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  1. Not to knit-pick, but the Steelers are 1-1. We should count pre-season records only bases on how many regulars a team loses in those 4 meaningless games.

  2. The first series by the offense = 2 dinks and a sack. I prefer Arians’ offense = 2 sacks and a 20 yard completion. I know… IT’S PRESEASON!

    DK: Yeah, I’m kind of moving beyond thinking they’re saving everything up for Denver.

  3. A preseason defining 98 yard TD drive. JK. But it was a nice one.

  4. Where was that play when Ben was in the game? Nice play-action bomb Leftwich to Brown. 39 yards. Well I guess 39 yards is a bomb from what we’ve seen.

    DK: In fairness, the offense did open up on that 99-yard drive, whether that was because of the two-minute or not. And, obviously, just about every team goes for the kill like that after the big pick.

    Is there a better sequence in football?

  5. It sure seems like the Steelers defense is undercutting a lot of passes. Woodley has multiple knockdowns and they have had at least 3 interceptions on out passes.

  6. Yeah those plays looks nice. Watching the pocket develop and anticipating the deep pass. Then when the camera pans back and you see the open receiver.. TD

  7. A terrible shame about DeCastro.
    It appears he’s done for the year, though I hope beyond hope that is not true.

  8. Unfortunately…the look on DeCastro’s face in the Joe Starkey article/ pic “sez it all.” :-(

  9. I haven’t seen anything to change the initial prognosis that DeCastro’s injury is severe. What a horrible loss if it’s as bad as it appears today.

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