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Final: Cubs 13, Pirates 9

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

Looking ahead to first pitch …

Game: Pirates (73-71) vs. Chicago Cubs (57-88)

Time: 2:20 p.m.

Site: Wrigley Field, Chicago

TV, radio: Root Sports, 93.7 The Fan

Here is the live box score.

And here is the Pirates’ lineup vs. Chicago RHP Chris Volstad

  1. Starling Marte, LF
  2. Neil Walker, 2B
  3. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  4. Garrett Jones, RF
  5. Gaby Sanchez, 1B
  6. Pedro Alvarez, 3B
  7. Clint Barmes, SS
  8. Rod Barajas, C
  9. Jeff Locke, LHP


  1. Drew71 says:

    Where Have You Been?

    I’ve been sitting at my computer since 5:00 a.m. hitting and rehitting
    the refresh button.

    What do you do all night, anyway?

    DK: Game thread goes up when the lineups are issued. This one took about two minutes. Killing me, Drew.

  2. Thundercrack says:

    He has to be shared with twitter and sulia now. And he may have been out shopping for some new threads for his new radio show…..oh wait, it is radio – on internet- never mind.

    BTW, didn’t Barajas start yesterday? Couldn’t they give The Fort a start today? Or does lock only like to work (or understand) Rod B?

  3. radio wave says:

    I thought I was the only one hitting the refresh button all morning.
    When was the last time the Bucs won two in a row? Was it against the Astros a couple of weeks ago?
    Considering that even if we win today, we will still be two games behind the winner of the Cards-LA game, who should we root for today?
    LA heads east to play the Nats, Cards go home to play the Astros, the house of horrors occupants who are hot come here.
    I don’t have a lot of faith in Locke. I like the lineup except for Rb. But I can’t put him down completely. His stab of the almost hit batter/almost wild pitch in the ninth yesterday saved the season for at least one day.
    And having listened to the ending of last nights Cards game, a couple of nobody’s won it for LA, so you never know if Locke, or someone else will come through.
    But I’m fast becoming opposed to the September call up system.

  4. Thundercrack says:

    I was totally surprised yesterday when Greg Brown said it was Joel Hanrahan’s first save opportunity since some day in mid August. (Brown said the date, I can’t remember it right now….that’s how surprised I was)

    Radio, I hate the September call up system as it is now. I wish they would go to a system where they might have to submit a weekly roster of 30 players.

  5. JoeBucco says:

    With all that’s happened this year, all the good, all the bad, the surge, the collapse… right here, right now, we are 1 game out of a playoff spot in the loss column.

    1 game back

    After the past 19 years, I will take this, regardless of how we got here. And I know recent performance certainly does not indicate that we’re a front runner to get things done.

    But the rest of the season starts today. 18 games. It will either salvage a lot of things or be the reason for a lot of second guessing and criticism.

    18 games.

    Let’s Go Bucs!

  6. JAL says:

    McDonald to the pen, McPherson to start in his place against the Brewers

  7. JoeBucco says:

    To everyone complaining about Barajas being in the lineup, you guys know that McKenry is hitting .170 with 1 HR in his last 30 days now, right? Barajas is at .200 with 1 HR in the same time period. And McKenry actually has 3 more at bats over that time period.

    It’s not like we’re sitting Buster Posey to get Barajas a few more at bats here. And defensively, I’ll take RB. And this time of year, his experience can’t hurt.

  8. RobertoForever says:


    Don’t use recent trends. It only angers them. And they accuse you of spin, lol.

  9. Matt says:


    2 great posts!!! Couldn’t agree more. Lucky had a great post yesterday about faith. If we unexplainaby get hot, we get the last wc. Any of us would have taken that before the season started.

  10. RobertoForever says:

    Opposing a RHP in a day game. Need a Day-dro sighting.

    Jones with a modest 4 game hitting streak and a reached base streak of 7

  11. Drew71 says:

    Ah. The concerto begins.

    The first movement begins with the artistically non sequitur lol.


  12. Cmat0829 says:

    No idea how it will work out but like the insertion of Gaby Sanchez in the lineup. Lets go BUCS! As for rooting, let’s go dodgers today.

  13. Matt says:

    I would prefer the Dodgers win, simply because I believe they have a tougher schedule coming up. I could see the nats sweeping them. I cannot see the Astros sweeping the cards. The next couple of series are huge for us to stay alive! Go Bucs!

