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On location: Pirates 5, Cardinals 0

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

Looking ahead to first pitch …

Game: Pirates (69-60) vs. St. Louis Cardinals (71-58)

Time: 7:05 p.m.

Site: PNC Park

TV, radio: Root Sports, ESPN (outside Pittsburgh), 93.7 The Fan

Here is the live box score.

And here is the Pirates’ lineup vs. St. Louis RHP Joe Kelly

  1. Jose Tabata, LF
  2. Travis Snider, RF
  3. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  4. Garrett Jones, 1B
  5. Pedro Alvarez, 3B
  6. Josh Harrison, 2B
  7. Rod Barajas, C
  8. Clint Barmes, SS
  9. Wandy Rodriguez, LHP


  1. Man this seems early for the lineup…maybe its just me.

  2. Man, I was really hoping the Fort would start.

    I guess Barajas deserves to be in there for screaming and standing up for Hurdle against the sissy Cards last night. Hardball really takes the Cards to task for hitting Harrison last night.

  3. G2m2S, I was hoping the same for Fort.

  4. Last two weeks

    Player A – .240 BA, .400 SLG, .745 OPS
    Player B – .080 BA, .120 SLG, .230 OPS

    Who do you want catching?

  5. Hey JandyGirl,

    Those “snowmen lying on their backs with flashlights coming out of their feet” you type every once in a while —— what the heck are they?

  6. @Groat

    And that’s what I like about Barajas. I know he can’t hit, but when he does its usually with some authority. He calls a good game, can’t throw out runners. A lot of that has to do with his pitchers.

    Which reminds me, can anybody recall a pitch out thrown this year? I can’t.

    Barajas is old school and I like that. Teams need to have that guy.

  7. @Ryan

    It’s just you. Lineup seems to come out between 245pm and 3pm on most 7pm game days.

  8. @Roberto

    The one that had 2 hits last night.

  9. LOL Milo!

    Groat, I take it you don’t have ants at your place?

  10. @RF

    I guess I’m looking at my clock…its only noon here.

  11. Lucky?


  12. Jandy

    What? We’re not good enough?

  13. Sure you are Ryan, I’m just a Mother Hen (or Mother Theresa) sometimes, checking on them. It’s just me :)

  14. chop liver

  15. Who do you want catching:

    Player A: 182 AB’s .258 AVG 11 HR 35 RBI .330 OBP, .500 SLG (was 2-5 with R and RBI last night)

    Player B: 267 AB’s .199 AVG 9 HR 24 RBI .276 OBP, .337 SLG

    Is there any question?

    Rod would be the next to DFA if it were not for the fact I keep him because AJ likes pitching to him.

  16. Last two games the Fort has started the Pirates are 2-0.

    Last two games Cold Rod has started the Pirates are 0-2.

  17. Ryan–wasn’t it Noon on your clock at about the same time yesterday? :-)

  18. It was, but I don’t recall if that’s when the lineups came out.

  19. Two out of three ain’t bad!

  20. JandyGirl,

    Didn’t see that at all. Thanks for the art lesson.


  21. I’m a big Drew Pomeranz fan today.

  22. Groat, anytime, friend :)

    Ryan, you’re far from chopped liver, friend.

  23. ::sigh:: gotta get some crrunch time orders in at work. Hope to catch you all later. Let’s hope Wandy keeps his “W”

  24. “There are lies, darned lies, and statistics.” So saith Mark Twain.

    Clint Barmes has a higher Batting Average and more ribbies for the month of August than Andrew McCutchen. Who do you want coming to the plate in the bottom of the 8th a run down? Superior statistics Barmes or inferior McCutch?

  25. Jandy –

    (Cough, cough, Ahem!)

  26. The following Pirate prospects will be in the Arizona Fall League this year

    OF Adalberto Santos, INF Gift Ngoepe, INF Matt Curry, RHP Brandon Cumpton, RHP Tyler Waldron.

  27. @JAL

    Joe Kelly doesn’t look like an easy pitcher to go after.

  28. JAL,

    Thanks. I was hoping Josh Bell would be there. He has lost this whole year.

  29. One last time and then I won’t revisit it:

    But Playoffs by 2012:

    As some women (not as many as I might hope) can attest, I am not above begging.

    So, I am begging you: please come back with the window. A lot of people enjoy it.

  30. Batting average aside (but it stinks beyond anything), kind of like our record, if someone told you in March that the catcher position was going to have 20HR and 59 RBI by September would you have believed them?

  31. Groat,

    Right, because that is what Clint is saying by starting the warm catcher over the cold catcher.

    DFA Cutch!

  32. Groat

    Probably why he is not there. Might be better served working at Pirate City and getting back in shape to play next season.

  33. @John

    Did he say something about not coming back?

  34. At jal:
    Thanks for no. 27.

  35. Ryan–Kelly looked pretty good in that 19 inning game Aug 19, too.

  36. @JRay

    “Last two games the Fort has started the Pirates are 2-0.

    Last two games Cold Rod has started the Pirates are 0-2.”

