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Final: Pirates 6, Astros 2

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

Looking ahead to first pitch …

Game: Pirates (70-64) vs. Houston Astros (42-93)

Time: 7:05 p.m.

Site: PNC Park

TV, radio: Root Sports, 93.7 The Fan

Here is the live box score.

And here is the Pirates’ lineup vs. Houston RHP Jordan Lyles

  1. Brock Holt, 2B
  2. Travis Snider, RF
  3. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  4. Garrett Jones, 1B
  5. Pedro Alvarez, 3B
  6. Michael McKenry, C
  7. Alex Presley, LF
  8. Clint Barmes, SS
  9. Wandy Rodriguez, LHP


  1. I guess McKenry was given a copy of Rosetta Stone so he could learn Spanish and catch Wandy instead of Cold Rod.

  2. Jason, Fort caught Wandy in the 19 inning game…and they did just fine. No Spanish needed.

  3. Sure would like to see Travis Snider start getting some ribbies.

    His 1 HR and 7 RBIs in 5 weeks projects roughly to 6 HR and 40 RBIs over a full season.

    “Fat and stupid (or, homerless and RBI-less) is no way to go through life, Son.”

    But WHAT A PROSPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jandy,

    I was just playing off of DK’s twitter hashtag yesterday. #ReasonsBarajasPlayingToday

    Fort actually did catch two other starts by Wandy along with his two inning in the marathon game in STL.

  5. Jason, ahhhh…we are all having fun smacking DK upside the head these days…lol.

    I also prefer Fort. Barajas is a has-been. Make him a coach. Fine with me. =)

  6. Groat, I answered you back on the other thread, but I’ll carry over here:

    I understand your point. But I also understand the despondency here. We got a taste of MORE so now we want MORE.

    But, you know, I’ll be watching tonight ;)

  7. I quit doing that: The Drive for FIVE (Hundred)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a long time ago.

    I will be extremely disappointed if Buccos end with 82-83 wins. Until the last 20 games, with some exceptions, we’ve been honored with competitive baseball, baseball worthy of Pittsburgh.

    I expect the Pirates to win 50% against Reds and Braves; 80% against Cubs, Astros, Mets, and Brewers.

    Winning is within our grasp——DO IT!!

  8. @Groat

    Look at where Snider is in that lineup. I assume you’re smart enough to come up with a good reason for the low RBI totals.

    What’s his average with RISP?

  9. @NMR

    Snider stats – .241 RISP & slugging .379.

    26 hits / 19 singles. 7 RBI in 95 AB’s isn’t good enough batting leadoff.

  10. >>> not much to contribute today folk. A bottle of Glenmorangie will do that to ya.

    Raise the jolly shuttlecock

  11. @Groat – “Sure would like to see Travis Snider start getting some ribbies.

    His 1 HR and 7 RBIs in 5 weeks projects roughly to 6 HR and 40 RBIs over a full season.”
    Biggest reason he’s not getting RBI’s: He hits 2nd in this lineup. The 4 hitters “ahead” of him in the lineup are usually: Barajas, Barmes, the pitcher, and “Sterle Presata”. A whole lot of low OBP there…would be nice to see more homers, but I’ll settle for doubles.

  12. @gregenstein

    I’ll settle for a higher slugging % that Drew Sutton, Jordy Mercer, or Alex Presley.

  13. I’m not smart enough for alot of things, but I do know that Snider batted leadoff in one game (5 PA’s), 2nd in 17 (72 PA’s), 5th in 8 games ( 30 PA’s) and 7th in 5 games (20 PA’s). At least according to BR.

  14. @AW

    BR doesn’t separate his Toronto numbers from his Pittsburgh numbers in the splits.

    I also believe thats where Milo’s numbers are incorrect.

    Since Groat is only talking about Sniders number with the Buccos, I figured we’d keep it apples to apples, right?

    The only RISP stats with the Pirates I could find for Snider were from Aug 19th, courtesy of Smizik, and he was hitting .300.

