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Final: Pirates 6, Cardinals 3, 19 innings

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

Looking ahead to first pitch …

Game: Pirates (66-54) vs. St. Louis Cardinals (65-55)

Time: 2:15 p.m.

Site: Busch Stadium, St. Louis

TV, radio: Root Sports, 93.7 The Fan

Here is the live box score.

And here is the Pirates’ lineup vs. St. Louis LHP Jaime Garcia

  1. Jose Tabata, LF
  2. Josh Harrison, 2B
  3. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  4. Gaby Sanchez, 1B
  5. Travis Snider, RF
  6. Michael McKenry, C
  7. Pedro Alvarez, 3B
  8. Clint Barmes, SS
  9. Jeff Karstens, RHP


  1. LHP Jaime Garcia is starting for the Cardinals.

    I don’t care if Sandy Koufax in his prime is pitching today, Garrett Jones HAS to be in that starting lineup.

  2. Today’s PICK ‘EM (always for fun of course)

    What Will Jeff Karstens Get in Today’s Game


  3. Marte to the DL, Walker and Mercer below par, Mercer going on Paternity leave tomorrow, the ever changing roster

  4. @Jray Yeah, me too on Marte. Total stinkage!

    I also hope Walker is back. He was knocked out by Ryan Church (IIRC) before I got to Oakland in 2010, and he was off on the Saturday I came to LA last year.

    I hope Walker is functional this week.

    Today’s lineup is so far removed from our various squads that I don’t know what to make of it.

  5. @Playoffs

    I’m hoping for a win, but I’m wagering on a LOSS for 100.


  6. at playoffs:
    Put me down for 100 on a choice of win.
    JAL, thanks for the transactions update.

  7. Qualls back tomorrow so they flip him for Mercer leaving.

  8. no GFJ? Double-play monster Gabby hitting cleanup?

    Playoffs, I’d like to wager 100 fake units on the WIN for Karsty today, and I’d like a shot of your cheapest whiskey too…

    Heartburn game for everybody today!! GO BUCS

  9. I don’t trust Tabata. I would rather see Presley recalled. Presley has played much harder than Tabata, and I think that would translate to more success than Tabata will have. Hopefully I am wrong, but I don’t like Tabata being recalled a bit.


    I just took a look at the schedule for this week. The reds will be in Philly and facing the following pitchers:

    Monday – Roy Halladay
    Tuesday – Cliff Lee
    Wednesday – Vance Worley
    Thursday – Cole Hamels

    I know, I know, Philly stinks on ice this year. But, if ever there was a time for those 4 pitchers to pitch like they CAN….. Now, would be that time. Wishful thinking sees the Reds LOSE 3 of 4.

    Factor that in with us in San Diego, and HEYYYYYY YOU NEVER KNOW…..

  11. @Playoffs

    I’ll take 50 on the WIN. Thanks!

    Let’s Go Bucs!

  12. 75 on the win. Thanks

  13. Bench better not be needed today!

  14. 50 on the no decision.

  15. @playoffs

    35 on NO DECISION

  16. 100 on the WIN.

  17. @Playoffs

    Wow, what a quandry the Bucs roster is. Injuries really piling up this week.

    Karstens has been alternating, decisions and no decisions.

    Guess I will wager 50 on the No Decision. Maybe Jones coming off the bench gives the win to Grilli.

    Need some Zoltan today.

  18. Just wondering – no comments from the Asylum on DK’s twitter exchange with J-Mac & Cutch?

  19. My son got an autograph from Walker yesterday and asked him when he’d be playing again. His response was a cryptic “Not sure, as soon as I can”. I would have felt a lot better if he would have said in a day or two.

    I still can’t get over Hurdle not bringing in Hughes to face Molina yesterday. If we miss a playoff spot by 1 game that’s the moment I’ll think of first. As I suspected, Hurdle said that he wanted to give Bedard a chance to pitch out of it to boost his confidence. In stark contrast to Hurdle was Mike Metheny, who didn’t give a hoot about Lance Lynn’s confidence and pulled him in the 5th, got out of the jam and won the game. I just pray that someone in a position of authority with the Pirates realizes that they’re in a pennant race before it’s too late.

  20. @RF–saw that yesterday, thought it got taken out of context. Seemed to get settled pretty quickly.

  21. Let’s hope Garcia is rusty.


  23. haha Gunner, he’s your favorite player, isn’t he? HE RUNS OUT GROUNDERS SOOOO FAST

  24. Well, well, well – so far Tabata is making a bigger fool out of me than I already am

  25. @Roberto

    I just read that this morning. Just another example of the evils of twitter. What’s a guy like Dejan supposed to do, not say what he thinks & feels ? He gets paid to have an opinion (I agree with this one, by the way). Sometimes athletes get confused on the role of the press. Cheerleading is not their job. Methinks Cutch doth protest too much in this case. Maybe Dejan’s comment hit a little close to home ?

  26. And one more thing on Cutch. The outside part of the plate has been a black hole for him since he was hit by Chapman. If this continues, word’s going to get out that he can be intimidated – fair or not.

  27. @Milo – That scouting report should already be there now. It happened last year and repeating itself again after Chapman, if there are teams who are not aware of this concern, they are not doing their job.

  28. Re: The Cutch Twitter thing…

    I thought DK’s criticism was fair and appropriate. The Bucs needed Cutch badly yesterday, and he failed in numerous chances. It was certainly not a MVP-like performance.

    I can understand Cutch not liking it, but it’s DK’s job to point out things like that. It’s not his job to be a fan.

  29. Nice to see Snider hit the hard

  30. I missed the whole twitter thing with DK, and to be honest, I’m just too lazy to look now. Anyone care to give me the “cliffs notes” version?

  31. hit the ball, hat is.

    Geez, I must be so fired up over Tabatta being back, I can’t type

  32. The only 2 guys that have actually hit the ball have hits. What a concept.

  33. C’mom Daydro, go deep, my man!!!!

  34. The trend of base hit then 3 straight outs getting old after two.

  35. Wow, was McKenry’s standing there looking at a fastball called third strike down the middle as frustrating as it seemed on Gameday?

  36. It is looking like it is all on Karstens, today. Hopefully, he can give us 8 more innings like the first (or at least darn close.)

