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First pitch: Pirates-Astros

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

Looking ahead to first pitch …

Game: Pirates (71-64) vs. Houston Astros (42-93)

Time: 7:05 p.m.

Site: PNC Park

TV, radio: Root Sports, 93.7 The Fan

Here is the live box score.

And here is the Pirates’ lineup vs. Houston LHP Fernando Abad

  1. Brock Holt, 2B
  2. Clint Barmes, SS
  3. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  4. Garrett Jones, RF
  5. Gaby Sanchez, 1B
  6. Pedro Alvarez, 3B
  7. Rod Barajas, C
  8. Alex Presley, LF
  9. Kevin Correia, RHP


  1. I hope that starter for Houston is abad one.

  2. So….should we start worrying about Neil Walker?

  3. Abad got rocked by the Reds last time out. 4 IP, 9 hits, 6ER.

    He’ll probably go 8 innings tonight.

    Ah, screw that. LETS GO BUCS!!!!!

  4. Barmes batting second. There’s a change…

  5. Also… Barajas is back. Ugh.

  6. What’s his career high in strikeouts, I mean before tonight?

  7. They scratched Tabata. The original lineup was -


    Wonder what gives?

  8. let me try that again. Here was the original lineup -


  9. What in the Heck is this lineup?

    I like Clint Hurdle very much and I defend him . . . .

    . . . . but I think he made out this lineup just to TICK ME OFF!!
    The Killing B’s, one of them batting 2nd, and “Matt Diaz” Sanchez.

  10. Ramzi Abid ?

  11. Obviosly PRNW’s back will be used as spin for the BMTIB during the off season

    That being said, he’s a big loss

    I’m sure the FO has been building a file to try to “deflect” thinks if the collapse continues

    You hear the same thing from the Stillers and Pens (not really)

    Just sayin


  12. I think he likes Sanchez between Jones & Pedro – to have a right hander between 2 lefties.

    Who else would you bat second? Presley?

  13. Wilver Dornel,

    Good call on the strikeout total insinuation for Abad.

    You’ve been “ON” with your comments all day! Good Job!! I’ve needed the witty periodic smiles today.

  14. Tabby hurt his foot last night, and Snider aggravated his hammy. I guess Clint prefers a swinging strikeout batting second over a caught looking strikeout.

  15. Yes, bat Presley 2nd——better speed, taking walks recently, isn’t significantly worse against lefties!

  16. So Biz, you’re thinking the FO will say in the offseason that the reason we didn’t make the playoffs was because Walker hurt his back?

    I wonder if JMac and Karstens will be in that file too.

    Beat Em Bucs, indeed.

  17. I agree with the speed part about Presley.
    In his last 10 games he’s hitting .200, 3 walks, 7Ks.

    I’ve been really disappointed with him all season.

  18. You pull yourself from a game in the middle of a pennant race with a bruised foot ? He had better not even be able to walk.

  19. I don’t have a problem with Barmes batting 2nd and Presley in the 8th spot.

    2 ways of thinking with this. 1. Barmes sees better pitches ahead of Cutch or 2, if Holt gets on, can bunt him over in scoring position for Cutch.

    With Presley, in a way at the 8 hole, his a bit of a 2nd leadoff guy. Big IF he gets on, pitcher bunts him over or he could steal, but then nobody on this team can steal.

  20. Milo—my thoughts exactly!

  21. I really wanted Alex Presley to end up being a Chris Duffy with heart.

    He has turned into Adrian Brown.

  22. With Correia pitching you know you need at least 5 runs to win. The 3-6 hitters in that lineup really have to come through. No excuses.

  23. I agree with Milo, Tabata better be limping around the clubhouse.

    Hey, at least he has a very “team friendly” contract. We only have four more years of this to look forward to.

  24. Presley hitting .273 vs lefties this season, .225 vs righties.

  25. North Cali Ryan,

    Not exactly a compliment when you hope Barmes can make productive outs by bunting. And he has proven to be such a good bunter. Yikes!!

    If I’m Abad, I never, never, never throw Jones and Pedro a fastball. Make them go golfing in the dirt. If they walk, “Matt Diaz” Sanchez and Boomer Barajas can hit into doubleplays.