    OMG, we DFA’ed the wrong guy! Its Hot Rod’s fault!

  37. @Ryan:

    No, he didn’t say anything. Just has been incognito for a few days.

  38. @AW

    Oh yea he did…..gonna be tough.

  39. After last night I can’t believe Clint didn’t move Pedro up to cleanup.
    He’s so dumb.

  40. @ RF – I used that because your use of stats at times do not add up. The Fort went through a 0-21 spell and has snapped out of it (as evidenced by his recent 4-9 stint in his last four games) thus it will make the stats you pull look very slanted.

    Barajas is hitting below .200 for crying out loud, J-Mac looks better at the plate. I do not discredit his value to the team in experience or in being a guy for AJ but much past that he weakens the lineup and can not throw a runner out.

    Your defense of mediocrity and poor peformance can be baffling at times.

  41. Ryan and John,
    Playoffs has mentioned a new job. I wonder if he has the time to post.
    I miss it too.

  42. @ Ryan – If there is no @ Playoffs sighting can I now be declared winner?

  43. @JRay3

    Your question wasn’t asked to me, but if it had been, my answer would be No.

  44. JRay – NOWay

    I am ramping up for a stretch run.

  45. @JRay

    Nice try.

  46. @ pattonbb – fair enough, but with each passing day my Magic Number gets reduced!

  47. @JRay3 – Not worried about your magic number…unless it gets to 1.

  48. I am conspicuously absent from Jandylicious’ roll call. ;-((

  49. JRay

    This ain’t no rain delay after the 5th buddy

  50. Winner of game tonight takes season series….significant…if two teams are tied for both wild cards home field determined by head to head record.

  51. Dear Playoffs by Forever,

    I don’t gamble——even pretend. Just a thing of mine and an example I try to set. So I have not played your “Game” this year.

    That being said, I would ask you to bring back your “Game” for everyone else. Too many people enjoyed and looked forward to it.

    It actually made me crotchety, because if I was trying to have conversation with another, the incessant “pretend bets” broke up any thread of continuity. However, there is no doubt that many, many folks enjoyed it and made comments about it. They looked forward to your ingenious “puts” on the table.

    I tried to look back in the blog to see if something/someone upset you, so that I might give answer to your concerns; but Dejan’s new page doesn’t allow me——or I don’t know the new road. I do not know why you are hurting.

    However, your “Game” was too ingenious for it not to have been a joy to you also as you put it together each day.

    Please, Playoffs by Forever, bring back your Pretend Betting Game, for the non-pretend joy of others here on the Blog and to justify my crotchety moods that I will have whether you come back or not.

  52. @RF… it’s Fleury’s fault.

    Playoffs rang up some pretty nice lines in his Window. It is greatly missed here. Hope he is doing well…

  53. JRay, I’m sure, like the rest of us, you are not privy to seeing the waiver wire.
    (but hey, maybe you are).

    But at this point in the season can you name a suitable replacement for Barajas that is available? Anyone down on the farm.

    His average stinks. And he can’t throw out anyone.
    But he is still very good at blocking pitches, the pitchers feel comfortable with him behind the plate, and he can still hit the ball out of the park.

    If his batting average right now was .250 everyone would probably be thrilled. That is only 14 more hits than he had now. That is 3 hits per month.

  54. JRay,

    So help me out. Your use of 4 game sample was correct, as was the use of a 128 game sample. But my use of the most recent 14 day stretch was incorrect?

    Could you please provide the rules for appropriate samples.

    .240 by Barajas seems to be equal to the season stats you quote for the Fort. McKenry is hitting (for the few hits he has these days) all singles, no power.

    And I am not defending anything. Just pointing out what I think are appropriate factors in the decisions. How does one decide when to ride the hot streaks and when to get off the cold ones?

  55. Cardinals lineup tonight:

    Jay, Beltran, Holliday, Craig, Freese, Shumaker, Cruz, Furcal, Kelly

    Interesting reading some of the Cardinals fans thoughts to play at plate last night…pretty split some saying JHay viciously went for head leading with shoulder and elbow and some saying they wish Yadi would not put self at risk by taking that much of plate away.

  56. Appropriate rules for samples are as follows:
    –> Do not fill above the line
    –> Must fill up to minimum fill line
    –> Do not tamper with sample
    –> Do not flush
    –> Do not run water until sample is turned over to technician

  57. Fleury would have let JHay through. Thus it’s his fault

  58. @ RF – I think the 128 game sample is the representative one. Baseball is a grind there will be hot streaks, cold streaks and everything in between.

    This late in the season you are what you are. For Rod Barajas after nearly 300 AB’s he is a less than .200 hitter with little power and not much ability to get on base.

    This late in the season the Fort has shown he gets on base at about a 55% better clip, and has more power in his bat.

    It really is that simple. My use of the 4 game stats was for fun, not a serious sample. However, my use of stats on the season demonstrate we weaken the lineup considerably with Rod in there.

    You, yourself said last night, Kelly versus Rodriguez did not look like a playoff pitching performance and that it might be an offensive night. Well wouldn’t you want the better producing offensive option than?

