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Vacation Call: Taking handful of days off

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

As mentioned here last night, I’m taking a handful of days off, time owed from the Olympics. The column and everything else will return next Monday.

I’ll have discussion and game threads up here for you, as always.

Also want to call your attention to this new page our Trib web folk have make up that houses all of my columns, chat, blog links, even a live Twitter feed, all in one place. The backlog goes pretty far back, too. Bookmark away.


  1. I see we weren’t successful last night against the Padres. How did Correia do? Anyone?

  2. Oh and DK, enjoy your time off, it’s well deserved.

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  6. Kentucky Woman Neil Diamond 1967. Early Neil Diamond hit. Could have gone with My Old Kentucky Home or Kentucky Rain.

  7. Jandy, Kevin Correia looked a lot like Kevin Correia. Very hittable. Bad line. But he left with the team still in a position to win the game. What sucked was that McPherson looks very good — 95 mph with good movement and a wicked curve that the Padres announcer said “Kyle McPherson’s curveball is like Elle McPherson … it looks good.” Not where I thought he was going with that, but…

    Although it doesn’t much matter when you only score 1 run. Cutch just missed a ball for a deep fly out. But, otherwise, Cutch wasn’t particularly good (again) last night. He may need an extended break because his bat looks slow.

    5 guys on this roster are dragging the team down. I’d put them at Barajas, Barmes, Sanchez, Harrison, and Correia. We just can’t score runs on night when Cutch and Jones aren’t going nuts as long as the 7-8-9 spot is a black hole. I saw a stat of 121 NL players with a certain number of PAs, Barajas is #120 in OBP and Barmes is #121. Ridiculous. Have we reached a point where we should call up Tony Sanchez and Brock Holt and just see what we’ve got? Honestly, I can’t see how it could be worse. Barmes, I guess, plays nice defense at SS and I suppose Barajas calls a nice game?

    DK: Was thinking a lot of the same stuff last night. But you know what else I thought? These two are EXTREMELY popular inside the clubhouse. Casey McGehee was, too. You and I can roll our eyes at stuff like that — and I would in these cases — but teams get to being 14-15 over at least on part on chemistry/camaraderie. It’s not an easy rug to yank out.

  8. Neil Diamond? Over Elvis.

    Really? Really.

    First McPherson and now this?

    I’d say I’m speechless but no one would ever believe THAT.

    HOPE for it. PRAY for it. But never BELIEVE it.

  9. I suppose I can only thank my lucky stars that Barry Manilow didn’t write a song about Kentucky.

  10. Saw a ton of Tabata bashing yesterday… just relentless.

    His 3-5 line last night was followed in the order by Snider’s 0-4 (3 Ks), McCutchen’s 1-5 (3 Ks – 10 Ks in last 4 games), and Jones’ 0-4 (1 K).

    Cutch cannot be an average player (nor an average Cutch) for an extended period of time for this team to win at a .500 or better clip. Not saying he needs to have player-of-the-month numbers like he had in June and July…but he has to be driving the ball and hitting more than 1 home run a month. His .257 average in August indicates something…

  11. Fat Jimmy ~ thanks for the rundown. At least KC kept them in it…our bats failed us I guess.
    I say it’s high time to get some of those guys up from Indianapolis. Can’t be worse than what we’ve got now.

    Drew, EWE speechless??? No way, the blog would die!!!

    Anyhoo, good choice JAL, I always liked Neil Diamond.

  12. Well…crap. Really thought last night would turn out differently. I had a feeling Tabata would have a good game, but had no idea Cutch and Snider would combine for 7 K’s and 8 LOB,

    Heard an interesting stat the other day. Over the course of his career, Cutch has a .263 BA in the month of August (obviously the lowest of any month), yet he’s hit more home runs in August than any other month (not sure about the number). What does that tell you?

  13. If the Pirates were 15+ games out of contention for a Wild Card, then I would say call up whoever you wanted to see what you got.

    Not now.

  14. Drew? What figures? Neil Diamond?

  15. Have a good vacation, DK. As others have said…well deserved. By the way…who is in charge of the store while DK is away?!

    DK: That would be the evil dictator JAL.

  16. lol suck my big toe after I step in dog doo!

  17. TJA ~ Drew is!

  18. @Drew

    I’m guessing EWE wanted Kentucky Rain ?