    Then maybe we’ll get a guy to third base and the Cardinal pitcher will make a wild pitch and the Bucs win 1-0!!

  37. DK said on twitter:

    “An MVP has to do better than that. It’s never easy criticizing Cutch, but 0 for 5 with six stranded … unacceptable in game like this.”

    Then had one of those long messages on Sulia

    “The FACT about Andrew McCutchen is that he’s still MVP material. Leads the majors with a .356 average, has 23 homers, all that. He also hasn’t been as bad in August as most think, at .286, or with runners in scoring position, at .359. But the other fact is that, in any sport, your best players have to be your best players. On this team, that can’t be Garrett Jones, Neil Walker or even A.J. Burnett. It’s GOT to be Cutch. This team has to follow his lead to fully believe in itself. More is needed. ”

    Cutch responded to DK with

    ” ur right…some friend u are bud.thanks n God Bless.thanks to the tru fans.hes def not gettn the batting gloves”


    Nothing wrong with Dejan’s comments, the Pirates do need McCutchen to be better and if you want him to be MVP, you don’t have 8 RBI in 2nd half of season or have a massive failure on national tv (o for 5 w/ 6 LOB).

  38. @Milo

    I loved the part where Cutch pulled out the “true fans”, lol. J-Mac seemed to take the first offense to it, and the Cutch responded as well. Cutch probably doesn’t follow Dejan, but J-Mac surely does.

    Dejan did seem awfully defensive after the fact. Posted 4 replies. I guess that’s the danger of the 140 character limit. Easy to start a misunderstanding, harder to explain it, in such a short amount of type.

    Not sure its “settled” either. Cutch never posted again about it, after his two tweets.

  39. McCutchen is hitting .232 since the beaning & .194 in the last 10 games. The Pirates have lost 9 of 15 since then. Coincidence ? Your best players have to be your best players. Some friend I am, huh ?

  40. C’mon Jose – go deep!!!

  41. seriously Karstens, seriously?!?

  42. I’ll give him credit, Jose ran his butt off on the ground out.

  43. Uh oh, looks like the strike out kings are back. 14 yesterday, 4 already today. Runs going to be hard to come by Karstens better pitch well.

  44. Milo, its true it is DK’s job to call him as he sees it. But perhaps many of today’s reporters try to be friends with the players as well. Its tough to claim objectivity in the difficult times, when you have tried to foster chumminess the other times.

    I like Kristy Robinson and her coverage, but she tries to be very chummy with the minor leaguers on twitter. That will come back to haunt her. I am certainly not in the clubhouse, so I am not saying DK did that.

  45. The book is obviously out on McCutchen.

    Throw it low and away and he’ll swing all day.

  46. They need to stop calling McCutchen’s performance a mini-slump and recognize its a full blown slump.

  47. A good high schooler could hit that strike 3 fastball that Cutch missed. Praying that he fights out of this soon.

  48. Robert Duval was “chummy” with the “Natural.”

  49. @Roberto

    It’s a fine line. You try to forge a friendly working relationship with the player without being friends. The minute you cross that line is the minute your objectivity goes out the window.

    Kristy’s another story altogether.

  50. I didn’t know 19 games was still ok to be a mini anything.

    Excuses don’t win championships.

  51. Is Gameday right? Did Carlos Beltran, he of the 20 HR’s vs RHP, just BUNT on the first pitch with no outs?

  52. Sure wish he would’ve tried to bunt again.

  53. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand now is the prefect time to go coach bad adult league hockey. I will post the updated standings tonight. Good day all.

  54. Negative post of the day: What time does the Steelers game start?

  55. @Reading

    Not negative at all. You’re just transitioning.

  56. Beltran tried to bunt down third base line because Pedro was reportedly playing deep. The ball was fouled off into the stands.

  57. Milo, I’m an excellent transitioner, especially down 2-0 and nobody on our team can hit a changeup.

  58. Who is the NL MVP?

    RBI since All-Star break

    Beltran: 20
    McCutchen: 13
    Posey: 34
    Zimmerman: 26
    Kemp: 23

  59. @Reading

    It isn’t even hitting the changeup, it’s just not swinging at it. So undisciplined.

  60. A couple of nice plays by Harrison at second today.

  61. Damage limited.

    Now HIT

  62. Frustrating that pitchers who haven’t pitched in two months or otherwise have an ERA over 8 suddenly morphing into Whitey Ford against the Pirates.

  63. so much for rusty, eleven in a row.

  64. Quality plate appearances there.

  65. I found John Tesh singing & playing piano with a big band on PBS. Someone let me know when/if we wake up.

  66. When the composition of your team is basically 5 players out of 9, and two of the 5 are out with injury, one is in a slump, one is benched because of the lefty-lefty house rule and the fifth component is Barmes, what’s the Mgr. of the Year supposed to do?

    Pray for a perfect game by his pitcher I presume.

  67. Wandy would have been out.

  68. Here we go!

  69. Okay J-Hay. Drive one.

  70. There’s one! Come on Cutch!

  71. Talk about a punch and judy rally.

  72. Nice! Need a real hit now to bring Cutch in!

  73. Dodger O

  74. Another Pirates rally started by a hit from Clint Barmes. batting .306 in Aug with 8 RBI and OPS of .769. Hard to argue with running him out there everyday now. His stats have just gotten better and better as the year went on. Has handled the adversity as a real professional.

  75. That rally means nothing unless Karstens shuts them down this inning.

  76. Nicely done Jeff.

  77. Very nice sixth for Karstens.

  78. Bunt, swinging bunt, drag bunt, suicide squeeze. A 3-2 win. Ballgame.

  79. Christmas card for Karstens. Give Hurdle credit for letting him bat in the 6th down 2. 1 more inning would be dandy.

  80. I guess starting a runner occasionally is out of the question ?

  81. A real hit wasted, again.

  82. Pedro gets out faster than I can type

  83. Why bunt with Tabata and not the Fort. The scenario (with 0 outs ) was the same?

  84. #STFD Friese!!!

  85. @bob

    Perfect hit & run situation with McKenry when the count got to 1-0.