  59. This past Sundays game thread comments #’s 135 and up may be a reason you don’t see @Playoffs by 2012. MAY BE. Don’t know for sure.


  60. @JRay and anyone else who feels like answering.

    Do you think The Fort is the starter next year or should the Pirates find another FA type catcher, preferably one better than Barajas?

    Honestly, I don’t my RB as the backup. Between the 2 of them, McKenry should be the starter for most games, give Barajas 1/2 starts a week though.


  62. @Glass

    Can you give us a brief synopsis?

  63. Rotation in Milwaukee will be Karstens, Burnett, and McDonald

  64. Back and forth between Playoffs and poz with a little Milo sprnkled in…..

    Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!!!!

    August 26th, 2012 – 6:54 pm
    Playoffs by 2012
    August 26th, 2012 – 6:30 pm
    August 26th, 2012 – 5:58 pm

    This’ll be it from me unless they show me they are better than what I am seeing. I have no reason to stew in something that makes me angry any longer.
    Does this mean you are leaving??
    If yes, then this is makes the losing MUCH more tolerable.
    Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!!!!

    My comments to Playoffs by 2012. Let 22 vent.

    If you are comfortable with the recent play of our Buccos then fine. However, I agree with 22. The team is “struggling” (to be kind). Unless you have been annoited to

    — my comments were posted before I finished. I’m certain I did something wrong. But let me continue.

    – There is nothing wrong with being critical of the recent play of our Buccos. They are playing poorly. And being either an unabashed homer won’t change the fact the pitching has fallen off with the bats.

    Be a cheerleader if you wish. But please, don’t encourage others to leave because they see what you do not want to see.

    I want our Buccos to make the playoffs. But after watching that pitiful performance even I have my doubts.

    Milo Hamilton
    August 26th, 2012 – 7:51 pm
    Now that the self-appointed blog monitor has spoken, I guess we can all go about our business.

  65. Final comment by poz……

    August 26th, 2012 – 9:18 pm
    I did respond directly to you 2012. There was no insinuation in what I said. I said let differing opinions vent.

    And I didn’t use a pejorative like you did to describe those who think differently. They are not cancers.

    I’ll continue to do what I’ve done since the 50’s – follow the Buccos. I won’t turn anything off.

    But you are right. Nobody is forcing me to comment. You won’t have to worry about me ever again responding to you. It’s not worth it. And it is just that simple.

    Thanks for listening.

    Go Buccos.

  66. no reason that Barajas is playing anymore. He’s making Jaramillo/Eric Fryer/Matt Pagnozzi et al. look like hitters. Little excuse for a regular to be under .200 in August/September. less excuse to be in the lineup. No excuse to be on the roster.

  67. To be clear, my comment on Sunday evening was directed at Playoffs, not at Poz. I had kind of enough of him calling other posters “cancers” just for expressing an opinion. Maybe I’m a little too touchy on that particular subject for reasons I’ll keep to myself. So be it. Just clearing up my end.

  68. @JRay -

    I’ve found myself much happier since I stopped trying to argue with RF over stats and his typical comparisons. I’m fairly certain that if most of the blog points out that it’s currently night out, he will post about how bright it is in his house, so it sure looks like daytime to him.

    Some people just like to argue, I guess.

  69. I was at game last night. Did any of you notice that Alvarez did not take the practice swing between pitches like he has done since he came up. Between pitches he stepped out , stepped back in, laid bat on shoulder and got ready to hit. Interesting to see if this continues and is part of new approach.

  70. Something neat I found using some of’s easy and wonderful tools…

    In his 62 games from the June 16 game against Cleveland, where Pedro entered batting a mid-season-low .189, and had the first of back-to-back 2-HR games, through last night, he’s had a .296/.387/.579/.966 BA/OBP/SLG/OPS line, and per-162-game rates of 45 HR and 110 RBI, albeit with 202 whiffs.

  71. @Ryan -

    I would like to see them pick up a catcher who would not hurt the team if he started 60% of the games. If Fort plays like he has this year, you make him the #1 and give him 60 to 80% of the starts. If he regresses, he drops back down to backup and you aren’t stuck with a joke of a lineup every time 7-8-9 comes around.

  72. @Mark

    Amazing stats! Just doesn’t seem like they are that good, maybe because he’s so darn hot and cold.

    Oh, and who cares about the K’s with batting prowess like that. Most power hitters seem to strike out alot.

  73. @ Ryan – Personally I think the C position is one we need to look for an upgrade. I’m not sold on Fort as an everyday catcher. Just look at the teams in contention the Giants have Posey, the Braves have McCann, the Cardinals have Molina, etc. We need to be more competitive behind the dish both at the plate and the ability to catch runners attempting to steal.

    For me it should be one of the bigger priorities of the off-season is to see if we can find a starter with Fort a solid #2 option. I wish I had faith in the guys at the top levels of the system but Sanchez has not developed enough yet to be ready.

  74. @ Demon – you are probably right but it just boggle my mind the way some stats are thrown around here. The way our .200 hitters are compared to our MVP candidate in lineup decisions boggles my mind.

