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Final: Pirates 10, Dodgers 6

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

Looking ahead to first pitch …

Game: Pirates (64-53) vs. Los Angeles Dodgers (65-53)

Time: 4:05 p.m.

Site: PNC Park

TV, radio: Root Sports, 93.7 The Fan

Here is the live box score.

And here is the Pirates’ lineup vs. Los Angeles RHP Joe Blanton

  1. Starling Marte, LF
  2. Jordy Mercer, 2B
  3. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  4. Garrett Jones, RF
  5. Gaby Sanchez, 1B
  6. Pedro Alvarez, 3B
  7. Rod Barajas, C
  8. Clint Barmes, SS
  9. A.J. Burnett, LHP

Several moves today: Yamaico Navarro and Jared Hughes up, Jeff Locke down, Chad Qualls to bereavement list.

My thoughts on the curiousity of Locke going down.


  1. Hoo Boy, we had better get a lot of walks today

    Just sayin

  2. Um, what am I missing.

    Wasn’t Snider disappointed about being out of the lineup last night because he’s healthy?

    Clint? Beuller?

  3. DK — any chance they sent Locke down to get him starting again in case they need him to step into the Pirates rotation?

  4. My inner slacker appreciates you linking your sulia comments to this site. Now I have more time to go to the break room and talk about the buck I bagged last rifle season.

  5. Any word on NW to the DL?

    This is a big blow to the lineup, not good.

    Mercer should see some fastballs today, hoping for a hit or two from him.

    Tough, ugly homestand…….lets hope they can get this win and head out of town on a good note.

  6. I”m not keen on the idea of the Pirates absolutely calling Cole a no-no for a September call up.

    Remember what the Rays did with David Price? He came up in their playoff run, dominated out of the bullpen and become a starter the next season.

    The Pirates need the depth and a hard thrower like Cole, would be perfect for this situation. Call him up, throw him out of the bullpen, let him get his MLB feet wet and dominate out of the BP.


  7. @NMR

    The Snider thing isn’t making any sense at this point, however, Gabby had a decent game and Jones has been the hottest hitter in the lineup. Good situation to have.

    Can Snider pitch?

  8. Snider could barely run yesterday. Figure he’s being given another day to recover.

  9. There are 45 games left.

    Last year with 45 games left the Atlanta Braves had more than an 8 game lead on the Cardinals.

    The Cardinals came back to win the Wild Card, without even a Playoff, on the last day of the season.
    The Cardinals went on to win the National League pennant.
    The Cardinals went on to win the World Series.

    The Bucs are 7 games out with 45 to go! This season is not over!!!! Can’t give up!!!

    Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!?

  10. my guess is locke goes down because they are not ready to put Neil Walker on DL and they need a spot for Navarro. If Walker needs to go on DL, they call a bullpen arm for the trip to St Louis. Likely McCutchen or Morris or Owens.


  12. I don’t see what it could hurt putting Cole on the 40-man and letting him see some ‘pen time…Altoona is out of the playoff picture, so no harm done there. They might want to let Cole get some time in Triple-A, but that’s just being nice to Indy for the playoffs at this point.

  13. Starters have to be starters vs. Use the best pitchers you have
    Years of control vs. Get the best players available
    Cost certainty vs. Acquiring and fielding the best team you can
    Downward planes vs. Pitchers who can get outs consistently
    Teams that focus on turning a profit vs. Teams that focus on winning championships

    Sorry just had to get that off my chest.

    Today’s DOUBLE DOWN THURSDAY OVER / UNDER (always for fun of course)

    LINE #1
    Total Runs Allowed by AJ Burnett Today’s Game
    Line is 3.5
    (This is Total Runs, NOT Earned Runs)

    LINE #2
    Total Pirates Runs Scored in Today’s Game
    Line is 3.5



    Once Indy is done with their playoffs I bet we could get their whole pitching staff up here haha

  15. Cool that AJ also throws lefty. Easy to mix and match.

  16. Creamatorium,

    For us to bring Owens up, we would have to get back in trade with the Astros.

    I’m sure you meant Justin Wilson as the third option. Just clarifying, not criticizing.

  17. PLAYOFFS>>> 100 UNDER for AJ and 100 OVER FOR THE BUCCOS!

  18. Playoffs, 100 UNDAH Line 1, 100 OVAH Line 2.

    I hope…..

  19. @Playoffs–

    Line #1: 100 UNDER because you just don’t bet against AJ even if there’s a fire

    Line #2: 100 OVER…Bucs don’t lose 4 in a row, DK writes a column about how we’re all a bunch of chicken littles, and all is right in the world.

  20. DK mentioned in the chat that the Front Office sees Justin Wilson as a reliever, not a starter.

    Kind’ve confused me, since I’ve heard the opposite elsewhere. In this case, I take Dejans word over the others, but why would they keep Wilson in the rotation all year?

  21. Listening to the radio post-game show last night, those guys kept mentioning “enjoy” and “enjoyment” and why can’t Pirates fans just “enjoy” this, etc., numerous times. Did the Pirates send out talking points?

  22. At playoffs:
    100 on the under for both lines.

  23. Betting on a prayer, Playoffs:

    100 on the UNDER-Line#1
    100 on the OVER-Line#2

    MAKE ME A WINNER, PIRATES! (And the rest of BuccoLand).

  24. Wow been away for a few days and return to a mess. Neil Walker hurt, the pitching staff in trouble, the Dodgers blowing the team out each day. Yet I look at the standings and we somehow are still holding on to a playoff spot by the slimmest of margins.