  15. Snider has the 2nd highest OBP on the team at .364. That would seem more important in the spot ahead of Cutch and Jones.

  16. Don’t get me wrong, of course I’d love to see Snider hit for more power.

    But it’s just a pet pieve of mine when people take cheap shots like “But WHAT A PROSPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!”, especially at small sample sizes, when they aren’t even addressing the root of the problem.

    I feel its ignorant. That is all.

  17. I guess, NMR, nobody has the correct apples, then. Because Snider had 40 PA’s with the BJ’s, and 110 with the Bucs. And in your stats from Aug 19 he had 57 PA’s. So what’s the answer on RISP?

    It’s a pet peeve of mine when people say stuff like “I assume you’re smart enough . . .” to react negatively, especially when it’s said to someone I like, whether I agree or disagree with the point he or she is making. On the other hand, you didn’t accuse Groat of engaging in “spew-babble.” :-)

    Oh, and I like Snider, and he ain’t our problem right now.

  18. You caught me. I made them up. I don’t know why I bother.

  19. @AW

    I can accept that. But to be clear, that wasn’t meant in a condescending manner at all. I do know Groat is wise enough to realize that it’s quite possible the blame for Sniders low RBI count rests more with the lack of opportunity than the lack of production.

    The old line about stats telling whatever story you want them to.

    And my RISP question was an honest one. I couldn’t find it anywhere, either.

  20. @Milo

    So you’re saying your stats are for only Sniders time in Pittsburgh, as Groat was talking?

    My appologies. Link?

  21. The Trib’s Bucco Blog has been updated:

    »»» Pedro Alvarez was named NL player of the week for the second time in his career. In six games last week, Alvarez hit four home runs and batted .458 (11 for 24). His 1.042 slugging percentage last week was tops in the league.

    I hope Cutch didn’t feel too much pressure trying to carry Pedro to the Player of the Week Award. (sorry, I could not resist ) :-)

  22. Is there any way we can send a group message to Playoffs in order to get him back in the mix? Not only do we need the window again, but he must know that his contributions to the blog are neither contentious nor insignificant…

    He made the blog more fun. Period.

    And that’s all I have to say about that.

  23. Per Twitter….

    One change to ump group for tonite’s #Pirates game: Jerry Meals added, will work @ 1b. He’ll rotate to plate Wednesday.

    Or was that him at second base last night?

  24. Yikes. His slugging percentage w/ RISP is exactly the same as his overall slugging percentage, plus his average apparently dropped a ton over the last few weeks. Thats why I thought the split might’ve been off. I obviously stand corrected.

    Thanks for that link, as well. Never used Adding that one to Favorites.

    @Groat – It appears I need a towel for the egg on my face. Will you accept my appology? :) #neverquestionthegroatmaster

  25. Pedro Alvarez, NL Player of the Week.

    Announced earlier today…

  26. Sorry TC… I posted this when I found out. Didn’t see ya had it up there already.

  27. Milo,

    Doesn’t your link include the July games he played with Toronto? At the top of the page, it has the home/away split. Those AB’s total to 131 his 2012 total for both teams. So it goes to reason that all the rest of the splits would as well.

    Am I missing something?

  28. Jim Joyce will handle 1B. He has position nailed down

  29. That is OK Dave. Nobody really reads my posts anyway.

  30. @Roberto

    I don’t really care what he did in Toronto.

  31. Here’s Snider’s twitter. That other link doesn’t show what he had for dinner in Las Vegas in June.

  32. We’ve ht Jordan Lyles pretty hard this year. Expecting that to continue.

  33. @TC

    In those six games for Pedro, the team went 2-4: a .333 WP.

    When Cutch was winning player of the month in June & July, the team went 34-19: a .642 WP.

    As Cutch goes, so goes this ball club.