    Need a shutout tonight. Or, more likely, we need more dropped popups at shortstop like last night!

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  27. @Groat

    I’d rather him bunt than hit into a DP. Productive outs are not a bad thing.

    Get em on, move em over, get em in.

  28. Barmes is batting .277 vs lefties, .205 against righties. (yes, the .277 was a shock)

  29. If Holt gets on and Barmes bunts him over, that will immediately take the bat out of McCutch’s hands. They will walk him to pitch to the lefty.

    Look for a high LOB figure tonight.

    Pray for more dropped pops!

  30. G2M–I had the same thought about Barmes and bunting, but when I looked, he is leading the team in successful sacrifice bunts ( 7), followed by Harrison with 6 and Presley with 4 (excluding pitchers).

    And thanks for the shout out.

  31. sanchez goes yard and barmes turns in a nice night as well – alvarez need you big buddy…cutch is back…jones sneaking up on everyone…what KC do we get tonight???? September and we care…thanks fellas

  32. Holt hasn’t hit against a lefty yet. I sense a platoon situation brewing at SS, unless, of course, Brock goes 4 for 5 again.

  33. If I think it’s entertaining now, I can’t wait until Holt is on the bench while Barmes is still playing every day. That’s going to blow the doors off this place.

  34. @ Milo – #18- could not have said it any better. I just wonder how many guys on this team truly hate losing. This is the stretch,these guys are closer than they have ever been I want guys that have to be dragged off the field.

  35. It’s official. Clint Hurdle has officially flipped his lid. The Pirates are short two guys in the lineup. Oh wait, never mind. Barmes and Barajas are playing.

  36. @JRay

    Remember Dave Parker with that rigged up football mask ? Missed only 15 days with his broken jaw wired shut.

  37. Have the Pirates had four LH bats in a starting lineup versus a LHP this year?

  38. @Groat #29

    That is a possbility of course, however that gives Jones a shot at doing something.

    and I’ll take Cutch on base 4 times via the walk…I’d rather not of course, but when he’s on base, there’s a chance for him to make things happen…except for stealing.

  39. CH doesn’t have a lot options–only 2 healthy outfielders so Jones bet left to play right, that puts Sanchez at 1st. C and SS only position with much choice.

  40. Milo – I don’t think that will blow the doors off of this place. If Holt hits, he plays. Obviously he’s not going 4-5 every night. But he should get a chance to play. What’s your problem with him? Is there something about the guy you’re not a fan of? I’m just curious. Not trying to sound like a smartazz. Just wondering if I missed something.

    Wait till Barmes is on the bench and Holt is getting starts at ss. I bet that will blow the doors off of your place.

  41. Well, Neil Walker has missed a lot of games during the same pennant race that Tabata has supposedly pulled himself out of.

  42. I’m assuming Tabby took one off the foot. Sometimes, those linger. Not jumping to any conclusions with that.

  43. @pattonbb

    I have no problem with him. None at all. I love what he has done. But there is no way he is going to play shortstop over Clint Barmes on a regular basis. They won’t even move on from Barajas with a perfectly suitable replacement right there under their noses.

    I’m not saying what should happen. I’m saying what will happen. I hope they prove me wrong.

  44. I don’t know if anybody noticed or not, but Cinncy lost also today.

  45. Sure, Brock may be a Sept wonder like Allensworth, Tike, Duffy or Brown and others, but assuming they were infielders I’d take their first September’s production right now. We’re not setting the roster for next year, we’re trying to win now. (so THERE, Milo)

  46. Pirates need a W tonight and I hope the freakin’ Dodgers lose. That spending spree makes me hate them even more. Most of my hatred is because the wife is a Giants fan, so I must support if I want to be fed.

  47. Milo – OK, I understand where you’re coming from. Thought I missed something. Sorry.

  48. Biz,

    There was a gentleman on this AM from Bicknell, Indiana.

  49. Looks like a miniscule crowd. Might hear more of that woo thing.

  50. BTW, 100 on the over

    Oh wait…….

  51. OK, I admit, I’m not too worried about Correia tonight. A strong 5 will be ideal for a spot starter, 6 or more bonus.

    I worry more about the offense, to be honest.