    Was hoping that my trip next week to San Diego was going to be meaningful baseball and it still has a chance to be that but we need to right the ship now.

    Is it time to let one of our AAA arms into the rotation to see if they can provide a spark? I really thought the Wandy deal was going to be a boost to the rotation and that has not happened.

    Big game today, really need you AJ Burnett, need to head into St Louis series with some momentum….3-7 home stand just not what was expected.

  25. @ Playoffs – Good to have the chance to get back into that action. Double down Thursday should mean double winner Thursday so here goes.

    Line 1 – 50 on the OVER

    Line 2 – 50 on the UNDER

    Thanks and Let’s Go Bucs!

  26. Tough homestand to get through..We played some hot teams…We will heat up again…Go Bucs!

  27. Maybe this is just what the Bucs needed, a little bit of “nobody believes in us” headed into a big road trip. It worked for AJ heading to the Bucs, so maybe it can work for the whole team.

  28. @JRay

    Getting cheap now that you have a lead huh?


    LINE 1: 100 UNDER
    LINE 2: 100 OVER

  29. Playoffs–on #15—you’re in big trouble, Mister. :-)

  30. DK

    What an ill-advised comment from NH re.: Locke. “it’s unfair to use him from the pen. . . . ”

    There is too much of that lack of realization that we ARE in a pennant race (which you asked in your comment) – not merely to satisfy an abstract goal of reaching .500.

    I’m sure CH would love to have back those “maintenance days” of Walker that we lost while he sat. Well now here are some maintenance of a more severe nature where there is no option.

    A lot of uncertainty prevails today.

  31. Boise (#14),

    In the past, it has been said many times, many ways, the powers that be care extremely less than nothing about the minor league playoffs. Even if it does build a winning atmosphere. EX. Altoona wins the Eastern League and manager gets fired for speaking his mind. Their main concern is the big club, and rightfully so, although it doesn’t seem that way at times.

  32. Playoffs:

    Line #1: 50 on the UNDER

    Line #2: 25 on the OVER

  33. Odd stat but the Dodgers are 12-1 in the eastern time zone.

    I plan on enjoying the Pirates getting out of this funk and beating Joe Blah Blah Blah today.

    Have to listen to radio again today. Hope it’s not Tim and Bob again. Only so much talk about spiders in the booth and what constitutes a “league” in measurement I can take. Don’t they know Rome is burning down below them?

    Beat em Bucs

  34. @ Ryan – I have been doing better with this strategy! By the way what has happened to you, it takes me a minute to find you in the standings? Ha just kidding around.

  35. @ NMR (from previous thread)

    Your quote:
    “Yes, by all means, it’s up to Neal Huntington to sweet talk his notoriously tight boss into spending more money. JUST GIT IT DUN NEIL!!”

    NMR – you are exactly right / stop flapping your gums, Neil

  36. Three things separate this offense from what it was in June and July.

    1. Neil Walker
    2. A hot Casey McGhee vs Gabby Sanchez
    3. Pedro hitting balls over fences vs Pedro throwing balls over fences

    Cutch has cooled off as well obviously but that isn’t as big of a deal as Pedro losing his way again and not having Casey McGhee at his best.

  37. It’s a day game today so let’s hope K-dro turns back into Pedro!!

  38. @playoffs…

    Line 1: 100 on the under
    Line 2: 50 on the over

  39. @Playoffs -

    Line 1 100 on the UNDER for AJ.
    Line 2 100 on the OVER for the Bucs.

    If they can’t win this one…

  40. Every one have today’s moves?

    Qualls to bereavement list, Hughes up, locke down, navarro up, no DL for Walker yet

  41. The FO has been consistent in the messages they send: They don’t care much about 2012. It’s all about 201X, when magical fairies arrive and make the team unstoppable.

  42. JAL–you missed it above, that’s what DK said in the post, except about Walker. And the Trib’s reporting Walker won’t need disabled list.

  43. Oshkosh b’gosh,

    I heard the same radio supposed play-by-play last night. I wanted to pull my car off the road and punch something.

    There’s nothing worse than Tim Neverett talking about horses walking so many leagues below the ocean while you hear the bat connect and the crowd erupt. Tim has to finish his cute little story before telling what is happening on the play!!

    WHAT ABOUT THE GAME?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Tim Neverett leads to Road Rage! Stamp out Tim and his spider and horse stories!

  44. @ Demon – 43

    The FO are a bunch of professional BSers, that’s all. It is a shame we can’t find a modern day Syd Thrift to run the show.

  45. Arriba

    Oh well, at least i added something new

  46. @Playoffs

    Thanks for the Thirsty, errr, I mean Double Down Thursday.

    I think AJ will be good on the mound again, so I will go UNDER 100.

    For the second line, I will go OVER 50. I see the Bucs winning today.

    Beat em Bucs!

  47. I still think they may have decided they couldn’t win this year. Hard to argue with the results so far, but also makes you want to rethink 24/7′s much maligned report that certain players weren’t happy with the FO’s effort.

  48. @Arriba

    I think you’re absolutely correct, but it doesn’t make me rethink my criticism of 24/7 at all.

    I had nothing wrong with reporting something from the clubhouse, and I have no problem with the players not being happy.

    The fact is that somebody has to make the dirty call on whether or not this team is actually good enough to sustain their June and July success.