  34. Here are Snider’s RISP numbers for each team

    Tor – 3 for 9 with 1 double, SLG .444
    Pit – 2 for 20 with 1 HR, SLG .250

  35. Sorry, correction on the Pirates line. Here is the corrected stats

    Tor – 3 for 9 with 1 double, SLG .444
    Pit – 4 for 20 with 1 HR, SLG .350

  36. JMB
    Was Cutch also pitching in June & July?

    Because, if my memory serves me correctly, the starting pitching was much, much better in June & July than it was last week.

  37. Whatever happened to Thunder. I haven’t read his posts here all day.

  38. DK: Anyone seen TC?

  39. See the ball. Hit the ball. Play good.

    DK: See, kids? This is what you get on a pay site like this.

    Wait what?

  40. Sniders position in the line up has a lot to do with his RBI total, but his lack of power has air to do with low RBI numbers also. When you watch him swing, he is all upper body. He doesn’t appear to use his legs. The legs or rotation is where a lot of power comes from.

  41. We need Wandy to pitch a masterpiece tonight. And, some offensive support would sure be appropriate.

    Put a foot down, Buccos!

  42. Maybe Brock Holt’s number is on his shoulder tonight.

  43. Rain Delay? Without the tarp on?

  44. @ Milo – 45

    Maybe the equipment manager gave Holt one of Freddie Patek’s or Jackie Hernandez’s old uniform tops to wear tonight.

  45. Now, that’s the way to avoid losing tonight – have a rainout and give the boys time to flex their muscles playing computer games. This non hitting as a team has been going on since I can remember. It seemed that when one stopped hitting, they all stopped hitting or when the pitchers had a bad game, they would all have bad games. Such is the way of our beloved Bucs. Whether or not they win 82 games doesn’t matter since they had an excellent shot at being in the playoffs and I think they blew that. MAYBE
    NEXT YEAR!!!

  46. Any word on an expected start time?

  47. Does this mean my privileged status as a respected Piratefanadvisor has been revoked?

    DK: Depends. Where’s our $600?

  48. Being blacked out from the Pirates broadcast, I’m now forced to watch some UEFA Champions League game between FEN and MOS while waiting for the “weather” delay to end. Come on Man! I don’t even get to see a Lumber Company special on Root Sports.

  49. Game time is 8:20.

  50. Thanks for game time-
    Sitting here in NJ I have no way of knowing when 1st pitch.

    Now I can put away the dinner dishes.

  51. Soccer game gone. Time to hit the ball!

  52. That’s what I’m talking about!

    1-0 good guys on rbi double by Cutch.

  53. A hit and run! There we go! 1-0.

  54. What happened to Snider?

  55. Rob Biertempfel ‏@BiertempfelTrib
    #Pirates Jose Tbata replaces Travis Snider, who I’m guessing pulled something going ’round bases

  56. Snider pulled something rounding the bases. Same old story.

  57. Casey McGehee has been re-called by Yankees from Scranton.
    With A-Rod back at 3rd- Casey will take his .186 average with Yanks out to1st base when needed.

  58. If Tabata was good enough to play in RF to replace Snider, why was he not in the starting lineup instead of Presley?

    This team has no outfield depth, maybe they should have tried to acquire Reed Johnson.

  59. Let’s hope Scabata doesn’t screw up too much tonight.

  60. @Milo – And this is why the Blue Jays were willing to trade Snider for Lincoln. Constantly injured, no power.

  61. Come on Bucs……Get out of this funk……Crooked numbers…..

  62. Just think the years of control involved in Tabata replacing Snider.

  63. Quick someone find Presley’s girlfriend to tell us he swung at that pitch… of course, it was a foot outside.

  64. We’ve . . . got . . . a . . . lead.
    I’m . . . not . . . sure . . . I . . . know . . . how . . . to . . . react.

  65. Presley couldn’t have hit that pitch with a bed slat

  66. @Eric

    I like Snider, but he needs to be a little more diligent about his conditioning. OK, a lot. Take a look at the pictures on his twitter. I posted it at #33.

  67. what the hell is this idiot Barmes swinging at?????????????????

  68. Quality at bats there.

  69. @Milo – Yeah, I saw that twitter picture the other day, even commented on it in a reply on twitter.