  86. Maybe they need to watch game tape from April/May and figure out how they won all those games? It HAS been a while…

  87. Time to take the lead fellas

  88. I don’t think the Cards thought Garcia would go into the eighth today.

  89. Navarro? Really?

  90. I can’t be happier that guy’s back. SMH.

    DK: Honestly.

  91. Where’s Delwyn Young when you need him?

  92. Yeah, real nice to see DUI and being a bad player still gets you a recall to the majors.

  93. Too bad Joyce’s sight wasn’t as spot on during the perfect game that wasn’t. I doubt a Fred Bird gets rung by him on that alleged swing.

  94. Jim Joyce is a hack. He’ll sob when he sees the replay.

  95. A future potential fake line might be whether the opposing pitcher will record a career high in Ks.



    Next thing you know they’ll be asking Pedro to bunt…

  97. No help anywhere today.
    La up 5-0 on Braves, Reds beat Cubs 5-4.
    And Xavier Paul continues to contribute to the Reds, triple to start winning rally.

  98. Motte vs. Jones II coming up in the 9th.

  99. #STFD Carpenter & Jay!!

  100. Cutch with opportunity here.

  101. Curses!!! Almost.

  102. @radio wave–I see your Xavier Paul, and raise you 1 Andy LaRoche…currently tearing up AAA Pawtucket, .271/7 HR’s/23 RBI’s.

  103. Pfffffffft.




  105. at boise #103
    I follow the Pawsox everyday.
    with injuries at third, Andy still can’t get a callup, what does that tell you?

  106. Correia up. Not looking good for last of the ninth.

  107. So the Cards brought in their closer in a tie game…what do the Bucs do in the bottom-half, assuming they go to the bottom of the 9th still tied?

  108. Here comes Correia against the big boys. This shouldn’t take long.

  109. that pitch, wish I had that kind of strike zone as a pitcher. outside and low.

  110. at Milo:
    Have faith:

  111. @radio wave–lol, I just try to find a way to balance out all the Bucs who have found success elsewhere with the former Bucs who haven’t…for every Jose Bautista there’s like 10 Andy LaRoche’s

  112. oh my, here we ago with Correia in the bullpen again.

  113. This has walk-off written all over it. Ye of little faith.

  114. Using Correia in a tie game against Craig, Holliday, Beltran. If this works out good for Correia and Hurdle.

  115. Ok Correia…pretend it’s the playoffs…

  116. This will be first day out of wild card in several months if Dodgers win.

  117. Dodgers won.

  118. Cards radio crew hoping they get in scoring position. They describe the Bucs outfield arms as less than hof caliber.

  119. Need a GIDP.

  120. One more. Need a #STFD to get to extras!!

  121. Freese worries me.

  122. Correia shuts em down. Good job, Kevin.

  123. Quite a clutch effort by Correia there.

  124. Maybe he’ll get the win — good reason for him to be happy to be in the game. That would make him look better as a starter…

  125. Talk about dodging a bullet

  126. KC does the job.
    Clint is a good gambler.

  127. Good! Correia showed me!

  128. @Roberto:

    What are you watching/listening to? Your post re the shutdown posted 3 pitches before I saw the flyout on the package!

  129. @22–what you said in #116. Coming out of the ‘pen isn’t exactly the greatest for a starter, but you couldn’t ask for a higher pressure situation than that…bottom of the 9th, 2-2, heart of the order…to be asked to shut that door, you’re being asked to be THE man. Good for Correia to get through that inning.

  130. If they can string together a couple hits, GFJ would be up 5th this inning

  131. Don’t fully understand why, but for some reason I am looking forward to watching exhibition football tonight. Hope it is after an extra inning win here.

  132. Cards pen has been suspect all year.
    And they have lost a lot of close ones because they don’t score.
    This one is shaping up that way.

  133. @John

    It was a premonition.

    Haha, I actually thought Beltran was the 3rd out. Looked up and it said 2 outs, then it updated with Beltran’s out.

  134. Snider was up 2-0 in the count leading off the inning and swung at a pitch ankle high.

  135. Come on Pedro! Need a jack!

  136. If the Bucs don’t have the lead, expect Clint to run Correia out there again.

  137. Wow, that was a 4-pitch walk to #Daydro

  138. Come on Clint! Need a jack!”

  139. Boggs has lost the plate.

  140. wow, that was a 4-pitch walk to #AlwaysSmooth

  141. Come on GFJ!! Need a jack!”

  142. @Roberto:

    Ha! I was beginning to think that I might want to go to the track with you!

  143. That was a fantastic AB by Barmes. 2 strikes really close to the strike zone, but he laid off.

    C’mon Jonesy

  144. Nice couple of days for him too.

  145. About a foot outside! Yeah, blue wants a home win.

  146. The worst thing about being on the road is that you have to get 6 outs to win.

  147. Oh no. Here comes the destroyer of all things Pirates, Yadier. Don’t let him beat us.

  148. Wow, my Gameday indicates that was a Ball that Joyce rung Jonesy up on. Tough call to give Boggs after he couldn’t find the plate.

  149. Snider and Jones with incompetent at-bats. Pitcher throws 8 straight balls – Jones swings at first pitch, swings at 1-1 pitch down out of the zone.

  150. Ummm, that first pitch to Jones was right down the middle. I would hope every hitter jumps on the first fat strike that a pitcher throws when there a RISP.

  151. KC with another good inning.

  152. Nice! Correia with 2 good innings shutting down the Cards in clutch time.

    C’mon bats, let’s get something going.

  153. Correia- the new Lincoln.

    Okay, here we go! Everybody hits!

  154. Correia doing his part… chance #3 to take the lead for Hanrahan.

  155. It’s like Hurdle bringing in Correia is subtly telling the Cards “hey, we can do this ALL DAY LONG, I’VE GOT PITCHERS FOR DAYS” and hoping the Cards leave a bullpen pitcher in too long. It’s been a low scoring game up to this point, it could be a long one…Cardinals might want to leave a guy out there…

  156. Get it started, Jose!

  157. Somebody needs to tag one.

  158. Amac with a cutch clutch hit.
    Come on just a sacrifice.

  159. Josh with a trip trip triple! Come Cutch, bring him home.

  160. Cutch time NOW!!!!!

  161. OK, J-hay!

    C’mon Cutch. Channel that inner-Lisa-hate, lol.