    I mean you could say since Cutch is 0-9 in his last two Saturday starts that he should sit on our next Saturday game.

    Alright on that note, maybe Barajas will prove me wrong and go 4-4 tonight in this very important game.

  75. FFB,
    Interesting observation

  76. On the catcher position….I’d go with platoon of Sanchez and the Fort next year. Sanchez needs to sink or swim and I doubt there’s much better out there.

    Pedro will continue to grow at the plate……his power is there and he will cut down on his Ks. Even right now he is a presence and I look forward to him getting better.

    BUCS have fewer holes in the lineup now. In 2013 time to let Mercer play SS and
    Jones play everyday, either at 1b or in Rf. With Marte solidified in LF, the BUCS can let Tabata, snider and Gaby compete for the one open slot.

    In the winter the BUCS need to pursue one more good veteran starting pitcher.

  77. Barajas has a $3.5 million club option for next year with no buyout attached. They won’t pick that up. I think he’ll be relegated to non-roster invitee status elsewhere.

  78. I really think this might be Barajas’ swan song. He turns 37 next week. Can’t imagine anyone looking at a 37 year old catcher hitting .200 that can’t throw anyone out as a viable option, no matter how well he can call a game.

    He seems like a good guy. Glad he came to Pittsburgh, but it’s time to hang them up. I bet he ends up on somebody’s coaching staff in a few years.

  79. @JRay3

    What else does the Fort have to do to convince you? He can’t play when he’s not in the lineup.

    Another problem with not playing him over Barajas now is that we don’t know what we have in him for next year. It’s similar to giving Lincoln all those spot starts earlier this year instead of giving Locke or Wilson a couple to see what we have.

  80. @JRay -

    Oh, I agree. I used to point out the skewing of stats on a regular basis. As someone who has a healthy respect for math and logic, at some level if offends me to see statistics twisted in such ways.

    However, I’ve learned that nothing is accomplished in the long run in such discussions. I’m pretty sure that the main abuser of said stats has a good grasp on such things, but since it’s so much easier to defend mediocrity that way, he continues to twist to his heart’s content.

  81. Johnny Ray III,

    You mentioned McCann, Posey, and Molina, the 3 best catchers in the National League. The Pirates aren’t the only team who would like to have one of those——13 other National League teams in fact.


    I have no idea why you are constantly so infatuated with Tony Sanchez. He is hitting in the .220s in AAA and has only 10-11 doubles for the whole season. And his defense has been spotty at best. The best catcher Bucs have is Wayne M. in Rookie ball, and he is a long way away. Why would you think Tony Sanchez would be better than Barajas. At least Barajas has experience and credibility.

    Pirates need to pick up a free agent catcher in the off season——whoops, our Free Agent scorecard has not been too good, has it? Barajas until the end of the year . . . . . maybe Barajas again next year at a reduced rate.

    I hear Ronnie Paulino is free.

  82. @Chico -

    For why I’m not sold on flat out handing the starting job to Fort next year… See Presley, Alex.

    That’s why I’d start with him as the #1, but be as prepared as possible in case he’s just had a good half season and never hits like this again.

  83. @ Chico – Well firstly, Fort needs to quicken his throw time to second. He has only caught 12% of base runners attempting to steal which places him 78th out of all catchers in MLB. That is not good enough to be an everyday starter.

    His bat has played well and I like you would like to see if would continue to play well getting the majority of starts.

  84. @ Groat – Ok fair enough how about these other contenders starters:

    Arizona – Montero: throws out 45% of runners, .276 AVG, .382 OBP 14 HR

    Cinci – Hanigan throws out 44% of runners, .290, .382 OBP

    LAD – AJ Ellis thros out 34% of runners, .283, .386 OBP 11 HR

    These are all the teams we are competing with that don’t have top 3 catchers and I would love anyone of them.

  85. Which has more hitting baseball or football?

  86. Something about this town & guys named Harrison.

  87. Uhh–on the Fort vs. Rod debate for tonight. Wandy doesn’t speak much English. Rod speaks Spanish. Not saying Wandy HAS to have a Spanish speaking catcher, but I caught a little of Clint’s pregame, and he said Wandy’s problem is he’s putting too much pressure on himself to make the trade look good. If he’s more comfortable with Rod, it may be that simple.

  88. To heck with the over/under

    I’m just hoping Playoffs is allright


    Still might be some magic out there, and we DO need magic right now

    Heck, we deserve it

  89. Dodgers won 10-8

    Reds are winning 6-2 going to the bottom of the 9th

  90. A pox on any one arrogant enough to try to make someone leave

    I know guys in DC that try to do that

    Just sayin

  91. Those Dodgers games sure have been slugfests.

  92. Playoffs probably just took a few days off. We all love the Bucs whether we’re on here everyday or not….22 gets ticked off like the rest of us. No biggie to me….I get mad at crap like Pedro and his stupid hat. Whatever happens this year I bet we will all be back next spring….We will finish plus 500….If we miss the playoffs we had a great season and have a sound foundation…..rejoice Bucs fans…..