  19. Lucky, it’s your day! Kentucky rules!

    By the way, Drew promised cake for all!!!

  20. Just for the record. Biz doesn’t like cake.

    HE knows why.

  21. Thanks, Jandy! Ok, Drew,,,what’s up first today? :)

  22. Kentucky Woman is a great song. Go with the Deep Purple version.

  23. The notion that Barmes is dragging this team down right now is not accurate. Unless you are the Texas Rangers or the New York Yankees since the middle of June Barmes has done about what any team could ask their 8th batter in the line up to do. The guy gave us a lousy first impression but that shouldn’t be held against him for the entire year.

    The last 60-70 games he has been as advertised a .255 hitter with some power and solid defensively. I would take the last 70 games of Barmes over Cedeno anytime.

  24. Don’t underestimate how well Volquez pitched last night. He had nearly everyone reaching for that changeup and for some reason no one wanted to lay off of his 4-seam which seemed to be moving a bit more than normal??? He got a lot of help but Volquez pitched one of the better games you’ll see from him these days.

  25. nate, actually I’ve been a lot happier with Barmes lately too.

  26. OK Biz, tell us why you don’t like cake?

  27. nate…you are right…Barmes has picked it up enough to tick that batting average nearly 20 points in the a month. He’s hitting over .300 for the month of August and if you bail on Barmes now, you risk missing out on the rest of this hotness that brings him back to career numbers…which at this point given his current numbers, should equate to another hot month. Be patient

  28. Have to agree with nate. Barmes isn’t the drag on the team that he was earlier. Rod is a great guy and all, but he needs to catch A.J. and sit the rest of the week. He can instruct Fort and others after Sept. 1st. You can’t have 2 pitchers hitting in the lineup every night and beat ML teams, even AAA teams like the Cubs and Astros. He can be involved in the game without hitting. Fort’s BA is still in the .250′s, even after the 0-8 in the double header on Sunday. That’s over 60 points higher than Rod.

  29. I read Cutch quoted in the paper Sunday as saying pitchers have adjusted to him and are no longer throwing fastballs for strikes, just nibbling at the corners with offspeed pitches.

    I then watched him swing through three thigh high 89 mph fastballs down the heart of the plate on his way to striking out three times.

    When a stand-up guy like Cutch is resorting to excuses, you can bet it’s in his head.

    DK: Well put all-around.

  30. Scott Hartnell signed contract extension with the Phlyers for 28.5M over 6 years. I wonder how the CBA talks are going???

  31. I do like cake, but I do not like Neil Diamond

  32. OK Biz, who is your fav then? AC/DC? Motley Crew? Anthrax? Or more like 3 Doors Down?

  33. Little Jimmy Dickens

  34. Moody Blues, don’t know who those other groups are

  35. Ok I got ya now, Biz. Gotta watch out for that darn Bird of Paradise.

  36. I knew, I just knew Biz would like “yellow cake.”

  37. Listened to the entire game on Padres radio.
    they noted KC was working much slower than when he was in SD. Is that significant?
    All things considered, KC got off to a rough start, and the fact he went as far as he did, and kept them within striking distance is to his credit.
    Snider didn’t come through at all.
    And Petco national park cost the Bucs some rallies and runs.
    Time for AJ to stop the bleeding tonight.

  38. I’m thinking Drew likes marbled….

  39. you guys are killin me on the cake…

  40. I thought KC was lucky to only give up 3 runs. Some of the defense behind him was spotty, but he left a lot of pitches over the fat part of the plate. And they hit a lot of balls hard.

  41. Biz,

    You should like Deep Purple if you like the Moody Blues. British drug heads, etc. etc. Timothy Leary students. Still a better KY Woman than Neil Diamond. (I doubt if Deep Purple was enamored with Timothy Leary like the Moody Blues but you know the British. They all look the same).

  42. Which hand does Walker have the problem with, glove or throwing hand?

  43. Dang it, I was going to get some serious yard work done today. What am I doing instead? I just started making a white cake and chocolate frosting for tonight. Seriously. Dang you people!

  44. #45 – his right hand – throwing hand.