  162. Walker hitting for Kc

  163. Now is the time to show that Dejan, Andrew.:)

  164. Just need a sac fly Neil

  165. Boy do I look like a fool, Cards radio had the wrong batter on the triple.

  166. Woah! PRNW sighting!

  167. Cutch go take your free 2nd base

  168. Another situation where you can start the runner. Open up a hole, stay out of the DP, and all Neil would have to do is make contact.

  169. See how he can take an intentional walk. :)

  170. Bloody he double hockey stick!

  171. Who needs a pinky finger?

  172. Joyce again!!

  173. crrrrrap

  174. Why can’t we ever break up a dp?

  175. Once again, 1-0 count. Start the runner & there’s no double play. And he was out. Terrible managing. Terrible.

  176. haha on the plus side, a PRNW home run right there would have cost a $BILLION to re-sign him this off-season…so at least there’s that…

  177. Right now, based on recentresults, Resop scares me more than KC.

  178. Tie goes to the runner except in STL.

  179. I don’t know about you all, but I’m starting to get flashbacks.

  180. Never a better time then now to break out of a slump

  181. This sure is an unusually long way to find out who wins the over under for the series…

  182. I was personally hoping for a suicide squeeze, not sure if Walker could actually swing. Cutch would have gotten to second if JHay was out at home.

  183. We get rung up there.

  184. Another good inning for the pen.

  185. Meals is not one of the Umps, is he? In case this goes 19.

  186. Chance #4

  187. Good Resop shows up. Hope we don’t need him for the second inning.

  188. Obviously we need a HR or a WP/PB with a guy on third.

  189. Yes Milo, I agree with #178; but you already knew that

  190. The lack of hitting is really showing up now for the Pirates. They had chances galore
    to win yesterday’s game and also todays. All we can do with runners in scoring pos. is to hit into DPs. Are we not trying hard enough? Shame to waste a good pitching effort by Karstens. How come the other teams seem to find ways to win the close ones?

  191. How is Pedro going to hit that pitch if he doesn’t get out there after it. ???

  192. This game is starting to become a bit unnerving.

  193. We should just drill Molina as payback for past losses.

  194. Come on Man! Need this last out!

  195. @bob

    I’ve come to expect that kind of consistency from you. I think that’s the 1st time I’ve unloaded on Hurdle. On the blog, that is.

  196. #STFD Schumacher!!!

  197. Great outings by Correia and Resop. 2 innings each.

    Up to the whipping boys this inning.

  198. Somebody. Anybody. Feel free to step up now and win this game.

  199. Time for the hot August hitters Barmes/Jones/Tabata to get things done.

    Clearly, the entire game was managed to get the team into this position.

  200. @ Bob – 194

    Pedro couldn’t have hit that pitch with a bed slat

  201. Here’s hoping this goes 19 and we win it on a disputed play at the plate. Reverse the Jerry Meals curse!

  202. Wow, Tabata got a call. Come on J Hay!

  203. I dare say these are the type of games (and series) that postseason clubs find a way to win.

  204. Glad he’s back too.

  205. Quality, I say. Quality.

  206. Whoops – you leaned too much, Scabata

  207. The old Tabby is back

  208. @ Milo – 208


  209. So was that a pickoff or did he just get caught stealing? Watchin’ gamecast here…

  210. @ Bob – 211

    Looks like he still stinks

  211. He started to steal, stopped, and dove back to first. Molina gunned him down at first.

  212. Not a lean, he took off for second and changed his mind a Third of the way there.

  213. Think I would have rather had Correia for 3 IP than Resop, but here’s hopin Resop keeps the streak going.

  214. Pedro is the Neville Chamberlain of power hitters. Next time he gets on a roll, please trade him for someone who can contribute on more days than he can’t.

  215. Really need a #STFD here!!

  216. @ AW – 216

    At least I don ‘t think Scabby committed a mortal sin by his indecisiveness.

  217. The Pirates can say til their blue in the face that the 19 inning game in Atlanta didn’t have a long term effect on them last year. I will always believe that it did. Just look at their record after. A win today can have the opposite effect. If they can somehow can find a way to pull this one out, they won’t need the plane to fly to San Diego. If they can’t find a way …

  218. I will say, win or lose, I’m enjoying this.

  219. YESSSSSS! STFD!!!!!!!!!!!

  220. Resop doing Shane Youman’s work.

    that’s not funny.

  221. That looks like payback for the Jones K.

  222. Will this game finish before kickoff and the first couple series of downs? Otherwise, I’ll miss all the starters.

  223. @Cutch -

    The whole crummy weekend is forgiven if you score this inning.

  224. This is now the longest game of the year for the Bucs. Previous long was a 12 inning winner against Houston, 3-2. Bucs are 3-0 in extras. Need to make it 4-0.

    C’mon Cutch!

  225. Resop–LIKE A BOSS

  226. @robertoforever re 217, Resop is far from perfect but has displayed a willingness to come in to awful situations and do his best that it’s not clear Correia shares.

  227. Score one for Maverick!!

  228. There has to be some redeeming value in Tabata – isn’t there??? Something with which you can call him a Major Leaguer??

  229. @Officer Mancuso,

    you mean like the 9th and 10th inning today?

  230. Big guys now up. Ours did nothing.

  231. Travis Snider was theoretically traded for AB situations like that.

  232. Resop came through big time tonight!! Hammer must do likewise!

  233. I’m going to be consistent here. I’ve gotten on Tabata for being out of shape and that leading to various pulled leg muscles. So it’s only fair that I do the same with Snider. Pull a groin simply swinging a bat ? Geez.

  234. GIDP. NOW!!

  235. Roberto, I’ve certified 234 as a trick question. The IRS charges a 10% penalty.

  236. C’mon Hammer

  237. #STFD Friese!!!!! One more!