    DK’s column for Wednesday is out.

    DK: Thanks, Eric. Yeah, this kind of caught me off-guard being online already, but it’s fine. It’s only the early-edition version, so it’ll change a little after the game.

  70. Wandy is doing a good job thus far – now the Bucco bats must come alive!!

  71. ah ‘em… Brock Holt, 2 for 2…. just sayin

  72. and Holt with another hit.

  73. @DK – Favorite part is “But the Pirates are 11-20 since the July 31 trade deadline — read into that what you will, by the way — and McCutchen is batting .250 in that time. It’s not like he’s swinging for the fences, with just two home runs. And it’s not as if opponents are pitching around him. He’s drawn two walks in the past two weeks.”

    There’s a lot being said in that paragraph and tells the story about why the team is where its at.

  74. and THAT’S why Holt plays SS, when Walker returns….. get on base, McCutchen will get a shot to drive him in. Simple baseball.

  75. Cutch with some Z magic

  76. and if we need reminded why last night’s loss was bad, THAT Jones line drive to SS is a good reminder.

    3-0 Pirates, 1 out, Pedro to bat with gold on the corners.

  77. grrrrr, swinging at first pitch Pedro, grrrrr

  78. Cutch looks motivated tonight. I like it.

    @DK – maybe you need to introduce him to an “annoying reporter” before every game.

  79. Good inning despite the 4-6-3

  80. Astros pitcher is having a hard time throwing strikes. The batters are taking him deep into counts and then getting something to hit. Isn’t it fundamental baseball not to swing at the first pitch, Pedro?

  81. They better play Holt at SS when PRNW returns

  82. Fundamentals are lacking with the official scorers at PNC Park since they scored Jones scorcher as a hit and not an error.

  83. I need a good laugh, someone please tell me Barmes’ defense provides more value than Brock Holt’s defense and offense….. please.

    …I’m not sure I’ve disliked a player’s performance on the field (not him personally) this much since Doug Strange….

  84. They have to put Holt at short when Walker gets back. Is there anyone out there that doesn’t think Walker could play short????……An athlete can play anywhere for the most part. I’d rather see a decent SS that can hit than a .200 hitter……

  85. As for Holt playing short when Walker comes back. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .

  86. I keep looking at the score and figuring it must be a mistake.

  87. Oh no…. not the “woooo” nuts at PNC Park…. nooooooooooooooooooooo

  88. This game has the feel of a September game between 2 also rans playing out the string.

  89. “the bat plays”.

  90. wow Holt does it again

  91. Holt has got to stay. As long as he’s hitting.

  92. *ahem*, cough cough cough…. Brock Holt, 3 for 3….

    Please excuse me, I’ve got this cough….

  93. TC told me earlier that Walker doesnt do well at second. What to do when he comes back?

  94. Here’s my $600 contribution: the Pirates black shirts have the numbers on the front right side. No human being mistakes on the shirt of our SS in waiting tonight.

  95. McCutchen isn’t going to see a good pitch….

  96. Cutch does it again

  97. McCutchen drills one off 3B’s (Laird) glove and just beyond the infield to drive in Holt from 2B.

    4-0 Pirates

  98. Free Jordy
    Free Chase

    Never mind.

  99. Jandy,

  100. Well for some reason the my MLB package has this game blacked out and still not resolved after hour with cable company, looks like I am missing a good one as Holt and Cutch are igniting the offense.

    Holt and Walker in middle infield looks like a good combo especially at the plate. Nice to see Wandy delivering again as we need pitchers to step up.

  101. dayum storming like crazy here…lost my dish signal :(

  102. TC I know I got that confused. I’m tired. Sorry, friend. I know we discussed what to do with Holt when Walker came back earlier today.

  103. Pedro needs to jump aboard the hit train!

  104. Jandy,
    No problem, friend.

    I may be changing my mind about Holt playing SS.