  14. Cmat0829 says:

    Great move banishing jmac to the pen. You can forgive physical errors and sortcomings but you cant the lack of mental preparation and execution

  15. Thundercrack says:

    It is believed that being sent to the pen can help a pitcher because he doesn’t really have time to think about going into the game. He doesn’t have 4 days to think about things. And he just goes in and throws.

    I wonder if this will help JMac. It very well could. But it could also be more of the same we’ve seen this second half.

  16. Drew71 says:

    I would prefer they go 23 innings. Bullpen arms turn to spaghetti. Backup middle I fielders pitching by the end. Getaway flights don’t take off until 4 a.m.

    But I don’t care who wins.

  17. Cmat0829 says:

    I’m not pitching jmac from the pen except in blowouts and extra innings.

  18. JAL says:

    Game on WGN for those out of the Pittsburgh area.

  19. Drew71 says:

    I see that sleeping in until noon makes Dejan sensitive.

  20. RobertoForever says:

    Let’s see

    3 comments stirring up trouble, 1 comment related to baseball.

    Not lopsided enough yet, LOL

  21. RobertoForever says:


    Thanks for the heads up. I thought I had looked and no TV, so I am pleased to be watching instead of listening now.

  22. RobertoForever says:

    Wow, nice to see the hometown scoring (by Alan Spear ) helping out Darwin Barney’s errorless streak continue.

    At least the TV people called it right. Error.

    And what’s with that 3-0 pitch on Jones that was 6 inches off the plate called a strike. Are we sure these aren’t replacement officials?

  23. Drew71 says:

    I think I was just told to go to lol

  24. Reading says:

    Well, what do you know. Mr. Glove and Mr. Bat come up big!

  25. Eric Bowser says:

    I cannot believe, what I just saw.

  26. radio wave says:

    Last two guys you would think of to spark a rally.

  27. Dave says:

    Barajas with his 5th (not a typo) extra base hit since the All Star Game.

    McHenry has 5 homers since the All Star Game.

  28. Eric Bowser says:

    McCutchen hammers that hanger into LF for RBI single. 3-1 Pirates

  29. radio wave says:

    Nkeep adding on.
    46 pitches.

  30. Reading says:

    I thought Walker was going to be rung up. Good thing he wasn’t. Let’s keep the lead now!

  31. Dave says:

    Barajas since the All Star break is 494th in OPS in MLB since the All Star Game and 74th out of 86 guys who have appeared at the catching position since the All Star Game.

  32. Eric Bowser says:

    How many clean innings have our pitchers had following the team scoring a run or more since the All-Star break?

  33. Thundercrack says:

    Who was the genius in post #2 who questioned starting Barajas?

  34. radio wave says:

    Jmac to pen rest of season.

  35. Eric Bowser says:

    @Thundercrack – The state of our catching is sad, really nowhere to turn since McKenry has cooled off.

  36. radio wave says:

    62 pitches before Locke.

  37. Eric Bowser says:

    Anthony Rizzo assumed wrong.

  38. radio wave says:

    Rizzo thought it was foul?

  39. Eric Bowser says:

    This umpire is terrible, he’s not giving Locke anything.

  40. Reading says:

    “You can either have an MBA, or NOT have an MBA.”

  41. radio wave says:

    But at least it’s not Joe West!

  42. Reading says:

    Rizzo, I think, thought Sanchez was going to tag first and then throw to second.

  43. Reading says:

    Nice solid hit by Walker, but it looked like he was grimacing coming out of the box. Hopefuul, he didn’t tweak something.

  44. radio wave says:

    Ran out of a big inning.

  45. Reading says:

    Walker was out. Replay pretty clear.

  46. Eric Bowser says:

    Huntington hints he could have done more at trade deadline to protect McCutchen.

    Awfully late for that one.

  47. T.S. says:


    Where did you read/hear that?

  48. Reading says:

    Nice!!!! Pedro goes oppo!!

  49. Eric Bowser says:

    @T.S. –>

    Huntington: “It’s gone to the classic show in and look away (approach). Andrew is adjusting to that. He’s got to trust that when they do pitch around him, whoever’s hitting 5 and 6, whether it’s Pedro, Garrett or Walker, will make the pitcher pay for not pitching him aggressive enough. … If our guys are scuffling, that’s on me for not doing what we needed to do at the trade deadline.”

  50. Eric Bowser says:

    Day-dro…dayyyyy dro…. daylight comin and Pedro hittin homerun…. day, I say day, I say day, I say daaaaaaaaaaydro… Pedro hittin homeruns and Pirates heading home

  51. radio wave says:

    Keith Moreland on cubs radio thought pa’s hr was a pop up.