  238. This guy’s too clutch. Walk him now.

  239. Walk dude now and #STFD the next guy!!

  240. Playing with fire.

  241. Had you just intentionally walked him, that guy’s not on 3rd. Takes the slider away ?

  242. Of course Joyce says he didn’t swing! Not looking good. Come on Man!!!!!!!!! Need a #STFD!!!!!

  243. Thank you Jose! On to the 15th inning.

  244. Good hustle by Scabby!!!

  245. Well. maybe

  246. Yesssss!!!!!!!! Lucky number 15, it is. The time is now!!!”"

  247. Now the Fort or Pedro need to find the bat this inning! And as I’m typing that, damn you Jay!

  248. Here’s your big opportunity, Pedro!!

  249. Can anybody get a hit???????????

  250. @ Reading – 255


  251. Giants down 6-1 in the 7th. There could be a three way tie for the last spot.

  252. Uh oh, guy with the great defensive play at the plate…

  253. Pirate pitching has been stellar this whole series. Now, c’mon offense.

  254. #STFD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet 16, it is!!

  255. wtg, Jared. Another inning down

  256. What happens first by 8:00 PM? This game ends or the Yanks/Sox Sunday nighter begins.

  257. Make it happen this inning! End this game here.

  258. Jonesy!


  260. Great bunt Scabata……….not!!

  261. Needed to bunt that down the 3rd base line Scabby! Stupid bunt.


  263. Takes care of that! Come on Man!!!!!

  264. There was my hit & run. Nevermind.

  265. Was that supposed to be a hit and run?

  266. Why did they recall Scabata? One game back and nothing has changed. Presley was a much better choice.

  267. So what was NH’s reason for bringing up tabata now?

  268. AMac!! Time!!

  269. Its now time to do something big Mr MVP candidate.

  270. @ Bob – 273

    Maybe it was an Affirmative Action matter



  272. TELL me Tabata got picked off again

  273. This game just got an ominous feeling about it.

  274. Joyce!!!!! Again!!!!

  275. Pathetic baseball…even if Cutch was safe, poor hitting all day. Tabata still looks like dogcrap…..Come on guys!!!!!!!

  276. I see that there certainly a lot of Tabata dissenters out there today!

  277. Picked off, terrible bunt, makes up for it by caught stealing. Good thing Jose learned from his time in the minors.

  278. Before he steps into the batter’s box, wouldn’t you the Mgr. of the Year would tell him BUNT THE BALL TO THIRD BASE ONLY!
    Stupidity all of the way around

  279. Come on guys…..the bunt to get a go ahead runner to third with one out is absolutely the right call. Let’s color inside the lines please.

  280. If hurdle blames players for this fiasco inning, he should be fired. A small-ball run no guarantee, with overwrite bullpen.

  281. I’m pretty sure that was a hit and run called and the pitcher threw down and away. That caught stealing on Tabata was very much all about Molina handling a tough pitch and making a great throw and not so much about Tabby, IMO.

  282. . . . .wouldnt ‘you think . . . . .

  283. Cutch was definitely safe

  284. “overwrought”

  285. Yes, poor fundamentals by Tabata. But Clint is to blame there. His three favorite things on this team: Barmes, Barajas, Bunting. If the Pirates lose, I put this on Hurdle, first.


  286. Shouldn’t need to tell a MLB hitter to bunt to 3rd, imo. He should know that.

  287. One thing I will give Sabremetrics: I hate the sacrifice bunt, especially after a leadoff double.

  288. @ Parrot – 283

    Makes perfect sense to me!

  289. @Cmat.

    Disagree strongly. Tabata isn’t a bunting machine. Let him hit the ball to the left side to move Jones over. Horrible.

  290. @ TS

    Nice line, lol

  291. Swinging away, that is.

  292. Believe me, Tabata knew he was supposed to push the bunt down to 3rd. Everybody knows he was supposed to push the bunt to 3rd. For some reason, he’s just too stupid to do it.

    Bunting in that situation with Tabata at the plate, was most definitely the right call.

  293. Thanks, Rhode Island Patrick. I try. :)

  294. I hate the sacrifice bunt when it’s not executed properly. A pop up drops in behind a drawn in infield and nary a discouraging word is heard.

  295. I’m heading over to the Daily Number and then the pre-game jibber jabber for the steelers game.
    This baseball game is putting my stomach in knots and ruining my dinner.

    I do love Jared’s demeanor; at 6’7″ 230 it works

  296. @pattonbb

    Why not swing away? For one, Molina is a gold glove catcher. Just not sold on Tabata. Don’t think I ever will be the way he lollygagged before being sent down. Major leagues just don’t do that. And the ones who do, are out of the baseball quickly. If he didn’t have that new contract, there’s a chance the Bucs might have DFA’d him vs sending him down with a slap on the wrist. Okay, I’m getting off topic.

  297. MLB tweet: “J. Meals to relieve home plate ump in 18th inn. But no worries, yinzers. Your team ain’t cursed or nothin’.”

  298. When does the Steeler thread start?? HA!

  299. Sorry, that was an awful ‘HA’… I apologize.

  300. JMac is back!!

  301. JMac gettin’ things started!! Very nice.

  302. There’s something you don’t see everyday.

  303. Why would people be running to watch a pre-season football game when this is basically playoff baseball with the Bucs? I just don’t get it. Almost every game from here on out is going to be basically a playoff game because of the 2nd wild card spot.

  304. Pinch hitting JMac for Hughes is the ultimate sign of confidence in Barajas.

  305. Calling it — McKenry’s going deep!

  306. Do you think he can play SS?

  307. Speaking of “demeanor,” Mercer looks like I recall Walker looking after he got some playing time — looks like a player, now.

  308. Come on Pedro. Time to make that 1 for 6 with 2 RBIs and a Home Run.

  309. Come on Pedro!!!!!!

  310. I beg you Barmes to put some decent wood on the ball.

  311. Intentional BB…..,,,Barmes time……?????

  312. Sissies!!!!! Come on Barmes!!!!

  313. Bases loaded!

  314. @TDB1977


  315. 2 out, bases loaded magic for GI…?????

  316. Walking Pedro to get to one of Ts’s killer b’s!

  317. They don’t know what WE know about Barmes, do they?? C’mon CB!!

  318. Nice going Barmes / Garrett, this is your chance to become a folk hero in Pgh.

  319. Kelly was too scared to pitch to him, alas

  320. Ok, maybe they do…I’m just gonna stop talking now.

  321. Defining Moment?????

  322. @Patrick

    Mercer is a player, for sure. And like the FO did with Walker, they underestimate him as a — and I hate this term — super utility player. You watch, he’ll turn out to be a good player, if they let him.