    Back then I dind’t think that was the case and its being shown right now. Doesn’t mean they’re bad, doesn’t mean you quit, but it also doesn’t mean you ship your best cargo on the Titanic in hopes it doesn’t sink.

    Does anyone really think Shane Victorino or Paul Maholm saves this team from this funk?

  49. Texas is in the process of losing 4th straight to NYY.

    Casey McGehee just scored go ahead run.

  50. @ NMR – 50

    I agree, Victorino or Maholm does not save the Bucs from this funk. They may have helped to win 2 or 3 more games, best case.

  51. Burnett will give the Bucs every chance to win. Pedro, however, is a death sentence right now.
    Put Harrison on third.

    DK: Wow! Nice to hear from you.

  52. Roberto,

    Today’s first post on the Wakeup Call was your first remotely negative post of the season. Did you get fired from the FO for yammering for Jamey Carroll? 8)

  53. NMR–I don’t want to get into the coulda, woulda, shoulda, but right now, sitting here today, with total short term hindsight, yeah, I think we would have been better off since the deadline with Victorino(who I wanted them to get) and Maholm (who I didn’t want them to get). I’m not sure how that’s even much in doubt. But you asked that question.

  54. Playoffs,

    Line 1 – 100 OVER
    Line 2 – 100 OVER


  55. Gunner—2 or three more games over the time period we’re talking about is huge. HUGE!

  56. Playoffs……100 under, 100 over….Go Bucs damnit!!!!!!!

  57. Back in the game….50 units on the under on both

  58. @Jray

    Tell me about man….this homestand has killed me…….I think I’ll be busted on today’s lines too, but I gotta do something to catch up

  59. @Bob

    What do you mean by “I’m sure CH would love to have back those “maintenance days” of Walker that we lost while he sat. Well now here are some maintenance of a more severe nature where there is no option.”

    You think CH is regretting giving NW some a game or two off because he hurt his finger last night?? That statement makes no sense to me at all.

  60. Would Victorino help more than what Marte has done? Hard to answer, it seems Victo hadn’t done anything until arriving in Pittsburgh. Isn’t that how it always works?

    PM, would’ve been a better upgrade over Wandy, for sure. He was doing better than him before the deadline and continues to shine for Atlanta. Good for him, seriously. Always liked the guy.

  61. I forgot about Snider’s hammy issue. I thought Jandy was supposed to help him out with that??

  62. @Arriba

    I never asked if the Pirates would be better with Victorino and Maholm.

    I asked if they would’ve been enough to break the team out of this recent 3-9 funk.

    There’s a huge difference there. The team isn’t exactly losing by a gnats eyelash.

  63. Ryan

    She did her best , that is why he is rest it today.

  64. @NMR

    That’s a difficult question to ask. Seriously. I think PM would’ve helped more than what Victo could’ve done. The offense hasn’t been all THAT bad while the pitching has been ridiculoulsly bad

  65. @Playoffs

    I’m back… lets hope I’m the lucky charm to break the Bucs outta this slump

    Gonna be positive

    Line#1 – 100 on the UNDER

    Line#2 – 100 on the OVER

    Let’s Go Bucs!

  66. @ Ryan – 65

    The pitching has been absolutely deplorable / let’s hope AJ has one of his masterful performances today

  67. @playoffs

    Let me get 100 units on the under for #1 and 100 units on the over for #2.

    As always, thanks!

  68. @Gunner

    They (pitchers) are the real reason for this semi-skid they are on. AJ’s got to get it together. His last outing didn’t help either.

    Time to shut them down!

  69. @Ryan

    Of course it’s a difficult question to ask. Thats what makes a GM’s job hard. I garuntee nobody would be giving him a pat on the back if he traded for Maholm and Victorino and the Pirates were still losing, which is very likely.

    The defense has been almost as bad as the pitching. Maholm, a groundball pitcher, was a victim of that while he was in Pittsburgh. That could’ve very well happened again.

    I think it is absolutely part of a GM’s job is to determine whether or not his team has what it takes to make a run and if it’s worth going “all in”, so to speak. If the Pirates had continued playing well and needed a piece to put them over the top, then I’d absolutely be critical of Huntington for not getting it. As it stands, the players are doing nothing to earn my sympathy.

  70. What’s the big deal with Walker being out of the lineup? We were losing with him in there and we will keep losing without him. It’s the time of year for the yearly Pirate swoon, so what’s the difference? Meanwhile, Cincy keeps winning and we keep losing.
    7 games out now. Cincy has too good of a lineup to swoon like the Bucs did. Maybe when Pirate management comes to their senses, and buys or trades for some decent hitters, then and only then, will we be contenders. Too many automatic outs on the present roster, like yesterday’s game. Pedro up 4 times- result, 4 strikeouts, and
    Marte- up 4 times- result, 3 strikeouts. Need I go on?

  71. Swing the two 1-run games this homestand, and the Bucs are 5-5 on it and still have a WC lead.

    So, I think an extra player or two could have prevented the funk from being quite as painful.

  72. The way they were playing up to the deadline, this was definetly a team that was in contention.

    The deals NH made were not for a playoff run, IMO, they were more for long term solutions. I like both the Snider and Gabby pickups, they both have that “potential” tag on their back.

    I liked the Wandy trade at the time, though PM was cheaper and pitching better.

    A lot of this could be thrown back on Searage as well. Maybe his game plan aren’t working to the pitchers advantage.

