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  1. I don’t even know how I begin to feel about today.

    Three months ago I wrote – as an alum – that I couldn’t care less about Penn State football; that PSU had more important things to worry about.

    Then the penalties. That I generally support. (In fact, the Alumni Association’s rejection-denial disgusted me and I have now marked their emails as spam.)

    So now that they’ve been walloped, I’m feeling, well, support. Not angry-bitter-we’ll-show-em support. But rather the paying-price-to-society kind. Because if i accept the punishment, if I can’t support after they’ve been hammered, when CAN i support them?

    And yet. It still feels…soon.

    One thing I’m not going to do. I’m not going to lie to myself. Whatever I feel, when I feel it, I will acknowledge.

  2. Drew well said.
    As a OU grad, I expect a win today.

  3. Yes. I’m sure you are right. One of them will win.

  4. Speaking as a non Penn Stater, I think most of us are really pulling for Bill O’brien. No one in the history of sports, perhaps, has ever had to prepare his team for a season quite like this.

  5. In all honesty, no way PSU should be a 6.5 favorite.
    Even without the defections, this isn’t a good team.

  6. RW:

    Agree with you. Ohio has a good team. Won’t be surprised at all if they wim easily.

  7. Sorry trying to type
    and spell as a passenger in a moving car. *win*

  8. JIO:
    What is the line on the Wisconsin game?

  9. I am Ohio grad. My 3 sons went to PSU. Really interesting game today. I have no idea how each team will react..Ohio to 100,000 fans and PSU to the 1st game in O’Brien era.

    DK: Fascinating dichotomy. Imagine what a win could mean for Ohio, regardless of circumstance.

  10. RF
    I haven’t seen any lines. Not sure any sport books posted one for the game.

  11. We need one more lunatic to sign up


    Dejan’s Lunatics (ID# 362238)

    Password 1203

    Look for OU #53, Justin Haser today, I work with his Dad, he’s been talking about this game for months

  12. From a ohio point of view not a good start!

  13. Should have been 7.

  14. No kicker, no points.

  15. Game over!

  16. Radio! I’m worried about you, my friend.

    Ok. So I am watching. Sitting in my friend’s brew pub (that’s a hint) watching the game. And I promised to share what I feel.

    Here it is.


    And that surprises me. I thought the juices would flow and I would start to root.

    Not nothing as in, they don’t deserve anything.

    Just nothing. Period. And honestly, I don’t understand it.

  17. I’m not sure how I would feel if it was my school.
    A sense of normalcy, a football weekend, a win probaly lifts spirits there.

  18. Lucky, but we’ll take it.

  19. I find myself rooting for Penn State. The players, students and alumni deserve a return to normalcy.

    A very bad situation occurred but punishing the innocent does not help the victims.

  20. Now. Now we have a game.

    No matter how much Radio wants to give it away.

  21. But the game was already declared over so that doesn’t count, right?

  22. Stand up and cheer!

  23. “Game Over” is kind of an odd cheer. But ok. If you say so.

  24. “Painful” is another interesting cheer.

    Used it on my honeymoon.

  25. High school kickers, there’s a spot in Athens.

  26. As i said earlier, game over.

    DK: Congrats to RW. School’s biggest win?

  27. if I was a PSU fan, I’d be proud of those kids, and the coaching staff. They’ll only get better, imo.

    DK: True, but the competition already IS better than what they just faced.

  28. Nah, they beat Pitt a couple years ago. :-)

  29. Good point DK. Ohio isn’t Wisconsin, but they are a good team.

    I think PSU has a realistic chance to win their next 2 games. Never know what might happen after that. 6 wins isn’t out of the question. At least not yet.

  30. Radio. I think you need a drink. Or a defibrillator.

  31. I can hear my friend cheering from here.

    I hope he makes his wife drive tonight.

    Sad for PSU, but very happy for OU.

    Won’t be much work done Tuesday

  32. Hey RW: (sorry I wrote RF earlier):

    Congrats on the big win! BTW, UNI played well. Could have easily won!

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