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  1. While it’s not what I want, I expect a whupping.

    There’s another game that intrigues me.

    UCF @ Ohio State

    Sure, the bucks should wear them down and end up winning by 20+.

    But something tells me that UCF, a better-than-generally-known squad, should be able to hang with them for a coupla quarters.

  2. Dissing my Buckeyes, eh Drew? You said what I thought, too.

  3. Fellows, lots of tickets to the Buckeyes available this morning..If it wasn’t raining I would go…

  4. Only a 350 mile drive for me. I’ll meet you and Drew there, Chuck. Seriously, I’ve been a fan since I was a kid and never been to a game in Columbus. Been to all kinds of college games, but never there. I’ll put it on the bucket list.

  5. Luck – Really just complimenting UCF. I think OSU eventually will wear em down.

    Chuck – Go! It’s just rain. You won’t melt.

    Only my wife melts from water.

  6. I’m a UVA grad, but have never folowed the football program much. They have some good longstanding rivalries with UNC, VTech and Maryland, but with a few exceptions, have not been a national or even regional power for the most part. But an interesting tidbit I picked up in looking at Wiki is that when they ended up hiring AL Groh in 2000, they had interviewed only 2 other guys, one of whom was Jerry Sandusky. George Welsh, Groh’s predecessor and most successful UVA coach, was a longtime Paterno assistant.

  7. We don’t know the G-D words…

  8. As a UCF grad and father of a current UCF student, I might actually be able to forget last night’s debacle at PNC park if my Knights could squeak by those OSU Buckeyes.

  9. Jax,

    I think you’re going to have to languish some more. It’s 31-10 now. Not boasting, believe me they will lose some games this year, especially in the Big 10 and UCF will win more than they’ll lose.

  10. We are Penn State. We are losers………Go Buckeyes……

  11. DK: Wow, what a horrible way to lose. Offense and defense both did plenty well enough. But missing FIVE kicks … just wow.

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