    My guess though, is that it isn’t a game plan issue, but a pitchers location issue.

  73. With respect to all, I just don’t think mentally, Paul Maholm would be here what he is in Atlanta, what he was in Chicago.
    It hadn’t been years, it had been part of a season. When I read that the Bucs were interested, I honestly thought “could they be that mean? To bring him back here?”

    I am not, in any way, saying Mr. Maholm isn’t a true professional that would do his best here, it just doesn’t seem right, to bring him back to the place that was such an ardorous road in the latter years.

  74. Hi Playoffs, been awhile sir!

    line 1 (uno, isa, hanna): 100 OVER please
    line 2 (duos, dalawa, dool) 100 OVER please

    Thank you (gracias, grazi, salamat, tze tze, cum-sa-HAM-ne-da, aragato, ahhhh, you get the point)

    Hoist up that there jolly shuttlecock

  75. Playoffs –

    Line 1: 50 on the OVER

    Line 2: 100 on the OVER

    Please…hope I am not too late. Just home now…

    Thanks -

  76. @playoffs

    Line 1 – 100 on the OVER

    Line 2 – 100 on the UNDER

  77. I agree with POH above. Paul got no run support last season and no respect from the FO in the off season. His ERA was low last season but, all we heard was he’s a #5 starter, PTC pitcher. Instead, they bring in Bedard to replace him. How’s that workin’ out?

  78. If on time line 1 – 50 on the under and Line 2 – 100 on the over.

  79. Time for AJ to stop the bleeding.

  80. Very good inning……..amazed that they didn’t give up a run.

    I do think he’s the stopper and that he’ll get it done today.

  81. Great start for A.J. A nice 5-spot here would be refreshing.

  82. A 7 pitch AB from you leadoff hitter turns in to a single…….I’ll take that.

  83. I’ll be honest, I know its the 1st inning, but I was really hoping for a Jordy bunt there.

  84. Nice bottom half of the inning so far…..getting to Blanton early would be great. Gotta make something happen here.

  85. There we go, let’s get something started now

  86. Jones is 1-13 against Blanton…….the 1 hit……a HR, make it another

  87. Ask and you shall receive Ryan!

  88. Boom!!!

    there it goes!

  89. See ya!!….Anyone else see that one coming? Blanton gives up a lot of hr’s. That might just be the first of a few we see.


  91. dude’s on fire right now…….Glad to see it.

    Buccos taking Blanton deep into counts.

    Like it.

  92. THOSE are the kind of moments that I wish I could check Twitter at work, cause I guarantee it just essploded

  93. Not sure I fully understand this newfangled concept called “having the lead.”

  94. @Patton

    See comment # 89

  95. BB

    Where you at again? I know its in AFN land somewhere.

  96. Gaby, you better be careful, AJ’s handing out throat-punches for grounding into DP’s today, and we all know how you like grounding into DP’s…pretty sure that’s what the player’s only meeting was about yesterday, just setting down ground rules for AJ throat-punches

  97. @Ryan–haha right smack in the middle, can’t really say where

  98. Gotcha……..


  99. Took Blanton to 35 pitches that inning……..sweet.

    The good part, besides the HR is that Barajas won’t be leading off.

    Barmes single, AJ sac bunt, and Marte brings him in to start up the next inning.

    But most likely, Barmes out, AJ out, Marte on base, Mercer out.

  100. I gotcha then………

  101. AJ’s got what he needs, it’s 15th win time


  102. Wow — Kemp is ticked!

  103. With a 3-0 lead, AJ can now attack the strike zone. Go after hitters and let them get themselves out.

    Just can’t throw any meatballs, which he usually doesn’t.

  104. @JMB

    What happened?

  105. Kemp was chirping from the dugout and got tossed.

  106. Correction Ryan.

    Barmes ground out, AJ strike out, Marte big ole whiffer.

  107. yeah, what’s goin on? How did Kemp and Mattingly get ejected when Ethier is the one batting?

  108. We are the ones that got hosed on that check swing. Walk and Brownie aren’t bringing up why they were ticked off…..

  109. They’re not happy they’re not winning this game 6-0. Poor babies.

  110. Or are we being positive today? in that case go with the single, the bunt, and the RBI.

    What was Kemp all peeved about?

  111. Matt Kemp was ejected from the dugout for chirping. He then ran onto the field and went crazy.

    Mattingly’s been tossed too.

  112. Kemp & Mattingly each just lost their minds. And a few dollars. And maybe some games.

  113. I have the dodgers broadcast, and they’re worried about the suspension coming for Kemp for bumping the ump during the brouhaha.

  114. Too bad they couldn’t have done that in game 1 of this godforsaken series…Kemp kinda lit the Bucs up

  115. Well then a BIG THANK YOU goes out to Mr. Kemp.

  116. I agree with BB……better late than never though.

  117. Plenty of Hope,

    Welcome, Good ‘n Plenty!!

    Have you seen the neck of Travis Snider?! Almost as good as Andy Van Slyke!!

  118. Bucs need to pile on next few innings…if anything, need to remember what it feels like to score 10+ runs in a game, what it feels like to absolutely destroy and take the air out of a team, like they’ve been doing to the Bucs.

  119. And this inning’s important; Blanton thinks that he’s got 2 gimme outs coming…Barmes (I EVEN SPELLED YOUR NAME RIGHT) needs a big hit right here

  120. @Groat

    Too bad he doesn’t have Andy’s hammy





  122. @BB

    Or, swing at the 1st pitch and pop out…either way.