  45. LOL Chocolate frosting??? My fav!!! ;)

  46. So John, if we talk about pizza on here, are you gonna make one or go buy one or get one out of the freezer? :)

  47. Lucky–sounds like John would make it from scratch. :-)

  48. Lucky:

    Yes, probably. I have a closet full of “as seen on TV” products. Very susceptible to peer pressure and minor powers of persuasion. :)

    Actually, I am going to a minor league matinee today. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of junk food that I can top off with my cake when I get home. I am having my cake and eating it too!

  49. Arriba:

    Always from scratch! Love to cook and bake while listening to XM radio. Drives my wife a bit nuts, but that does not stop her from eating what I make!

  50. John, did you get the fantasy football sign in stuff last night?

    I remember Deep Purple, but back then it was through a purple haze….

  51. AJ has got to save the day again. Another opportunity was lost as Stinkcinnati took one on the chin last night – the Bucs have missed every opportunity like this as of late.

    The bats better come alive tonight and Scabata………….keep building on last night’s good game; this team needs everyone’s contribution and full commitment.

    Now for Barmes – leave the guy alone. He has consistently stepped up his game over the last few weeks.

    The Bucs achille’s heel is inconsistent starting pitching.

  52. John,

    Sounds like my oldest son. He watches the Food Network ad nauseum when he’s not at work. Then he makes everything from scratch and all the others complain about it, but, like your wife, they eat it anyway. Super Bowl parties are great at our house, unless the Steelers are in it. Then, everyone is too keyed up to eat. Looking forward to the MLB playoffs, even if it’s only 1 game. (Sorry, Groat).

  53. Dayum, you guys are making me hungry!

  54. Bizrow:

    I did. Thanks. Will sign up today.


    I applaud your use of my favorite dead language.

  55. John,

    The best words for the situation, believe me.

  56. Good morning all! Did someone say cake?

  57. I see the Athletics got Stephen Drew for nothing.

  58. @Oshkosh. Speaking of Made for TV products. Do you have the banana slicer? If ya’ll wanna laugh, check out these Amazon reviews. Hilarious!

  59. @pants:

    Ha! That is hilarious. Even I’m not that lazy!

  60. What’s going on in here……..seems like a cake day huh?

  61. @John

    The Stephen Drew batting a cool .190. I think we have enough SS’s at that caliber

  62. @Ryan

    Agreed. I just remember his name being thrown around here prior to the non-waiver deadline. He might do better being reunited with Melvin. I am pulling for the A’s. Green collar baseball.

  63. What a disapointing game last night. Many chances to win it. I’ll chalk that one up to the 19 innings and flt to SD.

    They’ll take the last 2.

    Volquez was dealing yesterday as well, so its not all on the Pirates.

    Cutch……… not doing well, big drought right now and the Buccos really need him to come out of it. If he doesn’t, this team tanks.

    *Sorry for bringing that up DK*

  64. @John

    I am too………I get to see a lot of their games and they are fun to watch.

    Bright spot on that team: Brandon Moss.

  65. 13 ks by the team doesn’t help either, its not all on Cutch, IMO anyways

  66. pants,

    It would take longer to wash that bananna slicer than to cut it with a knife and wash the knife. But there are only 6 left, so you better get yours now!

  67. If only the Pirates got the type of return the A’s do on their trades.

    People around here were up in arms when the A’s traded their young pitchers. I think this is the process that NH is trying to do, just haven’t had the luck.

    Maybe they should do a movie about the Pirates. Seem to spark the Indians and the A’s.

  68. @Biz

    Of course its not all Cutch, but he is the leader on that team and the way he performs affects the others.

    Jones looked bad last night as well.

    Pedro and Gaby both missed opportunities late in the game. HANGERS, either taken or missed…can’t do that.

  69. Apparently the only team Drew plays well against is the Pirates.

  70. Ryan:

    You gotta love the A’s, really. No team gets screwed more by MLB and King Bud. Not only do they have to deal with the rules that favor big market teams, they have to deal with Budster kissing the butt of Giants ownership on the new stadium. They get no one to go to their games and their salary is 100 million dollars less than the Angels. They have to trade wonderful talent to stay afloat. Yet they are in the hunt and the Angels seem to be fading. Enjoy watching them on the package. Like Kuiper and Fosse a lot. Like their radio guys too.

  71. I’ll echo the prevailing sentiment: KC gave the Buccos a shot at winning that game. The batters were connecting, but most of the hits I saw were ground balls in the gaps or balls that the Bucs infield just couldn’t handle cleanly. Perhaps if the Bucs infield hadn’t gone 19 innings the previous night, they would have had just a bit more jump to make plays on some of those balls. I can’t really blame the them for looking sluggish.