  52. Eric Bowser says:

    RBI single for Marte, Pirates lead 6-1…. man, if this young man can catch fire, that would be great timing for the team.

  53. Eric Bowser says:

    now a stolen base for Marte, error on throw moves him to third base.

  54. radio wave says:

    Four steals so far.
    Season high?

  55. Eric Bowser says:

    Pirates are 73-71, leading 6-1 in bottom of 5th and if they hold on to win, that’s 74-71 with 17 games to play and needing 8 wins to break the 19-year losing streak.

  56. RobertoForever says:

    Locke is 2/3rd of the way to a quality start.

    Only 66 pitches thru 4 innings. 3 hits, 1 walk, 2 K’s

  57. Eric Bowser says:

    …and like that, Joe Mather crushes one to left center, 6-2 Pirates.

  58. RobertoForever says:

    Go out for a little bit and the Pirates pile on.

    Barmes and Barajas are the Killer B’s today with a combined line of 3 for 4 with 2 walks, a HR, and 3 runs scored. Every position player with a hit already thru 5 innings.

    Oh yeah, and Day-dro with the looooong oppo-taco out on to the street in LF. Can’t throw that HR ball back.

  59. Eric Bowser says:

    real nice Locke…. real nice.

    Hurdle needs to pull him…. now.

    Rizzo w/ 2-run HR… 6-4 Pirates

  60. RobertoForever says:


    At least you aren’t ripping him in the middle of his good game today.

  61. Eric Bowser says:

    Once again, our pitcher’s can’t have a clean 1-2-3 inning after the team scores.

  62. radio wave says:

    Switch to football to hear my pats miss a 42 yard fg and lose. And all hell breaks lose in this game.

  63. RobertoForever says:


    Just catchin up. Love the Day-dro song. I can just hear it in my head.

  64. Eric Bowser says:

    really stupid throw by McCutchen again….

  65. Hurdled says:

    How exactly is Locke an upgrade over Bedard?

  66. Bizrow says:

    Huntington, the guy is pretty much STILL learning on the job

  67. Eric Bowser says:

    @Bizrow – At this stage, that’s unacceptable.

  68. radio wave says:

    Cards take 2-0 lead at la.

  69. Eric Bowser says:

    WOW…. Pedro launches a missible, 3-run HR, out of Wrigley to way way way deep center. OUT OF PARK

  70. TCB says:

    Finally starting to score some runs against these scrub pitchers they are facing. Now need to have the bullpen turn it around.

  71. Eric Bowser says:

    Josh Harrison might be a nice guy but he’s not a major league hitter.

  72. Eric Bowser says:

    For the love of Shoeless Joe Jackson… can we ever get a clean 1-2-3 inning after scoring runs…. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. TCB says:

    So now the Bucs run out their scrub pitcher – VandenHurk. WTF.

  74. TCB says:

    I wonder if Hurdle is aware that they need to win and this is not spring training.

  75. Eric Bowser says:

    I swear Hurdle is managing to get himself fired.

  76. Parrothead01 says:

    If Clint is still the manager next year on Sptember 1, the Pirates should not promote anybody fromAAA. The problem with bringing them up is Clint thinks he has to use them. Go with the guys that got you here first. Only use the new guys in emergency or blow out games. Clint is trying to cost the Pirates another game using Vanderkurk.

  77. TCB says:

    It’s like watching a train wreck. Our pitching is beyond horrible.

  78. Eric Bowser says:

    This is all on Hurdle, he should have started the inning with Hughes.

  79. Eric Bowser says:

    This is all Hurdle’s fault… all of it……………..

  80. JoeBucco says:

    Hughes stinks right now. Not feeling good about him at any point, especially right now.

  81. Reading says:

    Trying to watch Steelers, but this is killing me watching us give back our leads!!! Come on Man!!!!

  82. JoeBucco says:

    Jared Hughes should not pitch again for this team this year. Period.

  83. Eric Bowser says:

    I’m officially on the fire Hurdle boat…. might be the only one right now but that boat will fill up quickly.

    Unacceptable managerial performance.

  84. Tom P. says:

    My guess is that Jared Hughes should not pitch another inning for the rest of the year.

  85. JoeBucco says:

    Clint did nothing wrong here. For Pete’s sake, every now and then you have to hope someone is capable of doing their job.

  86. Hurdled says:

    Hughes really has had his sinker working quite well of late.

    Please keep galloping him out there.