  93. Yeah, Joe Blanton actually pitched a QS, but the BP got crushed in the 8th.

    It was 10-1 at the top of the 8th, and they almost blew it.

  94. Attendance guess for tonight – 20,680. 120 as a result of DK’s prodding.

  95. Biz,

    any date for the fantasy draft.

  96. Mi amigo Drew–

    ¿Cómo estás?

  97. @Roberto: maybe they should’ve given away cowbells. :)

  98. @John

    I was thinking a choice – cowbells or leftover Nate McLouth bobbleheads

  99. oops, forgot my :D

  100. Johnny Ray III,

    Good catchers all. I would take any one of them.

    Catching and shortstop——we need to address both for next season. I really like Chase D’arnaud at short. His season of development this year was so disrupted by that concussion in the 1st week of the season.

    However, that’s next year. WE NEED TO WIN THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wish to heck Bucs would try one of those three “superior” starters at AAA instead of Kevin Correia. We’ll see what they do.

    Come on, Wandy!! Show us you deserve to have that ‘W’ on the front of your name!

  101. @Cosmo

    No draft, rank the players, once all have done that and we are full, an auto draft occurs

    I’ll check how signups are going tonight, I’ve kinda been preoccupied

  102. G2M–me reading the tea leaves–based on Clint’s interview on the Fan yesterday morning, I’m betting it will be one of the youngsters, not Correia. But he didn’t SAY that. He obviously knew already, though, that Bedard’s spot wasn’t going to come up till Houston, because that’s who he was talking about in terms of evaluating who the best choice would be. That and $5 will get you a frappe latte. (Maybe I’m reading coffee beans?)

  103. Huh? Si is the only Spanish that I know.

    Well. Fly. I’m familiar with that Spanish, too.

  104. I guess the ESPN crew’s GPS device worked.

  105. Jon “Boog” Sciambi

    Sorry Osh, but at least ol’ boog spells his first name correctly — I kid!

  106. Wilver Dornel,

    I really hope your gypsy ability is right!

    I don’t want to WIN next year——I want to WIN this year! I already know what Correia has and I would hope for something more than that average/below average that Correia brings from Locke or Wilson.

    Correia CAN win but I want to aggressively PURSUE the WIN!

  107. I say we all chip in and get Rosetta Stone for the Fort so he can start catching for Wandy…

  108. Ha! good stuff, JMhB!

  109. OK Wandy, I was all for Huntington getting you in this trade.

    Show us you want to win. Grab this game with your teeth and don’t let go.

    Show us you are not Erik Bedard.

  110. Where, oh where, has the window gone???

  111. Play Ball!!!

    Lets Go Bucs!!!

  112. Nice play, Barmes!

  113. Lol those Cards can’t help themselves with 3-1 counts…and a leadoff walk didn’t come back to bite Wandy in the butt! I’ll take it!

  114. Leadoff walk does not score. Always a good thing because as JAL continually counsels, walks kill. Wandy labored a bit but still no score.

  115. what no comments on the slide to take out Harrison?

  116. Boog’s a good announcer. Used to watch him when he did the Braves games.

  117. Just tuned in… what happened with JHay already?

  118. Walks do kill….especially lead off walks.

  119. Rarely make a prediction but I have a hunch that Tabby has a big night.

  120. Ha! He still has some more PA’s!

  121. ESPN is now saying that Matt Holliday has thrown himself into the MVP race.

    Cutch picks it back up, he still should be the MVP.

  122. Jay slide into J-Hay aggressively to break up any potential of a DP, but it was just a baseball play, IMO.

  123. Tabby has done OK since his recall. I don’t have any issues with him right now.

  124. Snider!

    Nice hustle

  125. Flash the Z Travis Snider, hustle double!

  126. This whole JHay stuff should be over and done with between these 2 teams.

    A hard slide is a hard slide, happens to NW all the time.

  127. Jay slide way inside the bag to take Harison’s legs out. No DP was possible. Had to reach for the bag with his right hand just to make contat with the bag. Lifted his leg as well to make contact with him. Nothing came of it though.

  128. Brad:

    John Jay led off with a walk. He got forced at second and slid hard through the bag with JHay covering.

  129. Ug…

  130. Jonsey!!!

  131. Mr. Jones….. RBI double.

  132. Jones cashes in and Bucs with early lead on second double of the inning.

  133. What?!

    I wanted 4 hr’s from El Toro tonight.

  134. Best answer to ay shenanigans, Jones smacks a double and Snider scores a run.

  135. and that’s why Travis Snider is going to be a quality acquisition for the Pirates and by Neal Huntington. He’s going to hit for average, high on base percentage, and will give an honest effort on every play. Just have to hope that bat turns into some power.

  136. Didn’t get to see replay of the Jay slide. Don’t know if STL still upset, but they need to get over it if they are. Of course if they want to hit JHay and start a 4 run rally for us, might not be so bad.

