70. Do not bat Bedard. Get him out of there now. We want to keep the lead.

  71. Whoda thunk it??? Barmes! NICE

  72. Walker’s just smoking the ball today. Love thise line shots.

  73. CUTCH! And how about Walker on the bases! Huge inning maybe a reverse turn around from Friday which tilts momentum back.

  74. That was awesome.

    It looked like Walker was yelling “GOoooooooo” to EB. Haha.

  75. WooooHOOO!

    What an inning!

  76. GI Jones with a triple to the wall….8 run inning, who could have predicted that?

  77. Did someone mention a 7 hour game earlier? Cool.

  78. FORT rips line drive…had first RBI in inning with walk and now accounts for 9th run in inning with liner.

  79. Walkers interplay with Bedard was hilarious.

  80. And to think, I was so disgusted with the Bucs that I went out to mow the lawn

  81. This team just boggles my mind.

    So, Friday, 7 runs in the first 4 innings, looking pretty locked in.

    1 run in the last 5 Friday, 0 runs last night, 1 run off a pitcher double in the 4th today… But mostly looking completely lost, as in I had pretty much written today off.

    Then boom, 9 run inning right out of nowhere.


  82. @The Gunner -

    I think your neighbor’s lawn looks a little long. You should go help him out with that.

  83. What are Cedeno’s and Doumit’s averages again?

  84. Amazing comeback so far. Wouldn’t mind seeing them pile on a bit more.

  85. Walker is locked in today….Marte has wheels like we have not seen in some time with how quickly he can jet around bases.

  86. @ demon – 49

    Where do you live ’cause maybe I can come out and mow your lawn, too

  87. I believe that Jordy Mercer would have hit 2 Grand Slams by now in today’s game

  88. I’m pretty sure that the Pedro Over won on Playoff ‘s Friday third line. Good that he’s getting to see a good game (if he stuck around).

  89. Another HBP? Are we allowed to respond yet? This has gotten silly lately.

  90. diehard,
    I am listening to the game on the radio. The announcers said it was a breaking ball that hit The Fort. Doesn’t seem to intentional.

    Plus, the Padres have beat us up pretty good the past 2 nights. Why would they be throwing at us? Plus they are only down 5 with enough time to come back.

  91. In a way, the HBP did look rather harmless, and McKenry definitely saw it coming. And like you said, there’s no reason for them to be throwing at us. Which, screwy as it is, is part of my thinking right now. I’m not even saying even hit a guy. Just show that we’re willing to back people off the plate too – maybe not for the Padres, but for the Dodgers and Cardinals coming up.

  92. Lincoln got lit up by Yanks in 1, 23 pitch , inning – 3 runs on 4 hits and Casey McGehee lined out to left.
    He was relieved after 2 outs in the 7th.

    Toronto won 10 – 7

  93. Qualls- the new Lincoln.

  94. I think Bedard did hit one of their guys earlier in the game. Maybe the first inning? Quinten?

  95. You’re right – Bedard hit Quentin. I already seem to have blocked the first few innings from my mind…

  96. I had forgotten that, TC, but you’re right, it was Quinten.

  97. TC, it was a curveball and it hit him right in the square of the back, did not look intentional to me, just got away. Fort had no chance to get away from it

  98. P


  99. Walker’s having a good week today

  100. Wonder if the FO made a mistake waiting to sign up Walker?

  101. Get that long-term deal done.

  102. 5-5, 2B, HR, 2 RBI, 2 R

  103. Good thing the Bucs came back today and hopefully, they hold on to the lead. That damn Stinkcinnati keeps on winning.

  104. I hope they’re not giving that fan who caught the ball a hard time. Caught it in the stands.

  105. I think they heard me!!!!!

  106. And switch to permanent lefty batter status.

  107. That at-bat by Snider in the 6th was a good at-bat. 10-5 lead, 2 outs, 2 men on and he didn’t try to play hero and he took a walk. It almost paid off big when Marte hit that ball to the gap.

  108. HOLY PINE-RICHLAND…I had to go do something for a couple hours, missed the whole thing.

  109. PRNW doing it without looking at multiple hitable strikes during his at bats. Should have had several basehits last night as he was barrelling the ball yesterday with nothing to show for it.

  110. Good game to test out the post DL Cruz.

  111. Aw.
    It seems like Walker did not make a mistake by waiting to sign.

    You would think the FO would won’t some ‘cost certainty’ instead of going to arbitration with him.