  323. TS


    Me a bandwagon person?

  324. Still time to bunt, Clint . . .sorry, stupid comment time

  325. Come on Jones!!!!! Just a blop hit to plate one, maybe two!

  326. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  327. We will take that ROCKET!!!!!’n

  328. Yesssssss! Good ole infield single!!!

  329. Their pitchers are lousy fielders.

  330. It ain’t pretty but we’ll take it

  331. Redemption time Tabata………Come on….

  332. JONESY!!!

  333. Redemption time!!!

  334. Molina leads off their half.

  335. Can AJ pitch the bottom half?

  336. I’m going to go away for a little while & then come back. Hopefully, it’ll all work out.

  337. I’m only about 1/8 kidding

  338. This game has got to be WON!!! Come on Man!!!

  339. @ T.S.

    But Tabata’s contract is SOOOO team friendly. Everyone said so when he signed. It was a “steal” of a deal.

    I’m being sarcastic.

    Winning run is on 2nd, extra innings, no outs? Tabata at bat? I bunt. If Tabata Just knew how to execute…well, that’s another story.

    Just my opinion. Totally understand wanting to let him hit. I just don’t let Tabata swing in that situation.

  340. Since JMac PHed, I thought maybe Barrabbas would pitch.

  341. Good sign. Cardinals radio just ran a PNC ad just before coming back.

  342. Cruz – find the strike zone!

  343. C’mon Cruz. Make it 4 for 4 in save opps this year!

  344. Need a GIDP!!!!!!!!!!’

  345. This will not be for the faint of heart

  346. Good. Good. Make it interesting.

    It might kill Milo.

    But it will be interesting.

  347. I think I see Barrabbas warming up in the bullpen.

  348. This is Cruz’ 6th appearance in 8 days.

  349. Jose, I mean Juan!

  350. Get this guy!!!!!!!

  351. Barrabbas is a lefty, right?

    PBC doesn’t use them

  352. what a shame…

  353. Not good! Defeat from the jaws of victory!!

  354. Yikes!!!! I’m going away to find Milo.

  355. @ Drew – 354

    It looks more like Barnaby

  356. Actually it’s Wandy!!!

  357. Need a HOOVER!!!!!!

  358. Great stab by Mercer! DP wins this game now.

  359. Nice!!!! Dodged one there. GIDP!!!!! Come on Man!!!!!

  360. Jerry Meals is actually dressed up as Jim Joyce today.

  361. Cruz vs Cruz

    We want the house!

  362. &@”#%^

  363. Drew:

    What d’ya say. Lets leave and go to IHOP to get that senior discount. This one is never ending.

  364. Cue the Arby’s oven mitt: “Will it never end?!”

  365. Who is going to be available to pitch tomorrow vs the Padres out of the bullpen? Need to look at the next series. Both teams have actually taxed their bullpens with this game.

  366. Bucs/Cards really givin’ the fans their money’s worth today!

  367. Good to see Cards fans have bailed.

  368. If this goes to 19, they just hand the victory to the home team, right?

  369. @Cutch -

    Seriously, a HR here and we forget the rough series.



  370. If Wandy is in, who starts tomorrow? Someone in AAA? LOCKE?

  371. I thought the next day starter travels ahead of the team?

  372. McCutchen looks exhausted.

  373. Dude is throwing strikes. Mercer is only one who does anything.

  374. This would be a helluva way to lose the wager on Barajas…

  375. Holy Crap.

    I just walked into IHOP. Whole buncha youse guys.

  376. How about Justin Wilson, he will be on 5 days rest and can pitch tomorrow?

  377. You just knew he would be stranded on something lame. 3-4-5 coming up for them. Time to rearrange the deck chairs.

  378. TDB.

    No, the people who you were referring who would rather go watch the Steelers preseason game, they are bandwagoners.

  379. Ah. THAT’S why JMac hit instead of Barrabbas.

    Or is it Barrabbad?

    How bad do you have to be to get a nickname on your nickname?

  380. I’m 100% all for Locke getting a turn in the rotation. Love to see what he could do.

  381. @pattonbb

    If Tabata can’t get a little looper and must bunt cause he can’t hit, then he has no business being in the majors. Oh, wait, um…

  382. #STFD Holliday!!!!

  383. If it wasn’t for having A.J. Burnett on this team, Barajas should be left off the playoff roster.

  384. Does Wandy have any magic?

  385. So let me make sure I get the rules.

    It’s ok to leave now because I’m too nervous.

    That’s a real fan.

    As long as while I’m gone I don’t put on the Steelers “game”.

  386. Greg Brown says the Snider injury might be a bad one. Ugh.

  387. What happened to Snider? “watching” on Gamecast, not getting updates.

  388. #STFD Freese

  389. Jerry Meals isn’t umping this game, is he?

  390. I think Snider aggravated/worsened his hammy (or whatever it was) from the other day.

  391. O strike’m out throw’m out DPs for us all year.

  392. @Drew -

    I think the rules are…

    EYE am a real Pirate fan.

    EWE are not.

    Got it?

  393. @Biz – No, but his twin brother Jim Joyce is at first base.

  394. @Bizrow

    Even if he’s umping, he’s not really umping.

  395. Here is what the true, loyal, honorable, genuine, non-bandwagoning, IHOP eating Pittsburgh sports fan is doing right now: listening to the Bucs on the radio as she/he sits at Heinz and makes comments on this blog via smartphone.

  396. Cannot lose to a pitcher batting. Come on Man!!!!

  397. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  398. Sometimes I wish (not really) we were 30 games under

  399. Walk the pitcher? Oy.

  400. Wandy trade solidified as a definite Win.

  401. Way to hold the runner.

  402. I think Wandy has no magic left in his wand.

  403. @TBD

    Keep it rated PG. :)

  404. Jim Joyce is famous for his blown call, but he regularly rates among the best umps in the game.

    James Hoye, on the other hand, is a bum.

    On to the 19th we go!!!

  405. Boom. Maybe that’ll get Wandy’ head in the right place and with this team.

  406. See!!!!! #STFD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  407. Jerry Meals – please do not enter the state of Missouri. That is a direct order by the fans of the PBC!

  408. I didnt think it was anything but PG until I reread it! Opps.

  409. haha Wandy had us all fooled…walking Wainrwright to face Schumaker who was 1 for 7 on the day…classic Wandy!