    I’ll be the first to admit that Barmes has a tendency to swing fairly wildly at the plate, but he’s good defensively and he can come through with a clutch hit every now and again. Alvarez has been a bit on the cool side, but he has had a stretch of solid plate appearances of late (including the late HR in STL) which helps. If anything, you have to point to Barajas as the weak link at the bottom of the order. I agree with the person who said Rod should catch for AJB and sit the remainder.

    I think the biggest problems are with the MVP. Cutch went deep with two men aboard last night, deep enough for most ballparks but not that one. Another two feet and the Bucs take that game. I’ve seen quite a bit of baserunners stranded by Cutch of late, and that’s got to change. When your other batters do their job of getting aboard, the heart of the order has to bring them in. Right now, that’s just not happening.

  72. I dunno, AW, Drew does pretty well vs marble cake….

  73. It’s interesting how out of town announcers describe the Bucs skills.
    The Dodgers crew said they do not have a lot of range in the infield, and that PA was not a good defensive 3b.
    The Padres crew said both last night, and a week ago here at PNC, Bucs infielders were getting in each others way, cutting each other off on grounders between second and short. And they said PA was a good 3b.

  74. @John

    There is a huge difference between the A’s and the Giants.

    1. Its Oakland vs SF, SF wins that battle every time.

    2. The stadiums, the Coliseum is garbage

    3. Fan base: The Giants did well even in Candlestick, but they sell out EVERY home game.

  75. @ AW: “Apparently the only team Drew plays well against is the Pirates.”

    It seems like alot of the no name pitchers in the NL do too.

    @ Relentless. I agree with your opinions in #74

  76. Oh, how I wish John Wehner was the Buccos batting coach! If he were, hitting the ball to the opposite field would actually be encouraged. No PIrate can hit a breaking on the outer half of the plate b/c they all try to pull everything! And right now, Cutch is the biggest offender. You think that single he hit to RF in the 19th inning would’ve been an eye-opener, but I guess not. Wehner’s critique of Sanchez’ AB last nite was spot on. How do you not go up looking for anything but a slider? Frustrating to watch.

  77. Tough loss last night indeed but definitely a couple of bright spots. McPherson and Wilson were unfazed by the brightnlights. As I mentioned yesterday McPherson has a curveball which will buckle you at the knees and Wilson hit 95 from the left side and has a very live arm.

    Tabata had three hits and was one of the most productive guys in the lineup and in the game last night. Walker does not show any I’ll effects from the hand he was blistering the ball with his bat. I was sitting next to some other Pirate fans and we discussed how unfortunately Barajas stung the ball a few times but right at people.

    @ Ryan – I agree with you, this team goes as Cutch goes and we had the guy we wanted up in some key situations and he appeared a bit lost, hope he turns it back on quickly.

    As for Correia, outside of the rocky first he did what he usually does which is settle down, grind it out keep it close. Very gutsy for him to throw 72 pitches and pitch into the 5th, the offense left 11 on this was not on the pitching last night.

  78. JRay, I didn’t watch last night, but from what I’ve heard and read, KC did a good job of keeping the team in it. As you said, you can’t leave 11 runners on base and expect to win.

  79. Good report, JRay. Nothing beats an eye witness. Especially for those of us, even in the Central time zone that couldn’t stay up to see it.

  80. I don’t know if I like Mike Tomlin’s statement on why the Steelers put Chris Rainey back in Sunday after the HTH hit. (See DK’s tweet and Sulia and Ralph Paulk’s story in the Trib). I have a lot of respect for Tomlin and I understand the “urgency of preseason for these young guys” but dealing with a concussion or possible one I would think the urgency is caution. Rainey will make the team anyway. Everyone knows that. JMHO

  81. @ Lucky – thanks….I was blogging a bit during the game from the seat and I was just a little surprised on who people were upset with last night. I was disappointed in the outcome but felt the pitching performed admirably and both McPherson and Wilson appear to have the mettle to help the big team and soon.

    I wonder if the team not holding BP contributed to a bit of the struggles but understand the decision following a 19 inning affair. Tabata, Walker, Barajas, even Barmes had a little life in the bat with a hit.