  137. Nice inning for Wandy. Need a few more of those tonight.

  138. Need those quick 1-2-3 innings, Wandy looking sharp early.

  139. Hey Wandy done with an inning in less than 40 pitches. Booyeah!

  140. Slide was a non-issue. St. Loo is famous for they’re habit of going hard into 2nd. Jay goes into 2nd hard regardless to who is covering.

  141. I like Bob Walk, but does he strike anyone else as sort of the John Madden of baseball at times? Yeah HotRod!

  142. There you go Hot Rod! Nice AB. Very nice. Fought off a couple tough pitches.

  143. So I was talking to a Cards fan the other day, and I was complaining about Barajas after game 1 of this series, and the Cards fan was like, “yeah, but he always fouls off like a million pitches before he gets out.” Idk, I never really noticed it, but yeah he does see a ton of pitches.

  144. wow, horrible strike call. NOT even close to zone.

  145. Yes because you are only granted “national attention” if the monolithic overlord ESPN grants you some of their precious airtime! Gimme a break.

  146. Overall the slide was no big deal. Just more then needed for the play at hand.

    Like to see what we can do the second time around on Kelly we had a few hard balls hit off of him. Like to see us get some runs early and drive the stake in.

  147. Moon over the beautiful Pittsburgh skyline. Spectacular.

  148. if Wandy didn’t have to face Jay, he’d save himself about 25 pitches.

  149. JohninOshkosh

    Walks often kill, not always, particularly lead-off walks

  150. The game’s not on TV over here, how’s the attendance tonight?

  151. Keep putting up those zeroes Wandy…heart of the order due up time to pad this lead a little.

  152. Boise:

    Looks good. Lower level started to fill in after the game started. Not a sellout or anything.

  153. TJ Simers in LA Times today calls Dodgers “choking dogs”. Who would ever use that type of rhetoric ? :)

  154. Nice jump and wheels by Snider, making things happen tonight.

  155. Guess Snider is feeling better- looking pretty mobile tonight.

  156. I will personally mow Groat’s lawn next summer if the baseball writers give Braun another MVP after last year. Not going to happen.

  157. O yeah! Just heard Neveritt and Bob Walk talking about Rick Vaughn. Love that movie! Oddly, this season makes me think of “Major League” all the time. Not sure if they have a cardboard cut-out of Nutting in a thong and pasties in the clubhouse, but if that’s what it takes…

  158. EL TORO #26!!!!!

  159. Holy Crap!!!!!!

  160. Oh those bases on balls.

  161. The Bull!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  162. OH PEDRO


  163. I just got OMG on the Pedro blast and I scared the crap out of the dog. Make those walks pay boys!!! How do you like ‘em now 4 letter network?

  164. that ball took about 1.5 seconds to leave the stadium. What a laser!! If someone would have tried to catch that, it could’ve broken their hand.

  165. Perfect hitters pitch and he didn’t miss

  166. Pedro is bringing the Bucs back to life!!! What a shot!!!

  167. Kelly at 57 pitches and still not through the third…get to the pen early.

  168. well I see Pedro is still rolling :)

  169. What were they thinking pitching around Jones ?

  170. Can we start the playoff talk again? Please!

  171. And what’s this about Spanish Fly?????

  172. I’m with you, TDB. Maybe Jonsey and Pete can put this team on their shoulders.

  173. Watching Rod B bat makes you think he is getting ready to go golfing. Getting his retirement swings in now.

  174. Those two walks killed

  175. #170 Jal

    Perfect analysis

  176. Little video vignette on the Pirates by ESPN. Had it for the ready, I guess, if the Pirates took a lead.

  177. @DK….

    Reading your “How many will show tonight” column this morning I was remembering something you wrote about fans supporting the team several years ago when you were on the beat. I may be wrong, but I have a vague memory of you getting a lot of heat from a few loud blogger voices that you were a shill for the team… I laughed at that then and then laughed at the memory and wondered if you got any grief for your piece today about the attendance.

    How is the crowd, by the way?

  178. buggee #49…nah…we were talking on the other thread, no need to check on you , you were already agitating me :p

  179. Roger Clemens looks absolutely ridiculous with those highlights in his hair.

    Just wanted to throw that out there as Wandy shuts them down again.

  180. ESPN doing a nice job of showcasing the ballpark and vistas of the skyline and river, To paraphrase Dejan: why do other cities even try?

  181. What a difference two days can make…all of a sudden with J-Mac and Wandy throwing gems the rotation is back to looking formidable.

  182. Snider can steal a base let’s see if Cutch can

  183. Huge game, good so far, go Bucs!

  184. Wow is snider faster then cutch? just kidding

  185. Stop trying Cutch. Just stop until someone can coach you on how to do it.

  186. Welcome OM!

    El Toro keeps raking, and poor Cutch keeps getting thrown out.

  187. Why send Cutch when Pedro is hotter than he**?


  189. Wow is Snider faster then cutch? Just kidding
    But is a mysterywhy Cutch can’t steal.


  191. Flash that Zoltan J-Hay!!!!!

  192. I don’t get it. How can a guy as fast as Cutch be so bad at stealing bases?

  193. Alvarez up to .250, JHay doing what he does best providing a spark to the team….since the Molina collision the Bucs have outscored the Cards 13-0.