    Game. After. Game. After. Game.

  87. Reading says:

    What the … is going on????????? A granny? Lead vaporized. No outs!!!!!!”

  88. twentytwo22 says:

    Rick VandenHurk. Here on a favor. Costing us games.

  89. Hurdled says:

    Notice he didn’t run off the mound all that quickly after he was pulled.

    It would be nice to see some hustle off the mound.

  90. Hurdled says:

    I miss Brad Lincoln.

    Good thing we have Travis Snider.

  91. JoeBucco says:

    Re: Clint – actually, putting in Hughes was a mistake. Though I’m not aware of any reliever – ANY – that I want pitching for this team right now.

  92. TCB says:

    Hughes has had a horrible week. Blew the Wandy game in Cincy Monday, torched the game Friday and now this. His confidence should be shot. At this point in time, there is not 1 pitcher I trust anymore. 9 runs are not enough – Really.

  93. The Gunner says:

    Good pitching is non-existent. Outside of AJ, our pitching staff consists of major league imposters.

    So the decision for the manager is “what piece of crap do it grow against the wall today?

  94. 19 Years and Counting says:

    No worries, JMac will stabilize things on the back end starting on Tuesday

  95. Eric Bowser says:

    4-run lead, team battles to extend lead and you go out there with an unknown to start the inning.

    This is the San Diego game all over the again, the 2nd half of last year, the 2nd half of this year.


  96. Hurdled says:

    Is Jeff Karstens alive?

    He couldn’t have gotten 3 outs this inning?

    I swear I’ve seen him do it before.

  97. The Gunner says:


    So the decision for the manager is “what piece of crap do I throw against the wall today? CH makes his share of mistakes but he really has a low level of talent to work with.

    The Bucs need to score about 30 runs per game to have a legitimate chance to win.

  98. Eric Bowser says:

    Clutch triple by Marte to start inning

  99. RobertoForever says:

    “AJ is our only good pitcher right now.”

    Did Wandy Rodriguez get DFA’ed since yesterday?

  100. Eric Bowser says:

    Cubs want nothing to do with McCutchen…. your time Jones… make it count!

  101. Eric Bowser says:

    McCutchen needs to be patient…. that was ball 4.

  102. Eric Bowser says:

    wow, really poor at-bat by McCutchen, thanks Huntington.

  103. Hurdled says:


  104. RobertoForever says:

    Went away to catch up Steelers and see this. bummer.

    And now there are more calls to fire Hurdle.

    I would love to know beforehand who folks would have brought in to each situation in the bottom of the 6th? Qualls? Grilli? The Hammer? Its a bummer that 2 straight bullpen guys couldn’t get an out, but that’s not on the manager.

  105. Eric Bowser says:

    @RF – He should have started the inning w/ Hughes… instead of putting him into that situation and yes, he failed as pitcher.

  106. Eric Bowser says:

    OMG, what was THAT????????????????????????????????????????????

  107. TCB says:

    I would have tried Karstens. I would not have tried a pitcher who had 1 appearance this year. Win or lose with who got you there.

  108. Hurdled says:

    All our AAA guys are messing up today.

    Who saw that coming?

    Not Huntington.

  109. Parrothead01 says:

    What was I commenting about earlier. We bring up the AAA players because we play like a triple A team. Great base running.

  110. The Gunner says:

    Another scoring opportunity blown – oh well, it’s only one game.

  111. Hurdled says:

    57 pitchers in the bullpen, and the AAA non-roster invitee gets the call.

    Huntington knows how to build bullpens……….until the calendar hits August.


  112. Hurdled says:

    Why do you all still want to see Hughes?

    His ERA the last 7 days has to be close to 30.

  113. Cmat0829 says:

    The pirates bullpen is fragile right now. Hanny is shaky. Grilli has been shaky. Hughes is toast. Resop is decent but Clint avoids him pretty much. Watson has been pretty good.

    That’s the original pre September bullpen. Who would folks like to see instead of trying he aaa guys in a 5th and 6th inning?

  114. RobertoForever says:


    van den Hurk was the Triple-A pitcher of the year for the Indians. He is not there on a favor. He earned it. His 2 performances in August have not been reflective of the opportunity.

  115. MarkV says:

    Can’t get the game. What was the baserunning mistake? Did we try a double steal?

  116. Hurdled says:

    AAA pitcher of the year for Indianapolis.

    So why wasn’t he called up sooner?

    He EARNED it.