  52. I do gotta say Brock Holt has both the name and looks to have been pulled right out of central casting.

  53. Nice 1st inning for KC. Time to make Abad work.

    Lets go Bucs!

  54. We’re not the only ones with attendance issues. Today in St. Louis – 30,090 – the smallest crowd in the history of Busch Stadium III.

  55. What? BH grounds out to 2B?

    Send that kid down, he stinks.

  56. uh oh…look at Barmes getting a hit from the 2 spot.

  57. bad spot for him……..should be 8th. LOL

  58. I guess even with Barmes on 1st it still takes the bat outta Cutch’s hand.

    Can’t say I blame the pitcher for being scared!!

  59. Legend delivers!!!

    1-0 good guys.

  60. Jones’ stats this year must both please and terrify the Pirates frugal FO.

  61. Garrett Jones is to Astros as Pedro is to Cardinals.

    Not as much power though, but honestly, who has as much power as Pedro?

  62. Now Gabby gets in on the fun.

    Here we go boys. 2-0 good guys.

  63. This is normally Roberto’s territory, I promise I’ll never do it again. Clint Barmes was hitting .170 on June 1st. He’s hitting .252 since.

  64. What are the odds of Barajas actually getting a hit here?

    That would be awesome, but highly doubtful.

  65. @Oshkosh

    The sinister, conspiracy theory part of me thinks that the acquisitions of Snider & Sanchez were made with an eye toward trading Jones & his handsome arbitration number this off season.

  66. @ Milo – because it is you I will bite my tongue…besides .198 Barajas is the new whipping boy….happy to see Barmes deliver.

    @ JohninOshKosh- #60 – interesting take…they just need to lock him up and get the deal with Walker done this off season.

  67. @ Ryan – # 19 – so far your assessment has played out nicely.

  68. @JRay

    Your forbearance is appreciated. And like I said, never again.

  69. JRay and Milo:

    It will be very interesting to see what happens with Jones in the off season. Whatever happens will be revealing.

  70. And the mystique of Brock Holt lives on, RBI single….3-0 Bucs!

  71. the bat plays.

  72. Milo @ #43. I did not know that was where you were coming from. I heard a bit of an interview with Neal on the Fan today, and he pretty much confirmed your view in so many words.

  73. oh wow, Pirates can’t get a break.

  74. Is Jerry Meals at second? Holt looked safe.

  75. On the slo-mo replay, Holt was clearly safe.

  76. It was very close in real time, though.

  77. Arriba – Now I see where you’re coming from.

  78. Ouch, just saw the replay of A’s pitcher Brandon McCarthy getting a line drive off his head.

  79. And Barmes walks for the 9th time this year. No, really.

  80. pattonbb—:-)

  81. Flipping to the NFL preshow. Had a segment with all the different NFL networks giving a preview of the game each is covering this weekend.

    The NFL just gets it when it comes to the media.

  82. What are the Dallas Cowboys doing with TE Jason Witten being active for tonight’s game. The dude had a spleen issue and this is how they treat game one of the regular season, to risk a player’s health.

  83. @Eric

    Tabata thinks Witten should sit.

  84. Just threw Wallace a 3-2 changeup with a 3 run lead.

  85. Did anyone catch Hines on NBC NFL pregame? I won’t re-hash the entire segment, but a Giant had told him Romo was a good QB, not a great one or “elite” becuse he’s prone to make mistakes. Costas then compares Ben to Romo. Hines smiles and says, “Ben has two rings”.

  86. Do not let them get back into this game!

  87. @pattonbb – national media will never give Ben his proper due.

  88. …and here’s the Kevin Correia, we know.

  89. Oh brother, time to wiggle out of this half inning before further damage is done.

  90. It is the Lastros, can Correia just have one start where he doesn’t drive up the blood pressure for Pirates fans.

  91. wow, big risk on the 3-2-3 double play by Sanchez to Barajas to Sanchez.

  92. Wow that is one of the most impressive 3-2-3 DP’s you will see….Sanchez was playing way back at first.

  93. Nice dp turned by Gabby and Barajas.

  94. Jones and the Fort could have made it. (I’m kidding)

  95. A triple!

  96. AP trip trip triple to get Bucs run right back, nice answer.

  97. Barajas singles to RF, scores from 1B on Presley’s single. Big man was chugging.

  98. AP!!!!!!

    Way to get that run right back. Maybe Clint really does know what he’s doing with these lineups. :)

  99. really nice at-bat by Kevin Correia to battle and foul off some pitches.