    Let’s Go Bucs!

  194. Andrew McCutchen, stop sign needs to be up now. Dude is running into more outs and with a hot Pedro… you just don’t run there.

    Great hustle by Alvarez to score on single to CF by Harrison. good instincts by him to take 2B on the throw home.

  195. hahaha if I’m Travis Snider, I’m giving Cutch a lot of crap in the clubhouse…suuuure you’re the MVP, but can you steal a base??? NOPE

    For real though, we might just want to go ahead and put the red light on him and concentrate on the RBI’s and smashing hits for a while. It’s ok, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Maybe re-dedicate some time to base-stealing in the off-season and come back fresh for 2013.

  196. Cutch: 15 SB, 11 CS

    Yadi Molina: 11 SB, 2 CS

    If the Pirates don’t bring someone to spring training to work with these guys they’re nuts.

  197. @JMB, so far, every inning in every way things are getting better and better.

  198. Wandy w. a QS!

    Alright Hurdle, be alert going forward.

  199. We’ve found our #5 hitter now. Maybe we can get on with finding a SS and C and we’ll have a whole lineup.

  200. If nothing else Wandy has joined our club and has shutdown the Cardinals….earned his first with versus STL in the 19 inning marathon and goes six shutout innings tonight in line for another W. Helping beat the stiff competition in a pennant race, I will take it.

  201. #203 Officer Mancuso

    Isn’t that a song or something? Oh wait that reminds of the movie Postman

  202. One or the other will suffice, I suppose.

  203. Quite the effort for Juan D. Rodriguez.

  204. Joe Mauer cleared waivers…. pipe dream, I know.

  205. Are Frank Taveres or Omar Moreno available to teach the art of stealing bases @ spring training next year?

  206. These 7th innings are a shaky propositions these days.

  207. @Cosmo

    I shoulda pulled a “Celtic Pride” on Billy Hamilton when he was here playing for my local Blaze.

    I coulda made him tell me all of his SB secrets.

  208. @JMB

    Bakersfield ?

  209. Cards have had a baserunner in every inning except the 2nd.

    Don’t really have anywhere to go with this, just thought i’d point it out.

  210. So far, so awesome! The heart is still beating…let’s DO IT!!

  211. Hockey fans, if you want a good breakdown on one of the big discussion points between the players and owners, this link below is a must read.

    …real nice to see if Pirates can hold on and win this game tonight considering no Walker in this series.

  212. It might not be realistic based on the importance of every game down the stretch, but it may be really beneficial to give Cutch a game off on Friday after the day off tomorrow. I hear some say that 2 days off can be much better than one. He just looks sore and exhausted.

  213. @JMB

    Are you a displaced Pittsburgher or just a long distance Bucco fan ?

  214. @Milo

    We moved to CA when I was 5, but I kept my love of the Pirates and Steelers (not really a hockey guy).

    McKeesport born.

  215. Grilli and Hanny need to shut this down,,,

    Recent crappy era all star Pirate team:

    F Sanchez-2B
    Jack Wilson-SS
    A Ramerez-3B
    Giles, Bay and Albert Martin????—-OF
    First base—–Hmmmmm

    Anybody want to chime in with the pitching staff????
    Am I missing a better outfielder than Martin????

  216. @JMB

    I’m continually amazed by the amount of long distance fans that have stuck it out for so long. I tip my cap.

  217. @Jones #219

    I was thinking the same thing, trouble is to do so they need Marte back or bring up Pressley to play center for a day or two.

  218. Braves lose 8-2 in San Diego. Remember what they did last September ? Choking dogs.

  219. As Earl Weaver said, Momentum is the next day’s starting pitcher. Lost first game of the series but pitching showed up the next two games.

  220. @Milo

    Appreciate it.

    I was 15/16 in 1988, so I fell in love with that early 90′s team.

    I was actually thinking today about how I used to wait for CNN headline news and their sports scores/highlights @17/47 (IIRC) after the hour to find out if the Pirates won. The sports info world has changed amazingly in 20-25 yrs.

  221. Bob Pompeani ‏@KDPomp
    by the way…food 4 thought..If Pirates hang on tonight, they will win season series with STL 8-7..if there is a tie WC, That is tiebreaker

  222. J-Mac and Wandy with bounce back performances, AJ is always a battler and fierce competitor, Karstens has been probably the best Bucs pitcher the past month.

    Important decision still looms on who to give the ball to Monday or Tuesday versus Houston to fill out rotation.

  223. This sucks.

    Pirates owe us 4 more runs.

  224. 20 straight innings of blanking the ML’s best offense. Not too shabby. Who should we DFA?

  225. Behind six shutout innings turned in by Wandy Rodriguez and Pedro Alvarez drilling his team high 26th HR and third in past two games the Pirates take the series and the season series over the Cardinals with the 5-0 victory and their was nooooooo doubt about it!