    It just surprise me that Tabata, Barajas and Barmes get drilled a lot and at times warranted but last night it was Cutch and Jones who went 1-9 and left many runners stranded.

    I will say it was great seeing so many Pirates fans out wearing the team colors and they were very vocal at the end…this fan base is a very good one and more than ready to get behind and support the club.

  82. BTW, if my previous post gave anyone the impression that KC “did a good job” of anything, that was my mistake. The team was still in the game when he left in the 5th, but make no mistake, the guy was awful. The Padres could have put the game away with one hit on a number of occassions.

    It was very clear last night that McPherson at least has a lot of talent. There is no question that he is immediately a better option than Correia.

    Wilson, I’m not sold on him. He came advertised with a mid-90s FB. He was between 91-93 last night. His control issues were easy to see, too. I don’t think he walked anyone, but he had that “wild in the zone” thing going that ended up working out for him with a bunch of ks, but I can’t see that as being sustainable.

  83. @ Jandy – we will excuse you on this one…the advantage we have on the west coast is seeing the conclusion of all games.

  84. McPherson looked like he may have an issue with “showing the ball”, but otherwise, I really liked that kid. I may be getting too excited over 2 IP, but tall kid with an easy delivery, sitting at 95 MPH with a lot of movement and a knee buckling curve … he looks like he has a future.

  85. @ Fat Jimmy – your assessment of Wilson is why many feel he will be better served in the bullpen….McPherson threw three offering last night all around the zone and looks like he could be a back of the rotation guy in the future.

  86. Gee thanks, JRay lol. I get up at 4am so 10:00-10:30 is my bedtime…and the game was just getting started. Same tonight, I’m going to miss it. I will be able to catch most of it tomorrow, tho as it’s a matinee :)

  87. JRay, curious why you’re limiting McPherson to “back of the rotation”? Is that just cautious optimism or is there something about him that will hold him back from more? What I saw last night is a guy without many limits.

  88. There’s that 4 AM thing again to do her hair. 8) Those of us that only have 1 left can get up at 5:45 AM.

  89. @ Fat Jimmy – just based off of what I read, see, type of stuff he has. And comparing him to the guys we have in system who project to be top of rotation starters like Cole, Heredia and Tallion.

    I like McPherson a lot but his best stuff maybe his off speed set, he has a good fastball not great. Is aided by very good control. To his credit he has had a very good K/9 rate of 8-9 in most recent minor league stops but he will need to be able to carry that over in my estimation.

    But there is still an element of the unknown so yes I prefer catious optimism in thinking he cam be a 3,4 guy and if amounts to more that would be great.

  90. Hahaha Lucky, I’m ready to go, light make-up, earrings, hair and all in a half hour. Then I pack hubby’s lunch, do laundry, or pay bills, read my e-mail, and let the dog out again before I head to work. 6am starts are awesome…quiet in the office then.

  91. J-girl,

    You do more before 6 than many people do all day. Just yankin’ your chain.

  92. Yank away, Lucky, yank away ;)

  93. McPherson and Wilson were both sparks and very impressive.

    McP threw the ball a lot harder than what was expected. Mid 90′s on the FB.

    Wilson was the opposite.

    Wehner hit this up, expecting the opposite of these 2.

    I liked what they both had to offer.

    I see Wilson taking over Bedards spot in the rotation next year. I like both were called up to get their feet wet in the bigs.

  94. I knew when I picked Kentucky Woman there would like/dislike. Neil Diamond has that effect on people. Picked it over Kentucky Rain because it more upbeat. Neither song as good as yesterday’s. Still, progressing nicely through the states. Louisiana tomorrow.

    So i am the “evil dictator” :)

    A bit of food network today.

  95. Where are you headed JAL?

  96. JAL, you’re as evil as I am….uhhh.. ;X

  97. JAL,

    I wasn’t dissing your pick. I just like Deep Purple style as opposed to Neil Diamond. You ain’t no Hitler, brother.

  98. Ryan

    I am headed no where this week, theme of blog titles has been the states the last couple of weeks and Louisiana is next

  99. Oh OK..guess I missed that.

    Keep on truckin’

  100. @ Ryan – 96

    Let’s hope either Wilson or McPherson gets into the starting rotation sooner rather than later to give our sagging starters a lift. Wilson has pitched 131.1 innings at Indy, and McPherson has pitched 59.3 so far at both Altoona and Indy.

