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  1. Is it mixing metaphors to call em the Pitt Pirates?

  2. Going to the game today. Probably going to get crushed.

  3. In today’s Trib, Rob Biertempfel has a curious little blurb about Hurdle evaluating catchers and some convoluted stats.
    If this represents accurately, what goes on in Hurdle’s mind during a game, it may tell you all you need to know about how he makes decisions.

    Amid total confusion!!!

  4. Just checked the halftime score.


    Now watch the Pirates start a winning streak.

    There. I did it. I jinxed em.

  5. Pitt beating Va Tech did not even enter my mind till seeing this score. Can the D make it hold? Wow.

  6. Re #1, Drew, isn’t that vivisection?

  7. On Twitter, Chris Brown posting as @smartfootball puts it well: “This Pitt offense today is what we were expecting from a Paul Chryst offense this year. Didn’t expect it vs VT, or after previous games.”

    It’s not often you catch Frank Beamer by surprise. Starting 25 years ago in 1987, he’s made a backwater into a perennial force to be reckoned with, if not pahrhaus.

  8. I hope so.

    I wonder in which vivisection Arriba is sitting.

  9. AW and Paul Chryst. Congrats to both.

  10. :::humming Pitt Alma Mater::::: realizing how fleeting joy can be

  11. wow! just saw the score.

  12. watching replay of game on ESPN3, quite impressed so far by Panthers game plan on the offensive side. Sunseri even threw the ball over 15 yards. 1st Qtr of play is over, 14-0 Panthers.

    Where was this efficiency and quality calls against YSU and Cincy?

  13. Mr. Bowser, answering such questions would require six years of the study of Philosophy.

  14. Someone stick Arriba on the same seat all year.

    And rub his bare belly.

    Not for good luck. He just likes that.

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