  123. This is how you know that the nation knows that the Pirates exist…when they get air time on AFN lol

    The Steelers play on AFN every week for the record

  124. Per Dodgers broadcast –

    The Ellis strike 3 call, then an Ethier up and away pitch, Kemp starts chippin’, the ump warns him to shut up, and toss-a-rooni.

  125. lol that is why I call him BAAARRRRRRRMMMMMEEEEEESSSSSS cause he first-pitch-pops-up every single time

  126. With a 3-1 lead, I’m only concerned about Barmes’ defense right now……

  127. Potato Boise,

    We are excited that you get to see the game on TV!!

    We are stuck listening to sometimes talks about the baseball game Timmy.

    Enjyo! Enjoy! Enjoy!

  128. North Cali Ryan,

    “With a 3-1 lead, I’m only concerned about Barmes’ defense right now……”

    Very wise comment!!!!

  129. It’s the Dodgers’ broadcast, they’re not doing a bad job, honestly. Not too homer-y. They’re talking about AJ having such a good season this year

  130. Glad to see the line drive from Pedro’s bat….Barajas and Barmes just seem to have poor swing mechanics. Good inning AJ…….

  131. Haha Dodgers broadcast talking about the Bucs history of jersey number 69…interestingly enough, no Dodger has ever worn #69

  132. Kemp will get a few games for that nonsense.

  133. [Bill and Ted meet themselves]
    Ted: OK wait. If you guys are really us, what number are we thinking of?
    Bill, Ted: 69, dudes.
    Bill, Ted: Whoa.
    [quadruple air guitar solo]


  135. Son of a…dang it Gabbie you’re never gonna get your name spelled right

  136. Thank you, Pedro——may I have another?

    Just slap me along side the head!!

  137. Jamo for Headley this offseason.

    El Toro better get his 1b practice going this winter.

  138. fumble pedro

  139. @JMB–yep

  140. sigh dammit…ok, gotta regroup next inning

  141. I don’t understand Cutch. What’s the use being blessed with great speed if you never use it to steal a base.

  142. They can’t risk him getting caught…for a while, he was the only one really driving in runs and getting on base consistently. If he gets caught, it kills whatever they’ve got going. He needs to concentrate on driving in runs and getting on base. Steal if the opportunity arises, but he shouldn’t go out of his way.

  143. Jeeeeeeez…the Dodgers broadcasters had JUST got done talking about how Kennedy had exactly ONE stolen base this year, and how he had been in the league 13 years and he was getting up there in years…right before he ran on Barajas.

  144. Money talks. Difference between Dodgers and us. They had some weakness at a couple positions and went out and acquired players to fill those positions. Now they have professional hitters at every position. Sadly the Pirates don’t.

  145. I’m guessing that Ben will get 2 or 3 series with the 1st team O-line. We’ll probably see more of the Haley offense installed into the game plan for the 2nd game. And Mike Wallace should be back at practice next week.

  146. Holy cow what’s the world coing to first it’s the Germans that bombed Peral Harbor (who knew) Post # 11 and Pleanty is back. How ya doing Plenty?

  147. Milo, what sport is that you’re talking about? Soccer?

  148. Just transitioning, Mr. Groat.

  149. Hot Rod must have been wearing his Cutch disguise to draw that walk


    Some Pirate (and former) talk in Klaw’s chat.

    @Foo might cry when he reads the Grossman stuff.

    I don’t think this is In$ider E$PN.


  152. HOT Rod!



  154. Hot Rod scores from first? Barmes with a key hit? Who are these guys?

  155. Good job Barmes. Was that Rusty Staub running the bases??

  156. They were timing Barajas running around the bases with a calendar!

    Great job, good-glove no-hit Barmes!!

  157. Looks like RB needs some oxygen.

    I wonder if he was singing his walk up song as he was haulin’ butt around the bases:

    “All my friends drive a LOW-rider…”

  158. Hot Rod needs to hit the oxygen tank like a WR after a 85 yard TD catch, that was a long run for him

  159. haha timing him with a calendar…

    “hurry Hot Rod! The Mayans are coming!”

  160. Could Mike Wallace score from 1st in the time it takes Rod Barajas to score from 3rd?

    Just transitioning, Mr. Milo.

  161. 9-pitches, 1-2-3, AJ is done with your shenanigans

  162. Flipping to the little league world series. They have, every inning, something that’s called a special pinch runner….What is this game coming to????…Turning into softball. It wasn’t for the catcher when there were 2 outs….Weak…..

  163. Big non strike call. Could’ve been 2 outs, now we have 2 on..,,,,come on Jones, go get ‘em……..


  165. Garrett Jones is not soff.

  166. Big time clutch hit for GI…….

  167. Fans just gave AJ’s curtain call to GFJ

  168. Man, Pedro even hit one


  170. Buh-bye Blanton.

  171. With every ball that goes over the fence here, Hanley Ramirez is feeling less & less comfortable about his next at bat.

  172. Jones sure is going to be expensive next year. (channelling NH)

  173. Anybody go with the 2x OVER’s today? Not this guy!

  174. Ned Coletti’s hairpiece just got thrown out of the game !

  175. Dodgers sure are fussy.

    They just won three straight!

  176. Wow just get back in to see the GI Jones show and El Toro going yard to center! Blanton gets tossed all because he is upset he got lit up!

    Stay classy LA, stay classy!