    These guys (especially McPherson) haven’t pitched that many innings thus far this year. CH should give them both a shot!

  101. @Gunner

    there was a lot of twitter chatter about starting McPherson over Correia yesterday.

    I saw both sides of the fence on that one. But I would’ve liked to have seen McPherson start it, but I understand why CH didn’t.

  102. gee, I wonder what version of Tabata will show up tonight??

  103. I still think Correia had a pretty decent start, for what it’s worth. Shaky 1st inning, and settled down after that. And anyone that suggests that, since the Bucs scored 1 run they should’ve won is crazy. Starting McPherson or Wilson wouldn’t have guaranteed a shutout, just because they threw 3 combined shutout innings. Kudos to them for doing so, but shutouts are rare, and 1-0 shutouts by rookie starters are even more rare.

  104. @ Boise – 106

    Correia has his own unique style and given the situation, he really didn’t do too badly. The offense let him down and that is why we lost.

    Cutch is in a bad way these days and that, combined with less than stellar pitching from the starters is killing the Bucs.

  105. I think I just saw a new way to evaluate starting pitchers. If the other team is in a situation on a number of occasions to put the game away with one hit then the pitcher was awful? I thought for most guys that was called a gutsy performance. The key being they didn’t give up that “key” hit. (and I know I’m going to get in trouble here) Especially after pitching 2 innings the night before.

  106. Kentuck Knob,


  107. Cutch is being pitched differently, staying outside and he starting to adjust. More hard hit balls the last few games.

  108. I dunno, Arriba. I guess you can call it gutsy. But, in my book, “gutsy” isn’t really a skill that one individual has that another doesn’t. I think the better word is “lucky” or “fortunate”, but anything you want to call it, if you give up 7 hits, 1 BB and 1 HBP in 4 1/3 IP, you’re usually going to give up more than 3 runs … not that 3 runs in 4.1 IP is any great shakes.

    Kudos to the guy for taking the ball again on no days rest, I suppose. But I’m not going to romanticize him for going out, not going 5 and taking the loss.

    Kevin Correia is just good enough of a pitcher to keep a job in MLB, but isn’t good enough to be someone you should want in your rotation.

  109. KC is a 4 million $ per year pitcher, thats about all I have to say about that…..

  110. Groaty,

    I don’t want that one-game playoff either, but it was basically that for the Steelers last season, on the road, which is not up to their standards, of course. But us longsuffering, .500-starved BB fans may throw some parties when the Bucs get in. All playoffs should be 7-game series IMHO.

  111. FJ–my point was calling him “awful” for last night was a bit harsh IMO. I thought your first post about him was more fair.

  112. Perhaps there are different connotations for “awful” … but he was definitely bad. That wasn’t a good performance last night. The simple truth of Correia is that he gives up too many baserunners.

  113. I like the one game wildcard game:

    1. Was never comfortable with idea that wildcard winner was automatically on same footing as division winners going into the playoffs.
    2. A lot of clubs are still very much in this thing and we have passed mid August.
    3. The one and done scenario has worked well for other sports. My prediction is that, as the years go by, many wildcard games will stand as some of the most exciting ever played.
    4. Not all change is bad.

    Does anyone know if stats from the wildcard game apply to regular season stats or postseason stats? I assume postseason, but Game 163′s were considered regular season.

  114. @JAL

    Agree on Cutch. Seems as though EVERY catcher’s set up is on the outside corner. Off speed stuff mostly as well.

  115. I’d like to see a best of 3, but maybe next year, they threw this second wild card in fairly late, my understanding is, things were already scheduled.

    We will do as well as Cutch getting his head together

    I’m all in with him

  116. I’m not sure I understand the point of people who claim Cutch’s problems are all due to being pitched differently.

    It almost has the feel of an excuse.

  117. Wow, awesome story, Milo. Thanks for that.

  118. Pirates activate Qualls and recall Daniel McCutchen, McPherson and Wilson optioned back to Indy.

  119. @JRay

    Not a big surprise there.


    We’ve had this discussion before……

  120. Seriously, though, Ryan. Why do people immediately respond to any criticism of Cutch with that line?

    Does that somehow lessen the fact that he has been awful lately?

    What about the fastballs down the middle of the plate Cutch is missing?

  121. Game thread up


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