  100. Hey just another day at the office for Brock Holt, sac fly, two RBI day for Holt, 5-1 good guys.

  101. If this keeps up, I’m going to be purchasing a #2 Pirates jersey.

  102. I’m surprised they don’t have oxygen for Rod in the dugout.

  103. Two walks in one game from Barmes, someone pinch me I must be dreaming this up.

  104. This game can’t really be happening.

    Barajas scores from 1st?
    Barmes walks TWICE????

  105. Is it ok if I laugh at Barajas half the night chugging his way home, then taking the rest of the inning to catch his breath???

  106. My prediction is that Abad will be dfa’d tomorrow for walking Barmes twice.

  107. I think it’s ok Jandy. He was probably laughing too.

  108. patton lol….no doubt!

  109. Only took KC 7 pitches to get out of that inning?

  110. Houston Oilers, Houston Oilers, Houston Oilers Number One!! Wait … wrong sport. Never mind.

  111. Neal called. He said it’s not like these guys are the ’27 Yankees.

  112. It would be wonderful for the Pirates to get Gabby Sanchez to start hitting, they will need his bat against LH pitching and pinch hitting.

  113. The ’27 Yankees called and said they want their Murderers Row back.

  114. Barmes display of defense is an aberration which SOON must end to allow the NEW DUDE to play all of the time.

    Presley’s speed and hustle must play.

    I see an outfield of Presley, Cutch and Marte (left to right), Jones at 1B and anyone alive at C who can throw out a runner. Tabby, Gabby, Snider and Mercer in reserve with Fort.

    With 13 pitchers, that leaves two spots available. Get your 2013 tickets now; they are going fast.

  115. is that 2 hits for Gaby tonight?

  116. Oops I left out Walker and Pedro. No spots open for next year

  117. bob–your love of Presley is a conundrum wrapped in an enigma.

  118. wow, weak Lastros, just weak.

    Pirates could use another inning or two from Correia to keep that bullpen rested and build his confidence.

  119. Correia is showing NH and CH they aren’t perfect in their decision-making

  120. AW would that be an enidrum or a conundma?

  121. Woah, presley with another hit :)

  122. Yes his speed and hustle are what teams look for; and don’t forget to mix in a little rhetorical hyperbole and, VOILA, a neat little ball player emerges

    Thanks AW you remember.

  123. @bob

    You mean like thinking Jeff Locke is a major league pitcher ?

  124. Not a fan of KC being pulled after 6 IP, 67 pitches.

    Hurdle just can’t let the game manage itself.

  125. @ bob – and to think they moved KC to the pen in order to keep Bedard in the rotation, oh to have those games back.

  126. eric I was thinking the same thing

  127. I might also settle for 12 pitchers and keep JHay

  128. No Milo, I merely said 12 pitchers without naming them

  129. This has to be the first game this season Hurdle has been criticized for pulling a pitcher too soon.

  130. now the kid bunts the men over… is there anything Brock Holt can’t do?

  131. Add sacrifice bunt to Brock’s resume

  132. @ Eric -scratching my head on that as well, KC just had an easy inning of work and was dealing.

    Nice sac ny Holt, the kid is doing a little bit of everthing today.

  133. Eric…as a matter of fact, he can’t please some people in here ;)

  134. Yes JRay, those games would look lovely in our race for a WC – had we won them instead of Bedard butchering them

  135. AW @132 he does it all the time to Correia – no one else

  136. Yes Eric – HE CAN”T PLAY SHORTSTOP, because CH won’t let him.

  137. holy Barmes…. squeeze it!

  138. I think we found our #2 hitter.

  139. There must be something about Correia that Clint doesn’t trust. I can’t figure it out.

    Love watching a well executed squeeze play. Especially when it’s not done to the Pirates, but by the Pirates.

  140. bob–you miss the point. On almost a nightly basis in losses, he is criticized for leaving a pitcher in too long, even Karstens in the second inning recently.