  105. :) The kid has it, TC

  106. This is what the worst team in baseball is supposed to look like.

  107. wow….. Laird really screws up on infield pop up to SS…. 6-0 Pirates

  108. looked like the bade news bears on that play

  109. ok it’s back and i see we got 2 more…

  110. If we wanted to nit pick, Pedro should be on second. But We’ll take 6-0.

  111. Wandy is having a rather decent game tonight

  112. Wandy is in a groove.

    I know, these are the Lastros

  113. This is what we signed up for when we traded for Wandy….

  114. The automatic out part of the order now up.

  115. Good AB Presley.

  116. Human drinking game Chucky Fick now on the hill.

  117. Wandy bunts right handed. Interesting.

  118. Harry Caray would’ve been banned if he had to say “Chuckie Fick” more than twice in a broadcast.

  119. Correction. Attempts to bunt.

  120. Holt with still another hit…amazing

  121. another hit for Brock Holt, 4 for 4….

    yeah, no need to have this kid in the lineup…….

  122. they better sit Holt tomorrow night

  123. Holt for President.

  124. the bat plays

  125. Have the Bucs found their lead off batter????

  126. Dude’s batting .500.

  127. If Harrison can be given starts at SS, then Holt can play there over Barmes.

  128. This lineup will look good in a couple weeks:

    Holt (SS)

  129. @ Eric – 136

    Absolutely right, Eric. Harrison is pretty much a butcher at SS, Holt definitely deserves a shot.

    How about Wandy tongiht?? Looking good!!!

  130. Wandy definitely in a groove. So I am off to bed. 4am comes too quickly. Keep it rollin, boys!

  131. I’d like to see a lineup of….

    Holt, SS
    Walker, 2B
    McCutchen, CF
    Jones, 1B
    Alvarez, 3B
    Marte, LF
    Snider, RF
    McKendry, C

  132. another ‘easy’ inning for Wandy… through 7, Pirates lead 6-0 as we head to the bottom of the 7th.

  133. well, that’s a new one… Rhiner

  134. Good to see Cutch have a good night.

  135. and before anyone says ‘great’ timing sarcastically to DK for his Wednesday column, actually is brilliant timing as tonight’s performance by McCutchen proves his opinion valid. As he goes, so do the Pirates.

  136. @Eric – yeah, I like that too, but Hurdle likes his lefty righty (do no Garrett and Pedro back to back) and for some reason he likes Walker further back rather than 2nd. But yeah yours makes good sense.

  137. @Chico – My reasoning for Walker is very simple, put your two best OBP hitters in front of McCutchen and let him get an opportunity to drive in a runner from second base.

  138. Resop…. what a loser.

    ….being serious.

  139. If Resop has any chance of being yanked, why is Hurdle not bringing in Watson to face Wallace? I know it is 6-0 but the only way these guys getting better is by being placed into situations where they can win, be successful.

  140. Last two starts for Wandy Rodriguez 13 IP 7 H 10 K’s 0 ER 0.00 ERA and on way to second consecutive win.

    This still has chance to be biggest impact trade by Bucs at deadline.

    Many wanted Maholm and his last two starts were a loss to SD and getting blown up by Phillies giving up 7 ER in 2 IP.

  141. My good mood is starting to dissolve.

  142. Going through the motions a little here. Finish strong!

  143. Resop and Watson…. not exactly what you wanted to get in the 8th inning of a 6-0 game. Pirates lead 6-2 but that was a disappointing 8th by our bullpen and mismanaged by Hurdle.

  144. great timing, Dejan, for your Wednesday column.

  145. Shafer Strikes Out Looking in 9th;
    Signed by Pirates

  146. Behind Wandy Rodriguez and seven shutout innings, the hitting of Holt and Cutch, the Bucs down the Stros 6-2 to snap a four game losing streak and there was nooooooo doubt about it.

    Go for the series tomorrow night with Kevin Correia making the start.

    Go Bucs!

  147. ….fear the Bones….

  148. I was worried about that two out walk.

    Six more and there could have been trouble.

  149. Cool that Marte and Holt have both won AA Batting Championships!

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