  177. Buster Olney ‏@Buster_ESPN
    Joe Blanton gets relieved, gets ejected and then gets crazy, in that order. Blanton had stared down Angel Campos, before saying something.

  178. Welcome to August, Mr. Pedro!!

    We haven’t see you around here since July 22.

  179. AJ chirping at Javy Guerra from the on deck circle. “Get back on the mound.” With a head shake. Then some bad words.

  180. Garrett Jones has become the player we all hoped Pedro Alvarez would become.

    Good job, Legend!!!

  181. Saw an interesting stat earlier, the Bucs are 32-14 when scoring first…what is more interesting to me is that we have only scored first in now 47 of 118 games?

  182. Hanley is praying for Ethier to get on base.

  183. Well, looks like I got a push on today’s lines.

  184. Jones with 6 RBI’s? He can run the bases however he wants! Maybe Neil going down will be our Joey Votto moment.

  185. “Sit the bleep down. Sit down.” Burnett angrily shouts at Hanley after he strikes him out.

  186. Hanley didnt get tossed? That was blatant!

    He didnt like that strike 2 call.


    could see that one coming!

  187. Wilver Dornel,

    I enjoyed your “channeling Neal” moment!

  188. Ha AJ tells Ramirezto sit the BLEEP down! The fierce competiveness of Mr. Burnett shines through and the team is showing some bite and fight today!

  189. I got a push as well…I’m calling it a moral victory

  190. This is awesome raw emotion from AJ today.

  191. if AJ get’s plunked here, expect a riot

  192. All we need now is a McCutchen home run and the day will be complete.

  193. Well, besides a victory of course.

  194. Why was Jones hesitant to come out of the dugout? Afraid to show the other team up? Why is it the Pirates job to be subservant to everybody? The Dodgers aren’t happy to win three games 25-7 they want today’s game and their first born. Everybody’s getting thrown out. The Pirates get jobbed out of two strike’m out throw’m out DPs that cost the Pirates runs allowed. The Dodgers aren’t satisfied unless they get every call. I don’t know why the Pirates take it, if they have the sense to be offended, if they know how to respond if they are, or who’s teaching these guys to play ashamed.

    This franchise has 19 years of tire tracks and cleat marks on their back it’s time to stop allowing teams to walk on over them. Time to stand up, show self-respect and turn the tables. They should impose their will on these teams. Show emotion. Have fun. Screw the other teams. Beat’m by 1,000.

    Thank God for A.J. Burnett. He’s getting pissed at the Dodgers disrespect. He knows his stuff. Now follow his lead.

  195. lol Cutch doesn’t even have an official AB yet, don’t think they’re in a hurry to give him one

  196. F the Dodgers. They haven’t won a damn thing since ’88.

  197. Glad to see everyone joining me on the Barmes bandwagon. You’re a little late, but welcome aboard.

    Before today’s numbers are factored in:

    August stats: BA .306, OBP .324, OPS .769, 5 RBI
    Last 28 days: BA . 269, OBP .300, OPS .688 9 RBI

    He also had 11 RBI in June and 10 RBI in July. Pretty productive for a #8 hitter.

  198. @22

    …and I hate Tommy Lasorda.

  199. Again, Kemp got run out and it the Bucs that got screwed on the check swing call. What were they even whining about???

  200. Thanks, G2M. I’m sure it wasn’t universal. :-)

  201. I learned something about the LA Dodgers today.

  202. Our good relief pitchers should be well rested. Both of them.

  203. @twentytwo22

    Tell us how you really feel!

  204. This game isn’t over yet folks, 2 on, 1 out for the bad guys

  205. and I see Milo is still rollin’

  206. I just saw this on twitter and had a nice chuckle… Awesome idea: let’s start calling him “Andy Rodriguez”… he can have the W back when he finally gets one.

  207. Biz, you’re so right so the guys better not EVEN let the Dodgers back in the game,

  208. @TDB–winner

  209. ah crap, hit Victorino on an 0-2 pitch…bases loaded for Ellis.

    Need Beastmode AJ right now. If he can’t do it, he needed to tell Searage straight up.

  210. that lucky…GAH

  211. One more batter than you have to get AJ.

  212. who’s warming up in the ‘pen?

  213. Please tell me someone is in the BP?

  214. Dodgers broadcast showed Watson and a righty, can’t say who

  215. 8-6, its not in the hopper yet

  216. GET HIM OUT OF THERE!!!!!

  217. HBP??

    Are you freakin kidding me?

  218. Bring in your best pitcher now…..who cares what inning it is…….this is where you save the game.

  219. Please say it’s not Juan Cruz please say it’s not Juan Cruz please please please

  220. @Jandy


  221. 2 outs, need to keep it on the ground, got a good defensive infield right now…you know who would be good? JARED HUGHES

  222. @Boise

    Hughes is warming up but he’s going to Watson.

  223. Oh man…Watson…strike zone’s really tight


  225. Dodged a bullet there, need some runs

  226. Big out Watson….just need six outs, just get it to Hammer.

  227. Cutch/Mayor Jones his honorableness/Gabbie…need some runs

  228. Dodgers broadcast is saying that Kemp was saying, “let’s go ‘Dre,” referring to Andre Ethier, when he got tossed

  229. Come on lumber!!!!!

  230. Biz…we’re hangin!!!

  231. Cutch has to be the worst “superstar” trying to steal……….by far………….

  232. ah, crap Cutch! Ya got caught! How’s GFJ gonna hit a 2-run jack with you in the dugout?

