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Pitt’s Dixon will be first guest on new radio show

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

This is just a reminder that, tomorrow at 1 p.m., exactly 24 hours from now, the world of radio broadcasting will never be the same. If only because I’d seriously doubt anyone else would use Dead Kennedys in their intro theme.

My new show will be on TribLIVE Radio, our online-only station, and will run 1-2 p.m. each Tuesday. I’ll have guests, take calls but probably mostly just blather about whatever the hot topic is for the day or week.

Online radio, for those who haven’t tried it, is pretty simple. Point, click and listen on your laptop. We also have the TribLIVE Radio app for the iPhone and iPad. Just search “TribLIVE Radio” in the app store. It’s just as simple to operate, one click away from live audio.

Looking forward to your input, and I mean that literally. I’ll solicit questions — as well as emails and even phone calls — right here in this space beginning with tomorrow’s Wakeup Call.

UPDATE 2:40 p.m.: Just confirmed — and proud to say — that Jamie Dixon will be my very first guest on the show. His segment will begin at 1:15 p.m.

Thanks to the coach and to Greg Hotchkiss at Pitt for this.


  1. Will I be able to listen to it later? I will be out of town tomorrow and probably in a client at the time of the show.

    DK: Yes, Alex. There will be replays during the week, as well as a podcast you can easily download. All free.

  2. JuniataKid says:


    Nazi Punks? Or Chickens**t Conformist? Can’t go wrong with either.

    DK: ‘California.’ Original version.

  3. Naje says:

    As someone who’s done this for a while, you’ll be great… your column is a veritable radio show in print form…and your thoughts and takes on these topics (and ability to speak the language with precision) will vault you among the must-listen shows around town.

    Good luck …

    DK: Thanks, Paul.

  4. aglebagel says:

    So you’re having him on to announce that he’s on board to be the head coach of Pittsburgh’s upcoming NBA team?

  5. Thundercrack says:

    Is there an actual studio at the Trib, or will you be doing the show from your basement.


    Plus, what is the phone number? Crank calls!!

  6. stuart66 says:

    Congratulations DK! I too will be on the road tomorrow, but I have already just downloaded the ipad app, and verified that it will run. Now if I can just get some wifi where I’m at…

    Great choice of first guest. My youngest son is a Junior at Pitt, and one of my treasured possessions is a cell phone pic of my son and Jamie at the Pete when son was a Frosh. Super guy and super choice!

    Best of luck! I’m sure you’ll do great.

    Regards, Stuart

  7. buggee says:

    This is great news DK. Way to swing for the fences from the start. One question though…

    Can Jamie Dixon stay back on the ball and barrel it up?

  8. Arriba Wilver says:

    I’m a little surprised Neal isn’t your first guest. (I kid).

  9. Thundercrack says:

    If the first guest was Kyle Stark I would have taken a vacation day tomorrow.

  10. JoeBucco says:

    Just don’t tell me the I.S. guys have been putting off threaded commenting on the blog to get to this radio show mumbo jumbo you speak of.

    But in all seriousness, I will be listening while working. Break a leg. ok, that part not in all seriousness, but you know…

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