  112. Can someone Post #115 to DK….as proof that I didn’t defend or stick up for the FO.

    I did not admit that they made a mistake though. I’m sure he’ll cherry-pick that part.

  113. “That damn Stinkcinnati keeps on winning.”

    Yeah, except for that 5-game losing streak last week, including getting swept by Milwaukee.

    Teams lose. Relax people.

    I hope everyone survived the meltdown on the blog earlier.

  114. NMR–not suggesting they will lose PRNW, just that they may have made it more expensive. And we always hear how small market teams have to conserve the dollars. At least they got Tabata for a good MLB price.

  115. Tabata? Who is that? J/K.

  116. One man’s “meltdown” is another man’s passion to win. When the team is not playing up to their capability, they deserve to be called out. Read DK’s column today.

  117. Easy to say after not commenting earlier, NMR. I figured you were too busy hurling in the laundry tub because you were so upset. :-)

  118. There was a meltdown on the field. Kind of makes sense there would be a meltdown on the blog to match.

  119. Interesting Hanny’s coming in. Probably needs the work.

  120. Sit down Headley!

  121. I think this cancels out Friday!

  122. It is risen.

  123. I check out before the game starts, check back in when it ends, and it’s their first win in three months.

    I cant remember attending a victory since 1992.

    EYE am as much of a jinx as SI.

    But. I can reverse it. Just do that never-watch thingee.

    Arriba – see what I mean?

  124. Now 4-6 in this 20 game stretch of contenders + Padres. This week against LA and STL is looking huge.

    Would’ve been nice to take advantage of that Reds losing streak, but oh well… 48 to go, and still have a lead in the WC race.

  125. Drew—I do, I do. Clint sucks.

  126. 2-4 in the final 54.

    18-30 breaks the streak / 26 -22 sh/could get the final wildcard.

  127. I like how the lineup looks when Walker bats second. They are 31-16 when he does. The more plate appearances for Walker and McCutchen the better.

  128. I’m guessing that teams win a vast majority of those games in which their shortstop hits a grand slam and their second baseman goes 5 for 5 with a double and a home run. What a win!

  129. Clint Said in his post game that the last 3 games at home (starting with Wandy’s) were kind of like getting slapped by your girlfriend in front of your mother. One of the things I like about him.

  130. @22–I knew I liked Walker batting second, but I didn’t know the split was that defined–that’s a really good stat.

    PRNW batting 2nd and Snider batting 5th should be permanent–at least when Snider’s hammy heals up.

  131. Arriba re #135, great quote. Scrolling back through comments, my heartiest laugh came with Boise’s #57, and I don’t mean to mock it, I felt the same way. This game has the potential to be a momentum changer or, if you prefer, team confidence builder. At the end of 1 inning, given the past week, things looked mighty bleak.

  132. Neil’s stats batting 2 and 5 are

    2nd. .296 BA, .328 OBP, .815 OPS

    5th. .318,BA, .399 OBP, .877 OPS

    I’m not arguing for one over the other, just adding some more info to the discussion

  133. Is it possible that God hates the Pirates? I look at, and I notice that Manny Machado has hit another HR…he’s hitting .375 and slugging 1.125 since being called up. Not only that, but Nate McLouth’s hitting .333 for the Orioles. Brandon Moss is seeing pretty decent playing time for the Athletics, even though he’s not exactly lighting anyone up.

    At the same time, I’m not out looking for all the guys the Pirates got rid of/didn’t draft who aren’t on the front page of (lookin’ at you Andy LaRoche) so…maybe I’m just looking in all the wrong spots? Who knows. Maybe I’ll take some time one day and get on baseball-reference, take a good look at all the ex-Bucco DFA’s and non-tenders that actually didn’t pan out for other teams. I’m sure they exist.

  134. Forgot to add, I think the stats are before today’s ( from Baseball Reference)

  135. Boise—one of those guys was on the mound for the Pads today. (luckily for us)

  136. “Experts” had NH on MM right up until the draft, and then KLaw put out a mock where the Pirates took Jamo.

    Jamo was supposed to be a better pitcher than Strasburg was at 18, so that was the case for JT.

    I think we will regret not taking MM, esp since NH seems to be better at acq’ing SPs than hitters to this point, but TS & GS’s small sample size production may mute that point.

  137. Thank you Lord for that marvelous 4th inn.

    Not sure what damage I might have done to myself had we gotten swept.