  233. Caught napping…sheesh

  234. One area Cutch needs to improve in to be the complete player he can be is leads, base stealing getting his speed to be a weapon.

  235. OK…I did learn something about the Dodgers today

  236. If that wasn’t so pathetic it would be funny. Not even trying to steal with your hottest hitter up.

  237. Angel Campos is pretty much a bum. Just glad he has the Dodgers in his crosshairs and not us.

    Oh Andrew…how can one of the most insanely gifted ballplayers be so bad at basic baserunning? Imagine what he’s going to look like when he figures it out.

  238. c’mon Daydro, make ‘em pay

  239. That’ll work

  240. Good game by Pedro.


  242. woo-hoo!!!!!!!


  244. That’s what I’m talking about!!!!!!!

  245. Jamey Wright wasn’t good when he was good.

  246. Milo, what was he then?

  247. @Jandy


  248. Who is this Barmes guy that the Pirates just picked up? He looks like the other Barmes, wears the same number and everything, but seems to know what he’s doing at the plate.

  249. Ken Laird ‏@Ken_Laird
    That’s 8 RBI for Barmes the past 5 games. He had 7 total in April & May.

    That # seems impossible.

  250. @Milo,

    true, but isn’t America and MLB great? Jamey Wright can be mediocre and make $12 million in his career.

  251. That was a great inning

    Grilli time, CH make it happen, his velocity demands it

  252. Big half inning with contributions from bottom of order, team has answered all day!

  253. Milo, now why didn’t EYE (sorry Drew) think of that???

    Dachsie lol…I was wondering that myself!

  254. Our guys can certainly beat up on the Joe Blanton’s & Ross O’s of the world!

    As long as we get 17 more games vs. these types , the streak will be toast.

  255. Well, if you’re gonna airmail the throw to first, throw it hard enough so that it bounces back to the foul line before the runner has time to realize…he wasn’t gonna get Hanley anyway

  256. Have to say, win or lose today, I LOVED AJ’s fire and passion. I hope the rest of the fellas pick up on that. Let’s Go Bucs!!!

  257. @JMB -

    They should get Ollie again on Wednesday.

    7 more against the Cubs, 6 against the Astros.

    I’d hope they go 7-7 at least there, makes getting to 82 a lot easier.

  258. Please! No more little league stuff..sheesh!

  259. Milo, yes, that at least makes me happy! AJ CAN and WILL show them how to do it.

  260. Haha that was the best bad play I think I’ve ever seen? I’m not even sure what that was, but I think I’m ok with it…

    So for those that couldn’t see, Grilli got a comebacker to the mound, turned and threw to second to start the DP. Except the throw to Barmes went wide, and it went…right to Mercer, who was backing up on the play. He just pivoted and threw to first for the only out he could get. Weird play.

  261. That was just bad Grilli. Thank god Mercer was there.

  262. Classic 1-4-3… single play.

  263. Then Gaby pretends he’s Heath Miller and boom we’re on to the bottom half of the inning.

  264. Burnett deserves the win today just for his body of work for the year…..A grind out victory when you didn’t have your best stuff should be AJ’s…..

  265. hasn’t been this time in a while…

  266. one down 2 to go!

  267. darn it Pedro!

  268. Error #20 for El First baseman in 2013?

  269. ok that’s two!!!!

  270. Wow, we finally beat the LAD!

  271. Yes, I learned something about the Dodgers today…..

  272. Behind AJ Burnett’s 15rh win of the season and GI Jones 6 RBI day the Bucs sink the Dodgers 10-6 and there was noooooooooo doubt about it.

    The Pirates head back on the road to take on the Cardinals in a key three game series with playoff implications. James McDonald takes the ball in game one of the series tomorrow night.

    Let’s Go Bucs!

  273. RAISE IT


  275. haha Jandy, what did you learn?

  276. I hope JMac has his mojo back.

  277. What ya think Boise??? Aren’t they???

  278. OK, that one, I enjoyed.

  279. Dachsie, me too :)

  280. I wonder if there’s any chance they’d offer Jones a 3 or 4 year deal.

    As a Super 2, next year is 2 of 4 in arbitration. I’d think 3 for 21 or 24 would be reasonable.

  281. ….fear the Bones….

    …and Angel Campos too.

  282. well, as long as they’re all sore losers together as a team…

  283. If GJ finishes at a 2 fWAR, I think he gets a 2/$12mm offer.

    Due to his age –31, I can’t see giving him more than a 2yr deal.

    After eleven years kickin’ around in MiLB, at least he might get some security for his post-baseball life w. the wife and kid(s).

  284. Boise, seriously…we got killed but didn’t act the way they did.

  285. As was already said, this was enjoyable. It feels good again. Catch you all tomorrow :)

  286. Jones has certainly deserved it this year…..Would love to see him do this for a few more years…..

  287. Glad I DVR’d this one. It was not automatic that I would do so.

  288. Wow. Just got in, saw headline “Final: Pirates 10, Dodgers 6″, with 300 comments, and dyslexically read it to be yesterday’s Pirates Lose entry, figured it was an off Thursday so people were still commenting on yesterday’s wipeout. Some therapist should really stake out a reputation as the James Andrews of nursing long time Pirates fans back to mental health.