    What is Correia’s record again?

  141. By the way, good on Alex Presley for taking advantage of an opportunity.

  142. nice…Lurch with 2 K’s :)

  143. I second that, Milo, but he is not one of the 3 best outfielders when all are healthy.

  144. sometimes i swear Jones can’t see very well with h is contacts

  145. GFJ just can’t play balls in that spot

  146. Good job Lurch :)

  147. @Wilver

    No, not at all.

  148. @Wilver

    As a matter of fact, I think Presley may be in danger of being left off the 40 man this winter.

  149. AW, in an unspecific way, it seems like it’s only Correia getting a quick hook; it’s probably not the case

  150. dayum, Gaby’s on a roll.

  151. Who is this Gabby Sanchez?

  152. Pedro wants that one back, he ‘juuuuust’ missed it.

  153. Milo I’ll give you two mortal cinches that will be omitted from the 40 – both last names begin with B

  154. @bob

    I think you’re half right.

  155. Correia had only thrown 67 pitches to get through six and only had one rough half inning, probably could have left him in, but all is well Hughes has done nice job.

  156. Love the dirty Brock Holt Jersey, kid just looks like a ballplayer….nice to see Eric Fryer we did actually call him up.

  157. JRay Holt looks like “The Natural” :)

  158. bob–fair enough on Correia. I just don’t see it as an issue based on his record, especially over his last 10 or so games.

  159. Just got home from church. I see you guys and gals have built a nice lead. It’ll give Hanny a night off before an off day. Sweep the Cubs and we’re back in the WC as the Cards continue to falter. (That’s prophetic, BTW)

    Correia was probably pulled because he has never seen the seventh inning and it’s Sept. Saving his arm for the playoff push, right bob? They won’t drop Barmes, either. He’s owed too much moolah.

  160. welcome home, Lucky :)

  161. Also took Correia out because he hasn’t been starting so arm might not be ready to go too far.

  162. Clnt never should have brought Grilli in.

  163. …fear the Bones….

    Nice all-round game by Gabby tonight. Very welcomed sight.

  164. If they can just win 2 games in each series the rest of the way, that will give them 88. I’ll take that & go quietly.

  165. Grilli finishes it off :)

  166. And behind six solid innings of work from Kevin Correia earning him double digit wins on the season the Bucs take the series from the Astros with a 6-3 victory and there was nooooooo doubt about it.

    The Bucs move to within 1.5 games of the Cardinals for the final WC spot. The Pirates resume play Friday night when the Cubs come to town to begin a three game series with AJ Burnett drawing the pitching assignment.

    Let’s Go Bucs.

  167. Didn’t see game. Just checked box score. Maybe I’m having a mental block, but how do the Pirate pitchers get credit for 8.2 innings pitched in a nine-inning win? Where is that 27th out and who no credit to any pitcher?


    At least while our Traveling Gnome is in Denver or London or wherever.

  169. I’m getting a hankering to go Skeet shooting tomorrow, East of the City, in the mountains.

  170. I mean “why” no credit.

  171. Lucky they will have to push real hard, but since my main man has been given a new opportunity – that being AP – the push will be easier too, with Walker coming back and then the futuristic outfield alignment for 2013 with SPEEEEED to burn Presley, Cutch and Marte will give us a preview to anticipate next year.

  172. Gotta admit, did not like the lineup tonight but it worked out and team won.

  173. 10-16 gets it done.

    Sorry, after Friday through Monday, I react to the word “Playoffs” the same way Jim Mora does.

  174. bob—see post #120. That guy knows what he’s talking about.

  175. and while you’re at it, bob, see post 165. that girl says it all.

  176. She’s in bed, Drew. 4:00 comes early!

  177. I’m afraid that I’m too lazy to know.

  178. Good news on the rehab front. Marte played in Indy’s game and went 1-3 with only 1 K.

  179. Ric got VandenHurked, though. Gave up 3 runs in the first and took the loss. Guess he won’t be wearing any black and gold anytime soon.

  180. uh oh, Dejan’s ripping the attendance again on twitter…

    I’M JUST KIDDING DK!!! I know, poor joke….couldn’t pass it up though.

    DK: Very funny.

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