  117. Hurdled says:

    Vandenhurk’s 2 performances this month ARE reflective of the pitcher he is.

    His ERA is also reflective of the pitcher he is.

  118. Hurdled says:

    He will also earn the DFA he gets as soon as this season ends.

    That will also be reflective of the pitcher he is.


  119. NCBob says:

    you know – maybe the Sawx should have hung on to Rizzo! Oopsee.

  120. Eric Bowser says:

    This team has no fire, no mental fortitude, nothing.

    McCutchen’s at-bat with Marte on third tells you all you need to know about this team’s mental makeup.

  121. RobertoForever says:


    No, not a double steal. Jones was stealing and the pitcher twirled off the mound to throw to second. He double-clutched several times, but didn’t throw. Marte came off 3rd base about 40 feet and the pitcher whirled back and threw to the catcher to get Marte in a rundown.

    Strange that Jones did not get credited with a stolen base since he was safe long before the catcher even got the ball from the pitcher. To me it was a stolen base for Jones and CS for Marte.

  122. Eric Bowser says:

    there’s another nail in the coffin…………

  123. Hurdled says:

    To you Barmes is an MVP candidate, Barajas is an All-Star and Vandenhurk should still be out there pitching…….

  124. RobertoForever says:


    Not a single one of your three comments to my one actually hit the mark. Easy explanation as to why van den Hurk was not called up. He was not on the 40-man roster. No room for him in the starting 5.

  125. RobertoForever says:


    You got it wrong. Barajas is the MVP candidate, Barmes is an All-Star and van den Hurk should have been today’s starter ;)

  126. Hurdled says:


    But if he is so good, as you claim, then why wasn’t he put onto the 40 and space made for him. He was after all the AAA pitcher of the year. He should have EARNED that call up way sooner than he did…right?

  127. RobertoForever says:


    Clearly there is too much to explain to you regarding the workings of a MLB club compared to the Triple-A club.

    Enjoy your anger and vitriol.

  128. Hurdled says:

    Please Roberto climb off your high horse and explain it all to me. You obviously know it all, so please explain “the workings of a MLB club compared to the Triple-A club.”

    I can wait.

  129. Eric Bowser says:

    I’m done.

    I have tickets to the game on 30th, I’ll enjoy the game with my son but other than that, I’m done with this team. This is all about commitment… that level accountability starts at the top of any organization and it is no different with the Pirates.

    Enjoy the rest of the season, it is over for me.

  130. The Gunner says:

    Huntington is nothing more than a glorified statistician.

    Q. Who hired him (the under qualified GM that he is)?
    A. Bob Nutsack

    Conclusion – the Nutsack ownership has and always be the issue here!

    TIP – put on the Steeler game and forget Nutsack’s Pirates

  131. TCB says:

    Bullpen today 3.2 innings, 8 runs. Probably won’t win many games with those numbers.

  132. Hurdled says:

    But Huntington always assembles great bullpens.

  133. Hurdled says:

    Look at the pitchers who were used today.

    J Locke — AAA
    C Resop — On team all season
    R VandenHurk — AAA
    J Hughes — Sent down to AAA twice
    C Qualls — DFA’ed earlier this year
    C Leroux — AAA
    J Wilson — AAA

  134. twentytwo22 says:

    Saw too many Indianapolis Indian pitchers against Chicago Cub hitters today. It’s not fair to the players who have been here the whole year. Neal Huntington decided to rebuild while the team was contending. That is why this team tanked at the trading deadline.

  135. Hurdled says:

    By the way…..

    Make sure you get your 2013 season ticket deposits in NOW.

    It is the ONLY way to guarantee yourself 2012 Playoff tickets at PNC Park.

  136. Jandy says:

    winning 6-1 and lose 13-9. Just sad :(

  137. Thundercrack says:

    I like him, but it looks like Hughes is toast.

  138. Arriba Wilver says:

    We stink.

  139. Drew71 says:

    So let me get this right, Roberto. Anger and vitriol after another ugly loss is wrong.

    But your A & V when the Pirates very occasionally WIN is totally justified.

    Ah well. I hear the violins welling up.

    DK: I’m in the orchestra pit! Busted!

  140. Thundercrack says:

    We score 9 runs
    We still lose
    To the Cubs

    AW is on to something

  141. LuckyNKentucky says:

    Where have you gone, Brad Lincoln? Shut down reliever.

  142. Thundercrack says:

    You are right. The 7th inning has been a problem.
    But 8th & 9th have been very very shakey too

  143. LuckyNKentucky says:


    Along with the 4th, 5th and 6th. For a while there, we were giving up mulitiple runs in the first inning daily. Only one today.