  410. Let’s play THREE today!!!

  411. C’mon guys, I gotta get up for work tomorrow…

  412. It’s Pedro time! Time for him to do something today. Its the normal start time for an evening game Pedro.

  413. If Pedro can ever make contact again, he could win this game.


  415. Wow….I mean….just wow.

  416. HOME RUN Pedro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  417. Mr. Psychic!!!!

  418. WOW – Daydro with the HR off a lefty!


  420. I think Greg Brown needs an aspirin for that heart. BP level just skyrocketed.

  421. Bucs smell blood in the water. Pounce on the birdies!

  422. Insurance time.

  423. Why was he not sent?????!??

  424. Fire Leyva now. I mean right now. This second. Fire his butt.

  425. Okay Harrison. Just a base hit to put an insurance run on.

  426. Levya is a moron. As usual.

  427. Hope we don’t need that run!!

  428. Leyve strikes again….

    On the plus side, looks like this will pass last years fiasco as the longest game in Pirate history (that was 6 hours, 10 minutes…)

  429. The worse that can happen if he goes is he thrown out at the plate, but they are already up by 1. That would have given them 2 up and Tabata could be on third.

  430. Excuse me, Leyva. A.K.A., Leave em at third.

  431. Don’t blame Leyva. Barmes never once looked at him.

  432. The replay showed Leyva waving him in. Barmes didn’t pick him up and stopped on his own.

  433. Come on Cutch! Hit the ball solidly!!!!

  434. @Milo

    Barmes. Not surprised.

  435. Cutch with a shot here to turn this game upside down…

  436. Ok, Cutch, let’s put this one out of reach!

  437. I guess the old saying, “Just put your head down and run” held true there.

  438. slump or not, no one on the team anyone would rather have up than him

  439. The Radio guys said that Leyva first stopped Barmes, then when he saw Holliday bobble the ball, Leyva started waving him home again.

    If that is true, then not everything is a tragic mistake.

  440. Radio is saying leyva waved him around before Barmes got to the bag, then stopped him, then tried to wave him again.

    All on Leyva.

  441. 450 comments today, wow!

  442. 6-3 BUCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  443. Goodnight Irene!

  444. AMac!!!!!!!!!!

  445. Elizabeth Barret Browning ?

  446. guess it doesn’t matter now…way to go Cutch!

  447. A happy flight to San Deigo

  448. Great job Cutch! Now a THREE run lead!

  449. Cutch Cutch Cutch Cutch. That is one talented ballplayer.

  450. There ya go Cutch.

  451. Way to go Cutch & Pedro. Let ‘s hold ‘em now!!!

  452. Come on Man!! 1-2-3 and get out of there!!

  453. Ohh, Mercer comes up with a rookie pitcher struggling, and swings at the first pitch, a ball out of the zone and ends the rally.

    Ok, Wandy, time to get your first W as a Bucco!

  454. Now let’s hold on to it and get the heck outta here!

  455. This puppy might hit #500 by the time all is said and done. We should have more 19-inning ballgames. Wait… what am I saying?

  456. *andy – you can get your W back with a 1-2-3 inning.

  457. A few #STFDs for good measure and then pack it up.

  458. W for Wandy? Bueller? Bueller?

  459. THAT LOOKED LIKE MCCUTCHEN RIGHT &I%$#$% THERE. 3-1 count, outside pitch, no overswing pull job, lined hard the other way, 2 rbi.

    Wandy Rodriguez gets his first win with the Pirates as a reliever?

    3 OUTS TO GO.

  460. Leyva could’ve been doing anything, wouldn’t have mattered… Barmes was ball watching the whole way.

    Granted, had Barmes been looking at him and listened, he probably would have slowed greatly at 3rd and then been gunned down at home.

  461. That’s one out. Furcal grounding out!

  462. andy, your getting closer to that W

  463. Nothing is over until WE decide it is. What is over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

  464. / andy is almost there!

  465. Maverick Meals Mercer lol

  466. One more to go

  467. TWO outs, fly out by the young backup catcher

  468. J-Hay with the nice grab!!! One more!!

  469. HARRISON **** YEAH

  470. Just another win. No biggie.

  471. Pirates Baseball – A Quinn Martin Production.

    Tonight’s Episode – Reversal Of Fortune.

  472. ….fear the Bones…..

  473. I can’t take this stuff anymore


  474. Congrats Wandy for getting your first win in a Buc’s uniform! Raise the Jolly Roger!!!!!

  475. Ugly series…….but we took 2 of 3………..we will take it…….Go Steelers…..

  476. Peace out everyone! Let’s Go Bucs!

  477. Wandy!! Great work by the bullpen AND Karstens today.

    Raise it over the Mighty Mississip! Bucs win. Don’t forget to tweet the praise, Lisa ;)

  478. Great win by the Bucs! The swagger will be back as the Bucs will be rejuvenated!

  479. Man Wandy, you sure know how to earn a W!! Great Win tonight!

    Anti-Meals!!! GO BUCS!!!

  480. Nice hustle by Wandy to get to first there ahead of Jay.

    Sorry, had to go there.

  481. The anti-Meals extra inning win!

    Let’s hope we can call the slump OVER.

  482. 4 starting pitchers were used in this game. Karstens with the start, Corriea pitched a couple of innings, JMac with a base hit and run scored, and Wandy with the Win.

  483. Man, I think I set a personal record for most expletives uttered in one game.

  484. They would’ve lost this game last year.

    Oh wait, they did.

    Who cares, LETS GO BUCS! Don’t jump off this bus yet. Still lots of baseball to be played.

  485. What is going on with Snider’s injury?

  486. I am freakin’ psyched to see them win this one. They didn’t care how long it took, they went into St. Louis and they took a series they absolutely had to take. Great series win.

  487. Forget the win.

    I’m just happy Milo is still among the living.

  488. DK just tweeted that Jerry Meals passed away about a half hour ago. I was guilty of harsh criticism. One game does not an umpire make. Gone too early. RIP Jerry.

  489. Oh My! Lets Go Bucs!!

  490. I guess it was just an allegory for the 19th inning win. Hmm.

  491. @TS -

    Er, I took that to mean RIP Jerry Meals ghost from last year, given that the date and time are right when the Bucs’ game ended.