    God Bless Barmes (never thought I say THAT), Walker and our bullpen!

    Let’s at least split with the Dodgers. Gonna be a tough series, but it woulda been a lot tougher had we gotten swept.

    Btw, Hurdle is a GENIUS for starting Barmes today (altho, you should’ve heard what I called him BEFORE the bottom of the 4th). :) :) :)

    Eleven Foo


  138. McIlroy has really put on a show at the PGA. He’s 6 up with 4 holes to go. If he wins he’ll have more Majors at a younger age than Tiger.

  139. JMB….of course I am rooting for JT, but I wanted Machado all along. However, I am reading that he is gonna ‘grow’ out of SS which may lessen his value?


  140. @ the game today and I came home with no voice. What a great 4th inning. My score book looks like an absolute mess with all the marks in it. It was great to raise the Jolly Roger today. Now to go back tomorrow and hope for another victory against the Dodgers.

  141. 7 Up, 3 to go.

  142. Guess Neil Walker reads this blog. He thinks its karma that Barmes got the grand slam for all the ‘crap’ fans give unfairly to Barmes. 24/7 has the quote in his sulia account.

    Guess maybe Hurdle runs him out there all the time because PRNW wants him there.


  143. I agree it gets overdone at times, Roberto, but it’s kind of hard to argue criticism of Barmes is “unfair.”. Is it “unfair” to say he F’d up those 2 Errors he got today, while recognizing that he made up for them with his hitting?

  144. @Arriba

    Truth be told, I turned off the tube and made it into the office just in time for the magic to happen. Me of little faith, I suppose.

    I just get a kick out of “passionate” fans calling “ballgame” in the first inning. Buncha Negative Nancies, I tell ya.

    Credit goes to you for the call on a reversal of Friday night!

  145. I turned the game on in the fourth and it was 5-1 Padres. I was like WTH? Then all hell broke loose. Barmes made us all like him for an inning. Hubby said, “Hey Elmer Fudd got a homer!” I said “No he got a grand slam!”
    Glad I got to watch the rest of the game too. Missed yesterdays but obviously I didn’t miss much. Not the Buccos better stay on track!

  146. 24 Putts on 18 greens in the final round of a major. And broke Jack Nicklas’ record of winning the PGA by 7 strokes by winning by 8. Rory is 23.

  147. @Reading

    Pretty sure Dejan wasn’t thinking of errors by Pirates shortstops when he was penning that article on gender equality in sports.

    Might wanna ease off that parallel.

  148. Big series with Dodgers nipping at the Bucs heels for wild card spot. Need a split as worst case scenario.

  149. my wife came to get me and to tell me the pirates won and i could come out of the closet and stop holding my breath.

  150. NMR— I think we all “turned it off” in one way or the other when it was 5-1, whether “we” wil admit it or not. :-)

  151. In case Milo checks in, Ryota Igarashi was recalled today by the Yankees. He was shocked to hear the news.

  152. AW
    I was at the game. Could not sit backwards so I had to watch comeback!!

  153. I have lots of family in the L.A. area and they are big Dodger fans. Yep, they are family and I love them, BUT, this week they are the enemy.

  154. Macchamp74–:-)

  155. @Lucky

    Thanks for the heads up. I was there today, and I still don’t believe what I saw. My meltdown came in the top of the 1st when I asked my buddy, “What time do you want to leave.” We left at 5:15.

  156. Didn’t see game. Just looked at box score. 24 LOB? That has to be close to a record for a 9-inning game. Could the box have been inaccurate? 24?! That almost seems impossible in a nine-inning game.

  157. Sounds like I missed a more exciting game than the final score indicates.

  158. Oh yeah.

  159. Nevermind. Saw another box that said 13 left on base.

  160. @AW

    Of course its not ‘unfair’ to say he messed up. That’s why they are called errors. The first error seemed to be more of the slip kind. The second error seemed to be him being too agressive, maybe thinking that Alvarez was screened by the runner. But both are his errors.

    And its not my inference that there is unfair criticism. It is PRNW’s. I was mobile before so I couldn’y post the 24/7 quote from Sulia. Here it is:

    “Bat meeting ball wins ballgames. So do intangibles like this from #Pirates Walker, talking about Barmes slam: “I honestly could not have been happier for a person on this entire team. Fans want to give him crap about what the numbers are, but … this is one of the best teammates I’ve ever played with and a guy who’s helped me out a lot (with) his positive attitude and the way he plays the game and grinding it out. That was probably the biggest hit of the year for him. But more than that, that was truly fitting, that hit.”