  289. Wonder where Piglegs has been. Must be on night shift this week or out of town.

  290. Hate to look on the dark side, but isn’t this 2 straight bad outings from AJ? It’s like the whole staff has collapsed at once, which makes me wonder if there’s not some aspect of the coaching of Pirates pitchers which has now been solved by opponents and requires adjustment.

  291. Scanning today’s posts I learned:
    POH is back!!!

    Garrett Jones is not soft

  292. I may actually see Jesse Chavez pitch tonight. Live & in person.

    I will heckle him with chants: Go light a candle in the clubhouse!

  293. Soff. :-)

  294. Regarding DK’s comments about them sending Locke down and why not keeping up here in long relief.

    It seems like a big deal is made when starters are sent to the pen. They have to get used to the new routing, warming up muliple times during a single game and week, not knowing when they’ll get in, coming into games with runners on, etc….

    Add to the fact that Locke is a rookie.
    This is a pennant race, so it seems like Hughes is a good option. I don’t have a problem with what they are doing with Locke or the roster.

    (please refrain from reflex responses)

    DK: Ha! Nicely played.

  295. Lucky, you’re right. Maybe you can’t give absolution, but when you’re right, you’re right.

    We need Pigsie back.

    And I need one of those reflex mallets. For Thunder.

  296. I don’t understand why so many people don’t care for Tim Neverett. I think he calls a good game, and doesn’t “force” his enthusiasm as much as other announcers do. I had the pleasure of meeting him earlier this season, and he is a genuinely nice person who has a keen knowledge of the game.

    Is he the next Ernie Harwell?

    Is he a good announcer?
    I’d say yes

    Will he get better as time goes on?
    You betcha

    (climbs off soap box)

  297. By the way, OVER OVER wins today. Here are the updated standings. THREE PLAY FRIDAY tomorrow.

    JRay3 ** 1850
    Mlrgenuine ** 1530
    Chico ** 1505
    Nate83 ** 1415
    pattonbb ** 1400
    Curt ** 1200
    radio wave ** 1080
    Slack Boss ** 935
    RobertoForever ** 900
    Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) ** 900
    manny_sanguine ** 850
    crkkid ** 825
    Mike C. ** 750
    Bizrow ** 745
    DemonDachshund ** 700
    cosmo ** 650
    dcpinpgh ** 575
    Jay G -Jacksonville FL via New Castle ** 575
    stuart66 ** 530
    Arriba Wilver ** 445
    JohninOshkosh ** 400
    Steve J Smith ** 400
    dcpfjr ** 350
    Evan ** 303
    Absolute59 ** 300
    Karen22 ** 300
    JD ** 275
    Naje ** 250
    Hal Smith ** 250
    JMB ** 250
    Kevin ** 250
    MarkV ** 225
    likeabugonarug ** 207
    Officer Mancuso ** 180
    cmat0829 ** 150
    Stennettorian ** 150
    jeffsbar ** 100
    milo66 ** 100
    lckythump ** 100
    buggee ** 100
    JaxBuc ** 75
    Sir Lochsby ** 50
    tmp444 ** 5
    Milo Hamilton ** 0
    swissvaletoarizonapat ** 0
    NMR ** 0
    Dan1283 ** 0
    Drew 71 ** 0
    JUCOfan ** -75
    TK ** -100
    Petro Steel ** -100
    Joe Bucco ** -100
    K. PenFan ** -100
    Rocco ** -100
    albatros ** -100
    Bucco_Jax ** -101
    OZ ** -150
    McG ** -200
    bman ** -285
    GlassHalfFull ** -305
    lawnbeaver ** -350
    Pants-n-at ** -400
    Stickyweb ** -425
    Kevin S ** -500
    bob hasis ** -550
    Boise Bucco ** -900
    TDB1977 ** -1140

    First Place at the end of the season will win:

    Second Place at the end of the season will win:

    Third Place at the end of the season will win:
    (1) 2012 Topps Roberto Clemente Card

  298. playoffs… he has the most contrived, fake, sing-song, wanna-be-skip-caray schtick i’ve ever heard… not one genuine sound from that guy… it’s canned voice 101… he may be nice, he may be interesting, but the guy’s contrived, sing-song, forced modulation is not for me… ever.

  299. Reds lose 8-4 to the Mets, so the Pirates gain a full game on the 1st place Reds.

  300. @Playoffs:

    Glad to see you posting some more editorialized comments lately. Get back on that soapbox more often!

  301. @Naje,

    I completely understand what you mean to an extent, and I respect your opinion. But honestly, I enjoy listening to him (Tim Neverett) more than I do Greg Brown at this point. Maybe it’s the fact that I like an announcer to call the game, and not look for any good reason to come up with a yelled catch phrase or swoon over the hometown players. Unfortuntely it seems Mr. Brown has fallen into that type of game calling mentality.

    I still love to sit back and watch a game called by Vin Scully. There is nothing better than that (in my opinion). I think the announcing team of Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow in San Francisco is the best two man team in the business, and I wish the Pirates announcers were more like them. But again that is just my opinion.

    I honestly miss the days of Curt Gowdy, Ernie Harwell, and Jack Buck. Those guys knew how to call a game and tell a great story. Unfortunately I was only able to listen to them near the end of their careers, but those 3 along with Vin Scully are the gold standard as far as I’m concerned.

    But hey, that’s just me.

  302. @John,

    Thanks man. I’ve never been able to keep quiet for very long. Just ask my parents, my wife, my friends, my teachers, my bosses, my ex’s…….the list could go on and on.

  303. Playoffs—you the Man!

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