    The Bucs return to action Friday evening for the start of a three game set in Milwaukee. Jeff Karstens takes the mound for the Pirates in the opener.

    Let’s Go Bucs!

  226. ….fear the Bones….

  227. Make it 21 straight innings. I’ll bet this series has really dented the Cardinals Run Differential

  228. Huge win for Pirates to take series, 1 game back of Cardinals for 2nd Wild Card and tie breaker winning the season series.

    Go Bucs!

  229. Maybe ESPN will find themselves back to the ‘Burgh for a Sunday Night game. Take the series and on to behind the cheese curtain!

  230. So absolute worst case… The Bucs will be 2.5 games out of a playoff spot on September 1st.


  231. Attendance 19,398

  232. First 2 game winning streak since 8.16 & 17.

    20-12 should give us a shot.

    12 more wins to break the streak!

  233. Interesting tweet

    “Fans on their feet. The people here have been FULLY invested in this outcome. Neat to see.”

    I guess none of us here can say we were “FULLY” invested, but maybe we are “ALL IN”?

  234. I see almost everyone is enjoying the win.


  235. The whole tiebreaker thing is a little misleading… It just means that if the Pirates and Cards finish tied for 4th place, the WC game would be played at PNC. If they tied for 5th place, the extra game played before the WC game would be at PNC… But they’d still play that extra game.

    Meaningful, yes, but not like an NFL tiebreaker where in the case of the 5th place tie, the Bucs would get into the WC game over the Cards.

  236. @Roberto:

    Just enjoy the series win, dude. Not a time to take shots at our leader.

  237. Jeff Locke came out of the Indy game after only 4 2/3 and 78 pitches tonight. No runs, 3 hits, 3 walks, 7 K’s. Hope he isn’t hurt.

  238. Gerrit Cole promoted to AAA.

    This guy is going to be in the majors next year, just a question if it is to start the 2013 season or around late May,early June.

  239. Pitching, pitching, pitching.

  240. @Eric Bowser:

    Bet it will be in June. You know how this club likes to keep its “years of control.”

  241. @JohnInOshkosh

    I’m confused. Why can everyone be a target of humor except DK? The guy gets paid to put himself out there. I would think he, most of all could take the humor he dishes out, lol.

  242. A nice win for our club

    A nice night overall

    Still time for the BMTIB to do something to say all in

    IMO, except for Hurdle and its hard to judge after the JR situation, the PBC has no leaders, except for stupid statements and WTH movements

    Hope but you know, still expect

    Now if Pedro hits 40….

  243. Eric,

    Cole will probably fill one of the spots if any or all of the trio of Locke, Wilson and McPherson are called up Sat. Should be a good playoff pitcher.

    Is anyone aware of what happened to Stetson Allie? He hasn’t been in any of the GCL boxes lately. Is he hurt or out because they’re in the playoffs now?

  244. I’d be VERY surprised to see Cole start in Pittsburgh next year. He’d have to dominate spring training and basically give them no choice. #1, statements made around the time of the Marte callup indicate that the organization feels time at AAA is critical in development, and #2, they won’t want to let him become a Super 2, so June is the earliest he’ll arrive.

    Still, encouraging to see him get through AA so quickly.

  245. Is Cole going to be ready for next Spring for the big leagues? How about a rotation of Burnett, Rodriguez, Karstens, JMac, and Cole? Just dreaming but that could be fun.

  246. @Roberto:

    You are right, man. Post away. Just remember the hand that rocks the blog cradle is the hand that rules the blog world!

    Should have gave out those bobbleheads and cowbells, I guess.

  247. Take a look at the potential starters for the Bucs next year:


    Down in Indy:


    Not to mention, Morton coming back from Tommy John surgery…

    Lots of competition. Heck of a problem to have.

  248. @TDB–sorry, kinda co-opted your post, but it got me thinking about the rotation for next year haha

  249. Biz,


    “Still time for the BMTIB to do something to say all in”

    What exactly would that be? What would the BMTIB have to do at this point in the season that would say to you that they are ‘all in’?

  250. I just wanted to say I was there tonight, and wow, what a great game and what a great night for baseball. My fiancé and I had more fun at the game tonight than we ever have before, and all I can say is I hope these past two games set us straight…let’s go bucs!!!

  251. @Thundercrack

    They need to cancel the next charity outing, DFA Barajas, Barmes, Resop, Correia, Qualls, reverse the trade for Gaby Sanchez, sign Mark Appel, pitch Hanrahan in the 7th inning in a tie game, start Pedro in Triple-A, and tear down the sign!

    That is all.

    DK: I guess it’s at least a little flattering to have a spiteful team employee who tracks every syllable I write on every social media platform as a regular on here, right?

  252. So if Cole is heading to Indy, does that mean Locke is coming up for a Monday start? What do you think?

  253. Looks like Gerrit Cole’s first start with Indy will be on Saturday…from Twitter:

    Tony Sanchez ‏@Tony26Montana
    Not catching #Cole till Saturday. I’ll tweet a picture of my swollen hand then. #100sOnDeck

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