    I could be wrong, but I haven’t seen anything about him dying, and it would be one heck of a coincedence.

  492. Google doesn’t have anything about it…don’t take this away from us! I want this to be the anti-Meals game!

  493. @Demon

    Indeed. :)

  494. It would actually be kinda funny if Jerry Meals died the exact minute today’s game ended. I’m into gallows humor you see.

  495. Need a Steelers thread for next game.

    Horizontal Offense? Ben 5/9. 57, 18 yards to Brown and 3 dump-offs.

    DK: Really sorry. Had it ready. Forgot to publish. It’s up now.

  496. All I can say (well, right now) is Harrison has to get the baseball equivalent of the decathlon. He got key hits and also made key defensive plays at second and right field. Dude may not be a starter, but he’s a player.

  497. No. Give it to Thunder. Traveled three time zones away and took his Karma with him so the Pirates could win.

  498. TDB1977
    August 19th, 2012 – 7:59 pm

    I think Wandy has no magic left in his wand.

    Post of the month!!!!

  499. #JerryMealsSaysItsATouchdown

  500. You gotta be kidding me. Checkdown Charlie. We need Mike Wallace. I hope there is more to the offense than this. 6 quarters 252 passing, 186 rushing, 438 yards.

  501. lol 500+ comments on a Bucco game thread…


  502. No offense, TDB, but Jandy has a point. But truth be told, go through the thread and you have lots of competition (not limited to Wandy, but just about every other player, manager, coach).

  503. haha @22 #JerryMealsSaysItsATouchdown

  504. How many games does it take for a major Pittsburgh newspaper to write the first “should have kept Arians” article?

  505. @arriba

    I agree. Harrison seems to come through when it counts. He can make the timely play. While he may not have a world of talent, he seems to have an awareness about him. He gets a lot of flack from fans, but I like him a lot as a bench/utility guy.

  506. Wow just wow….I watched the first nine innings than had family obligations and come back to this! Hopefully this propels our run!

    But lots of questions, hoe did Snider get hurt? Come on. Who pitches tomorrow? Really was looking forward to seeing Wandy in person but looks like that is not an option but happy he contributed. However I read somewhere he did not look happy when told to go to bullpen, I hope that is not the case everybody had to step up today.

    Looks like we need some help, Presely? Wilson? Mercer leaving after a couple of really good days.

    All this much better to think about after win…can’t wait to see the team live next three games.

    Let’s Go Bucs!

  507. JRay–Clint said i the postgame Wandy was feeling pretty good after the game about the Win.

  508. Arriba – thanks for sharing…would be awfully disappointed if he wasn’t extremely willing to help in this game…..big win!

  509. Sorry to interrupt the Stillers talk, but……

    So right before I left somewhere in the 5th inning, I decided to DVR the rest of the game, ya know just in case. Thankfully I was smart enough to put an extension until 10pm on the recording (I seemed to remember an opening day game against the Cubs a number of years ago that went something like 16 or 17 innings and my DVR cut off somewhere in the 12th). Anyways…glad I did. WOW!!

    The NO DECISION wins for today. The UNDER on the Barajas line wins, and the OVER wins for series wins. Thank again to all who played. See you for a late one tomorrow.

    JRay3 ** 2100
    Chico ** 1655
    Nate83 ** 1540
    pattonbb ** 1400
    Mlrgenuine ** 1380
    Curt ** 1200
    radio wave ** 1080
    Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) ** 1050
    Slack Boss ** 1035
    RobertoForever ** 975
    DemonDachshund ** 900
    manny_sanguine ** 850
    Mike C. ** 850
    Bizrow ** 745
    crkkid ** 725
    cosmo ** 675
    dcpinpgh ** 675
    JohninOshkosh ** 550
    stuart66 ** 530
    Karen22 ** 500
    Jay G -Jacksonville FL via New Castle ** 475
    Arriba Wilver ** 470
    Steve J Smith ** 400
    dcpfjr ** 350
    Evan ** 303
    Absolute59 ** 300
    Hal Smith ** 300
    JD ** 275
    Naje ** 250
    MarkV ** 225
    likeabugonarug ** 207
    Kevin ** 200
    Officer Mancuso ** 180
    JMB ** 150
    Stennettorian ** 150
    jeffsbar ** 100
    milo66 ** 100
    lckythump ** 100
    buggee ** 100
    JaxBuc ** 75
    Sir Lochsby ** 50
    tmp444 ** 5
    Milo Hamilton ** 0
    swissvaletoarizonapat ** 0
    NMR ** 0
    Dan1283 ** 0
    Drew 71 ** 0
    cmat0829 ** -50
    JUCOfan ** -75
    TK ** -100
    Petro Steel ** -100
    Joe Bucco ** -100
    K. PenFan ** -100
    Rocco ** -100
    albatros ** -100
    Bucco_Jax ** -101
    OZ ** -150
    bman ** -155
    McG ** -200
    GlassHalfFull ** -305
    lawnbeaver ** -350
    Pants-n-at ** -400
    Stickyweb ** -425
    Kevin S ** -500
    bob hasis ** -550
    Boise Bucco ** -700
    TDB1977 ** -1340

    First Place at the end of the season will win:

    Second Place at the end of the season will win:

    Third Place at the end of the season will win:
    (1) 2012 Topps Roberto Clemente Card

  510. Nice to see my lead for last place is safe once again. Sorry Boise that you have fallen like you have :)

  511. @ Playoffs – wish I would have DVR’d the game missed a great last 10 innings.

  512. I’m gonna turn it around! I’m comin’ for JRay next!

  513. @JRay, enjoy the games this week!! Don’t leave early if it starts raining this time.

  514. @Boise and TDB,

    I’d like to add an incentive for you both to get on the positive side by the end of the season. So, if either one of you or both of you ends above ZERO, I’ll throw in a prize. You both are due for a strong finish, and I’m more than happy to reward that.


  515. @ Playoffs – ha…good one! Not a chance sitting through every out this go round!

  516. @JRay,

    Back in the day I traveled out west a ton. Perhaps we crossed paths at Sky Harbor a few times. I still have my Gold Flight Fund card from America West.

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