    When PRNW has Cutch and Burnett on his team and he says he could not have been happier for a person on the entire team? Sounds heartfelt to me.

  161. @Milo #162

    My wife and I were at the game today and during the first inning, my wife asked me, what time will we see the counterflow of people leaving the ball park with the score 4-0. I told her 3rd inning. She then asked what inning will they pull Bedard and how bad will the score be. I told her 2nd inning and the game will be so far out of hand that maybe we should leave to beat some of this crowd by the 5th or 6th inning. Needless to say, the 2nd inning came and Bedard was still in there and starting to find his grove after the bootched play at the plate. 3rd inning came and just a few people where going back across the bridge and the stadium was pretty packed. 4th inning came and the place exploded with each hit after the BarmEs GS. Needless to say, we got back to the car by 5:30 and a Bucco win in our back pocket. This make win number 7 for us this year on 2 loses. Will be back at the game tomorrow night. Hopefully, we will get to 8-2.

  162. Roberto—I agree 100% with Neil’s comments as a teammate. What I took from your post and previous posts was criticisms of fans and posters for criticizing Barmes for his performance to date. I still kind of get the impression that is what you are saying. I don’t see the comments you quoted from Neil as saying that.

    BTW, I share Neil’s happiness for Barmes. Regardless of what one thinks of his performance overall and/or whether he was a good pickup, he certainly appears to be the kind of person you would like to have as a teammate. I haven’t seen any evidence or criticism of him as being a Jeremy Burnitz type.

    If I misread your saying “all the crap fans give unfairly” to Barmes, I apologize, but it still seems to me the purpose of your post (#149) was to criticize posters who have been unhappy with Barmes. I did not interpret the comments you quoted from Neil as saying the same thing.

  163. @ NMR – 118

    I will relax, NMR. Stinkcinnati will start too cool off soon, hopefully.


    @ Jandy – 152

    Jumping on the “Elmer Fudd” bandwagon, I see. Today, we all (including me) love the beleaguered $10 million man .


    @ Kevin – 120

    Are you referring to Scabata, Jogata, or Jogoffata?

  164. @AW.

    I posted the part about this blog as a joke. I doubt Neil reads these comments, or DK’s work. I am sure he was referring to fans booing Barmes and yelling things at Barmes at the games. So apology accepted, because there was no criticism of posters in there.

    I could care less if people criticize anyone. It won’t change my view one iota. If people started ripping Cutch because he is now the 7 best hitter on the team, it won’t stop me from believing he is an MVP candidate. Nor will Barmes GS change my wish that the FO had signed Jamey Carroll.

    With respect to Neil’s comments, conclude what you wish. But imo, Neil’s comments put a lot in context. And when posters say on Wed, why is Barmes in there, we have had the glimpse to why.

  165. Roberto:

    So if I can boil this down, Neil likes Barmes? But I already knew that, and that he was a good teammate, like I said in my earlier response.

  166. @AW

    Yep, everything you knew, you already knew. And you were right about all of it.

  167. Roberto-yep, and you weren’t intending to criticize or correct anyone at #149, except this coming Wednesday if anyone said anything.

    I tried to be polite.

  168. That was polite?

    I’m just asking.

  169. Drew—#150, 169 and, arguably and my intent, 172 were polite. I was not suggesting
    # 174 was. But I’d love to hear your analysis. (whether that’s polite or not I leave to you).

  170. As far as analysis, that was right on. I was just bored and aiming for your last nerve and evidently I got on it. It’s a special skill.

  171. Coward. How about the analysis? i can take it. Start with #149.

  172. Honestly. I agreed. I was just poking the bear cause of the ‘tried to be polite’ comment which was just too inviting to pass up.

  173. Thought my earlier analogy to DK’s column was apt. We are in a pennant race. To think that somebody who criticizes a team that was coming off two embarrassing losses to a 15-game under bottom dweller and was well on it’s way to a third straight such loss would be denounced as a “negative Nancy” is laughable. To paraphrase DK, we don’t join hands and sing songs and congratulate a team that is playing well below its capability with a hearty “well played” and get ‘em next time.

  174. Drew–and I was very confident that my earlier comments were “polite” and you were cherry picking.

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