  144. The Gunner says:

    For those of you on this board calling for Clint Hurdle’s head to roll, yep, he has made some bad moves along the way. But, Clint is only as good as the players the GM provides him. Clint certainly has done wonders with what little talent the Pirates have.

    The man who needs to be shown the door is one Neal Alden Huntington. Neal was hired on 9/25/2007 and, in the 5 years he has been here, he has little or nothing to show for it. He is in way over his head, always has been and needs to be put out of his misery.

    Huntington (and all of his cronies) MUST BE FIRED…………………..NOW!!!!!

  145. RobertoForever says:

    I think the Bullpen Catcher should be fired. Clearly he is at fault for the bullpen’s troubles.

  146. Bizrow says:

    IMO, I think the guy that hired all of this crap has to be uncomfortable tonihgt

    Even the bloggers that might be paid

  147. The Gunner says:

    @ RF – 146

    You could be on to something big regarding the termination of the bullpen catcher’s employment – LOL!!

    Maybe Charlie Sands is looking for employment and could replace him.

    @ Biz – 147

    I assume you mean Robert Nutting (aka Nutsack). If he has any integrity, he should be feeling uncomfortable tonight. But, my sources tell me all he cares about is making money; and he is making a ton of loot whether his team is competitive or not.

  148. The Gunner says:

    Candelaria publicly called former Bucs GM Pete Peterson a “bozo” in the media. The same name applies to Bozo Huntington.

  149. bobhasis says:

    In today’s Trib, Mr. Nutting was quoted as saying, “Pirates play unacceptable”. That is a definite DUH.

    He said he will do what is necessary to prevent future 2nd half collapses. We are not concerned about future collapses – that bridge hasn’t come into view yet.

    This one, is the collapse which really troubles us; I’m not sure what you truthfully attempted to do – but it didn’t work.

    So how can we know you can be trusted. The people that were brought in were not an improvement over those who were dispatched. So what will you do differently?

    I will not be interested in 6 months of your flowery rhetoric (to sell tickets) about how much different NEXT year will be. We had a chance THIS YEAR and someone blew it, but that, you won’t talk about, so we’ll await your off-season changes.

    While you about that task, why not look into the marketplace and see if anyone is interested in replacing YOU for a fair market price. I’m just sayin’.

  150. DemonDachshund says:

    Clearly, the issue here is the team not having enough stamina to last through August and September. TBMTIB is already working on it, or didn’t you read the article by DK about the SEAL training?

    How can anyone say Nutting isn’t doing everything he can to make the team a winner? Those SEALs don’t work for free.

  151. Thundercrack says:

    Is it possible that Marte isn’t quite ready for the major leagues?

    DK: Was that the thought that crossed your mind when you saw that play?

  152. Hurdled says:

    Is it also possible that Vandenhurk isn’t ready for the major leagues?

    Perhaps Mr. Nutting needs to go through the SEAL training as well. Leadership seems to be an issue.

  153. Drew71 says:

    How did this onetime-playoff-positioned team turn into the 57-win team of 2010?

  154. Jones says:


    “How can anyone say Nutting isn’t doing everything he can to make the team a winner?”

    I have to assume you’re kidding.

  155. The Gunner says:

    Nutsack’s top 2 priorities (as soon as possible) are:

    1). Fire Bozo Huntington and hire a real GM.
    2). Relieve the “Empty Suit”, Frank (the Tanked) Coonelly of his duties

    Get some real baseball people in these positions.

  156. RobertoForever says:

    State College Spikes have decided to turn back the clock and re-sign an affiliation with the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals are the original MLB team that the Spikes had an affiliation when the team was bought by the owners of the Altoona Curve in 2006 and moved to State College from New Jersey.

    Cardinals this season in the NY-PL were affiliated with the Batavia Muckdogs, a team between Rochester and Buffalo, NY. The Muckdogs play in a low-level stadium that seats 2,600, the smallest in the league. The Spikes play in a new stadium built in 2006 that seats around 5,600.

    The field where the Spikes play is designed after PNC Park.

  157. radio wave says:

    Four hours of pain.
    The pen was once a strength. Now it’s an assortment of triple a wannabe’s, and vets who are out of gas.
    (see 2011 braves.)

  158. JoeBucco says:

    If it’s the 2011 Braves, next year ought to be ok I guess.

    Hopefully KC has a complete game up his sleeve tomorrow.

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